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Elixir of life meditation


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Jan 11, 2024
This meditation is both a foundation meditation and extremely advanced meditation.

Maintain, extend life, and remain youthful well into advanced age.

Please, head to the following rules for this meditation:
This meditation does not need to be performed often, but can be, use your discretion and listen to your body and soul. Do NOT start this meditation until you have an active energy sense where you can “see” and feel energy. Eat a nutritious balanced diet.
This meditation yields 5 main benefits.
1.Increases the prenatal jing(fundamental life essence) through artificial generation of the substance from pure energy.
2.It extends life because you have greater prenatal jing.
3.Due to the increase of jing, it ages you backwards, Potentially all the way back to the time just at the full end of puberty, potentially indefinitely. This is provided of course you eat a balanced diet with adequate collagen.
4.It increases your internal power reserves and increases your powers rapidly. It does this in 2 ways, the first is by increasing the amount of energy in your body beyond your previous capacity, which it then adapts to. The second is that due to the increase of jing and the restoration of youth, it allows you to regenerate faster and increase your power not only faster but to greater extents than you would be able to generate/take in from the quantum field without the increased prenatal force.
5.It increases bone density, cellular health, strength, density, surface tension, and energetic conductivity.
6.It decreases blood and fluid viscosity leading to healthier blood vessels and a far more primed lymphatic system, which are major components of the immune system. This in turn leads also to far greater immunity.
7.It strengthens the soul, chakras(energy nodule), and psychic abilities through the rapid increase of power, which also rapidly opens the chakras.
The only drawback is that you must take this very slowly, it can maim and even kill you if performed in a careless way. So really take your time in developing this power properly.
How to perform the meditation:

Breath assisted variation (Intermidiate)
1.Breathe for a count of 5, 7, or 10 in, hold for the same, and then exhale for the same.
2.During your inhale pull in energy at about 80% of your maximum energy pulling power from all directions into your body.
3. When you hold do not let the energy go and try to pull in even more if you can using just your mind, be cautious here.
4.Finally when you exhale DO NOT release the power, instead compress it deep into your bone marrow and kidneys
Note: If you do not have functioning kidneys, it will just be a bit less effective at producing Jing essence unless they are restored through surgical means or otherwise from your own cells. The restored kidneys must be made from your own cells, Pluripotent STEM cells are fine. Know, that you choose to get new organs or body parts, of any kind, only your own cells can integrate properly with your body and soul, NOT the cells of other peoples organs. If they are from a donor, then they will NEVER function properly with both your soul or body physiology.
Note: When this exercise is done properly you will feel a shooting force into your kidneys, then you will feel as though your skin is tightening. This is not your imagination, the effects of this exercise/meditation are very immediate. With each breath and session you will notice it at increasing magnitudes as the prenatal jing is both restored and eventually increased to supernormal levels in your body.

Non-breath assisted variation (Advanced):
1.Breathe in and out comfortably for 5, 7, or 10 seconds. Even longer if you wish and it feels good. The length of the breath makes no difference though other than potentially helping with focus that is required.
2.Intake energy into your body.
3.At the same time you are in taking energy into your body, also compress it down into you bone marrow with great force until you can compress no more.
4.Maintaining maximal compression and at least an 80% maximum energy pull effort, also allow that power to seep into the kidneys slowly. Eventually it will have seeped into every cell as well once the kidneys are at maximum capacity.
5.Once your body heat goes up too much and you feel somewhat tired, stop. Also only start with 5 minutes at first, working up to a maximum or 40 minutes over the course of a year or so. Eventually you can increase the energy intake pulling too, but at first keep to a maximum or 80% effort and a minimum of 50% effort.

Final documentation:
This exercise will greatly develop energy generation capabilities, auric power, and over all witch power. In addition to that it also restores and increases beyond it origin your prenatal life essence and in doing so maintains as well as restores youth. Finally the energy capacity of the body and soul go up massively in a short time and continue to increase with exponential rates as long as the exercise is done at least once a week. Although in truth 5 days a week is best. Possibly even everyday once you become very advanced in it and can handle it.
Some individuals in meditation accidentally generate this essence in small amounts, but not enough to even have significant amounts of the prenatal Jing essence restored.
In closing feel free to also perform this meditation standing as well.

Hail Satan!
Also, please note father Satan helped to guide me in writing this meditation. I felt from him I should share it, and so I have.
One other final note. I do not believe this meditation will make you immortal. In theory since it maintains and can even add to the prenatal jing essence, maybe it can. However, I am not immortal, I just appear far younger than I really am due to energy training and accidentally doing the technique described in this meditation over the years.

I have read about the magnum opus on JOS. This is not that. Honestly, the magnum opus sounds increadible but I have not been shown the path to that knowledge yet. Maybe one day. Until then I cannot say anything more. If I ever am guided to the magnum opus before ot is available here and expressly told by father in my dreams that I can share it, then I will. However again, I do not know the magnum opus. However, I do know that this meditation can help one by getting more natal and prenatal life essence, which should help with any other energy techniques that they encounter. In theory it should anyway.

Sorry for not sharing that sooner, it did not cross my mind when I initially wrotr this with guidance, but I felt like I should come back to clarify this final fact.

Thank you!

👑🐉☀️🔥Hail Satan Forever🔥☀️🐉👑

I have been practicing the Lucifer's Grail666 the last couple of weeks. And it is amazing! I feel so alive and so energized. And I can feel a complete turnaround in my personality and attitude. Since I have been on here. The 40 Day challenge has changed everything! For me here. And I have been practicing the different breathing exercises that go along with it.
I have been practicing the Lucifer's Grail666 the last couple of weeks. And it is amazing! I feel so alive and so energized. And I can feel a complete turnaround in my personality and attitude. Since I have been on here. The 40 Day challenge has changed everything! For me here. And I have been practicing the different breathing exercises that go along with it.
Very nice, personally I like the foundation and aura cleaning the most. They are more like the methods I learned from studying and practicing qi gong, nei gong, and the missing secret methods. However I also find the 40 day meditation to be beyond valuable.
Hmm, interesting breathing method. Thank you for sharing this.
My pleasure, may it serve you well. It ia essentially bone/neo breathing (which is hard in and of it self) mixed in with principles I discovered throughout my power mastery journey.

I am still not anywhere near ti being a master yet, not even close, but I have learned alot through experience and research none the less.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan