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New member
Aug 10, 2023
Please tell me everything you know about Hitler, recently after reading some articles about him, I told one of my friends that he was great and what he did was right and she called me insane so I said I was just joking. I mean, I believe the world won't accept me if I say the truth but I want to know everything so that in my mind and heart I have the answers to all the questions regarding Hitler and what he did.
You can check our library as ApolloAbove wrote.
Also you can use the search bar to find information on Hitler:
August Kubizek wrote, "Hitler, My Childhood Friend." He was the Fuehrer's friend in Linz growing up, and later in pre-war Vienna. One acquires a certain feel for the man's early life and lifelong concerns.
Yeah a lot of people won’t like you for supporting or seeing anything good or great about Adolf Hitler. I can’t go around even talking about him on my bloody university campus without someone expecting me to not talk about him because he offends them for whatever the fuck. Usually these people want you to live a life wherever you are either conforming to the lifestyle of being a slut if you are a women and feminine male retard if your a guy. Or being into doing drugs partying hard and sleeping around, and or worshipping some crippled fat Down syndrome idiot in a wheel chair as some self made god, or some black guy. By the way the shit treatment you will receive from most people in public will be much worse here in America on the month of February because of the lie and propaganda of black history month. Or people would prefer you to be alone and isolated talking to yourself about Adolf Hitler. So people can think you Ned some Jewish therapy since you will be seen now as some schizophrenic homeless vagrant talking to themselves about Hitler. So my advice on what you told your friend is never ever do that again, when it comes to Adolf Hitler on this forum it is very safe here for you to talk about Hitler.
Also I am a history major at my university with a massive interest in Adolf Hitler and the nazis. So any questions you have about Adolf Hitler you are always welcome to ask a person like me. It is nice you are showing some interest in our Fuhrer and Antichrist!!
I leave you the JoS Documentaries channel link:

In many videos it talks about Hitler, but reading JoS is prerequisite to watch and understand these videos.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan