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Can the Gods Rituals cause one to do things?


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Jun 20, 2018
(Scroll down for questions if you don't want to read my introduction and my excited state of improving myself no matter how trivial it sounds)

Over the past two months ever since I quit the forums but returned. I've stopped meditating for a week, then carried on and recently recreated my meditation and keeping it simple. Perhaps too simple for some people but I don't wish to progress further spiritually in a deeper way. Perhaps when I solve my issues I might be inclined, I have priorities in other things dealing with my life.

Anyways the other day I stayed up 3 days straight cleaning my room. I'm aware the psychotheraputical and others insist cleaning is important as well as eliminating useless things that mean nothing.

As a person whom possessed a lot of things from childhood. I always had a deathgrip to everything being Cancarian still water runs deep in my emotional spectrum. A while back about last year I threw away a lot of old stuff from my room. The other day for two days straight without sleep I spent my entire time cleaning EVERYTHING. I threw away 99% of my stuff from childhood even the remaining school from stuff from High School whereby I still possessed things even from Kindergarten till I threw it away sometime last year in 2023. I cleared everything except 1% of the entirety of my stuff.

Can the Gods rituals and I say Gods because ever since doing the May 5th Lilith, May 6-7 Anubis, and May 8-9 Furfur ritual I can't help but wonder how they affected. For some reason Lilith's ritual around the second day got me very worked up and pissed off. Now I'm not saying it to blame her no I kinda feel like as a Cancarian person especially being double Plutonic both being born in Pluto in Scorpio and being affected by Pluto in Aquarius. I feel and have thoughts that she payed attention to me no matter how meager and entranced a property.

All I know is after that period things began to change improvements and the current Lucifius Rocalor ritual we did a few days ago as of the time of this post. Really helped me out for some reason this entity's slightly longer ritual helped me out a lot. I can't quite put it but May 21st and May 22nd, I fully cleaned my room every furniture all the dust and everything. I even gave some stuff to my family member so they would keep it or donate it or whatever. Just a few in my personal opinion I just wanted to recycle and throw the useless stuff out.

I even found two Deamon Mini-Sigils from the old Joy of Satan (JoS) website days before 2005. H.P. Maxine Dietrich possessed a section on the Demon Forum with Mini-Sigils like 72 or more mini-Sigil squares about the size of 20mm x 20mm Squares. Anyways I found both in my backpack and I feel like the entities didn't like those sigils so I felt bad and shredded both of them. I also eliminated a lot of the old JoS information papers I possessed a folder with them nothing serious though(Such as the old Scalar Wave meditation or repeat stuff still found on JoS to this day) I did shred a lot of the old Sigils I possessed not like I used them in any meaningful way. Even ran into Sorath (Saurathra's) sigil which I drew from Yahoo forums. It's another Satan, Furfur like symbol with a Manipura chakra on it as Furfur sigil's looks like our Manipura upside down with the triangle on it.

Anyways I was so EXCITED and relived by all this stuff I've read of people saying you gotta let go of old items especially considering how useless it is or unused at least donate it to people who have usage for it. Some even suggested taking a picture with a camera or smartphone and keeping the memory in your head and camera but letting go of the item. Some even consider it a metaphysical relief due to charged energies i.e. stagnant energies. Albeit 99% of the people aren't in the spiritual realm but they feel better releasing that stuff away from their property.

I was so EXCITED I emailed my friend a really long email that took me like 20 minutes to type. And he congratulated me deeply and said I did one of the best things possible especially the school part. I always hated school as my friend stated in an email he hates school cause it teaches you "what to think" rather than teaching you how to study and learn as well as how to think. I eliminated that school non-sense and finally as he put it I stood up and said away from school and it's horrible grip it had on me. I don't know what my education taught me but I got the feeling it left a deep hidden psychological scar on me.

Anyways I feel much better and I'm glad my friend replied back that same day on the 23rd and finally I feel freer less burdened even my room's energy however little or non-existent I can feel. Feels better everything thrown or cleaned with antibacterial/antiviral wet fiber towel wipes and Lysol spray.

After my long winded return and I do plan on at least replying to people cause I do and have read the forums every day since 2016 and before that I would sporadically be on Yahoo forums since 2003. Except after a period of time I barely if ever went especially getting out of high school and withdrawing from society and just being a longer.

Plus HP.Cobra has said every Satanist deserves to have their voice heard and should post on the forums if possible and within reason depending on nation and it's laws as some of our members can get in legal trouble in the more backwards nations. And I agree some posts are plain stupid and whatnot but we kinda have to be like the Gods even if the question seems silly, patience should be observed unless this patience is worn by threats, hostility, or just plain never learning to further themselves.


1. Can the Gods rituals affect reality in such a way whereby the entity or their fellow Daemon/Gods such as their Daemonic assistants or entities which work under this specific God. Can they affect reality in such subtle trivial manners of life?

2. Can the Gods rituals we did no matter how casual during the Lilith, Anubis, and Furfur rituals we were advised once during your day whnever. Can they be that potent that despite me doing it and not feeling a thing or not being in any way, shape, or form open to any spiritual property. Can they affect the long term? How much time can these rituals resonate and not just the micro or personal but also macro and other ritual goers along with the specific God or the Gods themselves. How much do they set in motion the properties of this?

3. If the God/Gods can set things in motion. How much time and effort does the entity provide to people doing stuff?

I assume no matter what the Gods work in such ways that things begin to fall in line.

4. I know we only did the Lilith ritual once and on one specific date. Are we gonna do more rituals and stuff for her? Even though Lilith is unsummonable and she is to only communicate with those who are lucky to have her presence.

I ask because I feel like her ritual really made me much more aggressive and made me more standup for myself. I'm aware femininity and female energy is restorative or regenerative being cancarian and introverted I need my alone time. But I feel it helped me kinda that aggresive female fury. I guess what I'm trying to state despite being male I kinda feel like her ritual was a meditation on proper accord to such manner.

Perhaps I'm overemphasizing the Gods rituals but people and HP.Cobra plus the World and the enemy do seem to have a effect on reality. Remember the March 2021, "reading (read: kaballah) of the enemy sometime in March for Purim and reading the book from a few centuries ago to keep the Demonic activity down done by the Rabbis with their secret books.

On top of that I also forgot to mention for the first time in YEARS sometime in April I did a burn ritual for a Standard Crown-Four Summoning to not just thanksgiving but also to request stuff to the Gods. In other words I did a standard ritual which JoS recommends in case of needing things or wanting to communicate with the Crown-Four for requests.

I don't think anything manifested per say because I asked it's okay if it's not done due to them knowing better than me but if it does manifest cool. I've also since April 30th, Eve of Byalthine (Belthane). I set out to do a 90-Day Urus freeing the soul working to eliminate the Venus Square and I feel like it's working, weird things have been happening lately and the whole cleaning my room left me in a very good excited state freeing myself physically.

(Note I sound anti-materialist. I'm a very mentally intense person and give way to the spiritual i.e. soul and especially mental aspects. So releasing my materialism and eliminating this from my life deeply shocked my grip. But I have to let go of this stuff especially the crappy school shit. I want to be more materialistic but in an appropriate manner i.e. doing what I always loved doing researching and finding proper items to purchase. In simplest terms I want to be a more informed and conductive shopper and simply purchase things I use and need. Not silly things that sit around collecting dust and collecting my energies especially as a meditator and person who is told I release a lot of energy I don't want another stagnation of energy)

5. I want to ask ignoring all the nitty, gritty nitpickings. Is this apprproate? I know it's not April, Spring Cleaning but a late spring cleaning at that almost Summer time now.

I want to ask is this what people should be doing especially a person such as myself? Whom has a lot of stagnant energies in my bedroom.
I'll be honest I skimmed this but please be aware the Gods are omnipresent, they can affect us in multiple manners. Some times just enough to make their presence known. To aid the children of the Gods in improving ourselves, no matter how seemingly trivial. They are *very* aware, telepathic, and know us better than we may ever now ourselves. They know what's best for us and what's not, and I believe that they bestowed the blessing of motivation and extra energy to you long enough for you to remove the old that was impeding your energy flow.

It can be as subtle as a nudge, or as *wow* as an astral experience (from what I currently understand)

I have had my own experiences & can affirm they will be there when you need them. And they are so loving, caring, patient.

Good for your improving yourself, every little bit adds up. I feel your assumption is correct in stating: "I assume no matter what the Gods work in such ways that things begin to fall in line."

perhaps some simple energy cleaning tools, such as Palo Santo wood. Sage, or educating self about other sacred herbs could prove useful. :)

All your efforts add up, so keep doing well for yourself. By doing and cleaning that helps eliminate stagnant energies. Like pennies & change into dollars, your efforts add up.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan