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Power of physical objects

Howl Starseeker

New member
Apr 23, 2023
We live in this material realm and we all know some objects have the ability to store power.
I'm not an expert at this subject but I think precious metals, stones and crystals are an example of this.

Now my question is about "bad energy" stored in objects.

Muslims send their filthy energy to that black cube and Christians are always wearing the christian cross.
I had a family member that was a nun and I have her rosary with a cross, when I was without I even wore it around my neck.
Is it possible that physical objects like this have an influence on the soul? Is it just used to direct energy or does it really have energy stored in it? Or maybe it just doesn't matter and there is nothing to worry about? After my dedication I put the rosary and some christian candles in a bag and in my basement, I also did away with a decorated bowl with israel on it. Should we burry or burn it or something? I just don't want that stuff in my sight anymore.
Howl Starseeker said:

I cannot speak on the full extent of it, but I believe they can have some influence. Everything has varying degrees of influence, and so your actions on the Satanic path definitely outweighs a simple cross, yet there is no reason to have such things in your environment, especially if you are sensitive.

I don't think you have to necessarily bury it or burn it, but you could smash them, then throw them in the dumpster. This would actually be an act of compassion, as you return such items to their natural resting place. Either way, no sense leaving it near you at all.
I experience strong aversion towards xtian items or specific items gifted to me by abusive family members and I believe that someone can curse you using items. If the item is made of wood etc and can naturally decompose, you can bury it. If it can be recycled throw it inside a recycle bin as far away from your house as possible. For everything else, normal trashcan away from your house will do.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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