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Is everything really that bad or am I winding myself up?


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Jan 9, 2024
Russia, Moscow
I think I've been whining enough here, but I'm really getting depressed already. I was hysterical because the Russians (my nation) would be gone soon. I asked the people I study with who their mom or dad is. Everyone has a Russian mother, and the father is either a mestizo, or even of another nation. Or vice versa... just 100 years ago ( and less) Russians (and, as for me, all ) were more pure-blooded. My grandmother was completely pure-blooded.... Completely, completely (or almost), but she decided to have children with a man who has a thousand blood. And yes, it was not only the peasants who saved the nation, but also quite the nobles. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were nobles, but they kept the blood. And when you tell people now that it is necessary to save blood, they are aggressive and seem to mix for evil... well, you can please me with the news that you are, say, a German and you have found a German wife and have German children together :)
The Russian nation is definitely not going to die. Even after many years or race-mixing in most White nations, it would still take decades for an entire country to be "eradicated" racially by race mixing. I am confident this issue will naturally become more and more addressed as time goes and as gentiles will regain power over de decision offices. Let's not forget that although Whites represent around 8-10% of the world population, there are more Whites now on Earth than there have ever been in the history. The population boom that happened in the last century has also seen a massive growing in the White population.

The point of course is not that we should "forget about it" as there are a lot of Whites, but that race-mixing will take decades to destroy entire nations racially and if humanity will grow out of the enemy control we live in at the moment, with better leaders, better education, better and more rational laws, better ethics etc, race-mixing will slowly disappear so I don't think there is any reason to worry at this moment. As far as I can tell, in most countries mixed families or couples are still scarce or barely seen compared to pure families/couples.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan