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  1. Poweredbythesun

    A simple routine for daily advancement

    I embrace our Gods in the ways I can, serving them as I am able. I used to do a half dozen Final RTRs PER DAY, and do meditations for almost 2 hours a day total. And here I am now, reclaiming my power and advancing again, after all this time. But in a way that you and others find silly. How...
  2. Poweredbythesun

    A simple routine for daily advancement

    No. While it is not something I will ever advocate for, or recommend; I will not stop meditating while I drive. I am not zoned out meditating every second I am behind the wheel, it is only for a select 40~ minutes per day that I dedicate the vast majority of my time to the Final RTR and its...
  3. Poweredbythesun

    A simple routine for daily advancement

    Thank you. I've actually made major progress lately since I've started meditating while driving. The only issues I've ran into have been selecting a good stretch of road to do it on. Within and around cities is a hard no, and traffic can fluctuate drastically even from state to state, but it...
  4. Poweredbythesun

    How long for opening/activating pineal gland

    It will take as long as it takes. As a spiritual Satanist you are here for the long haul, and it will benefit you greatly to focus on cleaning your chakras and building power for your first few years. This is NOT to say that you shouldn't be doing workings for your desires and goals. But it is...
  5. Poweredbythesun

    Dealing with Jewish co-workers

    Just like how you would with energy. State your affirmations, but with crystals you must focus the affirmation into the crystal. Example on Black Tourmaline: "This crystal is constantly and continuously deflecting and repelling any and all negative energies, curses, bindings, hatred, ill will...
  6. Poweredbythesun

    Anyone got any good political streams / podcasts?

    To be honest, I'm not sure there are any "good" streamers or podcasters that talk about what you're looking for. Red Ice used to my favorite to listen to before they came out against Joy of Satan, but that was at least 2 years ago. And I just stopped listening to Terrence Popp because he's a...
  7. Poweredbythesun

    A simple routine for daily advancement

    Thank you for the advice, the reason I didn't include Void meditation, AoC, and AoP in my routine is because they are foundational, and will be practiced every day regardless. As to the notion of meditating while driving; I've already tried that, and unless I'm driving on a barren section of...
  8. Poweredbythesun

    The current and near future of gun rights, and what to do

    Done. Of the few things I've kept a handle on, this is probably my best maintained. Though I sorely wish I had more time to actually enjoy the fruits of a well stocked arsenal.
  9. Poweredbythesun

    A simple routine for daily advancement

    Good day all. To get to the point; What would you all consider a good routine for daily advancement? I've been inactive for some time now because I've been working 14 hours a day as a truck driver. And with this I've also struggled to keep up a consistent routine, as I don't often have time...
  10. Poweredbythesun

    Crystal usage for RTR's reminder

    Sowing discord is not very Satanic of you, new guy. Also, something to keep in mind about crystals: You provide the energy, the crystal will only enhance or focus it. Also clean/cleanse a crystal before and after your working, as you would your soul.
  11. Poweredbythesun

    Should we be concerned with arming ourselves to the teeth if we have a strong AOP and protection from the Gods?

    Weapons will always be important. Be they for self defense, recreation, or use against enemies like the greys and reptilians. Right now I'd say most people are too late to actually stock up on weapons in any meaningful way, but whatever you can get is better than nothing. Just be sure to train...
  12. Poweredbythesun

    The current and near future of gun rights, and what to do

    *bump* Anyone else have any remarks on this topic?
  13. Poweredbythesun

    Digging Your Grave Goyim With Diet

    Heh, what an old post. Glad I got a reply eventually though. Thanks for the insight :)
  14. Poweredbythesun

    Red Ice mentions JOS

    Funny, I used to listen to Red Ice's podcasts nearly every day. And I even asked about Red Ice at one point 2 years ago. Too bad she lacks the insight to see what we're actually doing, and how we've saved Humanity from ignorant fools like her. No matter how based and awake most people seem...
  15. Poweredbythesun

    The current and near future of gun rights, and what to do

    Simply put: How bad do you think things will get in terms of gun control in the U.S.A.? I only ask this because I've seen no mention on the forums of all the new proposed legislation to limit and outright destroy the 2nd Amendment, and because I've had a great many coincidences related to guns...
  16. Poweredbythesun

    Upcoming 2020 Election Results And What These Mean For US

    America is for White people, and will continue to be so. Any (((relocating))) you propose and cutting up of America and GIVING to non Whites is not just off the table, but on the floor. You should mind your manners, equating America to Isreal and saying you want to "Depopulate" America. :evil:
  17. Poweredbythesun

    Disasters and the gods protection

    In times like these it really can't be taken for granted just how protected I've been. Safe, living in next to the middle of nowhere, but yet still a stone's throw away from all the riots and civil unrest. The gods truly do care for us, and protect us. Even people like me who've had it rough...
  18. Poweredbythesun

    In Regards To Traitors/Infiltrators and Other Types Of People

    Thank you for the post HP:HC. This clears up where Mageson went to, as he would post frequently and hadn't for nearly a month or longer :? It's highly disturbing that this happened for as long as it did too, but then again there were other HPs that were fake, so can't really fault y'all for...
  19. Poweredbythesun

    Is there something you wish your younger self would have known?

    Dear past [DATA EXPUNGED], I There are no shortcuts on the road to spiritual advancement. None, zero, don't even think about looking because are all fake. Instead, practice the basics, like void meditation and foundation meditation every day, without fail. II You will have times when you...
  20. Poweredbythesun

    Enemy attacks up lately?

    Enemy attacks up lately? Is it just me or have other people had what seem to be A LOT of unfortunate events happen lately? To elaborate; I had canker sores that wouldn't go away on each side of my mouth for almost a week straight and it hurt to eat, then I had major car problems (which were...
  21. Poweredbythesun


    How much does a shot of (say, vodka) set one back spiritually? And was there a sermon on this at one point? I just remember a vague "Alcohol is bad" from a HP at one point, not much else. :?
  22. Poweredbythesun

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule - July 21st / August 5th

    I'm doing that already, lol. A Final RTR before work, and a Final RTR on lunch. Funny thing about that too, is the Final RTR seems to make my work day go by faster so I might leave it as is for the morning at least :) Honestly, for me it's more of a catching up sort of thing than anything...
  23. Poweredbythesun

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule - July 21st / August 5th

    Not to complain, as this IS quite the blessing. But I must say, this first day has been rough as it's added an extra 2 hours to the schedule I usually do. Is it supposed to take 20 minutes for the JoS Protection ritual, and 33 for the Wealth and Prosperity ritual? :/
  24. Poweredbythesun

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule - July 21st / August 5th

    I was expecting another group ritual soon, but this, this is unprecedented. So much, and all at the same time. We really are at the climax of our cause, or at least nearing it huh? It is also great to have an update, even if it's brief. It's been rough these last few months, and I look...
  25. Poweredbythesun

    What's your take on atomic energy?

    While it is far better than what we currently use, Nuclear power is underdeveloped. And far more often than not, demonized by all media. I personally have been an advocate for Nuclear energy for years, and I do see it as the future of power generation. But there are a great deal of advances...
  26. Poweredbythesun

    To Glory

    Though we are all here digitally, I feel and have always felt alone in a physical sense regarding Spiritual Satanism. Maybe others have felt, or feel this way too? I for one greatly look forward to the day when we can be truly free to show who we are, and to practice with others openly. To...
  27. Poweredbythesun

    In the end

    I mean, the wording for this is clear and unambiguous. But to further elaborate and explain how I used to understand this: As soon as knowledge of Satan being our creator becomes commonplace, a HUGE wave of people will attempt to dedicate. This will not be allowed so quickly. The reasons for...
  28. Poweredbythesun


    Have you no sense of irony?
  29. Poweredbythesun

    Year Xero : The Declaration of Total WAR against modern Western history and Civilization by Marxist Jews

    Thank you! :) While I am more technically inclined than 90% of people in this age, I must say I only knew of that heater because I remembered seeing that awhile back XD I've a great long term memory too I guess, as the tub of crisco candle and orange candle is from years ago and I managed to...
  30. Poweredbythesun

    ((("Satanic"))) Clown Organizations

    Something to note as of late is Antifa has openly been bragging about 'people' that work for them as 'Witches' and such, talking about how they 'hex' their opposition and bind them. They also parade around signs like this: Something also of note is this small 'shop' I found earlier while...
  31. Poweredbythesun

    How is everyone doing?

    I'm doing well, though these past few months have been trying. Recently had some interesting events happen near me regarding BLM, but everything was handled swiftly and as people began to riot they were shut down, and have continued to be shut down. My state is having none of the Jews...
  32. Poweredbythesun

    Year Xero : The Declaration of Total WAR against modern Western history and Civilization by Marxist Jews

    You're welcome :) And also in regards to heating, you can make candles out of just about anything; A tub of crisco, an orange (cut in half, keeping the inner stem intact, then pour vegetable oil in the orange bowl and light the stem/wick), crayons, etc. . So using something like this would...
  33. Poweredbythesun

    Only 17% of protesters are Black

    I thought this was a meme, I guess not. That would shine a light on some more recent happenings around me though, as I live in a fairly White state and even my small town has been tagged with BLM propaganda via spray paint. I hope these people will snap out of it, though they more often than...
  34. Poweredbythesun

    seeking account deletion

    Stop using your account, plain and simple. The only reason you'd want your account deleted is because you don't want posts you've made being viewable anymore, and there are some colorful and insightful replies to a good amount of your topics / posts.
  35. Poweredbythesun

    Year Xero : The Declaration of Total WAR against modern Western history and Civilization by Marxist Jews

    Honestly it is a blessing in disguise our enemy is so mentally retarded they've given up hiding their agenda, and now all of the U.S. and World knows what the plan is. This all is being carried out by a tiny tiny fraction of the population too, and everyone sees the insanity in these people...
  36. Poweredbythesun

    Recovering from prolonged lack of sleep

    Thanks, I'll have to try this :) Thanks for this, I'll have to do it soon too :D
  37. Poweredbythesun

    Recovering from prolonged lack of sleep

    Thanks :) Another problem I have too is being not just self aware, but hyper aware. Which doesn't help my procrastination, as I'll realize I'm procrastinating and often sit and debate about it mentally for who knows how long. Or I'll make it to bed time and know I won't do anything, so I'll do...
  38. Poweredbythesun

    Recovering from prolonged lack of sleep

    I know, but there's the problem. 'Can'. I've found it difficult to keep consistent after work, and I even have regular interruptions just after work that make me miss meditation. Waking up at 4 A.M. to start my day off was my attempt at fixing the issue, and staying consistent. Too bad it...
  39. Poweredbythesun

    Recovering from prolonged lack of sleep

    Same here, I usually wake up at the 8 hour mark. Though my work requires that I be there at 7 A.M., and I usually wake up at 6 A.M. and I can usually fall asleep around 10 P.M., it's really just time management right now I'm fighting. And I'm still conflicted as to waking up at 4 A.M. and...
  40. Poweredbythesun

    Recovering from prolonged lack of sleep

    Good evening, everyone :) For the past 8-10 years I've hardly gotten 5 hours of sleep a night (sometimes closer to 4 hours), and with my sleep schedule finally stabilizing as of late I decided it would be a good time to ask about what more I should do to help recover from not getting enough...
  41. Poweredbythesun

    dental grillz and gold crowns

    I know. Myself, and others have speculated on this for as long as he's been a member here. But I must say, I'd still rather give legitimate advice to someone who is merely misguided, rather than accuse new and often old accounts of being infiltrators. Even though I have a feeling people like...
  42. Poweredbythesun

    Some questions by a Non-Dedicated person.

    You're welcome :) And to ease your mind a little, everyone gets distracted when trying to focus. Void meditation helps, but know that you will be distracted and have intrusive thoughts at first. Don't be discouraged by this, just keep practicing void meditation and it'll get easier to keep a...
  43. Poweredbythesun

    dental grillz and gold crowns

    I mean, if you REALLY want to do these things I can't stop you. But to me all of this makes me go ,':/ Feel free to spend your life and money as you see fit, but know that augmenting yourself like a transhumanist isn't going to get you any closer to godhead. Meditate, do yoga, do the Final...
  44. Poweredbythesun

    What The MSM Isn’t Giving World Wide Attention To

    Excellent. This also explains the lack of group rituals as of late, though I do know these are planned for sooner rather than later.
  45. Poweredbythesun

    dental grillz and gold crowns

    Zircon is a natural gemstone, zirconia is the lab grown / made variant that has no silicon in it. Also that would still probably be a bad idea to embed a crystal in your tooth (again, imagine the crystal working it's way loose and getting swallowed or accidentally bitten down on :shock: ) I...
  46. Poweredbythesun

    Some questions by a Non-Dedicated person.

    First off; Welcome to Spiritual Satanism, and congratulations dedicating :D Secondly; Take it slow and be consistent in your meditations / yoga. If you rush and do everything at once you'll burn out, just like I did a year ago. The 40 day guide, then the 6 month guide are generally the way to...
  47. Poweredbythesun

    dental grillz and gold crowns

    I mean, I get what you mean. And as someone who has tried collodial gold and platinum I could also see the usefullness of gemstone teeth / metal teeth. But I also see them as a liability, and not really worth it. Teeth are HARD, very hard. And they are also part of the body, the mouth naturally...
  48. Poweredbythesun

    The Real Life Of Migrants In Europe - Kalergi Plan = Death Of All Human Rights

    It really is sad knowing all these things, knowing the Human suffering going on today because of the enemy and their constant pushing towards their goals. And it is especially upsetting knowing what has happened to Africa, the Middle East, and India because of Jews. Slavery is rampant in...
  49. Poweredbythesun

    With this "BLM" feels like we are in a sci-fi movie...

    It really is a tragedy. The real truth however, is that this isn't as widespread as the enemy would like. Aside from the liberal cities this started in it hasn't spread much, they tried the same thing (rioting) in a nearby city to me and the police were already in riot gear and started using...
  50. Poweredbythesun

    dental grillz and gold crowns

    Just go to the dentist if you can afford it. I personally had a MASSIVE hole in one of my canines that grew from a small hole a dentist previously drilled out and 'meant to fill in' and I got it filled for just about $100, which was covered through my works dental plan. Before this I freaked...
  51. Poweredbythesun

    Proof of Heaven?

    Whatever happened to: Also there is no 'Kingdom of Heaven', when xians die they are often fed to their precious 'One' / YHVH and they are used as a source of energy. Heaven is a corrupted concept, just like the halo. You gain entry to heaven (enlightenment) through meditation, yoga, and the...
  52. Poweredbythesun

    How much meditation we really need?

    You're welcome :) HPMageson was right about slothz path, steady progress over time will far outstrip sporadic but heavy meditation and yoga.
  53. Poweredbythesun

    Some questions by a Non-Dedicated person.

    You're welcome :) And as to doing power meditation without Satan's protection, ironically enough that was one of the reasons I dedicated when I did, so I could start doing power meditations. On the topic of dedication too. It is your choice what you do, and it's not my job to convince you...
  54. Poweredbythesun

    Some questions by a Non-Dedicated person.

    Even then, you still found your way here and that's better than being asleep. I hope you'll come around, even though daily work is needed to be a SS, it's more than worth it. You will feel better, cleaner, and be developing in a meaningful way, ultimately leading to becoming a god. Whatever...
  55. Poweredbythesun

    How much meditation we really need?

    I'm by no means an expert on meditation, especially consistent meditation. But in my experience both Kundalini and Hatha yoga, a Final RTR, aura cleaning (twice a day) and returning curses parts 1 & 2 have been my daily baseline consistently for the last year or so and work well. And all this...
  56. Poweredbythesun

    A Desire to Debate, and an Idea for Satanist Activism.

    Obvious infiltrator is obvious. You come here, saying you want to 'Debate' and the fucking first thing you bring up is race, race mixing, SJW bullshit, and then want people here to reveal themselves so they can LARP as satanists with you. You are NOT a SS, you are a Jew promoting filthy and...
  57. Poweredbythesun

    A Desire to Debate, and an Idea for Satanist Activism.

    Your entire post looks like something out of Tumblr, and you seem new. Maybe you shouldn't be trying to 'Debate' people until you're at least familiar with what it means to be a SS? Lesser Idea 1.a: Ethnostates are the ideal, a place for every race. As Satan intended, the different races as of...
  58. Poweredbythesun

    Minneapolis Riots - Jews At It Yet Again...

    Just did another Final RTR, a city near me is about to have a BLM protest. Stay safe all!
  59. Poweredbythesun

    Shael, why are you a girl now?

    Kinda funny really, the confusion around associating who's what and such just by Profile picture. And then you have me over here with SCP art as my pfp, lol.
  60. Poweredbythesun

    IS THIS SERIOUS ENOUGH ? US Lowest Birth Rate in 35 Years, Experts Say Trend Will Continue Because of Economic Collapse

    Strip away their power and kill them. That's what we've been doing for 5+ years, and will continue to do. Don't get me wrong, I would like there to be more White people on Earth. But this hinges on QUALITY White people, not Leftist Communist Transsexual Pedo Jew sympathizers. And this forgets...
  61. Poweredbythesun

    how to make a satanic rosary?

    Exactly :)
  62. Poweredbythesun

    IS THIS SERIOUS ENOUGH ? US Lowest Birth Rate in 35 Years, Experts Say Trend Will Continue Because of Economic Collapse

    In short, no. No one cares, and Earth is over populated as is. White people had a steady birthrate for awhile, and the declining birthrates are a product of the enemy ruining our youth, the non stop wars our countries have engaged in, and the Jews milking White people and gentiles as a whole...
  63. Poweredbythesun

    New Meditators - The Power of Our Minds and Real Magic

    "I am at the center of everything that happens to me" This more than sums up the reality I've experienced thus far as a SS, and not in a specifically good or bad way. Something A LOT of people forget about Spiritual Satanism is that you are responsible for what you do, how much you advance, and...
  64. Poweredbythesun

    Other Satanists

    The truth of the matter is most of these 'Satanists' either don't know of JoS, are too scared to dedicate, or don't want to do anything to better the situation here on Earth. Instead wanting to live for the now and not think of the consequences their actions bring. As to you, Something to...
  65. Poweredbythesun

    how to make a satanic rosary?

    I've personally never used the affirmation beads, I just use them as a 10th bead (one every 9 beads to break them up into segments of 10 in total) so I know where I am in my vibrations and how many more I have to do. It seems odd to me doing an affirmation in the middle of a working and not...
  66. Poweredbythesun


    Depending on your astral senses sensitivity / openness you will pick up on patterns around you. This can also pertain to knowledge of numerology, with the numbers you know about sticking out more than usual. I for one always see 666, 333 or even 88 a large amount of times daily, even if it's...
  67. Poweredbythesun

    States can ’absolutely’ mandate vaccinations, says Alan Dershowitz

    Also, I have no idea "How different things may be". We're accelerating faster and faster into the 'End game' as it would be called. The Greys and Reptilians are fed up with the Jews and their failures, so everything is getting pushed right now, ASAP. My personal hope is soon we can begin some...
  68. Poweredbythesun

    States can ’absolutely’ mandate vaccinations, says Alan Dershowitz

    The irony of this all is they still think they have the power to do this, let alone the ability to enforce a 'Law' mandating everyone to get vaccinated. Another thing to remember as well is that we have time, they don't. And by being as open about their plans as they've been, they have given...
  69. Poweredbythesun

    near infrared light

    Well, sounds like you're doing everything right. But are the bulbs also near infrared too (NIR)? Or are they just red light?
  70. Poweredbythesun


    Loki88 has been on shaky ground ever since joining. I'd like to assume he's not an infiltrator, but it's been brought up before.
  71. Poweredbythesun

    WHAT are we going to do about our women?

    Thank you, I really wish I wouldn't've had to go through all the pain I did to become this way though. But I digress; Realistically you should do what is best for you, and for each of us it's hard to give a universal answer. But the good news is we all have magic and abilities most people can...
  72. Poweredbythesun

    near infrared light

    Interesting. Are the bulbs rated for NIR too, or are they just for red light? Also, what distance away from your body are they at? The guides I've read say 10 inches or less is the optimal distance away red light / NIR bulbs should be held away from the body.
  73. Poweredbythesun


    Any time, anywhere, on any given day, in any given month and year. Dedication is THE most important ritual out of all of them, and it overrides any VoC moon or bad astrological transits. I thought you had already dedicated too, are you scared, infiltrator?
  74. Poweredbythesun

    Facebook Is Giving $1,000 To Content Moderators Who Said Online Trolls Turned Them Into Conspiracy Theorists

    In all honesty this is a win. These people have been at the very least salvaged, and in some cases woke up the hard way. That being said, I empathize with them but also resent them for the role they've played in keeping Facebook alive. Memetics work, and the field of anti-memes is a wonder to...
  75. Poweredbythesun

    Why is White Race dying - HORRIFIC CRIMES

    "Sweden sucks and should fix itself even though the population was never asked if they wanted 'enriched' and any resentment will be met with swift and brutal legal action by the same government that engineered the populace's replacement without their permission" *Self realization kicks in*...
  76. Poweredbythesun

    WHAT are we going to do about our women?

    If you have made up your mind I would advise you to ask Satan for help in finding another partner, this can be done in a formal ritual. And soon you can also do a working to attract a partner. Though I must say it is truly sad when loved ones won't embrace what we've all come to know and...
  77. Poweredbythesun

    scrying mirror

    Step 1: Get a pane of glass or picture frame with pane of glass Step 2: Paint the back of the glass with glossy black paint (preferably in multiple coats), letting it dry completely before the next step Step 3: After the glass is a black mirror place it back into the picture frame, or...
  78. Poweredbythesun

    near infrared light

    It's interesting you post this now, seeing as I've been looking into this recently and to answer your question I would assume it's like regular light exposure (as it lacks the UV light the sun shines down upon us) but I could be wrong. What is also interesting is there's been a meme going...
  79. Poweredbythesun

    WHAT are we going to do about our women?

    You remind me of a person I know, you wouldn't happen to have an affinity for fishing and 2 dachshunds would you? But back to your quote; So, if I'm reading this right your BF does do some of the meditations and yoga? I'm not entirely sure where the hangup is that's preventing him from...
  80. Poweredbythesun

    six million

    Here's a working link :) https://web.archive.org/web/20150329022939/http://www.exposingcommunism.com/SixMillionLie.pdf
  81. Poweredbythesun

    The BENEFITS of being a Spiritual Satanist.

    It is more than refreshing to see posts like this, it feels odd remembering who I was before JoS and after first dedicating. Even then I did it out of spite, as I rationalized "What other options were there?" And I can say it was the best decision I ever made. Though it has a price, as all...
  82. Poweredbythesun

    Is this even possible? Does it even make sense?

    On this topic I've felt something like this for awhile too, though more recently stronger than before. I don't entirely know where I stand, other than I'm attracted to femininity. This could all tie into the heart and collective soul of Humanity too, as we free ourselves and Humanity everyone...
  83. Poweredbythesun

    News media reveals UFOs are a FACT

    Exactly. Even with the videos being made public people are saying "It's just an experimental aircraft / hypersonic glider" or "This DOESN'T mean aliens exist" People will cope and cope and cope until they're lined up and shot or beaten to a pulp for not being progressive enough. Here in the...
  84. Poweredbythesun

    Beltane Eve

    To be completely honest with both of you, it is a matter of DOING the Final RTR rather than how many you do that makes to most difference. Not to discount the drive some SS like you have Aldrick, we frankly need more people spamming Final RTRs, and I personally would love to have that kind of...
  85. Poweredbythesun

    Update on HPS Maxine's 13/May/2019 post?

    Did I miss an important post or is the important information that will change everything taking awhile to discern? I waited an extra 2 weeks past the solar new year in case it was delayed, but I'm assuming this has changed or we're waiting on something. Either way I just wanted to ask what...
  86. Poweredbythesun

    Your best Soul cleaning meditations/workings?

    If you're not already doing these, add them to your list and if possible daily schedule: - Both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga - Returning Curses Parts 1 & 2 - Final RTR - Vibrating RAUM into your soul x 111 or 216 (with affirmation stated x 9 or 18 times) - 2x DAILY Aura cleaning There are...
  87. Poweredbythesun

    most demons don't care about humanity?

    I think you're misinterpreting, the gods certainly do care for Humanity. But the level we've fallen too is what horrifies them. What I think you are partially remembering is how the gods won't be able to help or save most of Humanity, but most of all those who will not renounce the enemy when...
  88. Poweredbythesun

    Questions on Self hate mixed race and jewish(help)

    This ^ OP if you are 100% sure your ancestry is Jewish then you are by no means welcome to Satanism. But if this is some cry for attention and you're not 100% sure, do the Final RTR (the FULL Final RTR), vibrate SATANAMA x111 into your soul, and perform the dedication ritual. If you survive...
  89. Poweredbythesun


    Spiritual Satanism IS about growing up and figuring out who you are, in the most literal sense. As to your complaints about the forums, they do not by any means represent all the tens of thousands of Spiritual Satanists. Infiltrators exist, and a good portion of dedicated SS don't publicly...
  90. Poweredbythesun

    Looking to Permanently Give Up Porn

    Start simple, don't look at porn or go looking for porn for a month. After that check in with yourself and see how you did, adjusting accordingly. Could it be that you simply look up porn out of boredom? This is a problem I had at one point. Also, don't let your porn habit get replaced by...
  91. Poweredbythesun


    I mean, you're openly a SS and on a social media site no less. I just hope you didn't use any personal information in making your account. Ignore the messages, or if you can disable DMs, comments, etc. I'd give you more advice, but I had a profile like this once and learned internet warfare...
  92. Poweredbythesun

    People exposing the SYSTEM being threatened

    It really does show, even the bad publicity JoS gets creates more traffic and people joining Spiritual Satanism. That's why there's next to no mention of JoS outside of the forums, the JoS sites, and a hand full of blogger, wordpress, or public domain sites. But I have seen some of our memes...
  93. Poweredbythesun

    How can I email the mods/hps?

    Make a thread, they have to read it for it to be posted in the first place. Emails to the HPs and HPS' can get lost easily with all the spam they're (probably) getting. As well, they don't have the time to read them, let alone reply to all of them. We are at WAR. And time is of the essence.
  94. Poweredbythesun

    WHO to remove people from homes

    Were this to happen it would go over as well as a red flag confiscation (not very good). Especially in places with stand your ground laws or castle doctrine. Maybe in places like big cities this would happen, but anywhere slightly armed is another story entirely. They really think people would...
  95. Poweredbythesun

    Is This The End For Humanity? [Spoiler: ...NOPE]

    This ties in quite well with what I've been noticing: Space craft seen around the moon in broad daylight, talk of DUMBs publicly and the implications of them being connected through tunnels, Jew leaders and higher ups getting tested positive for COVID, NORAD bunkering up, etc. . Everything is...
  96. Poweredbythesun

    Amazon bans sales of n95 and surgical masks to the general public

    They're also banning the sale of face shields and other PPE. It's BS X( This coupled with the lack of ammo, guns, and delays on shipping country wide are hitting hard. My work just ran out of a main part yesterday.
  97. Poweredbythesun

    5G And Co-Vid

    Yeah it's insane. The only 2 states that don't have any 5G are Nebraska (Omaha doesn't count) and Alaska O.o It even shows where these installations are, and it's a bit concerning knowing there's a 5G antenna in my town now X(
  98. Poweredbythesun

    5G And Co-Vid

    That's actually pretty good news then. Most infrastructure is pretty visible too, so 5G and associated equipment will have nowhere to hide.
  99. Poweredbythesun

    DUMBs Deep Underground Military Bunkers

    Something I've noticed being talked about more often lately is DUMBs and more specifically, the U.S. Military's use of them soon. This has probably already been addressed before, but I just wanted a run down on them if anyone here is knows much about them or if they're even important in the...
  100. Poweredbythesun

    SS uniform

    It's funny you mention this, I've had dreams like this too. But lately they've been off. More towards evacuating or getting to locations with other SS rather than just being present as a SS. It's odd. And with what's going on right now I almost see something like that happening. I also...
  101. Poweredbythesun

    What have you guys been doing during this quarantine?

    Thanks :) Yes, of course. But where exactly is it $1000 a week? I'm getting less than $400 a week, so roughly 80% of my regular income :/
  102. Poweredbythesun

    What have you guys been doing during this quarantine?

    Getting back on track. I was struggling for months to keep a consistent routine, but this last week and next week (possibly even longer) I'll be out of work. Waking up early and doing my meditations + yoga before work works best for me, so that's what I've been trying to do for those past few...
  103. Poweredbythesun

    Why Doing RTR's is a Life and Death Matter: Astrology For Year 2020-2021

    But the question remains, just HOW many Final RTRs should we all be doing a day? And WHAT exactly should we be doing as well? This is a precarious situation no doubt, but how best can we destroy their JNWO before it is born and put in place our system (the 4th Reich), freeing Humanity? This...
  104. Poweredbythesun

    Doom Eternal is a blasphemy against our Gods and Demons

    I really do sympathize with you, but not even my vast writing capabilities can quite describe what I feel when I read about the lives of other SS and especially when I talk to others here. Sonder, maybe? But a much stronger version of it. I'm flawed. And not in a quirky way either. We're all...
  105. Poweredbythesun

    Doom Eternal is a blasphemy against our Gods and Demons

    I really do sympathize with you, but not even my vast writing capabilities can quite describe what I feel when I read about the lives of other SS and especially when I talk to others here. Sonder, maybe? But a much stronger version of it. I'm flawed. And not in a quirky way either. We're all...
  106. Poweredbythesun

    Doom Eternal is a blasphemy against our Gods and Demons

    Bluntly put it's a video game. There's no moral argument unless you're talking about a mentally handicapped person playing a shooter, and then going on a shooting rampage in real life. Worse games exist, and there are for sure worse movies that are VERY blatantly Jewish in message. And you're...
  107. Poweredbythesun

    "Pope ask to pray the rosary the 25 march everyone at the same hour"

    Coincidentally Noon in Italy is just before I go to work here, I'll have time to do the RTR but only 2-3. In the mean time my work was canceled, so I'll be doing Final RTRs off and on all day :)
  108. Poweredbythesun

    Doom Eternal is a blasphemy against our Gods and Demons

    I mean, it is. But the thing is you DON'T have to play it, and if you do (like me) you can visualize the enemy in place of the enemies. And that's loads easier with the new game (the main baddy takes the form of an 'Angelic' being). The whole DOOM franchise was also made by religious folk in...
  109. Poweredbythesun

    Most Serious 17/March/2020

    Should we prepare for water and electricity to get shut off? And what will happen to the bulk of us SS? I know we'll be fine, but it's not looking good. Cities are declaring shelter in place, businesses closing down left and right because of COVID-19, and a LOT is happening on Trump's end...
  110. Poweredbythesun

    The Psychic Warfare Of World War Two

    I would assume so. But how exactly this happens, and how they recruit people is anyone's guess. I know for certain Russia was openly advertising its occult warfare program awhile back, but other countries are more tight lipped about that. (Though it is 'public' knowledge high ranking officials...
  111. Poweredbythesun

    Colloidal gold + platinum results

    Honestly, while I like your enthusiasm for questioning this post was ONLY to document my little experiment, not to advertise a product or claim 'Yoga and Meditation are obsolete'. And as such I don't entertain any explanations I might have to give on the matter. My source for the supplements...
  112. Poweredbythesun

    Colloidal gold + platinum results

    Thank you for the concern :) As I've said, this is an experiment. And as I've stated you can get the same effects (for free) from doing regular meditation and yoga. I in no way advocate for supplementation, nor do I personally practice any ongoing supplementation. Also, the amount of gold /...
  113. Poweredbythesun

    Colloidal gold + platinum results

    Good morning, everyone :) My apologies for not posting this sooner. Any how, I've taken both colloidal gold and platinum as planned a month or so back, and have some results to share. To start off: I'm not a doctor nor am I a dietician. That being said, none of this is/was/ever will be diet...
  114. Poweredbythesun

    Coronavirus Information Megathread [Ease of Access] - Updated April 2nd 2020

    I don't have an official source for this, but on Mr Metokur's latest stream (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GhYJm3trUs) he was going over some reports and articles on Ncov and Covid19, and from that they've said it can infect the CNS and spinal fluid. It also has been found to create a gray...
  115. Poweredbythesun

    Why Jews [Pretend To] Hate Bernie Sanders

    To be completely honest, Democrats are a minority in America. They have illegal immigrants, and those they've brainwashed. A communist take over would have to be either super slow or mind bogglingly fast to work (think assassinating tens of thousands of political opponents people within a day)...
  116. Poweredbythesun

    Why Jews [Pretend To] Hate Bernie Sanders

    To be completely honest, Democrats are a minority in America. They have illegal immigrants, and those they've brainwashed. A communist take over would have to be either super slow or mind bogglingly fast to work (think assassinating tens of thousands of political opponents people within a day)...
  117. Poweredbythesun

    Going into the Military

    To explain a bit: Things have fallen into place in a way lately, and my dreams of becoming an engineer (I'm not going to specify what kind for obvious reasons) can be fulfilled by going through the Military. My family member is already on track to this same career path, so I estimated if he can...
  118. Poweredbythesun

    Going into the Military

    Going into the Military So, I've finally decided to go into the Military. And I'm putting together a program for getting me through basic training, AIT, and then a regular schedule I can do wherever I am. So far I know chakra spinning is a must, breathing meditations are good, and...
  119. Poweredbythesun

    Orgasm Energy

    Here's a link to the book: https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=172B4D75A2E1DFB3CDA51693C8D338CA The original link doesn't work anymore :/
  120. Poweredbythesun

    Male "Circumcision" And More Historical Forgeries

    It is telling how circumcised countries also have greater issues relating to sex and connection. The man who cums too fast being such a stereotype caused by circumcision, or the inverse (from which I suffer) where it's next to impossible to reach orgasm during sex. Not only are our Men...
  121. Poweredbythesun

    Repeated Jewish Tactics

    Encryption is like locks. It keeps honest people honest, in short. And like physical locks there is no impenetrable encryption. The goal of both is to make it harder for others to gain access to something, and while encryption may make your internet traffic more interesting and likely to be...
  122. Poweredbythesun

    Why Do Democrats Want The Guns?

    To be fair, bringing in the UN blue helmets or another army would be a worse decision. Literally invading America to enforce tyrannical laws. I can see that backfiring horribly. As for shows of force, that'll work until someone 'accidentally' kills someone. Or several thousand people...
  123. Poweredbythesun

    Why Do Democrats Want The Guns?

    The problem with a revolutionary war between the U.S. Government and the citizens though is that they've already ran the numbers and it does not look good for either side. But by far the citizens would out strip the government. (Guerilla warfare, but in urban environments) As well, the...
  124. Poweredbythesun

    Using Colloidal Silver Safely

    On the topic of colloidal gold, I'm actually trying out colloidal gold from purest colloids right now. And so far it's not doing much I can tell. I have been feeling very high up though, as if I've been working on my astral senses or head chakras. My thoughts are also clearer and faster, but...
  125. Poweredbythesun

    Collodial silver - any good sources?

    Of course. I would never dream of becoming an addict to substances, let alone those that are hard to make and can only be supplied by a hand full of vendors. I'm looking into the other colloidal metals out of curiosity, albeit with caution. Speaking of which, I'll be taking the colloidal gold...
  126. Poweredbythesun

    Meme warfare

    Here are two memes I just made: I did edit the dedication prayer, but minimally to make it flow easier. Use these where you want, I personally find the 'Jesus HATES you' one to be the more effective of the two.
  127. Poweredbythesun

    Collodial silver - any good sources?

    Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for the quick reply :) I'll do more research and update you after the bottle gets here and I sample a tablespoon. I also don't plan on using it as a daily supplement, that can only end badly. And be very expensive, lol.
  128. Poweredbythesun

    Using Colloidal Silver Safely

    Ahh, I thought so. Thanks for the reply :) And it's also a good thing then that I don't plan on using it often, lol.
  129. Poweredbythesun

    Collodial silver - any good sources?

    Nice. I also ordered a bottle of colloidal gold with the silver, and from what I can tell the platinum and gold have close to the same effects. So I'll have to let you know how that goes, lol. Of course after getting a reply from HPS Shannon.
  130. Poweredbythesun

    Fixing Shy Bladder

    LMFAO XD Heh, that's a great way to look at it actually. But on a more serious note something that has helped me until recently is zoning out or thinking about something completely unrelated for a few moments. But this doesn't always work because the building I work in went from 20 people...
  131. Poweredbythesun

    Using Colloidal Silver Safely

    A quick question related to this, if you don't mind. What is your opinion on colloidal gold, and platinum? It was brought up earlier in the Health section of the forums, and I was hoping to get your opinion on it and possible uses for it. Thank you sister, and thank you for taking the time...
  132. Poweredbythesun

    Fixing Shy Bladder

    That's actually a perfect explanation of it. Even the thought of someone coming in makes me tense up, but when I'm at home or in a single occupancy bathroom my shy bladder goes away. I'm going to do a working on my sacral chakra soon. Interesting enough too my Sacral chakra has always felt...
  133. Poweredbythesun

    Collodial silver - any good sources?

    Interesting, what does colloidal platinum do? Also as for the prices I'm not sure, but $50 for a 500ml bottle isn't too bad I guess. And the shipping to where I am was less than $15.
  134. Poweredbythesun

    Collodial silver - any good sources?

    https://purecolloids.co.uk/index.php/buy-online I've heard this site referenced multiple times (as a source for good collodial silver) in the talks I've listened to about collodial silver, and I plan on getting a 500ml bottle myself soon too. This is their site for the UK, so I'm assuming...
  135. Poweredbythesun

    Fixing Shy Bladder

    Fixing Shy Bladder I'm not sure when it started, but I've had this problem for as long as I can remember and recently it's gotten worse. I've been looking at methods to relax and get my mind off where I am when I need to urinate, but I always have problems at work. Whether that's coworkers...
  136. Poweredbythesun

    Getting rid of unwanted guests

    Thank you all for your responses! :) I'm going to raise energy and hopefully get things moving. In regards to my family member wanting to go into the military too, it's his choice and there really isn't anything around here for him either. So the next best option is the military. There have...
  137. Poweredbythesun

    Getting rid of unwanted guests

    To elaborate: I just wanted to get away from my dad's side of the family when I moved out. If I were a evil person I would've said no to him staying and he'd be on the streets, in the snow. As my dad threatened him with. . . I gave him a bed, and am cooking for him while he does homework...
  138. Poweredbythesun

    Male Circumcision

    On this topic too, if you are a circumcised guy there are ways to regrow your foreskin. Foregen being the best, but furthest away. However, there are also manual exercises you can do to make new skin cells and regrow your foreskin. I've been doing these personally for a few months off and...
  139. Poweredbythesun

    Getting rid of unwanted guests

    Getting rid of unwanted guests. Please, does anyone know of a working or something to help get rid of unwanted house guests? I've had to house a family member for the past few months because he was kicked out of my parents house, and now I got my little brother dumped onto me because my...
  140. Poweredbythesun

    I feel like I am going to die.

    This could be part of the attacks that've been going on lately. I've experienced something like this recently, but not so such an extent. Take it slow getting back into your routine, but as a must you should immediately start doing the Final RTR again (even just one rep of each letter), do...
  141. Poweredbythesun

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    Indeed. But this could be a product of being new. Especially if OP had no affiliation with religion, let alone the occult beforehand. As for you OP, probably the best thing you could do if you're really a SS is to contribute and do the Final RTR. And if you're new: Start out with the 40 day...
  142. Poweredbythesun

    Upholding The White Race - Abolishing White Guilt

    To clarify on this all too: We need to work together to defeat the Jews. Some of us have qualms about other races, and problems directly stemming from Jewish control of the World currently. And to put that all aside and work on the Final RTR and spiritual advancement would benefit us All...
  143. Poweredbythesun

    Upholding The White Race - Abolishing White Guilt

    Mistakes were made in some cases, in others (((certain))) people were behind acts of terror and destruction. And none of that justifies the hatred of Whites as a whole. And ffs do the Final RTR. Your essay of a post really makes me think you're just here to troll.
  144. Poweredbythesun

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    Then it would serve you well to do the Final RTR and stick to it. There are more SS than are members on the forums, and it is rare that someone has to openly declare "I am of Satan and will participate in Spiritual warfare and such". Usually there are questions, doubts, and enemy attacks...
  145. Poweredbythesun

    Coming To The Singularity

    Not to be rude, Shael. But how many in your eyes is enough? It's been said time and again our problem isn't people slacking and doing only one Final RTR a day, but that we have members who aren't involved in Spiritual warfare at all. I for one do the Spiritual warfare. And I do just below my...
  146. Poweredbythesun


    On this topic, would it be worth it to join the Military for its training (basic and AIT)? I've been debating joining the Military (or at least the National Guard) for some time now, and I would like to. But the lack of time for basic SS practices (yoga, the Final RTR, and advancement)...
  147. Poweredbythesun

    Archive of Fake WN like Anglin, Weev, Enoch, etc.

    We are here for direct action against the Jews, NOT archiving White Nationalists. Do the Final RTR. There are other sites where you can find the people you're looking for, Red Ice is a major hub for the White Nationalist community (though most of the people they talk to are in the UK and...
  148. Poweredbythesun

    This forum is the Reddit of Satanism

    In a way, it actually is. We discuss what works, and help newbies that are trying to advance. You are no SS, and I do not pity you. May your ignorance be your downfall, and the pain you bring upon yourself last through your next lives, should you remain a fool.
  149. Poweredbythesun

    Promoting JOS with felt-tip pen messages in puplic/heavy used restrooms cabins

    This is actually something I've been thinking about for awhile now. But more towards using a rubber stamp or home printed business cards. And if you could do this at high traffic areas, or when there's a lot of people moving through an area you would get more exposure to your messages...
  150. Poweredbythesun

    I want to heavily get involved in the spiritual war but how can i make sure that i’m going to be protected?

    Exactly. My apologies by the way if I came off as defeatist or complacent. The Final RTR is important, but as with advancement it is best not to compare yourself to others, and do what you can handle. (Some can do 9 a day, some can only do 3 a day, etc. .) We're all part of the house of...
  151. Poweredbythesun

    6 killed in NJ shootout.

    And yet they are calling for more 'Gun Control'. As if the 20k+ gun laws in this country already, are ineffective. Or that the already firm gun laws of NJ were too 'loose'. It baffles the mind. But it is hilarious none the less that the black hebrew Isrealites are targeting fellow Jews. I hope...
  152. Poweredbythesun

    I want to heavily get involved in the spiritual war but how can i make sure that i’m going to be protected?

    Not to discourage you, but doing more than 3 a day is counter productive unless you're super high energy or you space them out (2 in the morning, 2 at mid day, 2 before bed). If you really want to do better: - Go over HPS Maxine's audio file for the Final RTR and make sure you're pronouncing...
  153. Poweredbythesun

    How much time should pass inbetween the workings?

    My apologies for assuming (your wording confuses me :/ ), but will you be doing these all at the same time? If so, do the most important working (or two (2) at maximum). You will be splitting your energies thin if you do more than two workings at a time. As for time in between workings, if...
  154. Poweredbythesun

    Doubts about moral, sexuality and Spiritual Satanism.

    Harmful sexual fantasies (scat, cuckoldry, race mixing) are dead ends on a path to seeking self gratification. And these lead to the same place, physical, mental, and most importantly spiritual ruin. In a perfect world none of the propaganda encouraging destructive fetishes and fantasies would...
  155. Poweredbythesun

    How many times do you do the full final RTR per day?

    Once. Mind you this takes me 15-20 minutes a session and I take my time. And I'm working my way up to 2 a day like this though, and the second one would be right before bed. I used to do 3 a day every day, but this was with pronouncing the words wrong and as fast as possible (7-10 minutes a...
  156. Poweredbythesun

    2nd American Civil war?

    Hahahahahahaha XD On a serious note though. I'm not sure exactly how this will all pan out, but it all seems to be getting better every day. I can only imagine what the World will look like in the next few years, but we've not only been making substantial progress in the way of exposing the...
  157. Poweredbythesun

    What is the fastest way to see and hear the demons and spirits?

    If I'm not mistaken you are correct in a way. Just like with Astral sight it will take time to develop your abilities to actually see and hear (like you normally would with the physical world), but the random thoughts are a good indication. I have had something similar for awhile, almost like a...
  158. Poweredbythesun

    2nd American Civil war?

    Fair enough. Especially considering the ATF and Feds have agents sprinkled about in most Militias or just outright honeypots. I personally would love to join the Military outright, but that may be an even worse idea XD Especially considering the lack of free time to do spiritual advancement...
  159. Poweredbythesun

    2nd American Civil war?

    Dude. Yes but in what ways are YOU preparing? We can not blindly rely on the Gods to fix our situation and help every SS make it out the other end, as with spiritual advancement your health and well being is almost entirely based on you. As for the U.S. becoming a completely 'Blue' nation I...
  160. Poweredbythesun

    2nd American Civil war?

    2nd American Civil war? Recently I've seen more and more talk about the U.S. having another Civil War as we're hammering the enemy with Final RTRs, and I was wondering exactly how likely do you all think it will be that the U.S. has a Civil War? And if so, what should be done to prepare...
  161. Poweredbythesun

    An effective meditation program for people who are serious about advancment

    If you are truly serious about advancement and starting from nothing, you would not only start with either the 40 day program or 6 month program. But you would also CLEAN your aura and soul religiously from now until you achieve Godhead. It's all about the basics (void meditation, foundation...
  162. Poweredbythesun

    This is a lonely road

    We are all part of the House of Satan, remember that. No matter if you miss a day and have to restart, no matter if you feel you're alone, or can't connect with others. Keep carrying on and moving forward, this is a tough path and it is made so to weed out the weak and those who are not ready...
  163. Poweredbythesun

    [IMPORTANT] List of Great Underrated Youtube alternatives

    Speaking of alternative media: Redice.tv They are a hub for Nationalists and are doing good work to promote White Culture and expose the Jews. Also, something to share with normies: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7XLm7IxaYJe1/ :)
  164. Poweredbythesun

    Is the USA the best country to live in?

    The U.S.A. is by far a better alternative to most countries, and if you're here I would stay here. But, we do have problems here. By far though, we have rights other places would LOVE to have. The right to Freedom of Speech, The right to Bear Arms, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of...
  165. Poweredbythesun

    Why is it so hard to start the 6 month warfare program?

    Spiritual advancement takes time, and not only that, but it is a lifestyle. The simple solution is to find a goal and work towards that. If you have no goal you will lose motivation at some point, and you will falter, losing most of the progress you made. This has personally been my path thus...
  166. Poweredbythesun

    Joyofsatan.org is unreachable :/

    I don't think this needs to be stated much (as most are aware). But keep backups of the JoS sites and meditations in case the sites go down or are under attack. Aside from that the problem is in the title, I hope one of the HPs sees this soon. But in the mean time Satanisgod.org is still...
  167. Poweredbythesun

    Upcoming Mercury Retrograde, be aware

    Exactly. By all means, protect your electronics and data. But constantly worrying makes it worse.
  168. Poweredbythesun

    Super Size Me 2

    Thanks for posting this. Just listened to it today and watched a bit of it, now I should probably go and watch the 1st Super Size me. I wish things weren't as bad as they are. But luckily enough they'll get better, and this new information is fuel to do more Final RTRs.
  169. Poweredbythesun

    Upcoming Mercury Retrograde, be aware

    Thanks for letting us know :D
  170. Poweredbythesun

    Speaking Of Crimes...

    BMI for some is not only inaccurate but completely off. As an athlete in High Shool I weighed 20lbs OVER the maximum 'healthy' weight for my height, despite both being a runner and not eating much more than 2000 calories a day. And now as an adult I'm stable at about 40lbs over that 'maximum...
  171. Poweredbythesun

    Best vibration for energy?

    Thank you all for your replies :) I haven't tried any of the above methods yet, but have found motivation to go to bed earlier recently. And funny enough that's working :D Now I'll just need to adjust it so I'm getting enough sleep in a night, as I've already got the waking up part down :)
  172. Poweredbythesun

    I smell a stinky jew!

    For me it's usually their eyes I spot first, and if not that then the comments they make or others make about them tip me off to them being Jewish. For example: Comments about them smelling odd (despite clearly looking well groomed), or for the more blatant ones who are openly Jewish; them...
  173. Poweredbythesun

    Nightmares and the "white sound"

    Do you mean that high pitched screeching sound some people sometimes hear in one ear? That's always bugged me too, and it's happened more often recently than I would like.
  174. Poweredbythesun

    On Approaching Satanism

    Thank you for this :)
  175. Poweredbythesun

    On Approaching Satanism

    Thank you for this :)
  176. Poweredbythesun

    Best vibration for energy?

    What methods in particular would you recommend for trying to fall asleep on time? I've always had the problem of staying up until late as well, and have been trying to go to bed on time to fix this. But as it always turns out I can't fall asleep :/
  177. Poweredbythesun

    Stories of New(Jew)Age and its corruption

    Of course, that could not only be bad, but potentially deadly to a SS. That's why I'm always vague regarding location, and don't mention country. As for the 'armor' this person envisioned themselves in, I should have explained better :/ This person specifically worked in a high stress...
  178. Poweredbythesun

    Stories of New(Jew)Age and its corruption

    Stories of New(Jew)Age and its corruption (This story takes place before I knew Reiki was Christianized heavily where I live, and sadly I took one of these courses. My apologies for my dumb optimism at the time) I remember when I was first getting into the occult I started reaching out to New...
  179. Poweredbythesun

    What are the best ways to deal with the "if i might be a jew" attack?

    If you can do the Final RTR and have not died thus far, you're a Gentile. As well, Jews cannot dedicate or spiritually advance. So you, having dedicated successfully are not a Jew. The 'Am I a Jew?' attack is one of the easiest the enemy can do, and it can sow seeds of doubt quite easily in...
  180. Poweredbythesun

    Porn programming

    You should be fine then :) Just remember: Do NOT give in to the programming or urges. They are nothing but poison and will lead to self destruction and ruin.
  181. Poweredbythesun

    Porn programming

    I'm guessing you're talking about the 'hypno' and other sorts of degenerate porn that's been spreading like wildfire for years now. The solution is simple: Don't watch porn. And when you get the urge to watch porn refuse, and instead visualize your perfect sexual partner or already existant...
  182. Poweredbythesun

    What makes you hate the enemy the most!!

    What even is this thread? O_o Also, formatting. Please learn to use it. Nobody wants to read a wall of text.
  183. Poweredbythesun

    US Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential 'incel' violence at ’Joker’ film screening

    At least you have drive then, that's very important. Sorry for not taking your circumstances into account, I was in that situation a year ago too :/ And what I have is a full time job, a family member to take care of, a mediation schedule to keep, and maybe a bit of free time to myself in a...
  184. Poweredbythesun

    US Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential 'incel' violence at ’Joker’ film screening

    You're half right. The Final RTR is of the utmost importance, and SHOULD be practiced by EVERY SS every day without fail. But to live to only do the RTR and Meditate is to discard what it is to Live. I'm sure others can elaborate better. But more or less we are NOT machines, and your...
  185. Poweredbythesun

    Yom "Kippur" Preparations [7th to 12th October]

    30 minutes? O_O I thought the average was between 10-15 minutes, you must be very through. As for 7 minute Final RTRs, I've came close to doing one in 7 minutes before but it is basically just breezing through it.
  186. Poweredbythesun

    arrival of the gods.

  187. Poweredbythesun

    arrival of the gods.

    Long story short: As long as we KEEP UP and CONTINUE the Final RTRs, and keep advancing we'll be fine. Think about it: We're one (1) year into the Final RTR and they're on their knees. What do you think 5 more years, 10 more years, ect. . . Will do to them? Let alone all the new members...
  188. Poweredbythesun

    US Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential 'incel' violence at ’Joker’ film screening

    Not to ask for a hand-holding sort of tutorial on building confidence. But how exactly does one go about building confidence? :/ I personally am going to start doing the 28 day program in Ming Shi Yan's book: The Shaolin workout and it says that is a start to building confidence, by getting...
  189. Poweredbythesun

    Bill gates the jew

    Basically what Q-DOS was was a OS Bill Gates bought off of a computer programmer and rebranded as Microsoft Windows. And if memory serves the original Q-DOS code existed in Windows up until Windows 3? As well, Q-DOS stood for Quick and Dirty Operating System. It's been awhile since I learned...
  190. Poweredbythesun

    Bill gates the jew

    Q-DOS was where it all began if I remember correctly.
  191. Poweredbythesun

    How do i make sure that i am not jewish?

    Do the Final RTR. If you're a Jew it will feel awful and you might die. If you're a gentile you will feel better or maybe even great and will be helping destroy the Jews. If you've already done the dedication and do the Final RTR regularly the chances are that you are not a Jew. Satanism does...
  192. Poweredbythesun

    sex with different races.

    This. This matters more than most would think, a good portion of us have reincarnated for this time we're in now. And since the person's last life things may have changed and races may have mixed. For example: I know I'm a White soul, and lived before. But I was born to a half Hispanic mother...
  193. Poweredbythesun

    US Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential 'incel' violence at ’Joker’ film screening

    Indeed. And this applies to people of both sexes and all ages ;) So by the current definition the largest group of Incels would be the elderly.
  194. Poweredbythesun

    Just Appreciating His Body

    So true! (Sorry to tangent) I know something that's helped me a lot recently in quitting porn is massage therapy, because what I was really lacking was affection and non-sexual intimacy with another person (I don't remember the word for it right now :/ ). Sure it is also great for helping in...
  195. Poweredbythesun

    'OK' is now a hate symbol, the ADL says

    They're just upset they lost the circle game ;)
  196. Poweredbythesun

    US Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential 'incel' violence at ’Joker’ film screening

    I think you mean 30~ to 22? Gen Z is far from snowflakes (though they're some of the most messed up :/ ), the bar is so low to the floor all you have to do is show up and actually work and you can have a decent job where I am. Sure there's a probationary period before you make your full pay...
  197. Poweredbythesun

    A White From Turkey

    I thought both Greece and Turkey used to be White, what the hell happened? D:
  198. Poweredbythesun

    Help with consistency

    That's actually something I need to get better at too, void meditation. I know it's super easy to do but just starting alone is difficult. Thanks for the hypnotizing advice too :) Do you know of a program to make audios for that? I remember someone said something about a program that existed...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan