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  1. RoyBatty91

    A Funny Coincidence

    The site of Trump's first post-Biden public appearance... https://www.businessinsider.in/politics/world/news/cpac-stage-is-shaped-like-a-nordic-rune-used-on-some-nazi-uniforms/amp_articleshow/81255429.cms
  2. RoyBatty91

    New Satanic Meme

    https://boards.4channel.org/wsg/thread/3806168 https://boards.4channel.org/wsg/thread/3799042 https://boards.4channel.org/wsg/thread/3786591 Hyperborea/Atlantis is blowing up
  3. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    Dovahhatty has a pretty great series on Roman history. Not particularly fair to non-Romans, but worth a watch - especially here and here
  4. RoyBatty91

    Donald Trump redefines Jews as a race and is to sign executive order banning antisemitism on college campuses

    So Jews get to be a race AND a nationality AND a religion? Boy, it'd sure be nice if whites could have one of those!
  5. RoyBatty91

    Why All Politcians Failed [Except One] To Free Nations From Jews

    Small update: The Pope just tried to Jew Japan and Japan isn't having it. /pol/ isn't having it either; the threads are stuffed with Christfags getting their shit kicked in because they have no way to justify this. Nobody can miss the connection.
  6. RoyBatty91

    Why All Politcians Failed [Except One] To Free Nations From Jews

    https://yuki.la/pol/234372291 Case in point, this thread just from today - the OP starts off with the "Most Based EVAR" Christian pastor utterly disavowing Hitler, and half the thread chimes in with full proof of the NS position against Christianity. The "Christfag" half just goes on like...
  7. RoyBatty91

    Why All Politcians Failed [Except One] To Free Nations From Jews

    I had a longer post typed up, but my browser ate it. What it boils down to is: How is there any way to come close to winning when every single "resistance" movement is like this? "Christian Nationalists" make absolute fools of themselves every time they're pressed, but they have an endless Golem...
  8. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    Lisa Gerrard isn't singing that song in any language, it's a "glossolalia" taken from all Roman-era Mediterranean languages - it sounds like Hebrew, Phoenician, Latin, Greek, and so on. I have never seen any source indicating that she's a Jew. Hans Zimmer apparently is a Jew, which I didn't know...
  9. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    The Christians definitely come across as the bigger fools in the series... Canute is a good case in point. Askeladd has an extremely interesting backstory connected to King Arthur and Pagan Rome, which really resonates with humanity's situation today. Speaking of... ...Required viewing. A...
  10. RoyBatty91

    Columbia Professor who Fled Communism Resigns, Says University is Becoming Communist

    Christian-era restrictions on female performers meant that most of the early "actresses" portraying Juliet were male... funny how these people always wind up back where they started.
  11. RoyBatty91

    Wheel Of Fortune?

    Amazing how connected this all really is - Chuck Woolery, the original host of Wheel Of Fortune... ...had this to say on Twitter: Link: https://twitter.com/chuckwoolery/status/1185659133112061952?s=21
  12. RoyBatty91

    ((("White parents, send your daughter to Pakistan")))

    It gets harder every day to tell, but this is a troll account. Forbes, unfortunately, is real.
  13. RoyBatty91

    DHS classifies "White Nationalism" as a Domestic Terrorist Threat

    Korea is without a doubt worse off with its infection of (((western)))-style cultural degradation and destabilization I wonder how that could have happened... ...shouldn't the Based and 100% Not Jewish Christians have corrected them?
  14. RoyBatty91

    DHS classifies "White Nationalism" as a Domestic Terrorist Threat

    Holy shit, the inner commie is showing HARD
  15. RoyBatty91

    Sparta and Athenian wars

    https://grahamhancock.com/dmisrab6/ Fascinating article from Graham Hancock's site about the timing of the Yugas (Golden/Silver/Bronze/Iron Ages of humanity). Humanity's last "Golden Age"/Satya Yuga ended around 12,000 years ago, and its current "Iron Age"/Kali Yuga began 6,000 years ago (note...
  16. RoyBatty91

    Hong Kong Is Teaching Us

    See, this is where I have my disagreement. You make it sound like it's just common sense that Hua Guofeng (if that's who you're referring to) was an "open Asian Jew." If there's good evidence for that then I want to know, but there is nothing I can find on this forum or anywhere else about Hua...
  17. RoyBatty91

    Hong Kong Is Teaching Us

    This is a pointless argument, but whatever. US Hudson Institute official directly stating American involvement in Hong Kong: https://twitter.com/ErkinOncan/status/1158830738604777472 Hong Kong protest leaders directly meeting with US Consulate...
  18. RoyBatty91

    Hong Kong Is Teaching Us

    I am telling you, this issue is more complicated than just "China = Communists = Jews" Any time you see the words "Bipartisan Legislation" in the US Congress, the NormalSpeak translation is "Things Jews Overwhelmingly Want." The Jews want the Hong Kong riots, they want them to spread, and they...
  19. RoyBatty91

    The Jew No Longer Fear The Samurai?

    Japan can theoretically pull itself back from the brink. Same thing with large parts of Europe, even now. But (((American Influence))) will make sure that every nation-destroying suicide cult in those places gets boosted, while every group committed to national rebirth gets crushed. It's like...
  20. RoyBatty91

    What American Means To The World

    I hate to say this, but... RT - YouTube axes anti-protest channels as US Ministry of Truth battles China over Hong Kong Twitter - "Hong Kong Christian"/"Hong Kong Muslim" Hong Kong isn't something we should be supporting. The CCP is bad in its own way, but it's overwhelmingly obvious that the...
  21. RoyBatty91

    Massive win / important documentary

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIw1OPH6QvM Documentary that everyone should watch - it's gone semi-viral over the last few months A historian has uncovered/compiled proof that Mecca is a LIE Every Qibla wall in the earliest surviving mosques points to PETRA Ever wonder how the...
  22. RoyBatty91

    On Satan and the non whites again

    Whites seem to have a balance of "masculine" and "feminine" energies in both their inner and outer nature, whereas Africans and Asians go to the extremes - Africans are outwardly very masculine but inwardly feminine (emotion, feeling, and intuition over logic, reason, planning), while Asians are...
  23. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    Infographic dump - "The Big One." Use as weapon of last resort (aka, now).
  24. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    https://webmshare.com/qd7P9 Another upload of the same
  25. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    Fatal weapon against (((Redpilled Christians))), in handy webm form: https://webm.red/PJu2 Every scene in 1940's Der Ewige Jude explicitly condemning Christianity and Biblical Judaism
  26. RoyBatty91

    Major Win The New Law To End Online Censorship

    From his wikipedia page: And this quote from his website is amazing - he's been in the Senate for half a year and you can feel the disgust dripping off him It makes you think... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiHGGuLCrcc
  27. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    After Cyberpunk 2077 had its big premiere at E3, people started looking into the original game and dug this up from the rulebook. This pic was top-trending on KnowYourMeme a few days ago.
  28. RoyBatty91

    False Flag Dome Of The Rock?

    So Jewrusalem=King's Landing? They might want to be careful with how far they take this...
  29. RoyBatty91


    Decades tend to just be used as a shorthand method for summing up cultural periods - I'd say that, for example, the later 60s were a lot more similar to the earlier 70s than the earlier 60s, and the earlier 60s were more similar to the later 50s. The reason we have "decades" is that there have...
  30. RoyBatty91

    Bibi's Iran Dilemma: Getting the Goyim in the Frontline While The Chosen are Safe

    The (((Jesuits))) should have tried harder. Japan won't be tricked and they're all out of patience.
  31. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    There's also the fact that the guy producing it is Japanese, and there's pretty much no one telling him what to do on this project. Japan doesn't have the same problems with Jews that the US and Europe has, so when they go for more "hippie" themes in their artwork (see: Hayao Miyazaki), they...
  32. RoyBatty91

    Global Cooling

    "Global Warming" is being used as a proxy for other, much more serious problems that are barreling down on us before the middle of the century - oil depletion, aquifer depletion, sterilization and outright loss of topsoil, exhaustion of fisheries, depletion of phosphate-based fertilizers - any...
  33. RoyBatty91

    Get Enriched: 3 Year Old Sacrificed by Muslims to "Cast Out Demons"

    Read that as "Talos County" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ_d1dehZFQ Funny how much this sounds like our entire situation right now...
  34. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    I think Death Stranding/Kojima is anticipating a bigger breakdown than what we've already seen. Continental empires don't last forever, especially when they have nothing but "Serve Us And YHWH And Kill Yourselves" to keep them together.
  35. RoyBatty91

    Mass Evacuation of "European" Jews

    Imagine what that headline looks like for us... Barcelona's chief [ETHNORELIGION NOT FOUND] urges Whites to move to [COUNTRY NOT FOUND] because 'Europe and America and Australia and South Africa are lost'
  36. RoyBatty91

    Is Star Trek A Warning?

    Good question. Star Trek's original run was as Jewish as it gets, but TNG has too much goyim-knowing to really ignore. The best part is that before the Borg, the Ferengi were supposed to be the main antagonists - - so you have space-Merchants and space-YHWH in the same series. The GoT...
  37. RoyBatty91

    Yang Gang?

    Gabbard definitely should be a part of the whole show. The "alt-right" guys did a big push to get her over the donor threshold for the DNC debates, and she and Yang have already signaled that they're on the same team there (Tucker Carlson is coming close to getting thrown under the bus on Fox...
  38. RoyBatty91

    Yang Gang?

    Going by the relevant article here - yes, Communism in China was obviously injected by the Soviet Jews, and it makes sense for them to have sent over plenty of "envoys" in the ensuing decades. It also makes sense for China to be working with "ZOG" to at least some extent - when you're a rising...
  39. RoyBatty91

    Yang Gang?

    Agree with this. Trump has betrayed every inch of trust his people put in him, and no Democrat is trustworthy at all just by the nature of that party - but I'd be about as confident with four years of Yang as I'd be with four more years of Trump, and infinitely more confident with either of...
  40. RoyBatty91

    Notre Dame Burning In Paris

    Creating a civilizational culture isn't just a "money" issue or an "effort" issue. Billions of people are going to have to reacquaint themselves with the very concept of building for Deep Time. There's almost no one left alive who remembers the time when "New Architecture" didn't mean "Vomit up...
  41. RoyBatty91

    Notre Dame Burning In Paris

    Personally, I want Europe's cathedrals to survive, at least until we re-learn the art of building Civilization. If they're replaced over the next thousand years with better works of our hands, so be it - they've been here for an eyeblink, and no matter what happens, they'll be gone in an...
  42. RoyBatty91

    Full Jewish Mental Breakdown

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR4qJO2VInI CBS aired a professionally-produced call for Communist takeover and/or race war on their Twitter. It was taken down shortly afterward. Live footage of Richard Spencer being assaulted for "inferior speech" was included and specifically praised. The...
  43. RoyBatty91

    Funniest win yet

    The Shoah List has been updated: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/israel-moon-landing-israeli-beresheet-spacecraft-attempts-historic-moon-landing-today-2019-04-11/ Before you have to guess - yes, they were planning to put a Torah and a Holocaust Memorial on the moon.
  44. RoyBatty91

    28/March/2019: Message from Azazel

    Everyone should take a good look at this thread on /pol/: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/208024356/ They are in absolute fucking revolt against the Christshits. Same thing with TDS; goyim knowing has reached unsustainable levels.
  45. RoyBatty91

    They Are Scared: Pope Says Anti-Semitism is A Sin

    Pius, the Red Cross, the Allied spies and codebreakers, Churchill, Patton, Jews living outside of camps and ghettos, the Soviet Union until the last few years of the war... this was how powerful the Nazis were, they not only kept a conspiracy of silence on the HulaCoast in their entire...
  46. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    "SS" is literally the name people are using for the new gen, lol
  47. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    "SS" is literally the name people are using for the new gen, lol
  48. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    The simple fact that there's a positive portrayal of Native Britain being made that everyone is gushing over is enough to make (((certain people))) start sweating bullets - they know that with the new Golem Program they've hardwired in, there is no stopping the flood of "NOT ENOUGH AFRICAN...
  49. RoyBatty91

    Nuremberg Laws, Half Jews, "White Jews"

    By "millions of paternal and maternal ancestors," what I mean is that taking a full family lineage back only 20 generations - about 400 years - you wind up with over a million potential ancestors just in that 20th generation. If you're looking at a community that's barely left its Alpine or...
  50. RoyBatty91

    Nuremberg Laws, Half Jews, "White Jews"

    I would bet that a 100% Jewish "soul" would pick out a 1/16th Jewish body to inhabit if that was its only option - if there were no Cohens to puppet around and everyone else was a disgustingly healthy and unmixed Goy, oy vey - but it's hard to picture that literally every person on the planet...
  51. RoyBatty91

    The Most Evil Book

    My understanding of it is that the soul can be stripped of power to the point that it's "muscled out" of inhabiting a human or even a living form - the modern Karmic philosophy is that human souls can wind up in the forms of animals or even much lower beings as the result of "bad deeds," but in...
  52. RoyBatty91

    Ban Porn?

    This is one more instance of Hard Place+Head+Rock, with a Jew holding the rock. On the one hand you have 1500 years of sexual dysfunction in the West courtesy of Christianity, which not only manifests in "Sex Is Evil" sermonizing, but in the opposite extreme as well (if you look at the...
  53. RoyBatty91

    White Race Awakening Ritual For Imbolc

    Happy Imbolc! When they tell you that you might be stuck in another reincarnation with the Jews...
  54. RoyBatty91

    Biblical Literacy Bill Being Pushed In 6 States

    The main thing is that this will just stir the cultural shitpot that much more. America's foundations in Masonry were a big part of why the Constitution wrote for an agnostic government, but part of it was that there has simply been no peace to be found in Christianity since the 1500s. It would...
  55. RoyBatty91

    Biblical Literacy Bill Being Pushed In 6 States

    This - let's see the "Principled Judeo-Christian Conservatives" try to explain bits like "And now, slay ye every male among the infants, yea, every woman known of man by the lying of a male ye have slain, and all the infants among the women, who have not known the lying of a male, ye have kept...
  56. RoyBatty91


    Thanks - from what I looked up, "Rakshasa" is taken directly from "Raksha," and the word is an important part of their myth. This might refer, as you said, to the need to protect oneself from the Jews, or it might be a hint to the Jewish nature, which is to constantly seek the protection of...
  57. RoyBatty91


    Not sure about the name - I believe she's a guardian/succubus. I've made sure to reach out to Satan during my cleansing/protection meditation to confirm that she's with the Gods, and that seems to be the case. I don't know if the information was coming from her alone or if she was bringing up...
  58. RoyBatty91


    This particular hashtag, "#ExposeChristianSchools", was trending recently on Twitter. Some of them are trying to push leftism ("Oy vey, you mean your car crashed and nearly killed you? Well here's your problem, you bought the "Yeshua" from my brother Saul! You've come to the right dealership...
  59. RoyBatty91


    This is beyond interesting - I thought I must have read this somewhere on the forums, but I looked in both the old and new archive and only saw the word show up a few times, with no explanation of what it meant. I've encountered a "very friendly" spirit, and I wanted to see/feel the emotional...
  60. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    "That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime" (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken) is turning out to be pretty great. It's better to have the context of the earlier episodes, but watch the first eight minutes of the big climax that came out last week, ep.14 - the symbolism between Gelmud (the...
  61. RoyBatty91

    French Revolts Verdict

    Here's the first mural ever painted under the Eiffel Tower, installed two years ago Here are the artist's other works - the only subject he ever paints Cleon Peterson has no wikipedia page despite painting France's most central piece of public art, and there is no mention of the artwork...
  62. RoyBatty91

    Gender Psychology

    You're definitely right about ""Feminism"" being a deliberately-misnamed program to destroy femininity, but the Jews definitely aren't passing up the chance to destroy masculinity as well. Men (especially whites and especially male children) are under enormous pressure to completely renounce...
  63. RoyBatty91

    The Normies, Society and Spiritual Development

    Confused, mostly. I knew that not everything was right with the shiny, happy left-wing message, but at the same time I hated the right-wing because I knew more than anything else that "Abrahamism" was wrong. To give an idea, one of the strongest thoughts I had back in high school was that "as...
  64. RoyBatty91

    The Normies, Society and Spiritual Development

    Les Non-Magiques... The Muggles... The No-Maj... The Can't-Spells...
  65. RoyBatty91

    The Name Of God The Name Of The Wisdom Body

    Isn't the Serpent-With-Lion-Head supposed to be the Demiurge? Though from what I remember about Gnosticism, the Demiurge is supposed to be the "Bad Material World" figure who just wasn't good enough for the "Perfect Non-Material World," who Good Guy Jesus™ is sent to free us from. Gnosticism was...
  66. RoyBatty91

    The Catholic Church World Government

    One of the best redpills to spread around - the mental gymnastics they have to do for this are absolutely dizzying. Christianity damns itself by its own decrees.
  67. RoyBatty91

    The Yule (Xmas) for New People

    Important point about the December 25th dates for """Christmas""", Mithra's day, etc - December 25th was the actual, literal solstice date in the original Roman/Julian calendar. The calendar was replaced because of a small error that shifted the dates forward by ten minutes each year, which...
  68. RoyBatty91

    On Compassion

    The most infuriating thing about the endless posts of "Christianity wuz J-pilled, we had over 9001 pogroms!!!!" is that the Jews only ever needed to be expelled in Europe ONCE. "Christian compassion" is what let them get batted around from kingdom to kingdom for over 1500 years, routinely...
  69. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    Better version of The One Nose, and another one that got posted today
  70. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    Picked up these from /pol/. The goyim have been awakening hard in the last month.
  71. RoyBatty91

    Welcome To Prison Planet

    Hot off 4chan's meme presses. The funny one is where a Christard took the one of NPC Wojak having his Crown and Third Eye opened and turning into Regular Wojak, and edited in Jewsus as the one opening the chakras. Someone should let him know that the Deus Vult crowd would burn him at the stake...
  72. RoyBatty91

    Jews Trying To Pull The Plug To Force The Microchip

    Revelations 13:7-10, which is the same chapter introducing the "Beast," specifically tells Christians that they will be powerless to resist and that Jesus commands them not to try, unless using the always reliable "win by not fighting" tactic. You're right to point out that Christianity promises...
  73. RoyBatty91

    Jews Trying To Pull The Plug To Force The Microchip

    It's amazing to see the VultLARPs on /pol/ go on about how "Revelations is a warning against the Jew!", when that exact book deliberately instructs followers not to resist the "beast" and to wait like a good martyr for Yeshua to save you. I suppose if enough Christians follow that commandment...
  74. RoyBatty91


    California would be the only state crazy enough to start it, but the way American politics works is that both parties have pushed their narratives to the absolute limit of what the American public in total is willing to vote for, so every election comes down to a razor-thin margin. If even a...
  75. RoyBatty91


    It's bringing things to a head. If Kavanaugh passes then as far as the Democrats are concerned, the Republicans have PERSONALLY RAPED every single one of them. As for the Republicans... well, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKSRUK-l7dM This is what happens when decades upon decades of...
  76. RoyBatty91

    Why Asians Don't Whine?

    Certainly, the biggest mistake that the "supremacist" types make is to assume that one group is completely one thing and another is completely the other. There's always overlap, though group patterns are still distinct. If the races didn't just randomly evolve, but were created or genetically...
  77. RoyBatty91

    Why Asians Don't Whine?

    Agriculture hasn't really been that successful in Africa, but you're right about the other part. The deal is that Blacks have talents which are strong in immediacy and intuition, whereas Asians are talented in logic and long-range planning, and Whites have both to a less intense degree. You can...
  78. RoyBatty91

    Pope Blames Satan (Posted by zolaluckystar)

    https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/09/13/dalai-lama-sweden-europe-europeans/ This is without a doubt the biggest win of the week. After five straight years of the Pope deliberately leading Europe to the abyss, all while the Christian part of the "redpilled right" either makes excuse after...
  79. RoyBatty91

    RTRs are Working...More News

    There's also the warmonger McCain dying, the first land appropriation victim in South Africa promising to stand up with armed resistance while the Jew media falls over itself to side with the EFF, and Germans in Chemitz openly revolting against rapefugees after a German was stabbed for trying to...
  80. RoyBatty91

    Answering Questions Is Satanism Evil?

    There's also the fact that one of the goals in Christianity/Islam is to "Demonize" (the original use of the term) all aspects of the occult and put them all under the same umbrella of the "big evil," Satan. Then, once you've convinced the goyim that all exploration of the higher senses and...
  81. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    I made these mostly for /pol/, where people spend all their time obsessing over historical details like this (but are too in love with Christianity, history's original hyper-misanthropic clickbait troll, to let it go) - they'd recognize what each image was pretty quickly, they just need to see...
  82. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    Much obliged. I can't take credit for the original chart though, I just re-arranged it based on which religions were most heavily tied to the Jews (and let any interesting patterns emerge from there)
  83. RoyBatty91

    Meme warfare

    Here's a set I put together starring (((Saul of Tarsus))), chief Jew in charge of Jewing the Roman Empire (buh-but he was an Aryan once he stopped persecuting the Aryan Jews for the Synagogue of Satan!) Europe's political unity before and after Christianity Europe's strength against...
  84. RoyBatty91

    Something to watch this weekend

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuu9YH7_-T8 The perfect movie for the world's biggest joke of a religion, finally on an appropriate holiday! Brought to you by 100% goy Monty Python, rejected by every Jewish studio and produced out-of-pocket by George Harrison. Seriously though, it's a good...
  85. RoyBatty91

    Some good images for convincing people

    Here's a thread I made to show what's been happening here for the last two months, and to introduce people to RTRs. I'm floored at the number for my last post. http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/151795473
  86. RoyBatty91

    This image says it all

    Here's an image I tried to share on the Yahoo group before it got shoah'd (along with every other Yahoo group apparently). It really sums up who the Jews are and why they're such a blight on human spirituality and world history - and what actual Gentile spirituality looks like!
  87. RoyBatty91

    Was The Ancient World Primitive

    That's what I meant, Casey and the "New Age" types probably were/are wrong about what "Atlantis" and its spirituality was, but they're still pointing in the right direction about it existing and then disappearing at that date.
  88. RoyBatty91

    Was The Ancient World Primitive

    "Atlantis" is just a term, there are sources all over the world that point to an "advanced society" being lost around 10,000BC (including this site if I'm remembering the right page), and we've actually confirmed this by finding fragments of a "scattershot" comet that hit around that date, and...
  89. RoyBatty91

    Was The Ancient World Primitive

    Rome being on the level of the 19th century is probably a bit much, but there's no doubt they would have gotten there by the 1200s at least if trusting the Jews about all worldly things being vile and evil wasn't the order of the day. Look at what Europe contributes to human progress before...
  90. RoyBatty91

    Movies, games, series

    Not even joking, I was listening to the radio and the third song after I read this was "Eyes Without a Face." I'm guessing it's about Christianity being related to/turning people into the Greys?
  91. RoyBatty91

    1836 What Did The Paper Report?

    Let people know about Deuteronomy 23:19-20. Moses' commandment to the Jews to seize Gentile lands through usury is written right into the Christian bible - And as an added bonus, the Catholic Church used that same passage to ban Gentiles from even running their own banking industry. THAT is why...
  92. RoyBatty91

    Why the New Services Aren't OUT Yet

    Might be a good idea to put a wait list or a temporary "cooldown" on making orders in the future if backlogs keep becoming an issue (or find someone to help you if that's possible). Supply and demand, etc.
  93. RoyBatty91

    Good documentaries?

    Wanted to know some good documentaries/books that accurately depict spiritual or historical truth (Or even wrong-headed ones that still have some accurate information). Some of the ones I know about are - Secrets in Plain Sight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L777RhL_Fz4 Caesar's Messiah...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan