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Pianist - A Jewish Movie

Satan's Crow

Jan 9, 2024
Pianist - A Jewish Movie

You know, I had written such an article before, but it got lost. Now I want to write it again, because everybody should know this truth.

First of all, it must be known that Lord Hitler ruled with justice.
He was never in favor of war. He did not want it. because it harmed innocent people. And when it came to protecting his people, he was fearless.

If Hitler was the man the Jews lie and portray him to be, he could have won the war. Hitler showed mercy to the entire British Army at Dunkirk and personally ordered his generals to stop the attack and let the British leave. Hitler spared the lives of his enemies, all of whom he could have killed.

"This war thrusts us years back in our constructive work. It is deplorable. I have not indeed become the Chancellor of the Greater German Reich in order to conduct war!"
-Adolf Hitler 1940

After the Second World War, there were many ruins of buildings in Europe. World literature after the Second World War is also called "Rubble Literature".

Jewish lead Adrien Brody's father, Elliot Brondy, was a Jewish immigrant from Poland.

Director Roman Polanski is a Polish film director, producer, screenwriter and former actor of Jewish origin.

In Gleiwitz, the Germans infiltrated in disguise.

The morning after Gleiwitz, German troops entered Poland from the north, south and west. As the Germans advanced, Polish forces retreated from their positions on the Polish-German border to prepared defensive lines further east. In mid-September, after the Polish defeat at the Battle of Bzura, the Germans gained an undisputed advantage. Polish forces then retreated southeast to the mountainous region on the Romanian border to the prepared defensive lines (the Romanian Bridgehead) in anticipation of a protracted battle, awaiting the arrival of the French and British help they had hoped for.

The Soviet Red Army's occupation of Kresy on September 17 rendered Poland's defense plan useless. Faced with a second front, the Polish government decided that it was no longer necessary to defend the Romanian bridgehead and ordered all troops to cross immediately into neutral Romania. On October 6, following the Polish defeat at the Battle of Kock, German and Soviet forces took control of all of Poland. With the completion of the occupation, the Second Polish Republic came to an end.

But in the movie, the Germans are portrayed as having caused an atrocity. First Poland attacked Germany.

The war between Germany and Poland started when the Polish leader, a puppet of the Jews, attacked Germany.

In the Second World War, 500,000 Polish soldiers fought in the German army. And they received the same salary. [1]

SS-Sturmbannführer Julius Stein gave a lecture for the Poles. [2]

The SS-Sturmbannführer expressed the belief that Polish groups would be relocated to a very important political and military role behind the front lines. [3]

(1, 2, 3) https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/debate-about-poland.1387/

Jews in Poland were organizing attacks on Germans. Hitler was forced to fight.

17ENPVxYKGAwg4wZ-636990419003059039 (1).jpg



56 divisions, 4 brigades, 9,000 guns, 3600 tanks, 2,315 aircraft.

At 08:00, German troops attacked near the town of Mokra. The border battles had begun. Later that day, the Germans attacked Poland's western, northern and southern borders, while the Luftwaffe began bombarding Polish cities. The main line of the offensive ran eastward from Germany along the Polish western border. Supporting attacks were launched from East Prussia in the north and from allied Slovakia in the south by Slovak troops. The direction of all three attacks was Warsaw.

The Allied Powers declared war on Germany on September 3, but failed to provide any useful support. Although most of the German troops, including 85% of its armored troops, were at war in Poland, there were no developments other than minor skirmishes on the German-French border.

The Luftwaffe seized air superiority early. By bombing lines of communication, the Luftwaffe increased the speed of the advance and easily captured Polish airfields and early warning bases. As supply problems began to mount, 98 aircraft from the Polish air force crossed over to neutral Romania. Polish air power had been reduced from an initial 400 aircraft to 54 on September 14.

In the second part of the war the Soviets got involved.

The truth is, Hitler had to fight. It was not what he wanted.

He didn't commit a holocaust. He only defended his people.
I saw this movie with school years ago. The plot is "fantastic and exciting"!

The plot: a Jew cries, and then continues to cry. 60 different AWARDS, including OSCAR awards for best movie, actor and screenplay!

Jokes aside, this movie was the most boring event of my life.
When my teacher asked me what I thought of this I replied: "the usual crying Jew, nothing new at all". And I didn't know JoS yet.

I hope one day the cinema can be used, when the Gods return, to make cinematographic or television works on real strong, powerful and determined heroes like the Pagan heroes and not on whining Jews.
I hope one day the cinema can be used, when the Gods return, to make cinematographic or television works on real strong, powerful and determined heroes like the Pagan heroes and not on whining Jews.
I think that the media portraying Pagan heroes in the upcoming Golden Age will be mostly literature and theaters. But Pagan TV series or Movies are also fine, as long the hero doesn't have any Jewish behaviors (wimpy, effeminate, idiotic, schizo, or psycho).

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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