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Communists Funded and Helped "Christian Nationalists" Overthrew Imperial China

Maxis Orientis

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May 9, 2023
Part 1: Taiping Rebellion: Root of Evil Asian Christianity

I was originally gonna name this "Christians overthrew Imperial China", but that's a bit misleading.

I wanna clarify something, perhaps something I didn't mention in the past post for new SS, those not familiar with Chinese history get mind-fucked with all the unfamiliar names and jargon.

So within Modern Chinese history, you're going to see the terms "Kuomintang" or KMT, (also spelled "Guomindang" or GMD) and "National Revolutionary Army" popping up. These are political parties today associated with Taiwan, or the Republic of China and received the historical title of being the bulwark against communism. This series is meant to expose them for being a national fraud, and hopefully to wake the Taiwanese and Chinese anti-communist community into not only nixing their support for the Kuomintang, but also to help recover glory, honor and prestige the REAL patriots of modern Chinese history.

Self Strengthening Movement - The REAL "Revolution"
So the late Qing dynasty was quite a wreck, but it was also marked by the rise of the Chinese Self-Strengthening Movement, which quite frankly was likely Satanic in its nature and spirit meant to protect to China against the European Jews and Jesuits who exploited it via the Opium Trade and the forced conversion of Chinese people to Christianity (look up "Gunboat Policy"). The Self-Strengthening Movement was the TRUE modern Enlightenment of China and was conceived by progressives in the Qing era and based from the ancient book I Ching.


Manchu Prince Gong - one of the advocates for Modern Enlightenment in China

It was the "real revolution" in the sense that it wanted to introduce Enlightenment and modern advancement ideas into China. Nothing about it was "new" to Chinese society, since China was one of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world, and was home to the "Four Great Inventions". The Self-Strengthening Movement was simply picking up where the Ancients left off.

Via the Self-Strengthening Movement, the Beiyang Army (the best of all pre-communist and pre-Kuomintang armies) was able to acquire/build things such as modern warships, and equip its army with other modern weapons, very similar to Japan's modernization.

So that defeats the lie that the National Revolutionaries and Communists "modernized" China, and if anything, only degenerated it further.

Understandably, many European Gentile Satanists doing business and projects in China had to fake Christian identities and establish fake churches to protect their wealth from the christian police, some Chinese who aligned themselves with these followed some of these "churches". The city of Harbin and many other cities in northeastern China are perfect examples, where Russians owned many businesses and building projects some of the Orthodox cathedrals were very likely build to help hide Russian Satanists' faiths.


Harbin, China - pre-communist era

But as rich as China was in culture, it lacked the modern technology of Europe (in spite of being one of the most advanced of ancient civilizations), something Japan was quick to pick up on, advancing to the point of becoming the first major Asian power to defeat a global power like Russia in 1905.

Many of the Qing nobles and military and political elite knew something had to change within Chinese politics.

As I explained in Part 1, Sun Yat Sen is considered the so-called "father of Modern China" and one of the forefathers of the Republic of China. You'll see his pictures plastered everywhere in Taiwan. Sadly, as was explained in Part 1 - Sun was just the one of the political grandfathers of the Chinese communists, not the type where a Christian unknowingly feeds the enemy energies, as you progress through this post, Sun knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

The trash of the Taiping rebellion did not die with Hong Xiuquan, and unfortunately seemed to have continued in the form of crypto-Christian occult and philosophy groups in China. The Jesuits salivated at the Taiping rebellion and Christianity was repeatedly used as some kind of "revolution" tool against the Qing dynasty.

Yes, there were real actual revolutionary groups who disagreed and warred against the Qing emperors, revolutions, wars and civil wars do indeed happen even without Jews. The antagonists here aren't necessarily the "revolutionaries" in general, but the false patriot armies known as the National Revolutionary Army, the military wing of the Kuomintang.

Although politics is beyond the scope of JoS (so long as you're not following communism), but monarchists make a very good point when they argue that the bulk of China's glory was rooted within its imperial history.

Given that Sun Yat Sen was a Christian agent, and a Soviet ally, and a political ancestor to the Communist Party of China, who would have led China to a path of growth?

The Yuan Shikai Government or "Beiyang/Beijing Government" - the REAL Nationalist Government of China
Early modern China was a cesspool of warlords, though both good and bad, almost every city claimed to be the the government of China. From Nanjing, to Canton (Guanzhong) to Beiyang/Peking/Beijing. Like all else, those were led by Satanists were well protected, even in a fractured China (remember Demons and Satan look out for their own).

Yuan Shikai is the REAL father of Modern China, namely in trying to unite China, install a Han monarchy, tried to emulate Japan's advancement, since he respected the Qing dynasty, he may have opposed them, but he loved Imperial Chinese tradition, and kept Imperial traditions alive. Even upon assuming the title "President of China", Shikai still kept imperial regalia.


Yuan Shikai

Japan and China had complicated relations at this time, in-so-much as Japan had a fought a victorious war against the Qing over Korea, often-not agreed with Chinese nationalists, but also heavily criticized China for following corrupted traditions. It is to note that Korea was falling victim to Jesuit encroachments, China was too weak to do anything about it, therefore the First Sino-Japanese War was very likely an attempt by Japan to save Korea from the Christian world. However in spite of Japanese criticisms of Chinese ways, Japan was willing to land a hand to those who listened, and supported Yuan Shikai. Japan was more a tough teacher than an "aggressor" as Jewish media likes to point of the Japanese Empire.

Of the armies within the Self-Strengthening Movement, the forces commanded by Yuan Shikai proved to be among the best and well-trained, and modernized, and through his Beiyang Army, the Qing forces were able to defeat the Christian revolutionaries. The Beiyang Fleet was also one of the most advanced navies, having modern warships.


Beiyang troops with modern rifles


The Dingyuan, the iron-clad modern warship of the Beiyang Fleet - which was famous for having modern warships

Conservatives in Imperial China did not support the "revolutionaries", very likely knowing where their ideology came from, and were full on-board with the emperors and various imperial bodies, the various non-Chinese within the Empire, such as the Mongols and Tibetans, who followed their own tradition, respected the Manchu emperors. Imperial China truly was a united confederation of Asiatic states.

Yuan Shikai did play a role in getting the Qing Xuantong Emperor to abdicate, but not by nonsensical "revolutions" and neither did he follow some bullshit Christian claims that rabbi jebu would send the emperor to hell and liberate the Han Chinese. Yuan Shikai kept the monarchical Chinese traditions alive.

He eventually proclaimed himself as the Hongxian Emperor, and was forced to resort to dictatorial means since the church was turning his generals against him. Nonetheless, he only lost popularity after his death, proving this man had great worth for China. His temple was looted by a Christian, the infamous Feng Yuxiang, during their "Northern Expedition", a Christian-Communist military operations against the Beiyang government.


Yuan Shikai prior to being coronated

Seems like the churches knew that under Yuan Shikai, China could have very-well emerged as the great eastern superpower. Therefore, they came up with answer: Sun Yat Sen, who put on a nationalist face and studied in Japan, which was a locale frequented by Chinese nationalists.

Under Yuan Shikai, Japan and China could have very-well been allies.

The National Revolutionary Army - Organized by Soviets and Christians - Taiping Army 2.0
The churches, jews and jesuits clearly found the Self-Strengthening Movement to be a threat to their hegemony. If this movement had successfully controlled Chinese politics, China would definitely a heck of a lot different today, and for the better. Therefore, the jews cahooted with Christian criminals in creating the Kuomintang, via criminal Christian Sun Sat Sen to stop and destroy the Self Strengthening Movement from the inside.


Flag of the NRA, now the flag of the Taiwanese Army

The National Revolutionary Army (NRA), functioned as the military wing of the Kuomintang - and was literally organized (if not created) by the Soviets, again - this is not a conspiracy theory. You can openly search up the history of the Kuomintang and NRA to find Soviet agents organizing their personnel formations.

This "NRA" was created for the sole purpose of fighting the pro-Enlightenment Beiyang government founded by Yuan Shikai, and the various other modernized Chinese states and putting communists in charge of the Nationalist camp.

Remember how the Taiping Christians were convinced that the Manchu Qing was evil? It never stopped there, since the churches never stopped brainwashing Chinese generals (particularly in the southern and coastal port regions), convinced the nationalists that the ruling Manchus were evil, enemies of Han Chinese, and supported their overthrow - and this how we got the creation of the communistic Christian army known as the "NRA" to depose of Yuan Shikai, this NRA which was nothing more but a descendant of the Taiping Army.

In 1923, the Kuomintang openly held hands with the Soviet Union, and many leftist Kuomintang were trained by the Soviets, many of these "leftist Kuomintang" would later form the Communist Party of China.

Even more obvious, here is a Kuomintang poster in the early cold war "honoring" the pact with the Soviets!

Here is Soviet general, Mikhail Borodin in Wuhan in 1927, he was one of the main generals responsible for helping organize and advise the NRA:

Why would a hardcore nationalist group ever allow communists to serve in their ranks!? Or hold hands with the Soviets?

The entire Kuomintang vs. communists simply reflected the entire "atheistic communism vs. religious communism" bullshit, you had Christian right on one side, and atheistic left on the other, you can't win. Generals like Feng Yuxiang - the man who looted Yuan Shikai's temple, (later the Minister of War and Vice President of the RoC) are the perfect example of what happens when you allow fellow Gentile warriors to conver to cuckianity and become goy slaves - Yuxiang started to persecute and expel non-Christians from his military.

What followed after the Qing dynasty and Yuan Shikai's China was not a well-held together Chinese republic, but a semi-fractured confederation of warlord governments. Remember.....in Matt. 10:34, scum "god" of Xianity says he's here to bring chaos!

None of the other Asiatic nations, like the Mongols, or the Tibetans wanted to be part of this Christian/communist-ruled "new republic".

Sun Yat Sen Signs a Pact with Soviet Jew Adolph Joffe - Shows His True Colors
Sun Yat Sen was known to have been a criminal, and committed white collar crimes involving money laundering. After laundering money, and even allying with criminal syndicates like the Triads, and attempting to rally the Overseas Chinese communities around the world, Sun Yat Sen finally showed his true colors by announcing in the 1920s that the Kuomintang needs to ally with Communists.

In 1923, January, Sun Yat Sen signed a pact with Adolph Joffe. Guess who ended up praising Sun? VLADIMIR LENIN. And it wasn't long, before Soviet were training and commanding the Kuomintang, at Sun Yat Sen's request.

Remember - Marxists openly praise Christians, and it's not something you have to dig through conspiracy theory websites or DoC to find out. You can and will openly find communists praising Christianity as part of readily-available information out there.

Does that sound like a nationalist to you!? It is through this Soviet aid that Sun Yat Sen started to gain power in China.

I'm not sure why Tokyo allowed Chinese anti-monarchist revolutionary groups to operate in the first place, I believe Japan was still experimenting with democracy and seeing how far it could go. However, Sun Yat Sen eventually showed his true colors by even inciting rebellion against JAPAN, the VERY country tha was gracious enough to allow him in.

The "Northern Expedition" - a Communist-Christian Insurrection, first nail on the coffin for China
Three years after the Kuomintang and Sun Yat Sen signed their unholy alliance with the Soviets, the Northern Expedition commenced against the conservative Beiyang government, founded by Yuan Shikai. Note "Beiyang" is Beijing, so you can also call then the "Beijing government". Peking is another popular spelling for it.

The Beiyang government was supported by Japan, a true brother and forever savior of the Asiatic peoples. Lamestream media wants to paint Japan one of the upfront "haters" of Chinese people and Chinese culture, when that couldn't be anymore true. Japan even allowed the Manchukuo Empire to exist as a vassal state, under Manchu emperors during the Second World War. As the former Russian Empire and Qing dynasty collapsed, Japan supported many conservative groups in the warlord-run state, but not just any "conservatives" - but pro-Enlightenment conservatives who embraced Satanic ideas. Japan simply picked up where China left off spiritually.

This "Northern Expedition" was supported by the Soviets, and composed almost entirely of communists and Christians, who warred against the Beiyang government. Many may note that this is where the "alliance" between the communist and Nationalist forces broke apart, but this was perhaps to put on a show to simply make the Kuomintang and CCP look like enemies when as a matter of fact, they were both being Soviet and Jewish-supported.

With the Kuomintang emerging victorious in 1928, this was the first nail on the coffin for China, as the victorious Kuomintang government could now set up the stage for the fake Civil War that birthed the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.

Given that the USA and Soviet Union were being led by Jewish militarists, they did what they do best to "allies" - leave them when their usefulness is done.

In the case of KMT, once they "outlived" their usefulness, the Soviets withdrew their support. The Americans never supported the Chinese Nationalists to begin with, and backstabbed them in the "post-war" conference, allowing nothing more but the puny island of Taiwan to be their base.

Kuomintang China degenerated into a shell of its former self
With the Self-Strengthening Movement now dead, and China under this cuck-duo leadership between leftist communists (CPC) and religious communists (Kuomintang), the military forces of China often-not, degenerated back into their pre-Self Strengthening Movement days, using outdated techniques and in the worst-case scenarios, many even resorting to pacifism and other idiotic dogma to "fight the Japanese"....even though fighting the Japanese was a stupid idea.

At this point, all hope fell for the Chinese nationalists, who were now under the leadership of a Christian Chiang Kai-Shek. The so-called "victorious allies" backstabbed China and excluded them from the post-war conferences.

Wake up Chinese, it's time to reclaim your nation!

Hail Shangdi/Satan!

- GuangXia_666

The next articles I will post will probably concern Korea and Vietnam, they followed the same exact trajectory of allowing Christians to feed succeeding victorious communists their energies.


Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan