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Question #1090: Doing Rituals in the Mind


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hello. I have no privacy in my physical life. In the apartment I live in, the walls are very thin and I can even hear conversations from above and below. But not doing RTR makes me feel pretty irresponsible and regrettable. I can do spells just by breathing energy. So, if I breathe golden-white energy for raising my energy and vibrate the letters in my mind or in a very low voice with my anger, willpower and visualization, would it still be useful?

Can I do the same as RTR, using strong positive emotions instead of anger when performing the rituals of the Gods?

There's no place I can go out and do RTR, I'll either do it out loud, ignoring my neighbors and people at home, but that will cause problems, or I'll do it in my mind or in a very low voice. I live in muslim country... I know this is a temporary solution. Moving to a new home will solve problems. And I'm working for that too.

Thank you for your answers.
Do it in a low voice, maybe even at night if that helps.

Only use positive energies when doing the Gods rituals.
Doing it in you mind still works but the effect is greatly weakened. A whisper and a low tone of voice is not ideal either because it taxes the vocal cords too much, so a bit louder to where its still quiet, but not too silent to where you are straining yourself to make a sound.
Performing rituals in the mind has the least effect. It works, but it is not as powerful as doing aloud.

You can do rituals in your head without any problem. Your intention is the key to success here and when doing FRTR you can use your anger - this will strengthen the ritual :)

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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