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Could you add these texts to the library? (Eduardo Velasco, NS Pagan)


New member
Oct 28, 2023
I want to suggest (as far as I'm allowed to) for some texts to be added to the library, from the author "Eduardo Velasco" (pen name). Specially "Rome Against Judea". Most of them have been removed from the Internet and are hard to find. His blog, Europa Soberana, is now defunct. These are some of the best Pagan NS, anti-Christian texts I've seen.
He is a Spaniard, and wrote in Spanish. A few of his essays have been translated to English, and various have been translated to Portuguese, but got removed. So they are really hard to find.

This one is the best, and will give you an idea.
-> Rome Against Judea, Judea Against Rome (3 parts): a commentary about the Christian destruction of Paganism, as the woke movement of Antiquity, with a Nietzschean view, and fights between Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians in the Middle East against Hebrews. This one has already been translated to English.
English: https://archive.org/details/RomeContraJudaea
Spanish: https://westsdarkesthour.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/ES_11.pdf
Portuguese: (already translated, but now taken down)

-> List of Eduardo Velasco's Essays/Europa Soberana (in Spanish, with backup).

These other ones are excellent, but more political in nature.
-> Globalistan: (3 parts, he didn't finish the other 2; parts 1 and 2 are excellent) Talks about the Slum World that Globalism wants to impose on us, with a racial view. It was translated to Portuguese (but not English). Now memory-holed.
-> Estrogenization + Fasting: excellent essays about the destruction of health through pollution, chemicals and good measures to get in touch with nature and regenerate:

-> The Fate of the World According to the Indo-Aryans: another of the few EV's essays translated to English.

I have been a White Nationalist for almost 15 years, and these are some of the best essays I've ever seen, and the ones who influences me the most.
Greetings @CriptaHerege, thanks a lot for this documentation, they seem as amazing pieces of history. I am not sure if they could be added to the JoS Library as the vast majority of the content there is proprietary to JoS but I will inquire about it.
Well, I've seen books from people like Ben Klassen (of the Creativity religion) and George Lincoln Rockwell.
Eduardo Velasco is a blogger, and it is his pen name, so I guess there is no problem. Besides, there's an email of him in the links below, but I doubt he will answer. To be honest, these kind of material already belong to the 2010s, and it's almost forgotten. But it is top material, and it doesn't age.
A time ago, there was an excellent Brazilian NS website (PNSB) that was taken down, and it hosted a lot of material. I swear it was taken down due to copyright, but it wasn't. It wasn't even censorship, but someone forgot to pay the servers (I've emailed a backup site of them). So I think these things are generally fine.

Thank you for the reply! :)

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