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Davy Jones and the Hearth of the Depths.


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Nov 12, 2022
This one here is a trivial topic, not some majestic reveal, but I thought it would be nice sharing my research with you all. So here we go.

Davy Jones is a sea tale, known to pirates and seadogs in the past for centuries. This tale talks about this powerful "evil" entity of the sea with supernatural powers, who can drown men into the deep of the ocean. The Davy Jones's locker.
Before I go into details I have to mentions that many people took the sea, many women and men who had spiritual knowledge. Some became pirates to escape the church and those whom wanted snuff out their knowledge. Therefore it goes alone that these "tales" were originated as a metaphor to preserve and hiding spiritual teachings, in order to spread it among them. As some of you already know the Jolly Roger itself is not just some random "scary" flag, it has to do with the stage of alchemy we call "Nigredo", the first step to the Magnum Opus.

Unfortunately nowadays hollywood and distorted fantasies have turned pirates in ruthless stupid scumbags. Which is far from the truth. There were indeed people who were there just to rob, kill and live a meaningless life. As every field since the dawn of times has its "bad apples". But not all of them.
Now that we understood that there's more than the eyes see, we can go forward.

The word "Davy" it can also be spelled "Devi" which is the sanskrit terms for "Goddess". And then we got Jones which is a celtic surname, that submit to various transformations throughout the time. If we track this lines we can see in the past "J" was originally spelled "I". In fact the same word "Jones" came from many variations of Welsh names which all starts with the letter "I". If we apply the results here we got "Iones", Ione in greek mythology was a Nereid one of the 50 marine-nymph daughter of Nereus, an ancient god of the sea. And it means violet, which is the color we see in 6th chakra.
So if we add the two we got "Devi Ione" Goddess Violet or Violet Goddess, and one of the mantra we can use to empower the 6th chakra is INANNA which is our beloved Mother Astarte.
Our Goddess Astarte holds the "Davy's locker" or "The Hearth of the Depth", ocean and therefore water has a deep spiritual meaning, that has to do with the astral plan and our spiritual senses and powers.
The 3rd eye is an extension of the 6th chakra and both when fully open are able to make us see "The Hearth of Depth", the astral plan, our soul's potential.

The "scary" side of this tale is where the ocean is fearsome, and "Devi Iones" can drags one down into the deep, means that one has to be careful in the path, if we swim our boat too fast or without control then the power of the "Depths" can swallow us. Take it as an alternative of the Icarus' myth. One has to pace themselves with the ocean. Only then you're able to safely open your "Hearth of the Depths".

(I know it was wild but feel free to share your thoughts.)
Very insightful post! Good find with the J/Iones.

There's a bit of the seafaring pirate in many of us. I wouldn't be surprised if some members reply to this post in pirate-speech.
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Lydia" post_id=478614 time=1703171585 user_id=57]

Thanks a lot HPS Lydia! I'm planning to sharing more researches with time, I know it's not much, but even if they are just tales they contain so much. And I think unveiling corrupted and forgotten stories it's the right to do. They are part of our original and true human history and knowledge afterall.
Very nice, keep up the great work. We must expose our true history and this is a part of it.
This is very intriguing 🤔😃 Thank you for sharing this article.
Could Yahr Hahr me some kind of mantra or word in an ancient language? :p
Could Yahr Hahr me some kind of mantra or word in an ancient language? :p
I would be careful with mantras, but just to say saying something, there's an interesting ancient word that's Nāga (नाग). It is a Sanskrit term that can refer to serpents, dragons, or mythical beings associated with water, including the sea. In Hindu mythology, Nāgas are often depicted as powerful, semi-divine creatures who reside in the depths of the ocean or in underground realms. They are sometimes worshipped as guardians of treasure and fertility.
I have been thinking about something similar for some time. The flag symbolising nigredo, the 7 seas, hidden treasures, rebellion and the like.

O thought that Satanism has some ancestors among pirates as well, but I couldn't say beyond that. One would have to study the history of navigation to find out more.

The thing about Jones sounds similar to John of the Templar order.
Very insightful post! Good find with the J/Iones.

There's a bit of the seafaring pirate in many of us. I wouldn't be surprised if some members reply to this post in pirate-speech.
Many of those pirates in the 16th century supported the Queen of England Elizabeth who was a Satanist to fight against the Spanish Invincible Armie which was the naval force of the Church and the Vatican.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan