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Abuser is the ultimate PAWN of the Jews advice needed


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Aug 25, 2023

I am a SS and did the dedication ritual in 2019, have been meditating and reading here and things were going really well for me. I got a job in 2022 that had 3 times the salary I used to have in my previous job (Hail Lord Mammon) and then in 2023 everything fell apart. I fell gravely ill and became disabled, I lost my job and I had to move to my xtian narcissist father's vacant house until I recovered. You cannot imagine a more dedicated pawn for xtianity and the Jews than him, he tried to force me to fast and eat things bad for me after recovery for surgery because their stupid bible is against meat and the doctors told me to eat a lot of meat and protein to recover fast, but no, he wouldn't hear any of it.

The doctors also told me to stay calm, sleep etc (all the things are usually advised for patients in long term recovery) and my xtian vermin family would start screaming at me and calling me loser parasite who lost their job and stupidly made themselves ill and rub to my face that they let me stay in that house. One day I lost patience and flat out told my jew-brainwashed loser of a father that I dont believe jesus resurrected and that's all BS and his brain couldn't process it. Ever since he has become 100 times more abusive and engages in what I call humiliation rituals by calling me on the phone and saying the most harmful things to upset me and if I don't answer he threatens to kick me out.

Lord Satan has been protecting me and I am slowly recovering and even got an online job from home, but it doesn't make enough money so I can save and move out yet. My Guardian Demon is Malphas (the most amazing Demon if you need information of any kind, definitely recommend meditating, asking him for assistance and giving an offering) and through his guidance I found out that my xtian family has been actively cursing me and wants me to die. My xtian mother even went as fas as saying that she saw in her dream that someone decapitated me and I said that to a friend who is a psychiatrist and even he said that it's murderous intend manifesting through the dream.

My question is: what do I do with this bunch of fools? Binding doesn't work anymore, it worked before 2023 but now it seems that because I am physically weak my workings are not strong, or maybe their jewish induced schizophrenia made them stronger? I feel burning anger inside me that is growing week after week. I want to curse my father with a reverse humiliation curse so that he gets exactly what he has been mocking me for, no more and no less.

Do you have trash xtian family? How do you deal with them until you can do the obvious saving up and moving away? I read that you shouldn't give death curses easily but there are times where I want to curse with everything I have, so much for the religion of the meek, bullying their own family member who barely escaped death!

Advice is most welcome
You mentioned your Guardian. Perhaps you should ask assistance for in raising and directing energy from Them? This is something that can be handled with binding spells and returning curses 1&2 (daily!).

Since you are most likely not able to do Yoga you should probably look for other means for raising energy, such as 666 meditation and breathing exercises.

Moreover, you should seek financial spells and means to get paid more and better so that you can move out as soon as possible.

Furthermore, to avoid such traps in the future, having an emergency fund and good insurance goes a long way.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan