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My astrology theory

moon light

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Jan 29, 2024
Dear SS friends, today I will present you a theory that I have formed in my head with my own observations and knowledge, together with my proofs.

Our subject is astrology and we will evaluate astrology from two aspects. 1. The character and will of the person. 2. Fate, karma and outside influences. My theory is that each person shows the characteristics of all 12 signs. Each person actually shows the characteristics of the 12th sign in their essence. I will explain this with an example to make it clearer; a person has planets in signs that are not at all similar to each other, for example, his ascendant is Taurus but his Mercury is Gemini. Although we can say that this person is a fixed character, if the person is a person who changes his mind very often, we attribute this to Mercury and say aaa yes, you think like a Gemini. Or because he has a planet in one of the most reticent signs and his Mars is a more opposite sign, we say to that person that we act like this because your Mars works like this, yes, I would like you to go deeper, the concept we call CHARACTER is already affected by our thoughts, in this case Mercury comes into play Our feelings can change our thinking, in this case the moon comes into play, as a result of our thoughts, in our reactions, in our actions, the mars comes into play, which shows us that.In fact, one can adjust one's character according to every shape, for example sun aquarius moon virgo mercury sagittarius one can comfortably take on any character one wants, one can even comfortably be a sagittarius because Mercury supports + there are always two options either a person is a liar or a liar a person is either honest or lazy or lazy or hardworking or loyal or a womanizer . For example, someone has a position in an honest sign but is a liar, but there are also positions that lie in the same way, for example, Sagittarius Sun Gemini Mercury is in favor of truthfulness, but Gemini Mercury lies easily, in this case, if the person says that I am the opposite of a feature we interpret, we say that it is due to another position, which again shows that we can consider other positions if our one hundred and fifty percent probability does not hold. (Don't get hung up on examples here, examples are to explain the situation) Now I want to talk about something else, let's say Venus in Taurus in the 3rd house of the person and the person is a flirtatious person, why pekki because in the house of twins, the person is either flirtatious or loyal, the person carries both situations in himself. Our ascendant is 1.The planets in our house angles the house where our ascendant is located and as you know, each individual actually carries 12 characteristics of 12 signs. For example, a quiet bull can turn into crazy twins. Sensitive fish can turn into business and discipline-oriented Capricorns. Each individual carries all kinds of potential within them.

Of course, some of our positions are more, for example, someone with a high fire group, of course, shows fire characteristics. But this is not the point I want to make. We see around us that a very good person can turn into a bad person, a flirtatious person can turn into a loyal person, a bad person can turn into a good person. will. So everyone carries more or less characteristics of the 12 signs of the zodiac in them and can reveal them. This is what willpower is all about.

2. The subject of fate is the area where we are tested like Saturn 7th house marriage 4th house family 3rd house siblings money one earns, career etc etc I think these are very very true because these are external factors and fateful events.

I hope I conveyed it well. Thank you for your comments.

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