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Mudras needed for Astaroth's 8 fold path ''On topic: ''Satan and his Daemons;; inc ofc ''Lady Astaroth's teachings''


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Dec 31, 2019
Now? Purgatorium. Context two: in a room, typing.
Need Daemonic Mudras: Hands signs, to use with the Mantras of the 8 fold path such as with Satanama, Satanas and Astaroth's name herself has a Mantra.
Unfortunately, when the old forum vanished, a lot of good posts were lost. You have to go spelunking to get them back.

Here's a post by hoodedcobra666 in his compilation of mudras. Please give him thanks for writing this post. :)

Hoodedcobra666 said:
Greetings to all our People and Satanic Family!

A few people have been asking for advice and guidance in regards to Mudras since the last post. I know I owe some answers and helpful instruction from other posts too (The "Dealing With Astral Entities" series, the questions will be addressed and I haven't forasaken this either). Its just that some things are more urgent and need to be put first, so this is how this can go. As time is limited and work is endless.

Without further due...Let's get to the point.

In regards to Mudras, there are some Mudras I will be putting here, that are proven to work 100% and are exactly what they say they are. Like the nadis and their places in the fingers (the nerves connect with certain pathways of the brain, body and as thus Soul etc) have been in some places corrupted. Normally, when your bioelectricity is high and you are spiritually open, you will feel the Mudras.

There is much information around, and most of it is new-agey, rainbow crap, that leads nowhere in realization or power. Like hold this handsing, jump in your bathtub 100,000 times (yes, actual instructions of some 'magick spells' in the east are as corrupted as this) and you will be transforming to a frog or toothfairy. All in all, not only dangerous, but albeit worthless too.

There is also much crap around as supremely 'difficult mudras' like you have to sprain your fingers. This is not necessary and its made by religious charlatans in order to make the initiates focus on retarded stuff. Such as a spiritual "my bank account is bigger than yours" type of crap, which is also typical of the corrupted spirituality in the east. That does millions upon millions of something with zero to no effects, other than mimicing Rabbinism.

Where everyone spends 10 hours to sign something into the wall, only to get nowhere spiritually. This is evil and this is what the enemy has done to the Divine religions of the East, all of which are SATANIC in nature. Buddhism is the worst of all by far. Hinduism still has some power, but it has been heavily destroyed and tainted.

In the macrocosmic sense the Mudras are useful because with the hands, we touch things. They are our extensions for acting in many ways. They have an occult design and this is the utilization of this. This is like the statement "Your life is in your hands", and also, this is where palmistry is based. The hands are important not only as psychic tools, but because infact many of the advanced capabilities of humans have to do with our advanced hands compared to other animals. Hands are Divine. This is why the Gods put emphasis on them.

If one makes you feel negative, do not practice it, as it may be wrong, at least for you. These here are proven to be rightl. You might find that even an inch different in position has a different or more pronounced effect which is fine, but in general, these Mudras do not have to be exact. Also, Mudras are not on their own doing a lot of things if one doesn't already have bioelectric power so the changes in the flow are felt and experienced. In other words as with anything else the effectiveness of these is dependent upon your personal powers.

Also, make your own reasearch if interested in these. Be careful and ask the Gods as there is much disinfo and concealed information around.

All the Mudras in the Joy of Satan for opening the Chakras, can be used to also empower them.

These can be found here:


For extra Mudras, read below. All these Mudras do work and should be immidiately felt by those who are spiritually open.

1. Prayer Mudra:


This Mudra balances the ida-pigala currents and can be used to tap energy into the Shushumna. In very simple terms it balances the Soul out, and can help one maintain balance. This is of course stolen by xians who in their play-pretend spiritual game, are using this to pretend they are balanced and also because it helps in "prayer" since it calms the mind of the practicioner. This mudra is however Satanic inheritence like anything else, so do not be hesitant to use it.

2. The Ganesha Mudra:

This Mudra is for the general breaking of obstacles. You can use this in unbinding meditation, and breaking down blockages from the Soul. It may help to not have a "Relaxed" grip, but as you go with your meditation, to "loosen" it, and when you do the affirmation to unbind something, let your hands completely loose, imagining the obstacle leaving pressure such as with your hands.


3. The Pran Mudra

A very strong mudra for increasing one's bioelectricity. One can do this on both hands for maximum effectiveness. Doing this in only one hand increases the bioelectricity of the corresponding Nadi of the hand (Ida - Female - Left Hand) and (Pigala - Male - Right hand). Very useful and potent for healing too as this is assosciated with the Solar Chakra and the general bioelectric flow.


4. The "Devil's Horns" or Apana Mudra

This Mudra helps with 'protection' but not spiritual, physical protection, as in one having a better gut feeling and being more "aware" of the physical realm in a more animalistic sense. If one is aware they do not fail. This also really helps the lower regions of the bowels and the base chakra. This is why the enemy heavily uses this, as this is protective for the reasons mentioned above. Very potent in also calming and centering the mind. This is like Saturnian Protection. This also has to do with increasing earthly confidence etc. Saturnian overall, but in the positive sense of protection, grounding etc. Inherently a Satanic Mudra, showing the "Horns" of Satan, the risen bioelectricity to the head.


5. Fist Mudra.

Just an actual fist. This can help one breaking down things. In the literal and in the spiritual sense, this can be used for revenge and other things as to raise one's power etc. It can be used for emotionally containing things, either to make them explode towards something such as black magick, or just transmuting them.

6. Kubera Mudra, the Mudra of Wealth

This is the wealth Mudra. This can be used to do money spells and workings of wealth. Although not necessary, it can help. Better done with both hands at the same time.


7. Yoni Mudra

Good for workings of feminine Magick, whatever these may be. This can also help to balance the Soul for those who are very imbalanced on the female element. Increasing feminity, birth, and anything is also assosciated with this Mudra.


8. Shiva Linga Mudra

Good for workings of musculine Magick, raising the Serpentine energy too in the cases where the Serpent is kept down because of an imbalance in the male element. Good for any workings having to do with musculinity and anything musculine.


9. The Shield Mudra

I couldn't find a name for this one. This has to do with shielding, protection, and generally blessings. Beneficial Mudra for protection.


10. Dhyani Mudra

If your mind is overreactive, this mudra can help tame it down. Also used when you are doing trance work, as this can assist in this endeavor.


11. Uttarabodhi Mudra

Good for raising the energy upwards if its pooling on the lower part of the body. Also this is used in Kundalini Yoga above the head, but with two fingers raised. If uncomfortable, use one.

I thank him and you, one wonders why this has not been copy pasted into the 8 fold path section off Library. :eek:
For Satanama, look for Lydia's Satanama meditation here on the forums. She shared the mudras for each part. You'll find pictures there.

Sa - Jupiter mudra (thumb touching the index finger)
Ta - Saturn mudra ( thumb touching the middle finger)
Na - Sun mudra (thumb touching the ring finger)
Ma - Mercur mudra (thumb touching the pinkie)

This are to be performed by both hands, like in the Merkaba meditation.
I'm bumping this thread to everyone since some are not aware of this including me.

If someone has an effective mudra that are not on the list yet, please don't hesitate to share it with us. We will greatly appreciate it. 🙂

Btw, Thank you HP Hooded Cobra for everything!
To all the HPs, thank you very much! To my brothers and sisters, thank you very much!

Hail Father Satan!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan