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  1. AstralFrog

    What type of nutrition is the most effective?(For a Satanist)

    There is not such thing as a "Satanist" diet. What do exists tho is an healthy one for every human being, which is what we are first and foremost. You should avoid drinking too much alcohol, highly processed sugar snacks or soft drinks, which are anot forbidden but should be consumedin a...
  2. AstralFrog

    Accepting Lack Of Knowledge: To Not Spread Confusion

    There's a reason why someone like Socrates said "I know that I know nothing". This is not just a simple mathematical equation, when one acknowledge their lack of informations about a certain or multiple topics. The true wise and knowledgable person will never brag about their "supposed...
  3. AstralFrog

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    Being alive in this era where we can acknowledge and live the reborn of our Gods' truth and their identity restored is something that we cannot even comprehend. When in the future people will join our ranks, they will find all these rituals already there. But we, right now, can experience these...
  4. AstralFrog

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    We have come so far, all our past, present and future achievement wouldn't be possible without she who first created the pillar and the door to our knowledge and our Gods and Goddesses Perhaps this ritual is more deep and meaningful for the JoS than anything else. May our Mother Maxine be...
  5. AstralFrog

    Joy of Satan History Restored: Groups Archive Now LIVE!

    Thank you JG ApolloAbove for your hard work, you truly honor your name brother. 🙏🏻
  6. AstralFrog

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    These are very helpful tips HPS Lydia, thank you for your care. These steps, if we want to see it from a broader point of view, are very much alike to a void meditation, but on the material daily basis plan. It could be really funny checking out our list, you could see it like several daily...
  7. AstralFrog

    Pegasus, The Pure.

    Ancient Greece was the core of western civilization, even the Great Roman Empire is son of the Greek culture. The enemy had to be sure to destroy the core in order to kill the truth. Luckily they didn't 100% succeed, otherwise we wouldn't talk about it. You wouldn't be here talking about it. The...
  8. AstralFrog

    Pegasus, The Pure.

    Greetings brothers and sisters, today I want to talk about one of our favorite horses, Pegasus. Some of you may not know how he was born, for this I will cover a general view about this beautiful being. Let's get started. There are a lot of versions regarding his birth but for a general notions...
  9. AstralFrog

    About The Name "Satan" & The General Public

    Not to be too harsh, but imagine being afraid to use our creator Father's name Satan, cause someone might be scared or offended.🤦‍♂️ We are not going to serve silver plates and cutlery to the pubblic, if one wants to advance, evolve and cleanse oneself, then they better put some efforts and not...
  10. AstralFrog

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Thank you for all your efforts Commander, HPS Lydia, all the JG and many others. And congratulation JG Karnonnos for your promotion!
  11. AstralFrog

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    I really smiled the whole time throughout the reading. I want to share something that happened to me long time ago. Long story short I had a dream, where I was in a huge library full of books, then I was suddenly attacked by enemy entities, which I really felt. I panicked so I grabbed a book...
  12. AstralFrog

    Group & Teamwork First: How The Gods Work With Us

    The Hero state is something that exist in the path towards godhood, and there's not a single hero in all the world's mythology that doesn't receives help. It may be a Deity, a friend, a lover, a magic creature, but the help always comes. Of course one's nature matters, but there's always time...
  13. AstralFrog

    Your Relation With The Gods & Communicating Properly

    A good sensitive topic handled in details Commander. As personal experience with my Guardian, in all these years, I learnt that a relationship with a God or a Goddess is not "set". You have to build it up, you can't pretend to be best pal with someone while you never ask about them, or you just...
  14. AstralFrog

    Marriage & Baptism in Spiritual Satanism: About Love

    As we expand and grow our true knowledge is gonna replace the corruption and false notions on life the world has suffered. Children free to choose their path, marriage in harmony with one's spiritual and material advancement. I know it want be for all, but our beautiful garden will surely stand...
  15. AstralFrog

    Question #4681: anonymity beng an SS

    It depends on the project, if you intend to openly write about your belief and exposing the enemy you should rethink your course of actions. If you are trying to simple black metal songs there's no harm. Always be mindful of what and who is around you, unless you don't intentionally made neon...
  16. AstralFrog

    Question #4687: Serious concern about my purity

    DNA tests are all made up to make you feel part of "everything" as "race do not exist we are all under the same roof" many received results with x% as jew, but was super fake, it serves only to trick people in things they are not. Now the thing is that you don't get things for free, changes...
  17. AstralFrog

    Question #4689: Couple

    Frankly speaking I always found unwise disclosure natal charts in the open. A soul's map is indeed the paint of one's true nature, but they are not the sole outcome. Mother Lilith once said: "Nothing is written on the stone." meaing that you actions, both material and spiritual count a lot...
  18. AstralFrog

    Question #4686: What's up with the Shriners and why do they use Islamic themes?

    Spirituality, regardless of its nature, attract people like magnet, even sceptical ones. When people build something they think is of higher value, they have the tendency to put pagan notions into their groups, but 99% of the cases are just misconceptions and distortions they hold as truth. From...
  19. AstralFrog

    Astarte's Ethics: Now Live

    Truly a great time to be alive, after the beautiful rituals we received, we keep getting embraced by our Gods and Goddesses blessings like a cascade. I'm way beyond honored. This ethics are the pillars of life's true meaning, both spiritual and material. May our beloved and beautiful Mother...
  20. AstralFrog

    Doubt & Disbelief: Spiritual Satanism

    In the world of science, throughout history, doubt was the tool for discovery and advancement. Doubting is the first approach to reality, but as HPHC stated there's a difference between doubting and be stubborn about acknowledging and accepting things, to the point you build the entire of the...
  21. AstralFrog

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    These are marvelous! Keep in mind everyone that if we are able to have new rituals about our Gods and Goddesses, it's because we did great with spiritual warfare. Destroying the enemy veil purify the energy and our Astral field, so we are able to receive this knowledge from THE above, for we...
  22. AstralFrog

    The "Anti-Semitism Bill" - A Crime Against Freedom

    They are scared, they sense the clock is ticking. In modern days these laws could work on paper but in reality it encourages people to hate them more. Of course there will always be npc social justice monkeys (with all respect for the animal), but the majorities started to see what's going on...
  23. AstralFrog

    Dionysus' Journey

    Greetings brothers and sisters, today I want to narrate you a myth, not so well known but still of high relevance. More precisely everyone knows the herculean fits and his strenght, but there's another character who's gifted with a great force and cunning wit. God Dionysus. The story begins...
  24. AstralFrog

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Happy Satanic New Year to all of you! A truly inspiring e powerful message Commander, and since this is coming after half a month of spiritual war it enhanced our fire, almost like a reward. Thank you and to all of you brothers and sisters!
  25. AstralFrog

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    A great Beltane to all of you brothers and sisters, may you find strenght in Lord Baalzebul. I still remember back in day in my first months, when I experienced absolute focus for the first time thanks to his sigil, everything disappeared just me and the sigil. Thanks to that I was able to...
  26. AstralFrog

    Death & Funerary Rites In Spiritual Satanism

    And one of the most nonsense people tell you every damn single time is: "People who commit suicide are the bravest, it takes courage to take your own life". I call bs, it's easier running away and snuff all your problem with a single cut/ jump so to say. There's no such thing as higher value in...
  27. AstralFrog

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    Time to fight back again, finally! On the "too much" part, let's be honest HP we have done "worse", the rituals in question are not even that long to perform unlike other schedules we've done in the past. Maybe newbie or people with few years on their back do not know, but in the past the veil...
  28. AstralFrog


    The issue with ancient practices nowadays is always the same, they all got corrupted in a way or another. Japan resisted on certain extents to buddhism tentacles, it was sadly inevitable, especially because the foundation of this art came from China. So once you corrupt the core the rest can...
  29. AstralFrog

    How can I overcome my fear of meditating?

    That's the thing "think" without knowing is different from actual reality. Look I'm not saying that you're making things up, mine is just a tips. Increase your spiritual notions, meditate and go further. Only with this weapons you will be able to distinguish and actually understand what's going...
  30. AstralFrog

    How can I overcome my fear of meditating?

    Not to be rude but if the only thing you ever did is some sporadic pineal gland medition, you probably don't have the actual knowledge and consciousness to tell apart which is real to which is not. People around us act according to our behaviour, there's no way a "normal" person can tell of...
  31. AstralFrog

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    I agree with you HP, I think we are way past the point of good night tale, and philosophical thoughts that do not a have a material engine in order to manifest. Keep up the spiritual war and your personal astral evolution everyone. We will win in the end, but of course it recquires action and...
  32. AstralFrog

    Davy Jones and the Hearth of the Depths.

    I would be careful with mantras, but just to say saying something, there's an interesting ancient word that's Nāga (नाग). It is a Sanskrit term that can refer to serpents, dragons, or mythical beings associated with water, including the sea. In Hindu mythology, Nāgas are often depicted as...
  33. AstralFrog

    A dredgeful presence

    No, I didn't mention any legionnaire... the post is about how animals in a spiritual sense can also rappresent humans' drives. And how chimeras can rappresent the duality within us. Both on an emotional and energy levels.
  34. AstralFrog

    A dredgeful presence

    Greetings brothers and sisters, arm yourselves because today we are gonna face dangerous beings, Chimeras and creatures alike. I'm not gonna talk about their myths or the hero that faced them. Just their symbolism, and why they are present in almost every part of our world. But let's start from...
  35. AstralFrog

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    Our body is the temple of our souls, and so we must preserve it, clean it and take care of it. This is a thing that is misbelieved but back on the old day temples were not white, but they had vibrant colors allover them. Ancient greeks knew a temple was the house of a god/goddess, but was also a...
  36. AstralFrog

    ✡︎Rothschild✡︎ Has Died

    It's quite ironic how we can witness all this enemy's downfalls in current era, after all their futile efforts. Where we stand against them, as I see it, it's all payback. They had almost nobody in the past centuries facing them, but now all is coming down, along with their filthy so called...
  37. AstralFrog

    A chant from beyond

    Greeting brothers and sisters, here we are again with one of my researches. Our topic today will be Siren and Vibration. Did you ever wondered why in almost every culture there's a figure half human (mostly a woman) and half fish or strictly bounded to water? That's because symbolism is...
  38. AstralFrog

    Free Donor Article: My Mission & The Great Dragon Of The Joy of Satan

    Your words are truly inspiring commander, even tho HPS Maxine built this temple and we have to give her our deepest gratitude, as today you have the same value. She as female force/aspect of this temple and you as the male one. As we know, a soul would be nothing without these two principles...
  39. AstralFrog

    Thoth's Power Ritual: NOW LIVE!!! [Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2024]

    Lord Thoth is knowledge itself, no amounts words can describe the importance of his presence in our existence. We are among the few who can evolve and shine thanks to his light, this is true grace. And thanks to those who work behind, to bring these rituals on our material plan. Thanks for your...
  40. AstralFrog

    Spiritual Misunderstandings: What are the Sources?

    I still remember, back on the days when I was in school, one of the most outrageous things my philosophy teacher said about Aristotle "The Arche of Aristotle was God". I was already a SS so I asked on purpose " When we talk about God do we mean the Christian one?" and he answered yes, cause by...
  41. AstralFrog

    Question #3781: New souls

    As now we cannot grasp the concept you mentioned at full, our consciousness is not that high yet. Our father Satan have also domain over souls and reincarnations. While there are many people who have their first life, and so they tend to be generally more carefree, "new souls" is something...
  42. AstralFrog

    The God Orcus and the inner flames.

    Greetings brothers and sisters! Today I want to talk about a peculiar figure, depicted as “evil” throughout history, opposite to his original symbolism. I'm always open to discussion, these are my researches done with only two eyes and one mind afterall. The God Orcus, is an ancient deity of...
  43. AstralFrog

    People In Our Life: Cases To Avoid

    This post hits deep. I "lost" many people that I considered "friends" in all these years in my spiritual path. And the more you advance, the more you will naturally detach from these people. I have a question tho... just for deep thoughts. While we should get acquainted more with "healthy"...
  44. AstralFrog

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    Thats is a good sip of tea, seeing their veil slowly shattering. One thing that makes me wonder is that often when discoveries of this kind happens the momentum doesn't last long. People attention frame is really ridiculous nowadays. But for us at least is a major win, witnessing our rituals...
  45. AstralFrog


    This is really cool. The new forums looks gorgeous, and more modern. Put this aside this will benefits new people, being the site more appealing to the eye will surely encourage more people to read and commit. Or at least I hope. Thanks for your hard work!☺️
  46. AstralFrog

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    This is a true slap in the face, well needed I must say. These points can be applied aside of one's desire to find "love". On this path truth is most often harsh, it shatters the bubble we have/has around us. Delusion on many levels is brought to the table. And whether or not one could even...
  47. AstralFrog

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    One of the greatest gift you gave to our community year after year. Thanks to all of you who participated into this from the bottom of my heart. I can't tell how many situations I avoided and succeeded just by reading the VoC alone. Really Thank you all brothers and sisters!
  48. AstralFrog

    Satan Lucifer Poseidon – Lord of the Seas

    Marvelous post HPS! The more we look at nature's patterns with her biosphere, the more we can see that somehow it reflects in our path towards the divine. And viceversa. It's like we have messages all around to guide us. Unfortunately with time many people forgot to properly respect animals, but...
  49. AstralFrog

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule to all of you , brothers and sisters!
  50. AstralFrog

    Question #3485: How to deal Npc mentality in family members

    The most wise thing to do in these cases is to not start discuss on the first place. You gain nothing on wasting time with "npc". I'm talking about experience, best outcome is that they nod and the next day they forget everything and you will find yourself fightning on the same topic again. It's...
  51. AstralFrog

    Davy Jones and the Hearth of the Depths.

    Thanks a lot HPS Lydia! I'm planning to sharing more researches with time, I know it's not much, but even if they are just tales they contain so much. And I think unveiling corrupted and forgotten stories it's the right to do. They are part of our original and true human history and knowledge...
  52. AstralFrog

    Davy Jones and the Hearth of the Depths.

    This one here is a trivial topic, not some majestic reveal, but I thought it would be nice sharing my research with you all. So here we go. Davy Jones is a sea tale, known to pirates and seadogs in the past for centuries. This tale talks about this powerful "evil" entity of the sea with...
  53. AstralFrog


    This particular year was an explosion of development for me. Sounds repetitive being grateful to our Gods and Goddesses, but one must not take for granted what we have and why we are here. Despite what everyone and everything around you in modern times preach, it's truly a great time to be...
  54. AstralFrog

    About Bitcoin Donations - Better To Donate Other Coins

    I was finally able to donate, thanks to all your tips guys. I really appreciated. ☺️
  55. AstralFrog

    About Bitcoin Donations - Better To Donate Other Coins

    I also gave a look at Binance, and the KYC they ask is very awful, they want to know even of many times you sneeze in a day. In these cases it's better buy crypto from a single person that recquires minimal KYC, or might aswell go for KYC platforms? I ask cause the prices and fees from single...
  56. AstralFrog

    About Bitcoin Donations - Better To Donate Other Coins

    It was rough, but I was able to set up everything in the end. Thank you for the call.🙏🏻
  57. AstralFrog

    Spiritual Satanism: The True Religion That Is Pro Humanity

    The last line is what I've said for ages. The concept of "religion" is wrong when it comes to Spiritual Satanism. As we attune with life itself, not only the mere concept of a living body but all the essences and branches that come with it. Lack of perception and ignorance, over time polluted...
  58. AstralFrog

    About Bitcoin Donations - Better To Donate Other Coins

    Can someone suggest/explain to me which one is more reliable? I'm not an expert on the field. Thanks!
  59. AstralFrog

    Question #3349: Question About The Dedication Ritual

    The dedication ritual is part of your personal understanding that you embrace this path. Father Satan understand far better than me and you the conditions we many faced and face to meditate, do rituals and so on. Your intentions are fundamentally here, you said you actually put a blood finger...
  60. AstralFrog

    Question #3354: I have lost my job

    Aside from the spiritual workings you could do to help yourself out, you must remember one thing. We live in a world where money is the core power, without it you are unfortunately unable to keep moving through it. As a spiritual satanist you must secure that future for you, we took this path to...
  61. AstralFrog

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    Magnificent post HPS Lydia, we need more of this, as nowadays notions of these practices are full of filthy enemy nonsense, new age, wicca and so on... I was wondering, it is planned in the future a post/guide about Tarot? On the main site there some notions from HPS Maxine, where she mentioned...
  62. AstralFrog

    About Guardian Demons

    Very useful information HPS Lydia. I want to share something more, and maybe it's just my experience as we are different. There is planet to pay attention, Neptune, now in my case the planet is strong in my chart, so it caused me a lot of issue regarding my GD (lets just say I misinterpreted the...
  63. AstralFrog

    Staying On The Straight Path To The Gods

    Very enlightening words as always commander. I sat down these days thinking of how our Gods and Goddesses are tangible, how you can sense them as you progress and climb up the path. We can actually explain through science what we call magic, as it is a natural force and therefore it has numbers...
  64. AstralFrog

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations HPS Lydia! On a personal note your guides on yoga helped me a lot in my path, so thanks for you hard work, and for what may come.
  65. AstralFrog

    Israel Does It Again: Europe & United States Under Threat Of Terror Attacks

    Thanks for your insight Commander, nowadays we heard many bullshits about who's playing the good and evil. And I don't know about you all but on the media I keep listen to the word "actors", "the actors of this conflict" and so on, which makes me wonder how people are insanely braindead woth...
  66. AstralFrog

    So Israel Went Boom Again

    It's even sad and disgusting seeing media say "Israel is in war, is under attack" as soon as someone throws rockets at them, but they never say nothing about pissrael constantly attacking Palestine. This is nothing to be suprised of, media are overrun by jews afterall so this surely will be...
  67. AstralFrog

    Three Days For Father Satan 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2023

    Finally we can push back again, even tho results of our previous works echoed in the meanwhile, it's time to arise against our enemies together once again. Hail to our eternal Gods and Goddesses!
  68. AstralFrog

    Magick, Meditation & Your Destiny

    Thanks a lot for your clarifications brothers, my thoughts are more clear now.
  69. AstralFrog

    Magick, Meditation & Your Destiny

    It is true that the success of a magick work depends on the person who do it, but correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't our "nature" play an important role too? Our natal chart defines ourselves, in our charts dwells which magical aspects we naturally born for, maybe some are better at healing...
  70. AstralFrog

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    You sent shivers down my spine commander. The Gods and Goddesses light my life and path, gave me strenght and a goal through all these years, but I will lie if I will say that you didn't inspire me since the first days of my journey untill this day. Thank you for all your work, streght and...
  71. AstralFrog

    Question #1605: aura

    Our aura doesn't set by color, its unique in shape and energy but color is not something set, therefore you will almost never see a "common" person with a golden aura, as nowadays people have so much spiritual dirt on them they always end up in a tantrum over the most little thing. Gold its one...
  72. AstralFrog

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 37: COURSE HAS BEEN SENT - BIG UPDATES...]

    The universe was not built on a " for free" concept. Even stars do not simply die at the end of their course, but explode in order to give life to other stars and so on. Nothing wa gave for granted, not even a simple act such as breathing. Now if we take knowledge in this case, knowledge that...
  73. AstralFrog

    The Gods Are In Control

    That's what I thought, when long time ago my GD changed I thought was for some mistake I committed, or for several things I finished to learn from her. But know I know for sure. Understand helps you moving in the right direction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  74. AstralFrog

    The Gods Are In Control

    Correct me if I'm wrong but are GD beside us to not only help advancing but on the long run help up comprehend that 1% and beyond? I always thought that there's more behind the role GD than we can acknowledge at first. And thanks for sharing this, even if we subconsciously know god's and...
  75. AstralFrog

    Kali Yuga & AI: Be Prepared For Fake Recordings, Fake "Statements" etc - About JoS and Future [Updated 8 February]

    Just look at history, you will see all ancient civilization such as Egypt, Roman and so on kick kikes and filthy reptilian out their countries. One is an isolated event, two could be a coincidence but when you see the majority of the ancient world banish them you start asking yourself why. But...
  76. AstralFrog


    Thank you for your hard work and for give us these rituals to fight alongside the gods and goddesses. Everytime I perform a ritual new doors open up inside me, maybe new thoughts or more understanding of what's around me, whether small or big this doors are one little step further to reach our...
  77. AstralFrog

    To Young Men In The Forum

    A truly great post! I think all this applies on certain extent even for those above twenties. Also there's this arrogant statement of " that boy is too mature for his age ", but they need to understand that one could have a super iq, but if he's still 15-17 or whatever, he still has a lot to...
  78. AstralFrog


    Thank you for this new ritual for Father Satan, Happy Yule to everyone!
  79. AstralFrog

    Advancing Properly: Bring Yourself To A State For Meditation

    Regarding the mind and the mental energy rappresented by the element Air, reading and writing does it help directing and balancing the Air on the material plan? Or it belongs still to the element earth and so with our whole body?
  80. AstralFrog

    How To Communicate With The Gods As A Newcomer Satanist

    I have seen in all these years a common mistake or worry of those who start this path is the haste and rush of reaching and talking with our gods and goddesses. One start this journey first and foremost to evolve himself, there's an entire universe within us to discover, and they will help you...
  81. AstralFrog

    Remembering the Love

    Gods and goddess a higher understanding of love than us, it's much stronger and deep. And it makes me smile everytime, how doesn't matter the harshness of odds around you, they will always be there to guide you outside this swamp. Of course this is for those who respect them and their teaches...
  82. AstralFrog

    Alright, look folks... I wanna talk about physical strength and physique...

    A strong physique is not only essential when kundalini ascend, but is also useful for control and manage more vril/bioelectricity in you body. Soul and mind walk together, this is a thing dedicated people well know. The stronger and flexible your body is, the stronger and flexible your power...
  83. AstralFrog

    Sending Some Protective Energy To Our Own [Thanks everyone who participated]

    Always support our brothers and sisters in army, the strength is even in the number. We can't let this abomination without doing nothing, spiritual satanism it's about life, and this situation is not it. Our warriors do not deserve to be caged by these parassites.
  84. AstralFrog

    When Satan Speaks He Says The Truth - The GOLDEN Opportunity

    It makes me tragically laugh how our enemies act in the faces of people, and yet people keep swim in this swamp, sometimes they rebel and revolt, but after a while we find them back again on their previous state, it's hard to find a continuous state of things on society these days. It's like a...
  85. AstralFrog

    The Chronicles Of The Jewish GBLT - How Jews Run It

    Ironically this concept of 12345 genders to "define" people make them less definable. Jews brainwashed people to have the urge to find an indendity within their sexualities, as they would be nothing without the tag "gay, lesbian, bisexual" and so on. The Enemy looped them is this false reality...
  86. AstralFrog

    meditation program question

    If you have finished that you can even start the 40 days working of Hp HoodedCobra. But if you spent 6 months on diving in to meditations and knowledge, you shouldn't be afraid of building up one of your own, start with the basics then as times goes by you pass on more advanced one. For example...
  87. AstralFrog

    How to Summon Succubus?

    Not to sound harsh or rude but what you call "demon lovers" are literally superior beings and from our existence level they are god's and goddesses to us, spiritual partners on the astral plan require open spiritual sense, it's not tinder or any crap like that. And you probably didn't mean in...
  88. AstralFrog

    Enemy Hypocrisy & Magick

    I remember many years ago back when I was in school, I had a jewish girl in class, and she often had the urge to tell everyone about her weekly schedule. On Saturday she had to go to this place where they were studying the Torah, and tell us their community have this social pyramid were you...
  89. AstralFrog

    How many days a work must take?

    For how long it takes depends a lot from your goal and power, but aside from this once you have done all your rep energies require time to work, sometimes could take weeks or months for them to manifest, and days will show you little changes. Now how you decide if a work lastes for 40, 80...
  90. AstralFrog

    Satanama and Vo Va Vu question

    An efficient way to use the word Satanama is repeating it as a mantra for 111 times, a sun number, or you could go for 100, a solid number of power for almost everything. You can use the word before a kundalini yoga session, by repeating it for 10 times, and focus on the vibration through your...
  91. AstralFrog

    The World Is Getting Better, Not Worse - We are Winning & Staying Positive

    Yet I like how people claim to be "free", while their supposed freedom came from a misconception of what's around them, built upon the lies of the enemy perpetrated by media and social media. The world is not a cage, it may be one of the most beautiful place to learn and evolve ourselves, of...
  92. AstralFrog

    A Simple Greeting

    My deepest greetings to all of you. In the past years I've seen this community growing, changing, gaining every day more knowledge than the past and above all battling against the enemy. But all of this was from the outside, I've spent a bunch of years wondering if would ever be useful share my...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan