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8 March (Women's day)

Edward Lonsa

Oct 3, 2017
Congratulations to all women on March 8 and a reminder that this holiday was stolen from our Gods, just like the jewish passover.

In Ancient Rome at this time free women and girls went to the Goddess Vesta for blessing, they wore their best clothes and the most expensive jewelry to show the favor of the Gods. And husbands and fathers gave them small gifts in honor of this holiday. I, on the other hand, would like to offer a gift of information. Joy of Satan has always reminded women of the possibilities of revenge and black magic that their cycle gives them ( I wrote it in Russian first, it will be translated into English in Health Forum).

Spring is a time of activity for the Liver, which cleanses the body of toxins and, in Taoist Alchemy, is the receptacle of anger and thirst for justice. And the time of the Goddess Astarte. Xians, of course, have perverted all of this and turned it into a disease-inducing, variously unnatural long fast that prepares one to sacrifice one's energy to the source of all injustice in this world. Xianity is aimed at completely destroying the ability of women to perform black magic.

On this day, it is even intuitively accepted around the world to celebrate the achievements of women in all fields, especially science, that their magic cycle gives them (I remind everyone for the millionth time that it does not have to be painful or discomforting as opposed to what the jews who try to destroy it lie about it, consult an acupuncturist / expert in traditional Chinese medicine).

The Communists stole this holiday and tried to use it to cause unrest in society in order to demean it in the eyes of the public and make it look feminist. The most disgusting thing in all their endeavors was that only women themselves fought for women's rights, which is disgusting, because it is the man who should fight for women's rights, as nature intended. The Gentile is not an egoist like the jew, and his nature is to fight successfully only for the rights of the important other, which is why their "fight of each sex for their own rights" never succeeded. In Pagan times, people cared about each other's rights. Look, without the interference of these creatures in Russia, people have forgotten about this disgusting interfering communist incident as if it never existed, and every man cares for his woman and above all worships precisely her femininity and motherhood on this day, and her successes in any other endeavor precisely for her beauty and gentle feminine energy that women have brought to our society as far as set free.

I'd like to talk about the most important thing they brought and what I believe contributed to the explosion of technological and other dramatic progress. It is their magnetic energy, their ability to attract as well as repel. Their ability to sift out and cut off evil. Women are originally designed to be pure and innocent in a very deep spiritual mystical sense. Their desire to preserve their virginity at all costs is given to them for a reason. In addition to ensuring that only those who are truly sincere in their desire to have a child, whose path is that of a mother, will be able to become mothers, this eternal desire for virginity has very deep energetic roots. Their pure critical energies, seeing the very essence, are able to sift out the unnecessary, as nature has created all females of all species and the Yin beginning as such, as evaluating and cutting off unnecessary genes and keeping the gene pool pure. Yin processes in our bodies are the flushing out of toxins. Yin is the water element, which helps to flush out slag from the body and from the Soul. The Liver is a Yin organ. Its Yang is the other organ, Gall Bladder, representing the male warrior power that gives the strength to do this. No growth happens without this critical role. Women's opinions, their thumbs down are mandatory for natural selection.

The enemy has done absolutely everything to deprive women of the ability to say no. Not only when choosing a sexual partner, in everything. And also to deprive society itself of the ability to say "no", to doubt and demand proof. All their religions are aimed at perverting and presenting in a "devilish light" the properties of the female mind, labeling as "evil" all the phenomena unpleasant for the lower male ego, such as the presumption of refusal and the requirement to prove one's suitability for a position, etc. Healthy male competition and male initiations can only exist and have their masculine power in the presence of a strong critical evaluative magnetic field created by women. Inferior men do not like this as it is what kills them, but it is what builds all things worthy of life. This magnetic force is not unique to women, but to society as a whole, be there healthy energies, but the latter inevitably bring the necessary freedoms and protected status for women to fulfill their mission unhindered.

I was horrified to see a TV program where a woman told how, after a terrible marriage and divorce, she was left pregnant and with a small child with no job and no outside help, in the best 1st world country. This woman, brainwashed by the enemy, forgot her critical and cut-off role, she "loved her enemy" and as a result her young daughter did not get a decent father and the nation did not get a decent gene pool. And she herself, was subjected to the worst thing a woman can ever be subjected to. The situation in which a woman cannot survive and cannot protect herself in any way, is the result of careless attitude to her role as a race sanitizer, for which nature punishes in such a way. No police force will protect against one's own wrong step. All our fairy tales and legends are only about how the maiden makes riddles that only a highly spiritual person can guess, arranges tests, all in order to reveal the true essence of the aspirant. And so she guarantees the people - a heroic progeny, and herself - a decent life, because spiritually immature man can not protect her, including from his own unresolved evil. Now no one arranges any sacral tests and selections, as a result the gene pool is contaminated, and children of wrong parents continue to suffer.

Therefore, all ancient women's festivals and mysteries were aimed at remembering and accepting this spiritual side of the action of the feminine, both nourishing good and rejecting and dooming evil to extinction. The feminine cycle has been the subject of constant use for developmental purposes. Its first phase is aimed at nourishing the best things in self and others, careers and achievements of their own and those of others, climbing to the top of the world, and its second phase - at weeding out the rotten elements in the self and others, in the race, in the country. Women used their cycle and their festivals to really change the world spiritually, not to run naked through the streets with dubious slogans for jews' financial gain. And above all, they used their mysterious powers to protect the world from evil and injustice. Xianity has subjected this other side of the magnet to oblivion, and the New Age has carefully glossed over it. HPS Maxine said on the JoS website that witches stopped enemy armies by causing a sea storm. And she also said that Lilith would destroy communism. The repulsive energies of a godly powerful being would remove evil from the universe, forever sending it to Tartarus for eternal torment. In all religions of the world there were powerful Goddesses feared by all, such as Kali and Tiamat, symbolizing the purifying forces of the universe. The jews are very afraid of the Magnum Opus of women because they know it marks their end.

By controlling armies of men, women ruled the world. They didn't have to fight for the rights to do the most basic things, go to the bathroom unaccompanied, etc. Because they had male warriors to bring them everything, whom they created with their indomitable will and magnetic power.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan