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Most disgusting horror film that i have ever seen made by LUCIFER Valentine


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May 25, 2023
Deleted post:
"Reason: The reported message is off topic. No need to mention the name of slanderous films, nor share the gruesome details here. This is not in any way affiliated with Satanism. Don't worry about whatever nonsense these kikes create.."

Oh thank you for that valuable information, oh not wait, you didn't answer me shit!
What you have done is destroy my question about this subject.
And yes as a matter of fact, this topic is affiliated with satanism, because the women in this film say "i sell my soul to Satan."
And that is why i'm here and asking you guys. Not to have a fucking moderator censor me!
2nd attempt now: The movie is disgusting, it's a puke movie and it's titled ***************** .They not only puke, they also eat meat from corpses. Just like Jay Z and Lady Gaga do it with the kike Abramovich.
Everyone who has seen "Europa the last battle" knows, that eating from corpses is a jewish tradition!
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pimmlmag6 said:

What exactly is your question? You say "eating corpses is a Jewish tradition", but then mistakenly associate this with Satanism. To me, it sounds like you answered your own question.

Anyone can claim to be anything, then commit a false flag operation. Jews claim Satan is evil, just like they claim Hitler is evil. It is just nonsense and therefore means nothing when a random actor pretends to be Satanic.

The Gods teach us how to be self-sufficient from day 1. When we meditate on our soul, this is a transformative process in order to advance ourselves and increase our energy and prosperity. There is no need to eat a fucking corpse or other demented actions.
pimmlmag6 said:

This director "Lucifer Valentine" is probably a Jew himself: https://www.reddit.com/r/horror/comments/ow4kby/lucifer_valentine_maker_of_the_vomit_gore_trilogy/
pimmlmag6 said:
Oh thank you for that valuable information, oh not wait, you didn't answer me shit!
What you have done is destroy my question about this subject.

It's already been answered many times if you have read the site or searched through the forum topics. In fact, enemy slander about Satanism (known as "Hollywood/Kikeywood Satanism") is one of the most mentioned topics and just by simple search you would find dozens of posts here.

We already know that the kikes slander Satanism and try to make it as disgusting as possible, the same thing they do to Hitler and movies about Nazis.

Not just in this forum, even the TV Tropes wiki mentions it and debunks it, because it is so common for the kikes in Kikeywood to slander Satanism:


You know you're looking at Hollywood Satanism when you see Satanism portrayed as a Religion of Evil with bizarre, often disgusting rituals parodying Christian services and a particular fondness for Human Sacrifice and/or sex orgies. Common hobbies of the Hollywood Satanist include sacrificing people's cats, slipping backmasked messages into popular music to corrupt the youth, and engaging in carefully calculated world-domination schemes that have been in the works since the beginning of time. (These usually involve breeding The Antichrist — extra points if he's Aryan!)
Real Life Satanism can be divided into two categories. One of them, sometimes called "LaVeyan Satanism" after one of its more famous figures, doesn't consider Satan a physical entity and instead refers to him as a symbol for freedom to follow your own desires and/or for fighting against tyranny (i.e., God). The other one, which is called "Theistic Satanism", worships or reveres Satan as a deity. Both of them, generally speaking, view Christian morality as self-destructive for both individuals and society. It's a religion whose followers, generally speaking, are no more or less likely to be evil than the followers of any other religion, though their sense of what constitutes right and wrong is likely to veer far from the mainstream. In reality, it is more akin to the Pagan religions of old, their primary belief being that Satan and the demons are a corruption of the old Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman gods. And no, human sacrifice is not a widely accepted practice in most branches (though symbolic sacrifices might be — but that isn't so different from the Christian Communion, which is itself a symbolic sacrifice of the body and blood of Jesus).
Assuming this post was not a troll post by OP, I would say it's better to avoid contaminating your brain with garbage and do something more productive with your time.
"Black Mass of the Nazi Sex Wizard"? Hohhhhh-kay. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I think this is one of those times you CAN, as it were, tell a book by its cover. With a title like that, one can't expect much edification, I aver. You just KNOW, "Hey, there's gotta be a better way to spend my time!"
pimmlmag6 said:
It was just a weird thought.
I've read about the beginning of Satanism, you have to write your own name with your own blood to commit to Satan.
I thought "what if Satanism is a false flag, to bind me to evil/ to destroy me, trap me".
Yes i fully agree that jews slander everything they hate as evil, example Hitler.
I know they have made tons of movies about "the evil Satan".
This disgusting kike movie has disturbed me, i needed an answer.

Making a blood connection with something is massively different than a blood sacrifice, or whatever is described in these shitty movies. One is a connection, the other is an abuse of someone/something. One involves cooperation, the other involves degeneration.

Why would Satanism be a false flag if the Gods directly push us to meditate, do yoga, and advance ourselves? Meanwhile, Christianity demands we obey or be sent to hell, and that we should give up our material possessions and not have any ego.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan