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Humanity Will Understand: But We Know Now

HailSatan I love you dad
The_bloom_of_darkness said:
As someone who meant their dedication ritual this touched inside a little bit. The vows I've made from the day I dedicated was an oath I follow with my heart until the end of my existence. My heart and loyalty rest in the hands of Satan and the gods. I've had my fair shares in cutting people off because I personally felt I had to let go and let them do their own thing because it wasn't helping me any and was going against what i believe as well. I've come to realize at some point these souls too even though they are important, they are just one of the many if not endless we also come across in our entire existence. People come and go but the gods always stay. One day light will illuminate upon us all, but humanity still has portions of its journey through their own darkness still.. we all do as we find our way transmuting that darkness into light learning how to master the mind, body and soul. Truth is getting more known about satan. There is the morning Star and a evening Star.. each a beautiful aspect.. one indicating the arrival of light (the sun) and when it is about to leave.. each serving its own purpose. Both light and darkness.. just even more beauty hidden in plain sight tbh. hail Satan 🤘🔥

Beautifully written, I found this to be moving & insightful. It is as if the words were flowing. I am so grateful for this forum, to be connected to other like-hearted siblings.
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

This is the most inspiring sermon I've read in a while! High Priest Hooded Cobra 666, thank you!

Humanity does not understand what the Gods understand, what Spiritual Satanists understand.

Now there is not a very good picture when, through Hollywood, through the Vatican - the Jewish control centers, the Jews are trying to control people, but as always everything gets out of control, the Jews could not and will not be able to enslave humanity.

Spiritual Satanists, under the leadership of our father Satan, will free humanity from the Jews and take control and control into their own hands.

I express my thoughts, my point of view and not everyone can agree with it:

As it was in ancient Egypt, the priests and the pharaoh (who headed the priests) actually administered the state, wrote legal laws, and actually had land power in spiritual life (i.e. through what modern people call religion).

In my opinion, for the management of a Global state (analogous to the Third Reich), which Spiritual Satanists will build in the future, there should be a similar management structure.

The pharaoh should be a man of Adolf Hitler's level, called the Antichrist.

One of the basic criteria of the Antichrist should be perfect spiritual development (perhaps the achievement of Magnum Opus), or a partial approximation to this level of spiritual development.

In addition to spiritual and moral qualities (purity of soul), in my opinion, a person who will be worthy of the title of Antichrist should be a good ruler and manager, be able to solve important administrative issues. In my opinion, such a person should also be able to make difficult decisions in difficult times and not be afraid to take responsibility.

If we consider the Antichrist as a title, a position, then Emperors will come and go, as it was in the Roman Empire, for example, Marcus Aurelius was, Commodus became.

On the other hand, if Magnum Opus can really give physical immortality (as described in pagan fairy tales of various peoples of the world), then a ruler with the title of Antichrist can theoretically rule forever, since he will not age.

Without naming specific forms of government, in my opinion the most effective form of government is the one that was in the Roman Empire, when there was an Emperor on one side and the senate on the other.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan