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Jan 9, 2024
Share ko lang.Parti ako dati ng groupo sa paranormal na nakikita sa tv, kelangan ko itago ang pagkatao ko sa mga kasama ko kasi sila christian/wiccan. Medyo legit naman ung iba sa kanila, meron akong kaibigan na malakas kahit di ss ay malalaman nya kung sino ka kapag nakita ka niya( the pwrson knows christianity is illegitimate). kaso karamihan ay christian nga. Mabuti wag ibunyag na ss kasi aarawarawin na tatargt ng prayers/mass like i experienced. However many of the people i talked to was fake, kasi mga manghihilot daw or albularyo tapos pag trinanslate mo ung latin nila nonsense. Not many are knowledgable in our country.
Pretty interesting, I’ve also heard stories of one guy from Mindanao who has pyrokinesis back in grade 7 before becoming an SS. Is this true?

My few old friends and I back in those days were into “debunking occult and mystery”(YEAH, MY OLD ME WAS SO CRINGE) while I was the science dude who was referred to because they thought I could tie scientific explanation to whatever paranormal mysteries happen.

Hope one of your friends you’re referring to as strong is the same guy with pyrokinesis. You can give a clandestine hint if this is a yes or no. Here I am thinking that he might have been taken, killed in the marawi siege or something.

Good to have learned that there are fakers in our country spouting nonsensical latin.
Mas malakas ung taong un sakin kahit walang astrology kaya nyang makita lahat ng secreto mo, marunong pang mang heal and fortune telling (pag nanunuod ka ng paranormal/horror shows nun, ung isang episode nandun sya, pero di ko sasabihin kung anung show pra di madox). Havent heard of pyrokinesis though, if it is hd might been abducted by the powers that be.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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