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Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

Hohoho, 4 minutes of Cobra's voice. You truly spoil us, High Priest! It's as if the Gods personally tuned your vocal chords!

Happy Beltane to every Brother and Sister in Satan of mine under the Sun and indeed, any and all sincere adherents of the Gods even if some aren't fully under the Satanic light of Truth yet. May we forever accomplish more each year than every other year before, and forever grow to greatness, prosperity, power and harmony.

Hail Father Satan and all the Gods of Hell, Hail our beloved Demons, Hail Victory! Ave Satanas!
Happy Satanic year to all brothers and sisters, we will continue the work of the Gods and follow the greatest leader of all time HP Hoodedcobra and HP Lydia and moving forward we will spread the truth and eliminate the enemy.
Your written sermons brother Cobra are fire but the combination with this voice takes it to another level. Your voice really has an Ancient Greek note like Zeus speaking. It would be a good idea in the future to have your audio sermons like Maxine had done.
Hail Satan!
Thank you all of the beautiful comments. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here and for our community. As you are here so I am here.

I am fully convinced in our community and everyone in it.

Your opinions and feedback means a lot, I read everything of course. We are trying to bring everything to a higher and deserved level and have a strong climate of support and community growth, so everyone can grow strong and better in the path. The Gods will be very proud of us all.

There are updates coming for Donors and the Outreach. I'll update more in the next posts.

No, it won't be all topics will be like this. But there will be audio sermons too from now on.
My goal for this new year is dedicated to Baalzevulon who wish for all of us to reach our maximum potential and to Byleth who i love so much and i want to get closer.

I know anyone here have the capabilities to achieve any goal they propose because no SS is less than a seed of the most powerful beings in the universe.

This is a powerful rhetorical way of speech. I am taken aback by the effort undertaken to achieve an illustrious presentation, one that also imparts a didactic nature to the discourse.

For this Satanic Year, I shall come to terms with the exertion required to impress new heights upon myself, mainly doing so by mantling difficult workings that necessitate much power, thereby enacting permanent changes within myself. There shall also be new awakenings and resolutions, all in pursuit of self-growth.

Happy New Year!
Happy new year to my entire satanic family.

Happy new year to you, High Priest Hooded Cobra and also High Priestess Lydia.

Hail Satan and let us move forward to greatness!
With just the first few words, I felt much exhilaration and then a surge of inspiration throughout the whole video and feel it long after.

You are a powerful leader, High Priest.

It's no wonder why I saw in a dream, years ago, "HoodedCobra" written in a book that which I believe was a God pointing it out for me.

I am looking forward to the future here in the Joy of Satan!

Happy Satanic New Year, everyone!

Hail Satan!!
Wow what a beautiful surprise, the video.
Thank you for keeping us united and strong. Let's give our best and make the Gods proud of us.
Happy New Satanic Year!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan