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  1. Aureus

    I've set up my own business and I hope it works out.

    Have you taken into consideration astrology during business incorporation? https://astrologynewsservice.com/business/void-moon-doesnt-bode-well-for-investments/
  2. Aureus

    I'm not racist, I swear!!!

    I fully agree with you, and most of the time when I say about it I'm being faced with a reaction: "You're Racist!" to which I usually respond: "I would rather call it having a preferences toward people similar to me, by appearance, language, culture, etc, and because of that, there is only...
  3. Aureus

    Eating the pig meat

    Can you imagine the incompatibility that takes place in India? Roughly 80% worship cows, while the remaining rest hate pork. That a straight way to a civil war! Anyway, I encourage you to read about Ritual slaughter, what a barbarian practice it is. Once banned in a civilized countries would...
  4. Aureus


    I didn't know 'Onmyōdō' existed until I read about it in your post, so naturally I had to google it and seems somehow similar to Chinese Occultism...
  5. Aureus

    There is something missing on this forum...

    Let me introduce you to my thinking. I've been around JoS' forum for couple of years now, and even though I wasn't the most active user, more of a lurker (I got second account dated 2018), I've been following what was going on here. Along the way there was something growing in me for quite some...
  6. Aureus

    WEF Orders Govt’s To Declare Martial Law Due to ‘Imminent Bird Flu Pandemic’ About To Sweep Globe

    I think someone would have to invest some time into investigation to determine if it's true or false, if there is a correlation or not; Nonetheless, there has been a strict control over flow of information, especially from the scientific sphere, as they hold an authority in eyes of many people...
  7. Aureus

    Swedish nazi turned "good"

    Absolutely surprising how media are in a three-wise-monkeys mode to what people actually have to say about e.g. Jews, but are eager to show 'anyone' to validate and promote agenda in fashion.
  8. Aureus

    Sacfrices: What you do for Satan.

    That's quite important milestone to achieve, and one of the many actually. To remain calm when everybody would panic, because deep down you know, you're being looked after, is something that has to be experienced, not explained.
  9. Aureus

    WEF Orders Govt’s To Declare Martial Law Due to ‘Imminent Bird Flu Pandemic’ About To Sweep Globe

    Exercise of power during 'health crisis' was tested and established, so any future 'pandemic outbreaks' will just be further attempts to establish a new (world) order. Since it's not a question 'if' but 'when', I personally believe there is a factor that will play more role next time, a civil...
  10. Aureus

    [BOOK] Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field (1988) by Barbara A. Brennan

    Below few illustrations from the book. There's a PDF available online here
  11. Aureus

    [BOOK] Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field (1988) by Barbara A. Brennan

    Currently I'm reading this book about healing others through use of energy, and seems to be comprehensive. Even though I'm 1/3 through, I have found some useful information, and I would go as far as telling that few of them cannot be found on JoS website. Of course it's not perfect in a sense...
  12. Aureus

    I feel like I'm not in my body.

    I just checked the "Days 9-11 Meditations" from "40 day Self Empowerment Program" by HP Hooded Cobra 666, and I believe you meant: AC - Aura Cleaning (How to Clean Your Aura) AP - Aura of Protecion (Aura Of Protection) VM - Void Meditation (Satanic Void Meditation)
  13. Aureus

    Seeing spirit beings

    Once I have waken up from a dream, laying in my bed but couldn't move, like during sleep paralysis. I was feeling great fear and that dark (almost black), faceless, hooded being was standing next to me inciting even more fear. Desperately I was trying to get myself out of the bed, and the best I...
  14. Aureus

    Does a man ask the woman out?

    I fully understand your worries, but I would suggest you to simply tell him you're interested and/or ask him out, and then observe how the things go next. This time don't wear rose-colored glasses and be honest with yourself - is it going in the direction I want? or are the things a bit off...
  15. Aureus

    [VIDEO] Thukdam (death during meditation)

    All that unrealized 'practical' potential makes them a neutralized threat to status quo. I personally find it hard to watch how they're being pushed around by Chinese. True. A question comes to my mind, how to find a balance between responsibility towards oneself and the collective. Where the...
  16. Aureus

    [VIDEO] Thukdam (death during meditation)

    Sometimes I think about the worst case scenario i.e. not achieving godhead during this lifetime, so naturally subject of death comes up. I would like it to happen with acceptance, dignity, and peace. 'Thukdam' in its broad meaning, at least from what I've seen in those documentaries, seems to...
  17. Aureus

    [VIDEO] Thukdam (death during meditation)

    I think it's worth to differentiate between their mental/spiritual and meditative/practical programs. As with the first I have no doubts, has been infiltrated and corrupted, so the second part arouses curiosity. A person, said to be a meditator, being clinically dead, whose body shows no signs...
  18. Aureus


    All depends on how one feel, I'm simply sensitive to caffeine. Currently I'm trying to reduce salt intake to healthy minimum as I tend to add it to almost everything. Always just a little bit, but it adds up.
  19. Aureus


    Speaking from my experience, it is highly advisable to quit smoking / tobacco / nicotine. Personally I have quitted on alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, caffeine (in all forms i.e. cafe, tea, cocoa), and refined sugar (including all products with added sugar) as I felt those have strongly interfered...
  20. Aureus

    Final Eclipse: Destroying Nazarene and Lies

    Can you please elaborate and specifically state for what goals such energy can be used?
  21. Aureus

    Fall of Rome

    Personally I don't know if there are any publications specifically discussing this subject, although I came across a following reference in regards Jews and Ancient Rome. Maybe it will serve as a good staring point in further search. Time has passed but jewish modus operandi remained the same...
  22. Aureus

    [VIDEO] Thukdam (death during meditation)

    Tukdam: Between Worlds (2022) | online streaming: BitChute The Yogis of Tibet (2002) | online streaming: BitChute Thukdam (Tib: ཐུགས་དམ་) is an honorific meaning “one engaged in meditation”, a phenomenon in which accomplished meditator’s consciousness remains in the body despite its physical...
  23. Aureus

    Video Demonstration: Pyrokinesis by a Qigong Master

    His real name is John Baharudin of Sorobaya (also known as John Chang, Dynamo Jack, Magus of Java and Electric Eel man as he wanted to keep his privacy throughout the years without revealing his true identity). As it was mentioned in comments before, he died February 5, 2020 at age of 85 due to...
  24. Aureus

    Chinese elements and magic

    Some time ago I came across these two old publications: 1. CHINESE OCCULTISM Paul Carus The Monist, Vol. 15, No. 4 (October, 1905), pp. 500-554 (55 pages) 2. CHINESE PHILOSOPHY Paul Carus The Monist, Vol. 6, No. 2 (January, 1896), pp. 188-249 (63 pages) and I'm sharing it with you in case...
  25. Aureus

    Work from the Shadows

    Don't force anything on anyone, especially to accept what JoS has to say. Otherwise, people would have unstable foundations of faith/world-view. Gods want people that came to them out of their free will, not by unfair means. Personally, when I want to start a conversation I usually say...
  26. Aureus

    Clearing traumatic memories and forgiveness

    I think "turn the other cheek" is more about life attitude and how to react in daily situations than having any connection with spiritual work. In short, that suppose to make you a submissive, vulnerable to jewish exploitation slave. This statement seems to be consistent with my personal...
  27. Aureus

    Earning fiat and paying taxes versus building communities with crypto

    You just keep advocating for the solution you have a strong sympathy and affiliation for, and at the same time you miss the big picture. Right now I seriously doubt if further discussion have a point.
  28. Aureus

    Performed a Masonic Ritual - Iron Ring

    Was it this thing? Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer
  29. Aureus

    Clearing traumatic memories and forgiveness

    Some time ago, I have found information on the subject that seems to be consistent with my personal experience and more-or-less I agree with them (based on so far acquired knowledge). I allow myself to copy-paste it below: source: ROOTSHUNT - CHAKRAS AND EMOTIONAL HEALING
  30. Aureus

    SaTaNaMa meditation makes me tired

    Maybe this meditation allows you to connect with 'tiredness' and 'fatigue' that has accumulated in your body at some deep level so you can rest and regenerate. Other possibility is, due to lack of physical activity, you don't operate on much energy on daily basis, so once you meditate, it makes...
  31. Aureus

    Earning fiat and paying taxes versus building communities with crypto

    Governments are made out of people, and the problems are actually their decisions and intentions. Trust me when I say, once the problem with 'one' group will be resolved and the remaining rest will be healed, most problems will simply fix itself. Money is a tool that is present in highly...
  32. Aureus

    Stay or leave university - please help!

    Have a courage to do what you truly desire in your life and have faith in Gods. Yes, from rational point of view quitting might seem like a foolish move but it's possible that behind that decision a great journey awaits you. Years ago I quit conventional style of living, two-thirds way through...
  33. Aureus

    [VIDEO] Advanced Tibetan Meditation

    Definitely, it has been stated multiple times by a various sources that the heat production is just a byproduct and the ceremony of drying wet sheets is just a way of verifying the proficiency of the inner practice. It's also worth stating how extreme conditions are present during such test. A...
  34. Aureus

    Earning fiat and paying taxes versus building communities with crypto

    Depending on where you live you probably have different taxes (e.g. income tax, value added tax, property tax, etc.) on different levels (e.g. local and state) that allow modern countries to exist. Some of those can be seen as unethical (e.g. income tax seen as punishment imposed upon working...
  35. Aureus

    Magic calendar

    My previous answer talks about rituals called Planetary Squares Moon has influence on magic workings. Usually spends about 2 ½-days in each of the 12 astrological signs and properties of these are explained here: Timing your Magick with the Moon. But it does not tell the whole story and there...
  36. Aureus

    Can I consider myself dedicated?

    I personally believe that from magical point of view the essential steps in Dedication Ritual are: 1. Writing a prayer on a piece of paper. 2. Signing it with your name using your own blood (amount is not important). 3. Burning the paper. Besides, of course, intention and will. In rare cases...
  37. Aureus

    [VIDEO] Advanced Tibetan Meditation

    Hello everyone, back in a time when I was going through JoS, Expanding the Sushumna page, I have read something interesting. From that moment I wanted to hunt down some more informations, especially in form of a video. The one above is one of the few and so far the best I could find. It seems...
  38. Aureus

    Magic calendar

    From my point of understanding and what can be found on JoS website, in terms of The Sun Square, ritual should be related to: and in terms of The Moon Square: If you want to read more about: 1. Magickal/Kabalistic Squares: How to Correctly Use These 2. Planetary Squares
  39. Aureus

    Can I consider myself dedicated?

    What were your intentions? How were you feeling during the ritual? Do you feel that Dedication Ritual you did makes you officially a Satanist? All technicalities aside, just honestly answer to yourself what was your true will? It to join The Family then yes, it counts.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan