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Happy Philippine Independence Day! Upcoming posts for the week

Maxis Orientis

New member
May 9, 2023
June 12 is Philippine Independence Day. I'd like to wish our Filipino SS members, be it in the Philippines or abroad, a Happy Independence Day!

As my cyber gift towards our Filipino community, I'm going to be posting Philippine-oriented topics the next couple days. It is a reminder, there is no such thing as "free/unlimited freedom", nope - freedom and prosperity isn't "free" and/or "given", and often-not, requires lots of work (or even suffering).

Here are the topics you should expect (but not limited to):

1. Bathala Maykapal = Bakunawa = Father Satan (this is epic)
Within Philippine mythology, you'll find a Bathala Maykapal and a Bakunawa, however Filipinos are already aware that Bathala is Satan himself, however there is another Diety known as Bakunawa. Now, here's the thing: the "mythology" surrounded Bakunawa is sirrounded in Christian garbage (since their records were written by Catholic clergy to begin with), however when one observes the fact that Bakunawa was regarded as a "water serpent/dragon", it becomes clear that 1.) this is FATHER SATAN and 2). that his so-called "battle" against Bathala and the so-called "eating of moons" was not a literal "battle" between good and evil, or a literal battle between water serpent (Bakunawa) and Creator (Bathala) but it simply the two sides of Lucifer/Satan, or Satanama/Shiva or for a much more famous and simple example: yin/yang. Any disciplined Satanist will know that Satan didn't actually "eat any moons" or that bullshit. If you'd like know more about intepreting allegorical mythology, read HPHC's post regarding allegories in mythology. The Native Americans have a similar issue with how the "Sint Holo" water serpents of their mythology were twisted to evil creatures and that kind of nonsense.

I don't even bother to use most available artwork, since it they portray the distorted version.

2. The Satanic spirituality of Emilio Aguinaldo and his support for Japan

Emilio Aguinaldo is a very contrevoursial figure in Philippine history, normally whenever Jewish media portrays someone was "contrevoursial" often-not, you'll know they were simply fighting against Jewish power. The Katipunan of the Philippines were a Satanic brotherhood, based off of an earlier crypto-Pagan brotherhood established in Tondo back in the 1500s. Now, I'm not saying they had "perfect" personalities, I'm still to uncover the entire Truth behind his infamous fued with General Antonio Luna or the assassination of the other Katipuneros, however Aguinaldo was betrayed by Jewish American militarists, who had nefarious plans to exploit the people of the Philippines, he did what was best and supported the Japanese during World War II. Manuel Roxas, the succeeding president after Manuel Quezon at least had "some common sense" to pardon all collabroators with Japan.

3. Ferdinand Marcos - True Philippine Patriot

Every country has its spiritually-advanced and Satanic people called upon to liberate their peoples. Ferdinand Marcos, much like Emilio Aguinaldo is surrounded in much mystery, and lies. The truth is, Marcos wanted the Philippines to grow and advance into a super center of Southeast Asia and Asia, instead of being the bitch of Spanish or American Jews and the Catholic church, and even had plans to introduced advanced military technology for the Philippines, instead of the joke of a military the Filipinos have today, you know....the ones that brag about being the "Mexicans of Asia" (and not in a good way), you can simply pay your way and the CLOSEST thing to a naval submarine is an empty destroyed bus floating in some monsoon flood. Not kidding, that's a meme. I've heard so many personal stories from Filipinos who lived under the Marcos regime, how his government legitimately tried to help people that were on the streets (all thanks to the bullshit Catholic program of death that praises poverty). His son, "Bong Bong" Ferdinand Marcos Jr., is now the President of the Philippines. I can only hope that Marcos Jr. can finish what his father started.

4. Exposing Corazon Aquino - a communist/Catholic sympathizer and exposing the communist/Catholic "People Power Revolutions"

Corazon Aquino was deeply involved with the People Power Revolution, a Catholic and communist-funded/supported movement meant to overthrow Ferdinand Marcos and scrutinize him in media. This PPR was like what you can consider the Philippine equivalent of the cuck "National Revolution" in China that rid the country of the evil rebellious gentile Yuan Shikai, China's last modern hope. Shortly after overthrowing Marcos, this cuck moron of a president (possibly a Jewish Filipino) freed and made peace with many hardliner communist, Maoist and Islamist insurgents that were imprisoned during the Marcos regime (imprisoned and rightfully so). Because of this, the northern Philippines is now a cess pool of communist paramilitaries, supported by Red China. Yep - the horror stories I've heard of police officers and poorly-equipped soldiers getting ambushed by communist or Islamist insurgents, this shit is a real, and not just "right-wing myths". Once again, we can thank Aquino the Catholic and communist ass-kisser that the Philippine military is such a joke and can't defend its territorial interests against the Red Beast China.

So yeah Filipino liberals....how about it, you like that? "Evil goy Marcos (Sr.) is gone", now the Filipino goy must turn the other cheek against Red China, Islamic terrorists, Maoists, communists, you name it! Again, I can only hope Marcos Jr. can un-do what the Aquinos did!

I'm gonna say, I'm pleased to see that Joy of Satan has a considerable number of Filipinos, who have done work for the Philippine translation site, and continue to fight for the Philippines and save it from xyz agenda that Jews have planned!


Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan