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A Collection of Prayers & Phrases From My Black Book


Apr 11, 2020
In light of HP's recent posts promoting motivation, I thought it would be a good idea to add onto this further. The following are excerpts from my Black Book, nothing too revealing or personal, just things I find to be a great source of happiness and pride, that, when combined together, give a larger boost of motivation than taken alone. These serve as a reminder of what beauty we can accomplish when we place our faith in Satan.

I took my own advice and decided to make prayer a part of my morning and night routine. It makes me reminisce of the day I made the dedication. I had never felt so safe and utterly liberated; it was as though a large weight that had been present for far too long was lifted off my shoulders. That was three years ago.

My advancement may be hindered by my current living situation, but I can still make active choices to further it, albeit slowly. By praying, meditating and contributing to this forum I am showing that those oaths I recited and the blood I spilled, are just as important to me as they are to Him.

As you read through these excerpts, think of what you are doing as an SS. Think of your Day of Dedication. What did you feel? Think of Satan and the Gods. What do they mean to you? Lastly, think of your efforts. Did you achieve as much as you are able? Sometimes life likes to get in our way, but we cannot let this deter us. We are stronger than that.

A Prayer of Thanks
For all the things you mean
To me, I thank you.
For all the joy in my heart
The life in my soul,
I give you thanks.

Satan, my Father, you give me
A reason to live.

Every day is a treasure in which
You encourage me to grow.
You nudge me to
Enjoy every minute.
The signs you give me,
I treasure.
The dreams you send,
They guide me.

Your presence reassures me
That I am not alone.
And for that there are
No words.

Energy you give me
When I am weak.
Strength you pour into
My being when I
Must walk the
Difficult walk.

When I am sad
You comfort me.
When people hurt me
You let me know
That you are by my side.

You are my Father
Who I go to with everything.
My Teacher
Who guides me in all knowledge.
My Protector
When I am in danger.
My Creator
Who made me who I am.

Above all, Satan,
you are my God
With whom I will
spend eternity.

Thank you,
With all my heart.
Thank you,
From the depths
Of my spirit.
Thank you,
With all that I am.

Prayer for Protection
O mighty Lord Satan,
By whom all things are set free,
I cast myself utterly into
Thine arms and place myself
Unreservedly under thy
All powerful protection.

Comfort and deliver me from
All of the hindrances and snares
Of those who wish to harm me;
Both seen and unseen.

Visit justice and vengeance
Upon those who
Seek my destruction.
Render them powerless
And devastated.

Direct their malice to
Return upon them tenfold and
Destroy them who would
Resent my being.

Fill my soul with
Thy invincible power,
Strengthen me,
That I may persevere
In my service and
Act as an agent of thy works and
A vessel of thy will.

This I ask in your name,
Almighty and Ineffable, Lord Satan,
who liveth and reigneth
Ave Satanas

I will keep my heart from you
To keep you safe.

I shall burn in this hell
In the fire made for you.

I will wipe every tear
Off your frozen heart.

My devotion will never fade
I'll honor you every night.

I will strike down with a vengeance
On the fears that haunt your soul.
I will always be there
Though from a distance.

Though my heart shall bleed
My love will never blacken.
And through these lonely streets
I'll honor you every night.

Peace Be Unto Him
My understanding surrounds the truth of things,
And the truth is mixed up in me,
And the truth of my descent is set forth by itself,
And when it was known, it was altogether in me
And all the habitable parts and deserts
And everything created is under me
And I am the ruling power preceding all that exists
And I am he that spoke a true saying
And I am the Just Judge and Ruler of the Earth
And I am he that men worship in my glory
Coming to me and kissing my feet
And I am he that spread over the heavens their height
And I am he that cried in the beginning
And I am he that of myself revealeth all things,
Verily the all-merciful has assigned unto me names,
The heavenly-throne, and the seat, and the heavens, and the earth.

In the secret of my knowledge, there is no god but me.
These things are subservient to my power.
O mine enemies, why do you deny me?
O men deny me not, but submit.
In the Day of Judgment, you will be happy in meeting me.
Who dies in my love, I will cast him
In the midst of paradise, by my will and pleasure;
But he that dies unmindful of me
Will be thrown into torture in misery and affliction.
I say I am the only one and the exalted;
I create and make rich those whom I will.
Praise it to myself, for all things are by my will,
And the universe is lighted by some of my gifts.

I am the king that magnifies himself,
And all the riches of creation are at my bidding.

I have made known unto you, o people, some of my ways.

β€” So saith Shaitan

Astarte once talked to me of our Earth, which many humans are desecrating in blindness, as "Her beautiful, beloved garden". If only our hearts were open to our Gods, what beauty could be received for humanity. All of our world would be spiritually and physically a divine and beautiful Garden, as Astarte saw our world.
A garden filled with weeds only needs the proper gardener, and it will receive its proper greatness. Beautiful and vibrant as ever.

The First Enochian Key
I reign over you, saith Satan/Lucifer
In power exalted above the
firmaments and over the earth;
in whose hands the sun is as a sword
And the moon as a thorough-thrusting fire.
Who measureth your garments
In the midst of my vestures
And trussed you together as the palms of my hands
And brightened your vestments with infernal light.
I made a law to govern my sons and daughters.
I delivered truth and furnished to you.
The power of understanding.
Moreover, ye lifted up your voices
And swore obedience and faith to Satan/Lucifer
Who liveth and triumpheth, whose beginning is not Nor end cannot be.
Who shineth as a flame
In the midst of your palace and reigns amongst you
As the balance of righteousness and truth.
Move therefore and show yourselves!
Open the mysteries of your creation!
Be friendly unto me! For I am the servant of the same!
The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer
In glory and power exalted, Of the kingdom of the south.

In Spiritual Satanism, you are here to exist in a way that you will desire to exist again. Your life must be placed in a way where you will say as you live it, that it is worth it: that you learn from it, that you gain life from it, that you advance, hurt and triumph, exist and love.

The knowledge of spirit and matter one will receive, is supposed to propel them into eternity, one life at a time. The beauty of this, when we glimpse, it puts our soul in a state of a joy that looks everlasting.

Life remains a great mystery. The Gods help us unveil this knowledge and to live it. If you are here to not live or not exist, or to not struggle, or to not overcome, or to not love, or to not attain peace, why are you here?

You are here because of this. Our beloved Satan knows the desires of our hearts. He instructs us to leave the spirit of misery, and live by the sound of a beautiful violin. All the meadows and mountains of life start having color again, because our soul has regained its joyful innocence.

So disharmonious we might have been and bad players, and some even worse dancers, but learning comes from doing. The Great Satan and His Demons will show you how to play, to ascend the ladder of the spheres.

I am here for the same reason all of us are, to dance the waltz of life. To dance through it, and do my part in this great play that we call life. How many more lives of my own could I give for Satan's service? Could I play my violin to all of your willing souls louder? Then I will.

How it is to reach this point where you say "Again, again and again, one more dance!". A never ending ecstasy of life and understanding. The carrier of the soul into the higher realms. The contemplation of a moment that your life has been worth the effort...

And then I am ready again to once again come and leave with a standing ovation. I have written to you all poetry of the soul of like our Gods, the Great Satan and the Great Beelzebul. But have you put your own ears to listen? Do your feet follow the tune?

So dance, and then when everything is over, dance again and again- until you are lifted to the place where you will be a spirit of beauty and joy. We lift our Gods so that we are uplifted, we love so that we are loved, and give so that we are given to.

That is the mystery of a life with Satan. Cherish in the light of our beloved Lucifer, embrace His gift. Exist so that you might end up saying: Oh Lord Satan, thank you for giving me back my one and only soul! To Life!

"They are there for but a season. As the winter comes and claims the souls of the living, freezing the trees and harming life, so will the end of their era not come peacefully. But then the spring of Satan and the summer of His People will come. Try to live for dreams and noble deeds, so that when our time comes, you will hold up high and know you did your best."
Very nicely written :) thanks for sharing!
I LOVE THIS!❀ All of it is very beautiful! ❀ I enjoyed reading it and WILL use this to help me. Just reading the prayers alone as it is was an inspiration! And it was healing as it is! And I think that this would be an awesome addition to my daily life. πŸ˜€ πŸ”₯πŸ’―% much needed indeed! We all need that extra boost to keep us going throughout our days and nights! And THIS WILL HELP ME IN SOOOO MANY WAYS!! Thank you for sharing this!!❀ HAIL SATAN!!!!!❀⚑
This is beautiful, prayers to Satan are the only prayers I feel have any depth to them. Prayers to the Hebrew "god matrix" always felt either disturbing or shallow to me.

Just before I dedicated I was scared I might get "absorbed" by evil, but the opposite happened. After I finished the ritual, I heard cheering and felt a rush of positive energy. I'll never forget that.

Later on I also did a formal ritual to Satan asking for help with contacting my Demoness, and he told me everything I needed to know right away. When I asked him what he wanted in return he said "you're already doing what I want you to do." Even though I felt like I "owed" him, he's assured me that I don't. This is a level of love I haven't quite grasped yet.
These are so beautiful! They touch my heart. I would like to translate this post into my native language. Thank you for sharing.
This is a very beautiful and great work, thank you

Sorry I posted previously with a long quotation, so this reply is more convenient
After reading all that. I ❀ PERSONALLY feel the want and the need, to express my gratitude πŸ”₯ AND take the time to tell Father Satan right now πŸ™
❀❀❀ How much I love him and appreciate him!, as one of his Students and disciples, how much I love him and the Deep respect that I have for him! For all the things that he has blessed me with in this life! And for the fact that I'm still alive and breathing after surviving many years of cruelty! Dealing with childhood situations growing up trying to fit into this world! And were you feel comfortable and where you belong! That in spite of all of that! And many of the struggles I had to go through growing up! I am proud to admit that at least I was blessed with talents! And abilities! To be able to learn and to know and to understand what is going on around me! As a person! He has blessed me with gratitude! And I want to thank Father Satan from the bottom of my heart! For being patient with me! I am not an easy person to work with! I get frustrated really easy! Trying to figure things out! Growing up with the learning disability! And attacking autism! If it weren't for him I don't know where I would be! :) my heart goes out to him he's the most beautiful and kind and loving man I have ever known! He is showing me signs and giving me directions in many ways and has helped me endlessly! Even in the worst of times and even in the most unlikely places! Whether it be in a crowded shopping mall or in the middle of a bus dealing with other school kids! The struggles that I had through school and knowing that he was there by my side watching me go through my struggles! And learning how to figure things out and knowing how happy he was! When I had the chance to be able to be happy and express it not to mention the fact that chance of learning something and getting joy out of it! Taking my time to figure things out! And learning how to unlock the secrets of it! Conquering problems and overcoming problems going through all different kinds of obstacles personally as a child! And a young adult is a part of it all! And why we become stronger and smarter and how we develop character! As a satanist! He is always been there for me through thick and thin and never gave up on me! Even when I wanted to be alone and to figure something out! Letting people know that I can do it and that I've got this! That I have developed a lot of strong confidence growing up as a kid! And I have developed a self-esteem learning to look into myself and knowing that I can have a job and work anywhere! And that I can learn anything! In spite of the mistakes that we learn along the way learning how to love yourself as is that is another thing that! That father Satan is proud of because he wants us to accept us for who and what we are in spite of the failures that we have along with learning! He had created us all in his image! Even with the problems that we have been born with as a part of it all our own puzzle piece to figure out where it fits and where it belongs! All I know is that I belong with him and I've always have been! I have always felt his love and his tenderness! Even when I was angry and wanted to lash out of the world! I want to thank him right here right now! How much I appreciate him! How much I have learned throughout the years! Becoming a stronger person everyday and becoming the warrior that I am more and more! It's nice to know that you can feel comfortable and loved and wanted as well as appreciated! And to be accepted in his presence! In spite of disabilities and handicaps or whatever it is that you have been born with! Bringing out the best of your character! And building up patients within yourself and learning patience not only with those around you but also to have an open mind and to consider other people and their needs and the struggles that they have! And to be like him in his actions showing kindness to others and those that deserve it! Then I want to let him know how lucky I am! To have found a website where I can learn and feel appreciated! And to fill it home here with family that you people have become my brothers and sisters! In his name! I want to tell him thank you! And so many ways! Helping me overcome disabilities! Blessed to have a job! And have the chance to get out and enjoy myself while I still can in this beautiful world! Enjoying the time that I had growing up as a kid laughing and playing! And having that chance to enjoy something being able to free my soul and express myself with music Gymnastics and Dance all through high school! And being able to show and express the person that I am in one form or another! :) letting people know that I am capable of doing things and capable of doing and learning anything! Thanks to Satan! Who was blessed me with a nice home and a wonderful family! And to be able to know that I can speak to him whenever I can and whenever I want to date or night! And that I can come to him and talk to him about anything! Without having to watch my back!⚑❀ I am lucky to be able to have a roof over my head! :) three meals a day! And to be able to have the money to pay for my board and keep and my groceries! Whether I am living alone or with somebody else! Taking the time and the pleasure and the Gratitude to enjoy myself no matter where I go! And no matter what type of home situation I am dealing with! Being able to enjoy the pleasures of being in my own apartment! Getting myself up in the mornings to go to work and coming home on a high note listening to my radio and having fun! And to know that I've got a few friends that I can talk to and hang out with anytime day or night! And that I can light up the barbecue grill and throw a steak on the grill and have a party in my own backyard! And enjoy the freedom that we still have in this beautiful world! And to be able to sit down and call up my parents and let them know what is going on and that I'm doing well :) it's nice to know that I can have a few moments to myself to meditate! :) either early in the morning when I first get out of bed going into avoid meditation! And doing my yoga before I take my shower and get ready for work! :) giving myself that extra boost in the morning! Before I have to go face everybody on the job site! Father Satan is everything to me! He has blessed me with so many things! And I'm lucky to have what I have and to be thankful and blessed to be who and what I am in spite of everything that I had to go through! To get to the pleasure and the paradise that I have created for myself down here! Just to be with him in the morning and to meditate with him! And to be able to focus on him! :) in these wee hours in the morning and even before I go to bed at night especially when I come home from work after a long busy day! :) it is nice to know that I can sit down and go into a deep meditation and enjoy a nice warm bath! Knowing that I have everything that I need right here right now! And I don't have anything to worry about! I am blessed and thankful to have what I have and I couldn't ask for anything more! And I want to tell father Satan thank you! For blessing me and giving me this life and allowing me to be me! And to take the time to learn about him and his gods and demons! And I want to tell him thank you for being there as a teacher and a friend! Teaching me the things that I need to know of and to be my guide taking the time to help me with the things that is most important! I love him and I appreciate him!❀πŸ”₯❀ and I will always be there for him serving him and working with him one on one! And along with my family and my brothers and sisters and his name! And I want to thank you for making me feel wanted and appreciated! In this community and on this beautiful website! Father satan! Thank you for helping me find this website! I have learned a lot and I will continue on learning the things that you want me to learn and the things that you want me to know of! I will never give up! And I have you to always think and look up on! ❀πŸ”₯❀ My father, teacher ,guide , guardian and friend!!🦚⚑πŸ”₯ Thank you!!! HAIL SATAN!!! HAIL LILITH!!!πŸ’―%🦚⚑ AND THANK YOU FOR THE JOY OF SATAN!!!πŸ–€β€πŸ–€
I know my posts are long and a bit lengthy. And to an extent hard to understand or read. But I do the best I can!❀ On here. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you people on here for your patience! And thank you for helping me. Hail Satan!!!πŸ’―%

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan