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Korean Year of the Blue Dragon & Satan in Korean religion

May 9, 2023
Blue is Satan's color, and the Dragon is one of his symbols, and across many Asian cultures, 2024 is being celebrated as the Year of the Dragon.

This randomly popped up in the my news feed and quite caught my attention, though only popped up 12 days late since New Years as 12 days ago. I gotta say, although materially wealthy and much more better-off than Communist China, South Korea has a serious Christianity issue, and the majority of religious Koreans you can find around are Christian or K-POP thumpers, and I simply was not aware that they still venerated Dragons in Korea, or that they even still practiced Asian Zodiac in Korea. Both Korea and Japan started their Year of the Dragon same as the Gregorian New Year, however China, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam don't begin theirs until February 10.

Below image: Blue Dragon fireworks show in South Korea


I've also been researching the history of certain Chinese dragons, I won't reveal what I found up until February 10, when the Chinese celebrate their Year of the Dragon, because believe me...it's quite exciting.

Satan in Korean mythology
In Ancient Korean religion, Satan is known by Daeheukcheon (대흑천 in native Hangul script), which is the Korean adaptation of Chinese Dàhēitiān, (大黑天), which also renders under the same characters in Japanese. Very likely, Hanja Korean also uses the same characters as Chinese and Japanese. All of these East Asian translations are adaptations of the Tibetan and Vedic Makahala (ནག་པོ་ཆེན་པོ།/महाकाल), which is the wrathful side of Lord Shiva, Father Satan.

Below image: Tibetan statue of Makahala/Father Satan


Hail Satan/Daeheukcheon

- Der Orientale 666/Maxis Orientis
I do know that I have a trace of Navajo blood in me and I also have some Sicilian blood in me as well, I have got relatives that are from Italy and that is a strong bloodline in my family that and the Scottish Irish the Nordic is strong in the Scottish area due to the fact that I've got family members that came from Scotland and their bloodlines go clear back to a couple of Vikings and I still have yet to do some family research and blood work on that in order to really get the right facts! So I have got a lot of work to do and that line right there as we speak

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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