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  1. Waúrmwulf

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 37: COURSE HAS BEEN SENT - BIG UPDATES...]

    I'm not particularly financially stable, or I'd have made some donations by now; I'm building my wealth from the ground up, and have scarcely enough to support myself at the moment. Once I was homeless and vagrant, now I am clothed, showered, sheltered, and fed every day. That was the first...
  2. Waúrmwulf


    Oh, I'm sorry, you should be able to now, and if not, my email is in my signature, just above the little "Save the Planet" graphic.
  3. Waúrmwulf

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    I'm at a loss for words...Queen Maat is truly wonderful, absolutely inspiring, and truly of the Highest. That is all I will state. Praises and Thanks to her. Dagan's quiet appreciation and and undeniable power manifests in the world around you. That's always been our relationship, anyway...
  4. Waúrmwulf


    Happy to help, Persephone! If you need any help, feel free to message/email me! :)
  5. Waúrmwulf


    Sure it is, sounds like your deck wants to meet you and get to work immediately! Here's what you should do: Ask it "What is your most important characteristic?" Give it a shuffle, and pull the top card. Next "What are your strengths?" Give it another shuffle, and pull the top card. Next...
  6. Waúrmwulf

    Hi I'm sad

    That's what we're here for, buddy. It's happened to us all. Do not mourn your former friendships, they where never your true friends anyway. I've even had to shed family due to this. Remember this as well: Silence is Golden As others said, we must keep our true belief secret to those who are...
  7. Waúrmwulf

    How do i find someone to love?

    Sun Squad is being childish and treating you like you are crazy because of your standards. Just ignore them. So are you here to grow as a person, or just be immature and inflammatory? Cut the redpiller crap, and stop antagonizing people who don't speak native english, literally none of us have...
  8. Waúrmwulf

    Tool for Removal Of A Specific Enemy Agent Who Is Directly Tormenting You

    Do you have an agent of the enemy tormenting you? Is there some insufferable jude making your life, or the life of someone you care for, difficult or even unbearable? Pehaps an enemy angelform is tormenting you? Well, if so, allow me to present you with a precision tool for you to achieve the...
  9. Waúrmwulf

    How to stop a negative situation

    You should get yourself a stone called Pyrite. "Fool's Gold", it's also known as. Pyrite's magickal properties can be quite effective in deflection of negativity and ill will, and could be actively used in causing someone to quit their bullshit directed at you. I wear a little arm band made of...
  10. Waúrmwulf

    Israeli "ultra-orthodox" now to be drafted to war.

    Don't worry, I don't think anyone with true devotion to the cause has any disagreements with what you've said. I'm with you 100%
  11. Waúrmwulf

    Israeli "ultra-orthodox" now to be drafted to war.

    And so the spiritual anti-force will be weakened further, and the resistance will be lessened by quite a bit. Now will be a better time than ever to be unleashing relentless attacks upon the enemy with deep scrutiny. This is wonderful news for spiritual warriors, this is a huge advantage for us.
  12. Waúrmwulf

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    Indeed, one should never fear, only be aware, calculate their action accordingly. Trust their intuition, and know what could happen if they don't.
  13. Waúrmwulf

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    I did not, as at the time I unfortunately wasn't as educated in the runes as I am now, but it's likely I would have with the knowledge I have now. But the man was a heavy drug user, particularly a fan of opiates and opioids, and this was around the time Fentanyl first started to make it's...
  14. Waúrmwulf

    How do i find someone to love?

    Untrue; many men say the same about women here, but this is also an invalid statement by men who encountered. Many men have hurt you, this is clear, but you must not lose your belief in love because of that. Instead, one must learn to program their aura to repel these kinds of people, and...
  15. Waúrmwulf

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    Ahhhh, Dagan! I know Dagan. Wonderful God. One of my neighbors placed a little winged statue in my garden once saying "I gave you an angel to protect your garden". I was pissed off, like, what are you doing putting paraphernalia from your religion in my garden, you know? Very rude. It wasn't...
  16. Waúrmwulf

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    These two things I find to be the most dangerous from experience. All are poisonous when not kept in check, but Anger and Hate are straight up double edged swords. They can be exceedingly dangerous, and cause one to land themselves in the worst positions, such as Prison. And take it from me...
  17. Waúrmwulf

    Happy Summer Solstice!

    It was a damn good solstice indeed. I realized a little late what day it was, but still made good use of the energies, and celebrated well enough. Hope it went wonderfully for everyone else as well.
  18. Waúrmwulf

    Lord Anubis has wings?

    Yes. They all have wings, as do we. :)
  19. Waúrmwulf

    May your success extend to all your endeavors!

    May your success extend to all your endeavors!
  20. Waúrmwulf

    About Translations: End Of 2024

    This is a great move forward, getting this information into as many languages as possible, especially languages with powerful ancient roots, such as those with roots in Sanskrit, Germanic, and Latin. The Greek and French sites are looking to be coming along nicely as well. I'm very impressed by...
  21. Waúrmwulf

    Question #4832: How to get rid of koran

    Yeah, when I got rid of my grandfather's bible, I just kind of tore it to pieces, did a little tapdance on it for shits and giggles, and threw it in a trashbin. These things are just bible ripoffs written in Arabic, so the same treatment applies.
  22. Waúrmwulf

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    Okay, one last little statement from me and it's back to work with my zealous ass. Every time I have done Lord Balaam's ritual so far, it has ended in me pouring with sweat with how much energy and how intense it gets. It's beautiful, it's invigorating, and it's perfect for feeding directly...
  23. Waúrmwulf

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    How one can be at least 4 years in and still hold any form of sympathy for these absolute chaos agents is beyond me. The ones you are talking about are considered the worst kinds of people, even among juden. Either you're a chaos agent yourself trying to seed doubt in our ranks, or you need to...
  24. Waúrmwulf

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    Oh, I am so incredibly apologetic that my depressive dip caused me to be late to this, I am...I can't describe how I feel, other than I am damn near on the verge of tears. I have a feeling they may flow. I will begin these immediately. Two Heroes of our very own can, should, and will be...
  25. Waúrmwulf

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    I'd like to say, this is very interesting to me that you've had this dream, because I actually have had so many thoughts of a similar place too, so many in fact it's become one of my goals to work towards the implementation of an institution like this. It's a beautiful dream, and I hope one day...
  26. Waúrmwulf

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    In all I have tried to do, and all I will ever attempt to do or help with in any way, I will ensure to follow these standards and strive to achieve absolute excellence in these as I have done with my current project of translating rituals; much work needs to be spent on each one to ensure the...
  27. Waúrmwulf

    Have you been able to create a friendship with a demon? I wish I was Valefor's friend

    Well, that's exactly what you should expectt, actually. From your GD especially, they're your main Guru, your best homie. Most of us call Satan Father because he really is like a Father figure to us. The relationship with the Gods that you form needs to be personal - profoundly personal. Yes...
  28. Waúrmwulf

    Waurm's Algs Meditation

    Hoi! Little update on this: RAUM IOEA Meditation before the 10 x 3 version of this has proved extremely effective for cleaning the soul and setting up reflective defenses so far. But just keep in mind, you will likely get very very hot from this! The energy buildup is substantial, so maybe...
  29. Waúrmwulf

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    I don't know if what I was going to do here is even nessicery, honestly, and I feel a little silly for starting it now. I'll just focus on what I was already doing before, cause It'll take so much work to do what I want to do for every card in one go and take so long that I don't even know if it...
  30. Waúrmwulf

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    Well heck, here I was going to write a full robust article with a description for each card with all the numerology, astrology and elemental identifications...should I even bother?
  31. Waúrmwulf

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Awesome! I freakin needed this, Gods know I'm terrible at keeping track of the planets on my own haha. Blessings unto those who worked so hard to bring this to fruition!
  32. Waúrmwulf

    Reminder the Gods' Rituals can be done daily⚡

    My dumb ass didn't even see this and went and made a duplicate of this lmao. Thanks again, Egon.
  33. Waúrmwulf

    How does one perform the Gods Rituals more efficiently?

    Gaddamn, I was looking for exactly this comment for like an hour hahaha I remembered seeing it but forgot to write it down. Thanks a bunch for this Egon, much appreciated.
  34. Waúrmwulf

    Incredible Advances in AI-Generated Music (And how we can utilize it...)

    Just wanna say, despite all the quarreling between our Tribal Kingdoms and your Empires, I got huge respect for the Greeks and Italians. Great freaking food too, seriously! 😉
  35. Waúrmwulf

    Incredible Advances in AI-Generated Music (And how we can utilize it...)

    As much as I am a fan of AI and it's possibilities and usages (such as helping me refine the efficiency of my algorithms), I believe when it comes to music or art, the human process is best, though AI generated art can provide some tier 100 references to take from, and Intelligent Algorithms are...
  36. Waúrmwulf


    From someone who was personally possessed by an angel for the better part of my life, they are not Demons, these are evil malignant agents of the enemy yhvh: angels, thought-forms, and even high level rabbis, among others. Xtian exorcism is a joke, it's just diluted bible-thumps abusing people...
  37. Waúrmwulf

    Old Tawus Melik Sketch

    Thank you so much. Tawus Melik is one of my favourite representations of Father. I'm going to work on another depiction of the Grand Peacock once I'm finished the current project I'm working on.
  38. Waúrmwulf

    Christians: Professional Hypocrites

    I love it when you pick them apart like an orange man. Everything, right on the nose...the things I wish I could say to some of my family sometimes, point out their fucking insufferable contradictory bullshit. They wonder why I've estranged myself, well...some people you just can't save, and...
  39. Waúrmwulf

    News On Kundalini-Project - Website, Kundalini-Project Public License & More

    This would be great to be implemented as the security standards for a Satanic OS, should such a project be embarked on. Awesome stuff, fellow Techpreist ;)
  40. Waúrmwulf

    Resource for OS Development.

    Ahhhh [claps] now this is it, here's the good stuff. I'm a systems programmer, got a lot of love for that C/C++ and assembler level goodness, mhm, mhm! I've written a couple compilers, one was basic native compiler called ACX for a stupid little language I called AlmostC, that I was using as a...
  41. Waúrmwulf


    This is another old coffee shop sketch from my teenaged years. Don't know if you'll believe me, but I did it completely freehand, perfectionism was my guide rather than a ruler haha.
  42. Waúrmwulf

    Satanic Meditation Graphic

    As is your flag my friend!
  43. Waúrmwulf

    Proof Jews Abduct Children Before Passover

    Ah, fuck, they shut down his repository, I really wanted to take a look at those scripts and give them a go myself...
  44. Waúrmwulf

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    No problem, I understand you're a busy person, and I appreciate the opportunity! This was actually exactly what I was hoping for, I knew the whole site wouldn't do much to be completely translated into an Old Germanic form, as cool as that would be, it wouldn't be much use indeed. I will ensure...
  45. Waúrmwulf

    Satanic Meditation Graphic

    I. LOVE. The glowing serpants. :giggle: I agree, this would be perfect for the meditations sections!
  46. Waúrmwulf

    New Member

    Welcome, welcome, always wonderful to see new blood wander into our world! Better take care of us too, it's a two way street here! :p
  47. Waúrmwulf

    Old Tawus Melik Sketch

    I completely agree, they are absolutely gorgeous animals. It's no wonder they're one of Father's favourites.
  48. Waúrmwulf

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    I'm sorry if my comment rubbed anyone the wrong way, but it needed to be said. You want love? Then make yourself loveable!!!
  49. Waúrmwulf

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    BOOOM SNICKAS!!! This is all generally encompassing what I tell people about these relations, and their dilusion serrounding them. Some listened, some, like you said, have this moronic assumption that, even though you're a higher level mage than them, you've no idea what you're talking about...
  50. Waúrmwulf

    Old Tawus Melik Sketch

    This is an oooold sketch I did when I was 17 or 18 in a coffee shop near my highschool. Brought a smile to my face.
  51. Waúrmwulf

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Ohh, yeah, see, this is exactly what I was thinking had happened. :ROFLMAO:
  52. Waúrmwulf

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Hmmm...just looks like the quality of the original image has been cleaned up. It's no different, really. The new one, I think, gives more of a sense of pensive, lamenting thought - a longing for the peace and prosperity for our world that we are striving to bring to fruition. I think the new one...
  53. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    Hells yeah, that's a great idea! I'd totally be willing to help with that too, though I'd have to brush up on my Latin. Those two languages have very strong occult associations, and are just overall beautiful. And thank you, I very much appreciate that. I hope I can find some ways to really help...
  54. Waúrmwulf

    Is vaping hemp/full spectrum CBD harmful?

    Take it from me, Gods don't like it when your high, and they'll keep distance or won't respond at all if they sense you are intoxicated, because they do not want to feel intoxicated themselves and...that's what happens when you connect with someone who's stoned. Besides, you can actually learn...
  55. Waúrmwulf

    Older works

    This is some wild stuff. Azaziil and Astarti look absolutely stunning. :love:
  56. Waúrmwulf

    Very Demonic Artworks

    That is absolutely fucking gorgeous.
  57. Waúrmwulf

    Waurm's Algs Meditation

    Oh, shit, yeah, I should have mentioned that, thank you.
  58. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    Listen, as cool as it would be to have a full Gothic version of the site, guys, that's not my main focus. My main focus is scripture, like Ethics and Virtues, the Rituals and Psalms, those things spacifically, like, I've already been working on Jilwah, PBUH and Quret. The things that matter most...
  59. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    I understand where you're coming from. I'm sorry any miscommunication happened. It's easy to get confused over text sometimes.
  60. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    I literally just tossed some sarcasm and stated my position on the matter, don't even start, I'm not offended, I'm holding my position. I get what you're saying, but there was no need to make a „the Gods are better than your endeavors“ kind of statement just because someone wants to revive a...
  61. Waúrmwulf

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    His energy is so...calm and soothing yet precise and sagacious. Amplifies ones loyalty and drives to please the Gods. What an awesome experience it is to participate in these rituals.
  62. Waúrmwulf

    Waurm's Algs Meditation

    This is a meditation I've done every day for a few years now, though I conceived it long before this particular lifetime - it was one of my passed life's bread and butter rituals. It's really great in the morning, when you first wake up. It is intermediate in nature, but it's simple enough that...
  63. Waúrmwulf

    Question #4429: Addiction

    I always ask why do people even play this game, but I never thought I'd see anything about this garbage here of all places lmao you'd figure an SS would know better. It's freaking terrible for you, man, sexual suppression is for whitebread bible thumpers, not wholegrain slices like Satanists...
  64. Waúrmwulf

    Israeli VS Palestine Military loses

    Great report Ramses.
  65. Waúrmwulf

    Thread Removal.

    https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/satbahala-limaviv-my-weird-little-enochian-script.96791/ I created this thread because I found an old project I had and thought it would be cool to share it. It turned out to be a COMPLETE mistake to do so, and this thread has been nothing but a...
  66. Waúrmwulf

    Satan, the God of an African people

    That's way too cool. Exceptionally composed essay, complete with all the receipts
  67. Waúrmwulf

    How to still the mind?

    Light a candle, focus on the flame for 5-10 minutes. Clasp your hands over your eyes, and try to keep the lightshadow from the flame bright and in the center of your vision. Once you can hold the lightshadow without it flickering or trying to fly out of your vision, you will have learned how to...
  68. Waúrmwulf

    No Sleep? Let's Look Into That: Anomalies Associated with Advancement and Increased Bioelectrical Frequency, and How We Deal With That!

    That's a fair point right there, we can't really assume things, I figured whatever I'm going through my guardian deals with at an exponential level due to the sheer energy I feel whenever he even touches my mind. Trance takes a lot of time to get used to, it's a bit of a learning curve. I also...
  69. Waúrmwulf

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    Hey, I would really love to do Gothic translations, I've already done a few of the rituals so far and have been working on Father's doctrines for my own personal use. This language is really powerful and I quite enjoy using it. If the answer is no, I understand completely, but this language is a...
  70. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    Thanks so much for the support. Really appreciate it. (y) I know my language is worth a hell of a lot more than you're making it out to be. I will do all I can to revive it, if only for religious purposes than fine, but I've been using it for quite some time now. I appreciate your input, but...
  71. Waúrmwulf

    No Sleep? Let's Look Into That: Anomalies Associated with Advancement and Increased Bioelectrical Frequency, and How We Deal With That!

    Homie, you seem to be mistaking this post for something it's not. The first thing I'm gonna oppose you on is "don't practice before bed". That was, for lack of better terminology, a crock of steaming bullshit. See, that is simply not an option. Unless you want to wake up sore and sticky with...
  72. Waúrmwulf

    Conversations with snakes

    You are experiencing what is called "Astral Static", and you've mistaken aspects of your own mind as gods. "Speaking" with the gods isn't even words, it is usually through emotions, imagry, and complex thought processes with no actual words. And when it is words, it's coming through your...
  73. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    Wait, how exactly do I even hit him up to do that, 'cause I've no idea how the new forums work man, I haven't been here in so long
  74. Waúrmwulf

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    Thank you! I've spent a lot of time on them. Unfortunately I accidentally uploaded all the draft versions I hadn't checked through and used yet, and that's one of them o_O
  75. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    Thanks for letting me know who to talk to about this.
  76. Waúrmwulf

    JoS Rituals site down

    Site is down again, just to let you guys know
  77. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    I got that „�go look again, you sent the wrong one.“ feeling. Had to check and glad I did. That would have totally goofed everything up.
  78. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    UGGGHHH Okay, I just looked at the PDFs, for some reason I posted my first drafts with Aíƕa is in place of Eiws be fore I had revised them. For some reason I kept just reading the name and putting the rune and I misread Eihwaz as Ehwaz. I was pretty tired each time I added the runes to the...
  79. Waúrmwulf

    No Sleep? Let's Look Into That: Anomalies Associated with Advancement and Increased Bioelectrical Frequency, and How We Deal With That!

    Layers of improvement, every day, I get ya haha. You'll kick it. Oh, yes, thank you for bringing that up, I completely forgot to mention that. If you don't know what to do with the energy, definitely pass it on. The Gods never forget favours, and this is a bigger one than most know!
  80. Waúrmwulf

    JoS logo template for translators

    Might be getting ahead of myself, but first use results :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I think it looks pretty great
  81. Waúrmwulf

    Is this image apropriate

    Looks amazing, fellow Visikin, I adore it. I wish you a safe and swift recovery. Fun fact about the Raven is that it's Father's representative in the Animal Pantheon. (In case ya didn't know) Another box ticked for the Goths haha!
  82. Waúrmwulf

    Dream - A poem in honor of Lord Beelzebul

    The Lord is Great, and so is this poem. I'm enjoying your work, friend. Please, never stop.
  83. Waúrmwulf

    Aura Cleaning taking "too long"?

    Some days will be more difficult than others, and this can depend on a few different factors; planets, pre-accumulated energy (sometimes it's good to build a bit of vril up before you start, especially on cloudy days/nights when it's harder to draw from the sky sources), how dirty your soul...
  84. Waúrmwulf

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Congratulations! Glad to see people gaining deserved positions.
  85. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic Translation Thread

    So I've been studying the Gothic language quite a bit, and even translating things for my own usage, and I have to say it resonates pretty well for myself. The alphabet is surprisingly just a mask for the runes, seems the Goths weren't willing to give up our kabalah so easily. It's a lot like...
  86. Waúrmwulf

    Gothic language

    I plan on doing a full post about this language at some point soon, actually, but in short: It was a language spoken by the Visigoths and Ostrigoths, two Germanic tribes composing the people that may have also been responsible for the runes themselves, and managed to maintain their use in the...
  87. Waúrmwulf

    HPS Maxine/HP HC666 AI Chatbot

    Oh that's pretty awesome, if you need programmers, I'm kind of stupid good at learning programming languges in timespans so short it kinda scares me, so...might be able to help with any developments like that, if ever needed.
  88. Waúrmwulf

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    I construct these for myself, but I figured since I have the skill, would you like me to do Gothic translations? I'd be more than happy to.
  89. Waúrmwulf

    No Sleep? Let's Look Into That: Anomalies Associated with Advancement and Increased Bioelectrical Frequency, and How We Deal With That!

    So I was parusing various posts today and stumbled across a cute but valid question: Do the Gods Sleep? Now, this was a simple answer from me, because I had to learn very early on how to deal with a potentially problematic anomaly associated with spiritual advancement, and that is I absolutely...
  90. Waúrmwulf

    Question #4712: Ideas/more money spells

    Money spells and workings are only as good as you are willing to actively attempt to make money throughout your daily life. Ziku gives you the luck to hit the jackpot, but you actually have to use it yourself and not just hold a big ball of astral gold everywhere yo go and just expect it to...
  91. Waúrmwulf

    Do animals have souls?

    But of course, they're just very different from ours and follow a somewhat different advancement system maybe, but they are all still as much of the Allfather's creations as we are. Jliwah states, after all: "I exercise dominion over all creatures and over the affairs of all who are under the...
  92. Waúrmwulf

    Request for performance of artwork

    Wish I'd known that before designing a buncha new crap around it. Ah well. Scrap on that project I guess.
  93. Waúrmwulf

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    What a coincidence, just had this god on my mind yesterday. Thank you, and will hop right on it.
  94. Waúrmwulf

    Marriage & Baptism in Spiritual Satanism: About Love

    This makes me so happy. So so very happy to hear this. That's all I wanted to say here.
  95. Waúrmwulf

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    I've never feared AI myself, only really held concern for the effects those ill intention will produce. I remember playing an old game called Marathon, we deal with various super intelligent AI throughout the game, it was the first game to simulate story progression driven by communication with...
  96. Waúrmwulf

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I've not any idea how to message privately on this setup, but I will offer my services here and now, as this is the entire reason I have returned - to the forum. I never left the faith or Ministry. I just had an angel on my back to kill. Forever your attack dog, the Serpent's Wolf returns to his...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan