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Lucifer the Bearer of Light


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Sep 22, 2017
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The study of light is fundamental to various scientific fields, from optics and astronomy to quantum mechanics, as it plays a crucial role in understanding the universe, technology, and the behavior of matter at a fundamental level.

“Luci” in Latin means Light, and “fer” means Bearing. Lucifer then refers to something that bears light, the Light Bearer, or the Bearer of Light.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that our eyes can perceive. It's composed of tiny particles called photons that travel in waves. These photons carry energy and can behave both as waves and particles, exhibiting properties of both.

Light comes in various wavelengths that determine its color. The visible spectrum includes the range of wavelengths that our eyes can detect, from shorter wavelengths like violet and blue to longer wavelengths like red. Beyond what we can see, there are other types of light, such as infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays, each with different wavelengths and properties.


When light interacts with matter, it can be reflected, absorbed, or transmitted. Reflection occurs when light bounces off a surface, allowing us to see objects. Absorption happens when light is taken in by an object, converting its energy into heat or other forms. Transmission occurs when light passes through a material, like when sunlight passes through glass. Low vibrational light turns into matter, and high vibrational matter turns into light. This can be seen by the symbolism of the Yin and Yang.


When light enters the eye, it first passes through the cornea, the transparent outer layer that helps focus the light. Then it travels through the pupil, the adjustable opening controlled by the iris, which regulates the amount of light entering the eye. The lens further focuses the incoming light onto the retina, located at the back of the eye.

The optic nerve carries these electrical signals, which now contain visual information, towards the brain. At the optic chiasm, which is a structure where the optic nerves from both eyes partially cross over, some signals from each eye cross to the opposite side of the brain, while others remain on the same side.

From the optic chiasm, the visual information travels along the optic tracts to reach the visual cortex located at the back of the brain, specifically in the occipital lobes. The visual cortex processes and interprets these signals, allowing us to perceive and make sense of the visual information received from the eyes.


As shown in the illustration above, Satan's sigil is synonymous with how the brain receives and interpret signals. Satan, who is the God of this world, elucidates and shines light upon the mind and soul, from which we attain enlightenment.

In ancient Egyptian thought, there is a saying that the universe is mental. The understanding of the universe in ancient Egyptian is often intertwined with spirituality, cosmology, and the nature of existence. The principle of "as above, so below" encapsulated the idea that there's a correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the individual). It implies that the same principles governing the universe also apply to the human mind or consciousness.

The phrase "the universe is mental" hints at the belief that the mind or consciousness plays a significant role in shaping and influencing reality. It proposes that the perceptions, thoughts, and consciousness of individuals are intimately linked to the nature of existence and the world around them.

From this perspective, the universe is not just a collection of inert matter but is in some way shaped or influenced by the mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the physical universe exists solely in the mind, but rather, it implies a deeper interconnectedness between consciousness and the fabric of reality.



The zodiac is a circle divided into 12 equal segments, each associated with specific constellations or astrological signs. From an astronomical perspective, the zodiac represents the apparent path that the Sun takes through the sky over the course of a year as seen from Earth. This path, known as the ecliptic, is an imaginary line in space where the Sun, Moon, and planets appear to move. If you were to plot the position of the Sun along the ecliptic throughout the year, you'd notice a periodic pattern: the Sun's position changes in a sinusoidal manner as the Earth orbits around it.

Imagine time passing along the x-axis, starting from, say, January 1st and progressing through the year. Along the y-axis, you'd plot the position of the Sun along the zodiac. As the Earth orbits the Sun, the Sun's apparent position along the zodiac changes over time. The movement of the Sun along the zodiac follows a sinusoidal pattern. It reaches its highest point (like the peak of a sine wave) at one point in the year (e.g., the summer solstice) and its lowest point (like the trough of a sine wave) at another (e.g., the winter solstice).

The 12 segments of the zodiac correspond to the different astrological signs, each covering roughly 30 degrees along the ecliptic. As the Sun moves through each sign, it creates the basis for the astrological calendar. Now, if you were to graph the Sun's position along the zodiac over the course of a year, you'd observe a sinusoidal pattern with periodic peaks and troughs, much like a sine wave. This analogy and the illustration above helps visualize the cyclical nature of the Sun's apparent movement through the zodiac, which forms the basis of astrological traditions, our way of life, and our nature.


In spiritual alchemy, the seven planets are linked symbolically to spiritual and transformative processes. Each planet is connected to specific metals, qualities, and aspects of human existence and experience, where they influence the spiritual, physical and psychological realms. In terms of light, the association between the seven planets and illumination, both literal and metaphorical, can be interpreted through their respective symbolic attributes and rulership.

Each planet governs one of the seven days, aligning with a specific chakra and day of the week. This alignment extends to a corresponding sine wave, unique to each chakra's resonance. It's a reflection of the vibrational essence inherent in planets, chakras, and the wider universe. Each planet and chakra harmonize with seven diatonic musical notes, where each chakra emitting its own distinctive frequency to the resonance and symphony of vibrations. Moreover, each of these chakras vibrates to the frequency of the light spectrum, as the soul is made of light.

The illumination represented by these planetary symbols in spiritual alchemy goes beyond physical light. It encompasses the enlightenment of the soul, the evolution of consciousness, and the transformative journey towards spiritual awakening and self-realization, the path of Godhood. These symbolic associations were integral to alchemical teachings, where the transmutation of base elements into spiritual gold mirrored the inner process of self-transformation and enlightenment.

Humans are beings meant to live in harmony with Universal Law - living in tune with nature and the cycles represented by the Sun, the planets, the Zodiac, the Universe, and aligning our lives with the natural rhythms and patterns that exist around us.

Satan Lucifer, who is the God of this World, is the bringer of True Light to Humanity. Satan Lucifer, is the True Bearer of Light.


Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan