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  1. Boeuf

    Black Magic Picture

    I do not have any contact to this backstabbing person for over ten years, would an old pic work/sufficient for black magic visualization?
  2. Boeuf

    Question #4451: Saturn transit 6th house examples

    Its more like you need more discipline/patience/endurance in this area of life wherein saturn is in transit, without it the things that saturn is transiting in (6th house) may go out of whack. I know this is not the 6th house, but in my experience, when saturn was transiting my 5th somehow women...
  3. Boeuf

    Can Satan offer me financial help?

    The attracting money workings in the jos certainly work, if you are doing it constantly. People drop their money in front of me and they dont bother to pick it up even if i get it in front of their faces. Money just comes to you naturally even more if you work hard with it.
  4. Boeuf

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    I did the ritual, Hail Satan! He is the best father of all!
  5. Boeuf

    Habits: "Old Dogs, New Tricks" - Defeating Resistance

    Thanks for the sermon HPHC, It inspires me to be more motivated and discplined to do meditations!
  6. Boeuf


    Yes I read that, I hoped to find out more so I posted the question.
  7. Boeuf

    Any magic study tips?

    Start the study on a non void course of moon to delete abandonment/problems related to the study.
  8. Boeuf


    Are there any positive effects that this star gives? When it is found on a predictive chart, What kind of experiences a person undergoes?
  9. Boeuf

    Questions about death / How can I communicate with my newly deceased father?

    If your advanced enough, Just thinking and concentrating on the face/spirit/image of your father, he will talk to you, crystall balls or scrying mirrors can help in these. Also clean yourself afterwards (aura etc).
  10. Boeuf

    Gems, crystal, stone books?

    I have a mini raw clear quartz, does it work as a 4th freebie if i just put it in the pocket and have 3 bracelets of crystals?
  11. Boeuf

    February 24 Virgo Esbat and Productivity

    Thanks, gotta make a schedule for this ! 😀
  12. Boeuf

    Ethics And Ignorance

    Thanks for the sermon HPHC, I learned many things.
  13. Boeuf

    Signs of Impending Misfortune.

    Heres what i feel, boring heavy but very bored after it, then a fated misfortune happens according to what is fated, so i consult my chart if i felt this feeling and avoid major losses. Other people that I asked felt depressed, and sad then an event triggers (misfortune), a person dies. Do you...
  14. Boeuf

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    My experience using these 2 balls: Amethyst - clear mind, with logic While watching scenes/scrying. Rose - More effective on love/relationship questions/scenes, Posessions/material things sought. People having sex (this is what i saw in the ball).
  15. Boeuf

    What is your origin story?

    2007, I was bored, Nothing to do in life. Typed satanism and I found the jos website on the first on the top of google search.
  16. Boeuf

    Question #4015: Gods of gambling

    The JOS have the tools to be like a god and win in gambling by yourself through the tools.
  17. Boeuf

    Question #4048: Stone issues

    Have you tried charging it with energy? e.g charging in the sun or charging with selenite to name a few.
  18. Boeuf

    Question #4017: a little help here ?

    Use this affirmation "I am completely deprogrammed from this person and all forms of it in always forever". Clean auras and chakras. Hold a rose quartz stone/crystal for emotional healing, and/or use the the rune associated with rose quartz (wunjo). Here is what I personaly use this affirmation...
  19. Boeuf

    Natal Transits of my enemy

    Saturn conjuncts his chart ruler, make him pay.
  20. Boeuf

    Satanas vibration to the solar chakra

    Thanks for this, I tried it many times when I need energy, It wakes me up and I feel energized. Thank you very much.
  21. Boeuf

    What Saturn in the 4th and 10th house wants from us

    It is applicable on both houses. Its up to you how to use it.
  22. Boeuf

    Question #3939: Question 2 why do people like murder?

    Sometimes configurations and energies in one's natal chart are triggered to happen, and most likely murder will occur, likely fated or spurred in the moment.
  23. Boeuf

    What Saturn in the 4th and 10th house wants from us

    Endurance discipline and patience in that part of life. Without, it can spiral into chaos and strife or problems.
  24. Boeuf

    Freeing Myself from Modern Entertainment

    Try this affirmation, "I am completely deprogrammed from all modern entertainment and all forms of it in all ways forever"
  25. Boeuf

    Rune question

    I think being optimistic is the best way to go through this. I must say I am not well versed in runes used as divination.
  26. Boeuf

    Those who see astral entities/ghosts,

    How did you deal wih it happening everyday(Just for curiosity)? For me when I started seeing entities, I just ignored it and eventually become just a normal occurence/part of daily life.
  27. Boeuf

    Rune question

    Ive seen people's lives extended through psychic/energy healing live a couple days or a week before dying a fated death. If they are fated to die in this world they die and nothing can stop it.
  28. Boeuf

    Question #3777: Why the JoS doesn't talk much about planetary hours?

    Planetary Hours Have a subtle and minor effect depending on which hour it is , example: I experienced traffic when i travel within the hour of saturn, With the hour of of jupiter I experienced minor luck like when the line i was expecting to be long was so short. With Mars it could trigger...
  29. Boeuf

    Pag may nanghaharass na kapitbahay tip

    subukan niyong mag cast ng astro chart pag aralan niyo dun, dun kayo matututo (oras ng panghaharas) Maraming ingit na pilipino dito sa pinas. tapos baka mag labas din ako ng reading kay sen enrile in the future (if time permits,).
  30. Boeuf

    How to defend against adversary entities harassing my worship?

    Void Meditation until you drop. Use hematite + labradorite, use the apropriate protection workings for them. or do a Banishing Ritual.
  31. Boeuf


    Mas malakas ung taong un sakin kahit walang astrology kaya nyang makita lahat ng secreto mo, marunong pang mang heal and fortune telling (pag nanunuod ka ng paranormal/horror shows nun, ung isang episode nandun sya, pero di ko sasabihin kung anung show pra di madox). Havent heard of pyrokinesis...
  32. Boeuf

    how can I be sure that the demon has appeared to me?

    If they give info on things that not other people know, and it works. Advanced knowledge that isnt a detriment to one's self. Also no negative thoughts/ideas. Also they are very understanding of our each and every individual's life and soul.
  33. Boeuf

    Experience with the gods.

    Does our goddess Astarts appear with a short blonde hair? Does she rule advanced knowledge? Also does Forcas appear with a short blond hair too? Do they sometimes appear with only their face?
  34. Boeuf


    Share ko lang.Parti ako dati ng groupo sa paranormal na nakikita sa tv, kelangan ko itago ang pagkatao ko sa mga kasama ko kasi sila christian/wiccan. Medyo legit naman ung iba sa kanila, meron akong kaibigan na malakas kahit di ss ay malalaman nya kung sino ka kapag nakita ka niya( the pwrson...
  35. Boeuf

    Question #3825: Rumination

    Just continue and endure eith thevoid meditation. I experience similar experiences with you until it stopped. After it stopped i learned many things
  36. Boeuf

    Astrology is Nonsense

    It's non nonsense. I use it daily actually, especially in gambling i found certain Configurations that raises the chances of winning. I won 3 times straight in a row in 3 days in a certain type of betting/game. In my opinion yes its real, but it depends on yhe expetience of the reader.
  37. Boeuf


    Are loaded/charged crystals feel like electricity on the fingers when you touch them?
  38. Boeuf

    Lunar Return

    Thanks, Also Can I ask why the moon phases trigger the events in the luanr return chart? It always seems to do so in my chart and observations.
  39. Boeuf

    Lunar returns?

    are lunar returns events that happen in a month in the lunar return?
  40. Boeuf

    Lunar Return

    are lunar returns a chart for the month? (events happening within the month, tjings in the lunar return for that time frame)
  41. Boeuf

    Square numbering

    Can i use pen and paper to tally the numbers/record the numbers of squares/mantra while doing it? just to make sure.
  42. Boeuf

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    I tried it with my rose quartz crystall ball about 2inch and it works! thanks hps lydia!

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