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Is tarot reading legit?


New member
Aug 25, 2023
I noticed a lot of threads with questions from people reading tarot or wanting to learn how. Can tarot actually help and offer divination? Is there a particular Demon one can ask for guidance (with an offering and respect ofc) when it comes to doing tarot readings?
Thanks for your help in advance
Yes, it can be used for this purpose. You may be able to get help from Lady Astaroth.
Yes, Tarot can be a very powerful tool of divination and inquiring about most things. This is learned in time like any other thing in life, and you must approach this with humility. Divination in general must not be used for the false ego as a side note, because it will lead to dangerous delusions, such as that one knows something or has ability just because he can inquire or see certain things. If you approach this as a hobby first and turn this into a serious practice, an analytical and respectful approach, Tarot readings divination can show you everything. Read all about the Demons and see for yourself: you have to create your connections here about these things.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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