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"Buddha" & Traditional Chinese religion vs. "Buddhism" - A Clarification

Maxis Orientis

New member
May 9, 2023
In the Oriental forums, I've seen many questions in regards to Buddhism, as well as Taoism and Confucianism (which in of itself, isn't really a religion but a philosophy with bits of religions sprinkled into it). Ancient Taoism (at least in its original form) is Satanic, as explained by HP Lucios Oria.

But there's a clear fine-line difference between Traditional Chinese religion, the lone word "Buddha" and "Buddh-ism".

Traditional Chinese religion predates Buddhism by hundreds if not, even thousands of years, "Buddhism" is a latecomer like Christianity, and it too, was found upon stolen and corrupted teachings and teach corrupted meditation and is rather anti-human that caused the general populace outside of the nobility and royalty to become degenerate. The various Emperors of the dynasties were not Buddhists, but were Satanic and Pagan - they had to feign a Buddhist image in fears of a total breakdown of society if the population found out they were Satanic.

I'm aware and I've read JoS articles on Buddhism, and it is undoubtedly distorted - however, it is, like most religions broken down into sections. The closest to our Satanic roots is perhaps is the Tibetan section, because its practices are derived from the ancient Tibetan Bon religion.

This is why "China" is so bent on destroying Tibet.

Pagan origins of the word Buddha
But what people must come to understand that the word Buddha itself, as well as the other spiritual terms that Tibetan Buddhists use such as lama or terton, are legitimate Pagan terms, just like the way Christ was stolen by the Jews for their "Christianity" (heck the words God and Church too, were ancient Germanic and Anglo-Celtic terms). The true essence of the term Buddha was also used by Bon practitioners (a truly Satanic religion prior to Tibetan Buddhism). Buddhas were referred to as sanggyes by the Bon, literally referring to our Gods - as well as Magnum Opus humans, since the ancient Bon honored the "Four Buddhas" (Four Crowned Princes of Hell). I use the word honor, not worship since true Satanism/Paganism isn't built on slavish worship (or blood sacrifice especially) - and neither was the Ancient Bon or the pre-Buddhist Pagan religions of China and Central Asia/Mongolia (Tengrism).


The Swastika, another Buddhist-hijacked symbol, was used by the Bon

But even outside of the Bon religion, the Chinese too were Pagans, just under their own customs and their temple architecture had noticeable differences from Tibetan and Mongolian, I believe the Chinese didn't use stupas - pagodas were more of the Chinese variant, which is said to have originated from India.

Chinese words for God
Even during the Pagan days of both China and Tibet, the word Buddha was not a Chinese tradition, both the Bon religion and Chinese pagan co-existed but separately. If one simply looks up the pre-Buddhist religions of China, one will not find any mention of the word Buddha, but rather the suffix "-di" (i.e. Shangdi/Satan, Huangdi/Azazel). The Chinese referred to our Gods as "Celestial Emperors" and within ancient Chinese mythology, you'll find numerous pantheons referred to by "Great Emperors".


Ancient Chinese drawing of Huangdi "Yellow Emperor" or Lord Azazel

The religion going around today masquerading under the term Buddhism is not native to China or East Asia, but was a corrupted religion from India, much like the way Judaism was a reaction to the Pagan religions of the Middle East, Buddhism seems to have been a reaction to both Vedic Paganism, and later spread as a reaction to both Tibetan, Chinese and Turco-Mongolic Paganism.

Allowed by the Communist Beijing for a reason........
We must remember, if the PRC gov't is allowing "Buddhism" or "Buddhism meditation" in both its Chinese and Tibetan factions to openly thrive, it poses no threat to them. They're not destroying Tibet to go after the Buddhists or the Dalai Lama, who are now simply controlled opposition, they're trying to erase Satanism no different than the next Jewish empire next door.

There's a reason why the Chinese government didn't raid the Dali Lama when he made a seemingly pro-gun statement, because the Dali Lama works for the communists and poses no threat to them. Ultimately, even through its corruption, if there is any "faction" of Buddhism per say that "China" finds threatening - it is Tibetan Buddhism.

But I must stress, I'm not advocating Tibetan Buddhism (or any Buddhism) here, I'm advocating Traditional Asian religion.

However is responsible for "Buddhism" definitely stole and hijacked the term Buddha and started applying it to those propagating the corrupted religion of Buddhism.

About Buddha statues
I gotta say, the fat laughing Buddhas are questionable. However, many have also asked about the lotus position Buddha statue, the types you see in this link, from what I've found, those are LEGIT pagan statues, although the Buddhists hijacked them - but they are statues of Lord Shiva whose identity was later watered down into a generic "Buddha". It also used a common form of honor images for highly-advanced teachers in the Far East.

Below, is a picture of a Bon statue of "Buddha" Tonpa Shenrab - founder of Bon, using the same image and form.


Both the Vedic and Bon practitioners used those statues.

About "Modern-Day" Bon
I've also seen Bon religion still supposedly exists - and it still does, but it seems like the "modern-day" Bon has become distorted like modern-day "Hinduism" which has significantly deviated away from the origin Vedic religion of India.

What I found suspicious about "modern day Bon" in Tibet is the hand-holding with Tibetan Buddhist lama, who were known to be enemies and the sole responsibility for the destruction of the Bon-based Tibetan Empire.

This has me suspecting that once again, "modern Bon" is controlled opposition, only allowed to exist under gov't surveillance.


The Tibetan Buddhist daili lama (left) and Bon lama Tenzin Namdak (right), 1978 - note, that the latter doesn't look too happy

Now if it is true, the Bon practitioners still do exist in Tibet, perhaps that may be able to explain why Tibet hasn't been swallowed up by the entire destruction of our planet, at least to what I've seen.

I hope that provides more clarification.

I must make a couple rectifications here, it doesn't change the message - namely that "Buddha" is a true spiritual term of Pagan origin stolen by enemy occultists, just like Christ. But as my spiritual journey progresses, one sees the error in past posts.

GuangXia_666 said:
.......one will not find any mention of the word Buddha, but rather the suffix "-di" (i.e. Shangdi/Satan, Huangdi/Azazel).


Although my research on the "Huangdi" does bear evidence of being Azazel, "Shangdi" cannot be assumed to be Satan, "Shangdi" simply means "God of the Shang tribe". I originally thought Shangdi was Satan, due to the many religions' tendencies to refer to Satan as "Highest Lord" (such as Bathala of Philippines).

"Shangdi" also means "Highest/Primordial Lord" in Ancient Chinese, therefore, it could literally refer to either Satan or Baal Zebul.

However, when it comes to finding Satan in Chinese mythology, the Gods Fuxi, Doufu and Shaodian come into the mind, and better match Satan's personality rather than just "High Lord" reference. "Shaodian" looks a lot closer to "Satan" in spelling and pronunciation.

GuangXia_666 said:
What I found suspicious about "modern day Bon" in Tibet is the hand-holding with Tibetan Buddhist lama, who were known to be enemies and the sole responsibility for the destruction of the Bon-based Tibetan Empire.

Sadly, upon researching the Tibetan Empire for a second time, it was a Buddhist empire, and actually it went to war against the smaller preceding Bon states before like, such as the Kingdom of Zhangzhung which indeed, was a Bon kingdom.

For all I know their emperors could have faked a Buddhist image, but I cannot make this claim until I get revealed such evidence.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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