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Hagenti reaching out for me in my dreams?


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May 3, 2024
Hi again brothers and sisters. I'm writing this post for I had a peculiar dream about Bastet/Hagenti and I decided to write it here to ask for your opinion.
It had been a few days that I was wondering who could be my demon guide and it just so happens,I have this dream: I was in a bedroom and I remember that I had done a ritual to understand who my demon guide was (In my dream I didn't remember anything about this ritual, I just knew that I had done it). Suddenly I started feeling a strong presence around me and I took pictures of the room and sent them to my partner to ask them if they were able to see someone/something there. Immediately afterwards I find myself in another room and my partner replied with a message that said: "OMG BABE!!! THE GODDES HAGENTI IS EXACTELY IN EVERY PICTURE YOU SENT ME! SHE'S RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, I CAN SEE HER WITH MY OWN EYES!!"
As soon as I read those messages I started feeling confused and I decided to go out to get some air and, right in that moment, the cutest cat I've ever seen in my life appeared in front of me :love:.
It was a female red kitten, she came up to me and started purring. The detail I remember most vividly were her eyes: they were not the classic feline eyes you see around, they were a green that I have never seen here on Earth. As I petted her and made the usual dumb sounds I make whenever I see a kitten :)ROFLMAO:), we had this dialogue:
-Me: "You are the cutest little creature I have ever met! Did Bastet send you here?"
-she nodded.
-Me: "...Is she really my demon guide?"
-she nodded again.
I began to laugh from happiness and shortly afterwards I woke up in the middle of the night.

I don't know if this could be a confirmation or not since I'm a Satanist since 2 months and I know it takes a long time to figure out who your guide is, but do you think that this could be the case?
also, I want to add that a long time ago an old friend of mine read the tarot cards for me and told me that at some time in my life I would have Bastet near me.
I would like your opinion about it if you don't mind, thank you in advance :))

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Basically yes, and maybe you'll be able to feel her energy trough this at one point. Try to connect to her and meditate on her.
I followed your piece of advice and yesterday while doing my evening meditation images of her kept appearing in my mind. When I finished doing all the exercises I kept her symbol and depictions well in mind and felt a strong energy in my right arm and legs. It was so cool!!!

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