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Domestic Violence.Physical/Verbal/Emotional/Psychological Abuse

Oct 18, 2019
The Kingdom of Satan
Greetings everyone. im not sure anyone even remembers me now. its been quite some time since i've been active on the forum.

i would like to share here with everyone my current situation in life and wish to ask for anyone's advice or opinion.

I really don't know how to share my story. i cannot possibly share everything but anyway here it goes..

i dedicated myself to Father Satan in 2019, with my wife. we both were muslims before and we did the dedication ritual together. it was a wonderful time. we both were fully committed to Satanism and advancing ourselves spiritually since we dedicated. although my wife stopped doing meditations and almost everything to do with Satanism after just about 2-3 months. it was like she suddenly lost interest. i didn't understand it back then and even now because to this day my faith in Satan and the Gods has been getting stronger and stronger. it was completely different for her. my wife was never on the forums either, but i was quite active for a while.

Around the end of 2022, i got myself a good job and it took a lot of my time and i was able to give less and less time for meditations. before i knew it, i also had stopped meditating regularly and participating in spiritual warfare at all. i tried to make time and get back in to where i was, but i couldnt until recently. i didnt realize it for a very long time, and i couldnt figure out what was going on with me. well, i didnt even realize there was anything wrong happening.

Before i got married to my wife, i was mostly surrounded by my family and friends who genuinely loves me and cares for me. i live in the capital city of my country but im from another city originally. my wife is from the capital city and after we got married i moved in with my wife into one of the apartments in her family's apartment building. so basically i moved into her house in her city as an outsider myself. anyway, it took a long time to realize it but slowly and gradually i didnt have my friends and family around me, it was only my wife with me everyday, all the time. many things happened, but basically, i was not allowed to see anyone or spend time with anyone without my wife, anyone including my own mother and father. even when my best friend whos also a dedicated Satanist visits me, shes always there with us.

She has always been a very jeolous girl, but her jeoulousy kept on getting stronger by day. we are constantly fighting, almost everyday, alwasy about some girl. i told her that, i am a very loyal and dedicated Satanist and i would never cheat on her, escpecially since shes also a Satanist. and i explained to her many times that i want to represent what Satanism is about and that means i will uphold the Satanic way of life. i wont cheat on my loved ones or hurt anyone who doesnt deserve it. i explained to her that i dont want to be weak infront of the Gods and that its always my mission to make the Gods proud. anyhow, nothing changed, kept getting worse until one day she punched my face. i didnt take it so seriously that day, but i never thought it would get to a point that i have to be afraid for my life. and thats what eventually happened. she kept on being physcially violent when we argue, she would punch, shove, scratch, bite. and everytime she would make be believe that it was all my fault, and for a long time i actually believed that she was being violent with me because of what i did or said.

i have been completely isolated, my family and friends who i see almost everyday, i was seeing them maybe once or twice in 6 months. that also with my wife. and to make things worse, i have caught her texting or calling different guys and there has been many times that i was 99% sure that something has happened and she had cheated on me. i cant say its a 100% because i didnt see it happen with my own eyes. either way, i cant ignore whats right infront of me or i cant deny facts. she would apologize for such incidents with other guys at the beginning of the marriage, she would promise everytime that she wont do any such things. kept on happening and she eventually even stopped apologizing and started to eventually blame me for her unfaithful actions.

with all these things, i also eventually lost it and started yelling at her when we argue, i was expecially loud when she starts being physically violent. and eventually i started putting out my anger on furniture and stuff aroud the room. i know that i should have tried harder to control my anger, but i couldnt. but no matter how angry i got, i never laid a hand on her, even when she was being violent i never hit her or punch her or anything. the most i did was hold her arms and tried to make her stop. no matter what, i was able to control myself. i never hit a woman, and i never intend to.

im not very good with telling stories, and im not even sure what i have written so far makes complete sense, because this is an extremely simplified and shortened version of the whole story. ill keep going..

im sure everyone would be asking, why i still havent left her. well, i have 16 cats with me. most of them were born infront of me and ive been taking care of all of them for about 3 years now. they have been my family and friends, witnessing and going though all this with me, feeling all the negative energies. whenever i think of ending the marriage and leaving my wife, i think about what to do with my cats. i cannot take all of them to my parent's place or any other place. i cant even rent out an apartment and take them there because they will eventually destroy furniture and stuff, cats being cats. so thats where that though alwasy stoppped, i didnt know what to do with them. i just never had it in me to let them go out on the roads, they most probably wont survive for too long out there. so i was trapped. this most probably would sound very stupid, for me to stay in an abusive relationship because of my cats. maybe subconciously i was using the cats as an excuse to stay where i am, for some reason. i really dont know.

ill try not to make this too long. just several days ago, things got too bad and i was at a breaking point and i got desperate to get out of this. so i prayed to Satan. for the first time i asked Satan directly for help with this and to get me out of this and be free. that night, i slept and just about an hour after i slept, i woke up a little and at first i felt like my wife was hugging or cuddling with me, and i was hearing her talking, but i was still half asleep so i didnt realize what was happening. after few moments, i was awake fully and i realized that my wife was yelling at me, not talking and that she was strangling me, not cuddling or hugging me. i struggled to get up, because she had both her hands around my neck and pushing down. when i finally managed to overpower her and get up from the bed, she went crazy and started punching me, pushing me to the wall, to the cupboards, cabinets, when i tried to protect myself with my arms, she would start biting and scratching. i begged her to stop, i told her i was gonna call the police, she wouldnt. she finally stopped after about 2hrs. i aws exhausted, i couldnt even breathe properly. i was dianosed with epilepsy when i was a teenager and i had a few dangerous seizure episodes thourghout my life. my wife obviously knows that and i told her even during the fight, that my brain will be especially senstitive when im wokrn up from sleep and i might get a seizure. she responded my saying she has adhd because of me. didnt give a damn about my condition. she just self diagnosed her with adhd. anyway, that night she told me to get out of her house, she even called my mother and told her to get me out of her house.

because of this night, finally i was able to open up to my family and friends about everything, how my life has really been going in the last 4-5 years. i thank Father Satan for giving the push that was needed to finally begin to end this marriage. no matter what i had to endure that night, i was very relieved that finally i was able to open up and actually take actions to get out of this, with the help of my family and friends, finally. the situation with the cats remain, but my family and friends are actively trying to find people who would adopt them, and in case they are not adopted, i have decided to keep about 3or 4 cats with me and take the rest of them to a kind of a cat shelter.not really a shelter, just an area where vounteers go and feed the cats there and built small huts for cats to protect them from the rain. this is one thing i would like advice about from my fellow SS. am i doing the right things with my cats?

as for my wife, i am secretly looking for an apartment i can move into. because i know that if she knows that im leaving her, she would make it extremely difficult and to be honest, im afraid that she might do something worse like stab me while im sleeping. since she tried to strangle me, i told her that i need space for now and that i cant sleep in the same room as her, and i told her that if she actually wants to work on being together, she should give me time and space for now. thankfully she has been sleeping in another room since then. i have been trying to avoid fighting with her and i making her believe that im trying to still be with me and im planning on moving out while she isnt home, just to be safe and keep everything calm. is this right? getting out of this my tricking or fooling her?

i would like to ask from my fellow SS sisters and brothers, should i do a banishing ritual for her after the divorce? since she did the dedication ritual before, ive been hesitant to do any working or even direct any energy towards her that would curse her. i really dont know what to think of this. did she actually genuienly dedicate herself in the first place? i just cant understand why things turned out the way it did.

im almost at the end of this long chapter of my life. ill be very happy and finally feel safe once i get to move out into any other place. Please share your thoughts..
i really dont know what to think of this. did she actually genuienly dedicate herself in the first place? i just cant understand why things turned out the way it did.

She probably told people that you both got into satanism and her muslim peers started getting into her head and sending energy to work against you. Relationships often end because one or both people have shitty friends.

If you were there when she did the dedication ritual and she did it properly then maybe her heart wasn't in it, it was not done genuinely. Who knows. Maybe she isn't truly a gentile, or maybe she is posessed by enemy entities, this is very bizarre and destructive behavior.
She probably told people that you both got into satanism and her muslim peers started getting into her head and sending energy to work against you. Relationships often end because one or both people have shitty friends.

If you were there when she did the dedication ritual and she did it properly then maybe her heart wasn't in it, it was not done genuinely. Who knows. Maybe she isn't truly a gentile, or maybe she is posessed by enemy entities, this is very bizarre and destructive behavior.
PS. She wasn't loyal to you, a human being. What are the odds that she was loyal to Satan/Satanism?
You need to stay away from this woman and get out as soon as you can. I mean it.

I'll give you some insight to put things into perspective here, I have dealt with various forms of abuse and varying degrees of violence and fighting over the years, from family, friends, close loved ones, even mental health crisis episodes where there was physical conflict that needed attended to with intense therapy and serious behavioral changes.

Life can be anything but easy, and sometimes the lines can be blurred.

I have managed to rectify and limit these sorts of issues in my life through long periods of sustained effort and others doing the same. However sometimes things are so far and extreme that one needs to get the fuck away and cut all contact.

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE CASES. Ask the Gods for all advice and guidance they can give. Slowly pack all your shit up, go through the motions and then when you have to go do something, maybe even tell her you have to go run an errand.... then disappear forever, cutting all contact and uprooting completely to the new town or city over.

Plan this deeply and thoroughly. If you can have 2 or 3 cats you can do that. But realistically even though this will be hard, you need to re-home like 13 of these cats.

There is not enough reasons in the world to have that many animals, and it is not good for them either, it's bad to do that to them. Do what is best and re-home them. It will be hard emotionally, but know you are doing the right thing.

Worst case scenario you will re-home them all and then you will leave.

You need to get away as soon as you can or this woman is going to kill you intentionally or unintentionally from the severity of these episodes of aggravated assaults.

You are a Satanist and valued person. Be rid of this garbage person and move forward free of this insanity.
I also want to say, I am very sorry you have had to endure all of this. I know from experience just how hard these situations can be. It can feel like there is no escape, but this is just the mind and soul caught in the grips of desperation, this will fade as you are further from all of this.

Hang in there you will be alright, you are loved and a part of this satanic family and may Satan guide you to better times and circumstances away from all of this harm.
Everyone must pay attention to this.

This girl was not suitable for you on any level. She sounds sadistic and deranged even, not of your caliber at all. You sound like a sensitive soul.

Never try to save anyone like this. You cannot make anyone follow the Gods when they are not cut out for it and on a devolved, parasitic level of development. Satanism doesn't work like islam.

Many new SS also think just because someone isn't jewish, they cannot be a threat. That's very wrong.

Also, never, ever accept anyone whose conditions are 'don't be ever be around anyone but me'. That is the mark of a parasite. A number of SS have gone astray due to abusive vampires like this.
I had a similar experience with an ex. Even if someone has done the right of dedication, if they abuse you and treat you like an enemy and do nothing for the Gods, they are not to be tolerated.
Brother. You need to find somebody who is worthy of you as a Satanist.
I know it's not easy. Especially in this day and age. But I do know after what you went through? And after what this woman has done to. You need to heal yourself of her negative energy. And see if you can find somebody who is worthy and decent. You need somebody that's like yourself who is just as loyal and dedicated to Satan as you are. And you want somebody who loves you and respects you for who and what you are. You want to be able to feel comfortable with this person and shouldn't have to change anything about yourself. And you shouldn't have to be ashamed of yourself or have to explain anything! This person should have at least an open mind to learn something. And to take the time to do things right and to be willing and dedicated to learn along with you. And show the same respect to Father Satan is you! do on all levels.
I understand your problems.
One of them is "can I use black magic when this person is a SS but behaves like the worst shit?"

The 1st thing is to contact Baalzebul, performing His Power ritual first, then reading and burning on the altar a previously written letter asking Him to bring justice against the offending SS and to guide in finding the best things to undertake.

You need to take cover. Urgently.

For cats, contact the Goddess Bastet and implore Her intervention to keep your cats as safe and healthy as possible.

Neutering cats, much to the displeasure of many here, helps to limit feline misery linked to proliferation.

Getting back to abusive spouses, I've had to use the binding several times, and an SS Brother whom I adore here, even helped me with these spells. Today it's a hundred times more breathable, but we have children together, your situation is different, so you mustn't suffer such serious abuse. It is unacceptable.
Are you sure she wasn't practicing Islam in secret? Yes, you can bind her and protect yourself.

In the mean time, do yourself a working for physical well-being and integrity with Algiz and Sowilo, just in case. Don't be afraid to man up, but also be careful not to kill yourselves over this. This is clearly a person who is manipulated by the enemy but is also NOT a victim.
Welcome back to the forums, I for one remember you :)

Based on her behavior and the fact that she essentially dropped Satanism, you are completely free to bind her. She threatened your life, is violent and abusive, and tried to kill you? You can curse her. But definitely bind her first and foremost to prevent her from speaking out about you being SS to other people. And detach from her, this will help her to not be obsessed with you and potentially stalk you.

Yes, you were right to find homes for your cats. Most cats don't like being in one apartment with so many other cats anyway, they need more territory of their own.

Find yourself a new place asap, perhaps you will be happier in the city you lived in before? The one that was your home and where your family lives.
Sorry to hear this has happened to you brother, you are in a dangerous situation, being in a Muslim country is very dangerous for a SS, you need to act fast but carefully listen everyone here with their advice, I would be worried about going back home to family, she might have told people about your SS and even family of Muslims is not safe, Islam comes first for Muslims, and even family can turn against you, Think you should go so far where no one will find you or knows you, Pray to Father Satan and Baalzebul for help, be very careful 🙏

Hail Satan ❤️
Sounds like she suffered childhood abuse and violence, and is projecting all of this on you, loosing control of emotions.
This not to excuse her, she is possibly too weak to accept Satanism and her weakness opens her to abusers' or external entities will - that is against you. If her soul has been strongly linked to some evil person with the use of violence, in some cases the person's unconscious is mostly in the hands of other people. That, being most likely heavily islamic, would love to kill you for your Satanic faith.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan