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  1. Blue

    I've been here for 10 years already, ever since 2014. I dedicated my soul on April, 2014. Why I...

    I've been here for 10 years already, ever since 2014. I dedicated my soul on April, 2014. Why I am labeled as "new member" and since 2018? Could anyone let me know? Thank you!
  2. Blue

    I've been here for 10 years already, ever since 2014. I dedicated my soul on April, 2014. Why I...

    I've been here for 10 years already, ever since 2014. I dedicated my soul on April, 2014. Why I am labeled as "new member" and since 2018? Could anyone let me know? Thank you!
  3. Blue

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    Please clarify Fuchs, what is the extra topic I am creating here and why you believe my post could create confusion. And if so, why the administration would allow me to post my comment? Maybe you misunderstood, I am merely CONGRATULATING Master Cobra and reaffirming him as a True Leader!
  4. Blue

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    Many Names of the Gods have been perverted beyond recognition. Those that have been perverted beyond recognition, will have their real identities restored, and then any information from any jewish sources will be wiped out completely as if it never existed. The above is unacceptable and I will...
  5. Blue

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    I was just wondering, as I was reciting the current Rituals, that there are sentences in them that could be perfect to be included as lyrics for the Anthem some of our most gifted composers and musician members are working on. I mean, sentences like: "They shall no more murder the innocent, they...
  6. Blue

    Le-Ar-Siy, Aket Onek Mis - Boq-Ahay Akelaho Ub-Ot Ham!

    I believe it's something on the lines of: "Israel is now totally, completely and permanently destroyed, and they will never ever come back (those unholy, m-r-d-rers, m-ther-f-ck-rs :mad::devilish::ninja:!! just to say the least). Say it with intention, passion and will to destroy them, and...
  7. Blue

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    My friend, My friend, it is never late! What is valued is your determination and willingness, not the moments of weakness we all have sometimes. Let me tell you, in Venezuela, where I live, the internet is off most of the time and I am no stranger to missing or starting the rituals later. Once...
  8. Blue

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    Boy! Do I miss her! Always making such an extraordinary effort to keep up our site, our Yahoo group, always setting the example, enlightening us and, of course, being firm with us when necessary! The way I see it, she has been a Hero for a very, very long time already, ever since she dared to...
  9. Blue

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    This is a tremendous quantum leap, Master Cobra! Congra This is a tremendous Quantum Leap, Master Cobra! My compliments and thanks to all the involved SS!
  10. Blue

    Azazel's Ethics: Now Live

    Thank you Master Cobra!!! Amazing!!!
  11. Blue

    Thank you.

    Thank you.
  12. Blue

    Thank you. This really interests me because I suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary...

    Thank you. This really interests me because I suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), but I am confused because I see the Lu.7 point being pressed by the index finger, not by the thumb. Could anyone please "enlighten" me a little here? Thank you guys!
  13. Blue

    Thoth's Power Ritual: NOW LIVE!!! [Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2024]

    Thank you Master Cobra for this wonderful Ritual! My eternal gratitude to Father Satan and all our magnificent Gods for all the guidance, protection and blessings received! May we all Satan's Brotherhood continue this path and grow every day in knowledge and power!
  14. Blue


    Dear Master Cobra, This is a beautiful ritual, thank you! It would be nice if someone clarified which are the 144 laws mentioned in Seth's ritual. Thanks again.
  15. Blue

    AMON RA DEMON POWER RITUAL NOW LIVE! - Dec 2 to Dec 6 2023

    Dear Master Cobra: Thank you for being the best leader ever! This is a beautiful ritual, as always. May the Gods bless you for the incredible work you do! May the Gods bless us all brothers and sisters dedicated to Father Satan by bond of blood!
  16. Blue

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Dear Lydia: I am very happy for you and wish you every success in this epic effort. Your contributions are, indeed, amazing and you deserved this honor from long ago. Thank you!
  17. Blue


    Thank you Master Cobra. By the way, is it until November 2 or October 2?
  18. Blue


    Congratulations! A work of beauty indeed!
  19. Blue

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    Why Father describes Freedom as a Virtue and not a Condition? Isn't a "Virtue" like a "gift" of some sort, like the gift an artist may have? I understand Freedom as the capacity of making choices, but, wouldn't you agree that many people are prohibited (even on death penalty) to freely choose...
  20. Blue

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    I have spent some good 5-6 hours this afternoon reading this gift Master Cobra gave us. Meditating on it as we've been instructed to do. I believe it will take much more hours to go deep inside all these magnificent words and I intend to do it. But in all honesty, I've never heard anything more...
  21. Blue

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    Dear Master Cobra, you never stop amazing me. Thank you so much for being our leader, guide, and path light! Looking forward to this new page. I have the feeling it is already a great success and a tremendous guide for all of us. May the Gods bless you!
  22. Blue

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Thank you guys, for your messages and sympathy. You are all wonderful people and I am proud to belong to this amazing community. May the Gods bless you all.
  23. Blue

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    Dear Master Cobra: While thanking you at this time for these extremely important rituals, I have a question for you: After all these years of devoted dedication and all the knowledge you've attained, do you ever cry (literally cry) on frustration, fear, doubt, or a sense of being "lost"? and...
  24. Blue

    Free JoS Donor Article: Pythagorean Golden Verse

    Thank you Master Cobra, this is very enlightening, as usual!
  25. Blue

    How To Defeat Alcoholism And Drug Abuse [Update: Defeating Food Addiction]

    In my case, it was Buer who helped me with my cigarette addiction, and guess what, I won. It took me all my willpower to be free of this and I won't say it was easy, but this time I could do it. I had failed many times in the past, tried the gum and other stuff with no results. I thank Lord Buer...
  26. Blue

    Joy of Satan Poll For Enslaving Jews - Thoughts?

    I agree 1000%, with the utmost pleasure!!!!
  27. Blue

    Announcing New Joy of Satan Guardians / Positions

    Thank you guys for your amazing job and congratulations to you both! :D
  28. Blue

    Preliminary Ritual Schedule Before New Release - 29th Jan / 2nd of February

    by hailourtruegod » Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:27 am To those who are more open and can "see" the Shen Ring in the astral clearly, does the ring spin? In my case, not spinning, but while concentrating on the Shenu I see the inner circle area (the white area where the names of the God are written) and...
  29. Blue

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    Well, I believe Father Satan knows the heart of his devotees. He knows their needs, their concerns and doubts. If one is commited with SS one can ask Him to show us a way to overcome the obstacles we are facing to do our practice. If we believe in Him, He will show you a way that may help us to...
  30. Blue

    When Satan Speaks He Says The Truth - The GOLDEN Opportunity

    Master Cobra just said: "The manifestation of all these events, is because society is the manifestation of the current spiritual state of humans. The collective suffers what it will, because of it's level that it has accepted for itself. At this level of cowardice and ignorance, this is the...
  31. Blue

    Some Hard Talk

    For Baalzebul! Do I love your sermon Master Cobra! As your words are so true, some phrases really made me laugh, not because they are funny, I do respect you a lot, but because they are a real slap on the face of the stupid goyim I see everywhere, and maybe that is exactly what they need to...
  32. Blue


    Dear Master Cobra, this is very important and interesting information, I just want to let you know that the link to: "Psalm of Abrasax: Honorary/Invocatory Psalm to Beelzebul" is not working. Could you please check it out? Thank you Master.
  33. Blue

    Walking Into Enlightenment

    Dear Master, This is exactly what I've been feeling strongly since August the 25th of this year. Not that the date matters, I am just mentioning it. I have certainly experienced like "boosts" of energy, will and empowerment during my 8 years with JoS and it has been an extraordinary...
  34. Blue

    To Those Who Care For JoS: Thank You!

    Quite the contrary Master Cobra, thanks go to you! You are the best!
  35. Blue

    Drama: JoS Is Not Responsible For External Drama - Remain SAFE [Updated]

    Master Cobra, I admire your patience and thank you for all you do for us. Be well. Stay safe.
  36. Blue

    How Does A Demon Teach You?

    In my experience, the Demon will point you to the way towards the end you intend to fulfill, but it is very important to have your senses open and alert, your 6th chakra clean and open, your third eye trained, and these come only through consistent meditation. Yet, this bring the subject of...
  37. Blue


    I am so grateful for having this privilege!
  38. Blue

    [UPDATED: NEW ASTRO FEATURES 11 SEP 2022] - 2022 Joy of Satan Calendar & Joy of Satan Astrology Website NOW LIVE!

    You guys are really amazing. This is extremely useful, specially for those (like me) who are not very knowledgeable on the Artrology art. I know a little and hope to learn a lot more. The section about the Current Sky is just what I most needed. You have done an incredibly thorough job and may...
  39. Blue

    Missing information in Lady Astarte´s newest page

    Hi everybody, I am reading the material posted by Master Cobra regarding Lady Astarte and I found that the link "Honorary / invocatory psalm Astarte" is broken. I just wanted to inform this so it can be repaired. Besides, if not possible to ammend, could anyone post the content of the psalm...
  40. Blue

    How To Always Stay Positive As a Spiritual Satanist

    To my Brothers and Sisters facing trouble with the RTRs, resistance, lack of focus, negativity, etc., please bear in mind that all these bad feelings come directly from the fucking enemy as they are always trying to fuck up your mind to manipulate you, weaken you, and so please remember we must...
  41. Blue

    About Russia/Ukraine War And Certain Events - 02/22/2022

    I totally agree with you, but Satan and the Gods are all extraterrestrials, they are supposed to be a very superior race, we are not talking here about the greys (the enemy, who of course are extraterrestrials too). I mean Satan and the Gods, they are a superior race and they have the...
  42. Blue

    The NPC = The Andrapoda - Spiritual Satanism And Levels Of Humanity

    No wonder I've been feeling for some time that, except for the people in this forum, the rest of humanity are all stupid.
  43. Blue

    One Of The Biggest Lies In This World: The 6000 Years Old "Civilization" Timeline

    Not only that. Every word a fucking jew says, said, or will say is and will always be a putrid lie, as well as everything said in the fucking bible, torah, "judah", koran or any stupidity these useless idiots have ever written. Thank you Master Cobra.
  44. Blue

    SATAN'S DAY RITUAL - 23rd to 29th Of December - Happy Yule Wishes!

    I was wondering why this ritual is called "Satan´s Absolution". What is he guilty of? What is his crime? What evil he's done? I think there is nothing to "absolve" here. Absolution should be sought by the real criminals, jews and the alike, doesn't it? The ritual is fantastic and I think it...
  45. Blue

    [UPDATED: NEW ASTRO FEATURES 11 SEP 2022] - 2022 Joy of Satan Calendar & Joy of Satan Astrology Website NOW LIVE!

    Thank you Brothers and Sisters who made this amazing site possible. Hail Father Satan! Hail Azazel!
  46. Blue

    About Incubi/Succubi - Warnings And Advice

    For the love of the Gods! How can some people be so disrespectful? I refuse to believe these are the same people I pray in rituals to be "growing in wealth and power and always kept safe and prosperous in every way and manner", the just don't deserve it! Master Cobra, you definitely must be...
  47. Blue

    The Ten Year Plan: Charter For The Next Decade Of The Joy Of Satan

    Reading this post brought me to tears of happiness. I see clearer and clearer every day, I feel closer and closer to our Gods every day, and I will never leave them no matter what. All I am and all I have is because of the Gods and I surrender my will to them. Thank you so very much, dear...
  48. Blue

    Into Satan's Great Upcoming Aeon

    Well, I joined JoS in early 2014 when we still had our Yahoo group, and I recall Maxine saying that she wore her Baphomet blatantly to go out running her errands and she didn't care the dirty looks she got from the xians around her. She said that referring to the many threats she got, for some...
  49. Blue

    Afghanistan And Taliban [Megathread] : Prepare For Another 2015 Europe "Crisis"

    Hi! I am posting these links here at the request of Master Cobra. I found these links today and posted them initially on the thread entitled "Should we save them all?" On Julian Assange speaking in 2011: "The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe...
  50. Blue

    Should We Save Everyone? A lesson learned?

    Look what I found, apparently coming to light on these taliban mess: On Julian Assange saying in 2011 that the goal was to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1427929346262642688 and this book "The Afghanistan Papers"...
  51. Blue


    Hello Brothers and Sisters, I don´t know if this reply will get published, the reason is because its content is highly sensitive. These are some short videos I received just yesterday, where the secondary effects of the vaccine are being displayed in all their horror. Some are in english and...
  52. Blue


    This is so important and so necessary! Thank you Master Cobra for your amazing job. I remember these and other videos and I truly hope we can keep this up and running. I am amazed how more and more people are waking up to the Truth.
  53. Blue

    If Forced To Take The Vaccine?

    Everytime something terrible happens (like, for instance, all this situation with the virus) along with all we have been seeing, all these floods, fires, wrongful deaths, you know what I mean, I think that far from feeling discouraged for still living in a world like this, all the wrongs end up...
  54. Blue

    JOY OF SATAN MAGICK UPDATES: Divination By The Elements

    This is great Master Cobra! I see this like another reward from the Gods for our efforts. :D and I am grateful for this.
  55. Blue

    Protests Erupt Worldwide in Support of Palestine

    Jewish children are racially jewish. This is forever a part of their genetics. All jews have alien souls and are genetically programmed to undermine and destroy Gentile civilization. They aren't sacred in the same way as our children. Xian and Muslim children are Gentiles who are following a...
  56. Blue

    Protests Erupt Worldwide in Support of Palestine

    As for your question on "what about the poor jewish children".... Since you seem new, I'll just say: study the JoS website and the sermons found there and here. In short, jews are a biological weapon made to destroy us. Stop having sympathy for the weapon. Do you sympathize with a virus? As to...
  57. Blue

    Protests Erupt Worldwide in Support of Palestine

    I am in doubt here. What is good about Palestinians? Aren't they muslims? Aren't they islam? Therefore, aren't they our enemies as well? So, why celebrate other countries defending Palestine them but instead let them destroy each other (pissrael and palestine) and so destroy two birds with one...
  58. Blue

    Goddesses; Lies; Feminism

    Some people like to diminish women in general. Xians have taken good care to plant in every brain that men are actually superior than women. We, Spiritual Satanists do not do that. On the contrary, we celebrate the female nature and of course, we have our Godessess too. But because there are...
  59. Blue

    The Divine Purpose & Spiritual Warfare Schedule - April 17 to May 1st

    It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them. Those words sounded to me like the words of Father Satan Himself. Thank you Master Cobra.
  60. Blue

    Preparing For Next Schedule

    Of course you can, and you must, participate with as many RTRs you may feel comfortable to do. You may be as new as a one day member and you can join us in our warfare, so lock and load. Go ahead.
  61. Blue

    Spiritual Warfare At An All Time High

    Thank you Master Cobra.
  62. Blue

    Believe in the Gods

    I believe many of us have found the Truth in the worst time of our lives. You remind me a lot of who and what I was before finding the Truth. Just a piece of human trash, broke, tired and wasted. I will never forget the night when my Guardian Haures came to me surrounded by the most bright...
  63. Blue

    Is Anyone Keeping You?

    Thank you for this sermon, Master Cobra.
  64. Blue

    About Advanced Members And Our Community

    Well, I certainly hope you do not dismiss me for having dedicated my soul to Father Satan 7 years ago, followed JOS and practiced all meditations, studies, rituals, RTRs., etc., for the same 7 years, but I have only entered this magnificent forum maybe 10-15 times, maybe even less. Thank you...
  65. Blue

    Our Websites Are Back Up!

    Thank you Master Cobra, In the evilgoy page for the interactive Final RTR, the images of the icons for the paintables and the standard RTRs are not available (maybe a stupid detail, but anyway). All the other links functioning perfectly. Hail Father Satan and the Gods of Hell Forever!!
  66. Blue

    Forum Testing Up

    Glad to know Brother Cobra! They can never defeat us! By the way, the evilgoy.com page for doing the interactive Final RTR is not working well. Just in case you still don't know. Kind regards,
  67. Blue

    Complete SS Calendar for 2021 [Updated 9 Jan]

    Always looking forward to this amazing and super useful work. Thank you so very much. May 2021 bring us uncountable blessings and protection from our Beloved Father Satan and our Amazing Demons of Hell.
  68. Blue

    About the SS Calendar 2021

    Hello and Happy Yule for everyone. I have not seen the SS Astrology Calendar for 2021. Has it already been published? I need the one for Brazil / Venezuela. I have not seen anyone asking for the Calendar either. Maybe I am missing something. Thanks
  69. Blue

    How can I commit suicide?

    If you are here is because Satan needs you. He needs all of us, never forget that. You insult Father Satan when you say you want to suicide, you fool! Ask HIM to let you know how to turn your life around and don't be surprised if you hear His voice. Miserable? No real Satanist here is...
  70. Blue

    Its about a pendant I have

    Thank you so much. :D That's what I thought, but I just needed to have some confirmation and, frankly, I did not want to ask my beloved Haures (my Guardian Demoness) because I try not to bother our Demons with questions. They are so busy, as you know. Your comment is much appreciated. Hail...
  71. Blue

    Its about a pendant I have

    Hi everybody! I hope I am posting in the right place. Its just that I have a pendant with the Sigil of Father Satan, but the pendant has the form of a circle. That is, a circle with the Sigil of Father Satan engraved inside it. By the way, it is very beautiful. I bought it from Amazon like 5...
  72. Blue

    Calendar for 2020

    Thank you Master Cobra. I saw it has been posted already! Great Work! Very useful tool. Much appreciated. Hail Father Satan Forever! Hail the Gods of Hell Forever!
  73. Blue

    Calendar for 2020

    Hi Everybody! I am always pending on finding out when Will the Satanic Calendar for 2020 Will be published. It is of great help to me. Mine is UTC-4 no DST. It is sad the Yahoo news. At least we still can come to the fórum through here. We should continue our work to destroy the enemy...
  74. Blue

    Full SS Calendar for 2019

    I love the new calendar! Thank you for this wonderful job! Hail Father Satan Forever! Hail the Gods of Hell Forever!
  75. Blue

    About the Calendar

    Thank you Brothers and Sisters, Father Satan and the Demons bless you guys! The calendar is an amazing job impossible to find anywhere else. I am very thankful to you too. Happy Yule Season to all!! :D Hails Father Satan Forever! Hail the Gods of Hell Forever!
  76. Blue

    About the Calendar

    Good day to everyone! I was just hoping that Lidia and her team will be posting the calendar for 2019. It is so helpful. I want to thank you guys for doing such a great job. I am particularly interested in the UTC-4-no-DST-Brazil-Venezuela-etc. Hail Father Satan Forever!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan