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Image uploads sites to recommend (for visuals in my upcoming posts)?

Maxis Orientis

New member
May 9, 2023
Hello SS community,

So I haven't posted in a while, but don't mistake this for non-activity, I'll also be migrating to a new account (explanation at the end). Recently, I been working with a long-time dedicated Chinese SS (@STanBlank) in helping recover and post information about the Satanic history of Ancient China, seems like the internet censorship in China is cyber-suffocating the Chinese members, but the journey's been very exciting, and so far, we've found who we believe to be Father Satan, Mother Lillith, Lord Azazel, Lord Baal Zebul and even Lord Thoth in Chinese mythology, and I plan on using visuals to accompany an upcoming post presenting our findings. So far, I've already found Baal Zebul in Korean mythology. It will be posted soon.

Therefore, I was wondering what image-uploading sites SS could recommend (for safety reasons, we all know who can see our computer info nowadays, concern for enemies seeing my folder names, IP address and etc).

Also, as to why I'm changing my username, see....I'm not Chinese (though I'm still an Oriental), and while this account was originally dedicated towards Chinese and East Asian-oriented topics (due to strong connections I feel to Ancient China), I've had many Chinese and Japanese mistaking me from being either, I don't wanna keep getting them excited for nothing, although my home country does have a lot of members here which I'm proud of. In addition, I am no longer just focusing on Chinese/Japanese, or Filipino or Vietnamese Satanism, but also extending my outreach to encompass Native Americans, which every spiritually-mature person knows are Asians, no less Asian than a martial arts sensei straight out of China, Japan or Korea. Thus, my current username is quite inappropriate for this purpose, and I've decided that a username change is necessitated simply to keep from getting constantly asked by Chinese and Japanese if I'm from either, and I'm neither, though I am taking Japanese lessons, and have been kicking ass at it, couldn't be anymore thank to the Gods for my success. Thinking of adding Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese to that arsenal.

Hail Satan!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan