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Energy Medicine and Magnum Opus Dates

fuoco blu 666

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Sep 21, 2017
3 in the morning plus one second is the start of the day in traditional Chinese medicine but it is also the start time of the Magnum Opus, it is the moment in which the feminine part of the mind is exalted, it is the moment in which the liver empties and charges the lung meridian, the lungs are the connection between the passages between yin and yang and are governed by the heart chakra, the chakra governed by Astarte to which the Ostara festival is dedicated, this makes me understand that like the heart chakra has particular importance in the first step of the Magnum Opus and in the further divinization of the unconscious into divine consciousness when Ida and pingala are completely united and the Serpent resurrects together with the day and night which are equivalent.
The sun at 0 degrees Aries is also connected with the liver and the solar chakra and the ocular type consciousness and the winds of vital energy that blow mostly with this organ which has the task of conveying the energy of the solar chakra into the body and soul, spring is the season of renewal/rebirth and the element of air, the liver is connected to anger and in this way aries, the first cardinal sign and the intense spark of the start of life.

Litha, the summer solstice is the festival of the Sun, it begins when the Sun enters 0° in Cancer, summer begins at this time and the time in which the meridian governed by this season, the heart that governs the shen is most active between 11am and 1pm, midday is a symbol of the maximum power of the Sun on this particular day of celebration which symbolizes the union between heaven and earth and a further divination of the soul in which the meridian of the heart is involved which is Ruled by the fourth main chakra in the season of the fire element.

Mabon the autumn equinox is the festival of the Sun of the harvest, it is the beginning of the season of the earth element when the Sun enters 0° in Libra it is the season in which the meridian of the spleen, pancreas, stomach and liver and large intestine are stronger, I think this concerns the strengthening of the connection of the solar chakra and the sexual chakra which is the strongest point of the soul all these energy meridians are stronger for the strengthening in succession one after the other starting from the 5 am to 11 am, the stomach is known as the sea of chi and is governed by the Moon but in the chakra system by the Solar chakra.

Yule, the winter solstice is when the Sun enters 0° in Capricorn, it is the sign of Satan which represents the union of the masculine and the feminine and it is the sign of Saturn which has 10 as its number, it is the manifestation ether material (earth element) in its purest and most powerful form.

It is the season of the water element and the main energy meridians that are governed by this element are the bladder and the kidney, seat of the Jing and of the regenerative energy that is consumed over time, the last date in fact is the Sun at 0° in Capricorn , the beginning of winter when the kidney meridian is exalted to the maximum and the sexual and basic chakras can be worked with the Kundalini energy to eternally regenerate one's regenerative energy and obtain the state of Divinity and eternal youth by fully activating the 'gene expression of the gene that allows the regeneration of telomeres and allowing a perfect regeneration of the cells of the physical body in an unlimited and eternal way, the increase in brightness at the end of Yule is the increase in power of the soul that marks the defeat of the Negative karma and the maximum and complete union of conscious and unconscious make the human a super consciousness and full flowering of creation
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