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In Memoriam: Japanese & Asian Axis Heroes

May 9, 2023
Oh dear dear, if there's one thing that I really suck at, it's paying attention to and remembering dates. I had intended on making a December 7 memorial post towards our Japanese brethren. So yes, please forgive me Forces of Orion, for making this pathetic and hastily-put together post, that may not even get posted on December 7, but my intention is well. So today is December 7, the Day that Lives in Infamy, when Japan was forced to go to war, either Pearl Harbor was a false flag, or the Jewish militarists bullied Japan and practically forced them to "fight for their wealth" again. I know this has been a topic, so feel free to post forum links, JoS links or Death to Communism links on the comments to aid our new members. I guess I can simply make this post as a "starter" and continue it off in the comments section.

So I'll make this beginning post an online memoriam. Again, apologizes for the lack of quality, and no....this list isn't "exclusive" to just the ones listed.

In Memoriam

Emperor Hiroto of Japan

General Hideki Tojo

General Tomoyuki Yamashita

Viscount Kintomo Mushanokōji
Signed Japan into the Anti-Cominterm Pact

Wang Jingwei
Chinese pro-Japanese leader, urged the Chinese to fight against the communists instead of Japanese

Urzhin Garmaev
Imperial Russian Army and White Army veteran of Buryat-Mongol ethnicity, sided with Japanese puppet Mancukuo, pan-Mongol nationalist

Grigroy Semyonov
Transbaikal Cossack leader of partial Buryat ancestry, White Army veteran, pan-Mongol nationalist who revealed to his Japanese supporters the Elders of the Protocols of Zion, was pro-Japanese

Mongol prince of the Qing dynasty, supported Japan and led the "Autonomous Mongol Government" in pro-Japanese northern China

Emilio Aguinaldo
Philippine Founding Father - Supported Japanese Occupation

José P. Laurel
Philippine former president, Japanese collabrator



Hail Satan
Awesome! Hahaha you brought back that lovely pic at the end of the post! The Hui is going down. Yeah Japan had a lot of badass tech hidden in their homeland....example of a nation that can implement spiritual and social advancement without forcing mass migrations of their people, the only modern navy that actually challenged the western navies.

Though...as much material wealth as Japan has in the modern day, too much of it is spent on western materialism, I do want Japan to produce its own military technology and rise again hence "Rising Sun" (Sun Rises in the East - Lucifer), sadly, we both know what the Jewish militarists will do if they attempt, but as the RTRs start to get these pests out of their hiding spot, Japan will be free and rise again, hopefully put aside their differences with Korea, and form some kind of alliance against Communist China, not "China" as in the people but "Communist China".

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan