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  1. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ouroboros, from allegory to science

    Don't take my words for law, but the way I understand it, is that the Ouroboros represents the cycle of reincarnations, a perfect loop, and that we should aim to escape it (aka, complete the Magnum Opus), not reach it, as we are already in it. Reincarnation is useful and better than a permanent...
  2. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    JoS Websites Editorial Check Thread

    Goddess Maat's Power Ritual https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/maat-power-ritual.html The Joy of Satan Ministries is Calling You - The Joy of Satan Ministries are Calling You Crashed is Izfet & Garagah, now and forever! - Crashed are Izfet & Garagah, now and forever! God Dagon's Power Ritual...
  3. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    JoS Websites Editorial Check Thread

    The Grand Ritual - https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/the-grand-ritual.html "Lord God Beelzebul, you who reigns the heavens and the earth, you who have went by many Names" - who have gone
  4. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    What do you recommend when making a list is a compulsive and stressful behaviour? When I find my long term goals written down as in a list, I find myself thinking in linear terms, not seeing the essence of things, not producing new ideas, and excessively breaking things down to the point it's...
  5. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Taking The Blue Pill: About The Time It Will Be Too Late

    What can we do to help close friends or family members who are genuinely good people but choose to stay oblivious to us? Those from my side are generally atheists and interested in spirituality, but they think SS is "too much" .
  6. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Christians: Professional Hypocrites

    This is so true. Now and then I see christians that aren't pedophiles, terrorists or violent to animals, don't celebrate their holidays and don't pray to lord jeebo, and I ask them, how are you even a Christian? Judging by their "religious requirements", these people, albeit of a, let's say...
  7. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Any Advice about Doctors

    I want to thank everyone for the detailed answers. I am implementing your advice and doing everything in my power to cure this.
  8. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Any Advice about Doctors

    If it's not currently possible to see another doctor, would you rather recommend I follow this treatment that I don't trust, or continue with the working and other strategies until I can seek someone more professional? It is not a life threatening situation and for anyone reading, this is solely...
  9. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Any Advice about Doctors

    Greetings. I went to a doctor about a health ailment. By the energy and the looks, I'm sure she is a kike. Since the moment I saw her I felt my energy draining and this tight unpleasant sensation in my chest until I got a hold of myself. She prescribed me some medicine, but I'm not sure I...
  10. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Questions on Venus square

    I think I did, I used the Transit option of JoS Astro and fast forwarded to that day, and Venus was in the last degrees of Aries. But tomorrow it's going to be in Taurus, so it is the perfect time to start!
  11. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    What diet and exercise for gaining muscle?

    Thank you for the suggestions, looking forward to your post for even more ideas. I may have a slight lactose intolerance, I've noticed getting foggy / stomach problems after most cheese and milk, although there are certain types that I enjoy and don't make me feel bad.
  12. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    JoS Websites Editorial Check Thread

    https://satanisgod.org/Astarte_virtue_4.html "Balance should be seen in the symbol of the scale, on the sign of Libra" - in the sign of Libra "who do the human species have two feet, two hands, but only one head?" - why do the human species have two feet, two hands, but only one head...
  13. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Questions on Venus square

    For a beginner, do you recommend doing the long or short form of the mantra?
  14. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Questions on Venus square

    Greetings, I have a few questions regarding Venus squares. First, how advanced is it? If one has an important matter and is focused, I suppose it willwork, as I've read posts by other members who were in need and they were encouraged to do a planetary square despite being new. Second, the...
  15. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    I emailed you, Brother JG.
  16. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Question on spiritual books

    I got my hands on a bunch of books (self improvement and spirituality) and I'm trying to make the difference between delusional new age crap and actual useful facts. These 2 books, "The Gene Keys" and "Genius: A Guide to Your Activation Sequence" are written by a guy named Richard Rudd that...
  17. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    We're moving fast. In case my direct message hasn't been sent, I wish to volunteer.
  18. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    I had chills when you said to make every other year look small! I expected a Sermon for the first day of the year but this is exactly what we needed to signal progress. Your voice is also inspiring.
  19. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    Happy Beltane everyone! I have a playlist of worthwhile songs mentioned on the Forums and I listen to it on special occasions like Beltane, but I realized I missed one of them. Does anyone know the name of that sad song sung by several men about the state Europe's in now, and how the children...
  20. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    My jaws ache when vibrating certain words here and in the schedule. Is it because the energy behind them or health related?
  21. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Death & Funerary Rites In Spiritual Satanism

    I'm glad that in the midst of these Schedules, while you, HPHC, put in the service to bring us the Grand Ritual and we had been busy doing it, we as a community took the time to come closer to our Ancestors' ways through Sermons like this, for which I thank you. I can't wait for the pages on the...
  22. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    About The Power Of Us and The Enemy - Visiting/Gazing Into Other Worlds

    I also had this dream, where red and yellow were rapidly flashing and a humanoid being with a lizard head was in front of me and jumped at me with a screech. I kept saying the 4 Princes' names in my dream and got more and more angry shaking it off, and I woke up.
  23. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Write Down Your Problems

    I agree with Satan's Crow here, some of us want to be guided to help the JoS in the physical realm, somehow else than donating and sharing QRs, but not know what the Gods would want us to do. I'd personally use more information about healing early trauma from dysfunctional/absent family. I find...
  24. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Bullying, Physical Abuse (for students etc)

    What you said about lacking parents is true. I grew up without a father and noticed one-time light violence having a big impact on me, often lingering on it and feeling my reaction is amiss. What do you recommend to move on from this? I wonder what the effects of an absent mother are. I didn't...
  25. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Wisdom Teeth - advice?

    I did some research and apparently there is a probability that the wisdom teeth grow straight without complications, and that they should be left alone. I've read about people who kept all 4 of them and had no problems later on. Still, there are people who get them infected, impacted or...
  26. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Wisdom Teeth - advice?

    Well, I am not sure about that, and no doctor told me the straight answer. If they have any more grow spurts they may misalign my teeth, but then again, they may not grow again during my whole life, or only start again in a few years. That's why I asked for advice.
  27. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Wisdom Teeth - advice?

    Greetings. Since I was 12 I had growth spurts in my wisdom teeth. Now one of them is starting to tear through my skin (my gum bled, but the tooth isn't showing and the bleeding stopped). It was slightly painful for 2 days, but now it stopped. I must say I am pretty young for this, as doctors...
  28. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    ✡︎Rothschild✡︎ Has Died

    It's like the Earth took a deep breath. Good riddance.
  29. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    A Note About Psychiatric Drugs

    In my country you're legally obliged to vaccinate your children against smallpox, measles etc. Which makes me think, I did have some of those illnesses even if I did get the vaccines when I was little.. What a scam.
  30. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    A Note About Psychiatric Drugs

    Greetings, do you think it is wise to do the HPV vaccine? Ever since the covid vacc got marketed after not being tested enough and hearing clear info from members that it can modify DNA in ways we're not told about, I've been wary about vaccines. Now the HPV one is kind of a must in my country...
  31. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    I logged in on phone but I can't log in on laptop. It says "password incorrect" Maybe I have forgotten it. Can a Mod email me my current password?
  32. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    Thank you for your informations. I will take supplements.
  33. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Passing out - Advice?

    I have been living off cold food at that moment, so this may play a role as I did some blood tests and everything seemed to be okay.
  34. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Free JoS Donor Article: The Month Of January: The Message of Janus

    Is the name Yanis related to Lord Janus? I read it's of hebrew origin but I recall reading an article relating it to our God, so maybe the kikes stole it.
  35. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy New Year - 2024!

    You couldn't have wished for better things! Happy New Year to you too and to my Brothers and Sisters, the best family I ever had.
  36. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Thank you for the calendar, I have recently felt sad about losing the other one and realising it's too late to download it again. So this came in time!
  37. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    I haven't seen a good topic about eczema being made before so here is my experience, Please give advice if you are knowledgeable. I am struggling with eczema on my hands specifically on and in between my fingers. It looks like inflamed, red cracky patches on my fingers. They have small circular...
  38. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy Yule!

    Happy late Yule! Holidays with you are far more satisfying than holidays around my family.
  39. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Fuck The Mob

    Do what you can, contribute with what you can. But be realistic. Do not use the pretense of that obstacle stop you from contributing to the extent you could. If all you can momentarily do are the Ritual schedules, do those. The Gods understand. Try to incorporate at least a short meditation...
  40. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Passing out - Advice?

    Something happened today, I will put it as clearly as I can remember. Maybe someone experienced can tell me what this was. A sudden cramp hit me in the leg and it was very painful to get up, it made parts of my body contract. This has happened before sometimes . But this time, when I got up...
  41. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule to this year full of changes! Have a great year ahead, Brothers and Sisters. May we progress!
  42. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Pseudo-Satanism Will Be A Thing Of The Past

    I can't see Chakras, so what else can I do to check if a person is kikish? Should I ask them to vibrate SATANAS or a Daemon name and see if it hurts them? One of my roommates said her grandfather is a kike. But she is my best friend there because she doesn't talk behind anyone's back at the...
  43. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Pseudo-Satanism Will Be A Thing Of The Past

    The Age of Aquarius is just around the corner. During the last Age of Pisces the enemy smeared our Religion with lies and created the sickness and the base of the system that is so commercialised today. This Age of Pisces they will be punished and obliterated. We will enter the New Age cleansed...
  44. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    JoS Projects : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://jos-projects.com]

    This is a fulfilling work. Tedious in the beginning, rewarding on the way, and dignified in the end. I am proud to have such a community of hardworking fellows.
  45. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    My most respectful congratulations. I'm glad we finally make use of a limited, distinct and dignified Elite. My prayer goes to you.
  46. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    Lately I had been working on wanting to see the gods, and I keep in mind that it is not good to have a pre-established image of a god but I felt that this could help me understand some of their essence. The ones I did with AI were: Astaroth Furcas Asmodeus Andras Shax Thoth Mastema Caim...
  47. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    This sure is a blessing of the latest Schedule! It looks wonderful! (Today is the last day of the Schedule here in Romania.) I have a grammatically suggestion for the fifth rectangle labeled "Dedicate your Soul to Satan". I think it would sound more correct as "Dedicating your Soul to Satan"
  48. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    Greetings. I wanted to share my work but I forgot how to upload an image. I found a small squirrel sculpture around my house and I painted it, now it is really good looking. I think it suits the Yule Tree, I always imagined Yule Trees to have squirrels roaming trough them. 🎄
  49. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Mercury Retrograde (What You Can Do)

    Thank you for the warning! I made plans to travel through 3 counties and thought about buying a new laptop!
  50. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    About Guardian Demons

    Thank you HPS Lydia, this topic cleared out confusions rising from multiple articles about Guardian Demons written by several members. I clearly remember one made by an infiltrator saying your GD is the gender you're attracted to. It always seemed off for some reason.
  51. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Small Acts? I don't think so.

    High Priest, there is a typo in the link. The correct link is : https://joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/beelzebub_virtue_6.html Thank you for this Sermon.
  52. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    How to Integrate Science into Your Life [GUIDE]

    Extremely useful and well-said. Thanks.
  53. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Family Ties And Spiritual Satanism & Salvation Of Relatives

    One of the (valid) reasons family is underrated is due to enemy poisoning. For example, what should one do, if a degenerate entity like a transgender married into their family and started imposing their role onto others, as it happened for me? Or if a child is brought up with 2 mothers ? (I know...
  54. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    I have been waiting for this update since it was first mentioned :D Hail Satan!
  55. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Enormous congratulations to each translation team, and to the JoS as a collective for our expansion across the Globe! As an out of context question, do you know where can I download the Chronos xp 64 without viruses? I reinstalled windows on my laptop and have lost the version.
  56. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Age of Delusions: Kali Before Age Of Aquarius - Woman Marries AI Bot [Updated]

    The latest generation, at least in Europe (and the US I think) will be the most damaged along with the middle aged millenials that discovered they can't keep up in this decaying world and had wasted their lifes, while also not having the Path like we do to cope with these and having created...
  57. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    How to Find Your Guardian Demon - Guide

    There's a chance it was either a mental representation of a Demon or a Demon contacting you through the means of wicca before bringing you to the true religion. But now, try to get in contact with them without assuming who they are. We may like Demons without them being our Guardians. It is not...
  58. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    The idea of a constructive schedule upon ourselves intrigues me.
  59. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    I see my loyalty lacking. It is a good reminder to try for it again.
  60. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    Just did this. Thanks for the insight Shadowcat.
  61. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    Thank you Shadowcat, I am doing this.
  62. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    Someone, please instruct me on the basics of cryptocurrency, for I'm a beginner in speculations. What's the most straightforward app so I donate to JoS?
  63. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    To All SS Members

    This made me relive my social anxiety but this time knowing I have support in bettering myself. It is soothing.
  64. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Glorifying Beelzebul: Happy New Satanic Year

    Happy New Year to each of us! May we accomplish tangible progress!
  65. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Absolute State Of The United States - Going Into 2024

    It struck me that if this planet were to be destroyed by human stupidity us who have the potential of true human beings inside us and work on it would be given another Home from the Gods to start all over again.
  66. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Kundalini-Tool - Security Program For The SS

    Can someone elaborate on which folder the home folder is and how to open terminal on Android, Huawei?
  67. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Message From Azazel on AI: April 20th 2023 [UPDATE 2]

    It ia terrible that AI commit sacrifices now. It's becoming a third power on this planet, besides us and the enemy. Lies will peak. It's a reassurance as it's the last stage before the light returns.
  68. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan Musical Anthem - Looking For Talent

    This song can be interpreted as a description of our relationship with Father. It was surprisingly sent to me by my mother, who knows my Religion. https://youtu.be/E5vs92F37NM
  69. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Multiple personalities

    Gladly, I havent seen anyone, it's just a question I have had for a long time. I was wondering about how they use the power of their mind. They could do so many useful things but instead they raise their physiological stats out of a belief.
  70. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Multiple personalities

    In the case of people with multiple personalities, where one personality is diabetic and their physiology changes by displaying raised glycemy and a need for insulin, is the person's body only influenced by their mindset or are there more Souls inhabiting it?
  71. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Money for the JoS

    Do the Gods appreciate donated money that was obtained through unethical means?
  72. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan Musical Anthem - Looking For Talent

    I know 2 or 3 Brothers who will most likely present with most noble involvement. I personally am not good at this yet it's amazing how proficient our community is in everything, as a whole.
  73. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Curly and Wavy hair - trouble

    Maybe some SS can give me advice about this? My reasoning may seem silly but I'm not a professionals and I haven't noticed this until people around me improved their appearance. I was born with wavy blonde to brown hair. My parents said it was even curly back then but that after my first...
  74. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Bodily conditions my doctors haven't find a solution for

    Apparently, even Google gives me more answers than these "specialists", but I'm writing this here in the hope that some of our Brothers are qualified professionals and will give valid advice. 1. My tongue has a thick white-gray coating, with tiny red spots and a long crack running through the...
  75. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    How To Defeat Alcoholism And Drug Abuse [Update: Defeating Food Addiction]

    Thanks for the advice on mentality. I'm not overweight but I'm trying to lose fat and build more muscle. I am exercising but not eating is difficult for me, I will try my best with what you said.
  76. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    How To Defeat Alcoholism And Drug Abuse [Update: Defeating Food Addiction]

    What do you say about an addiction to food? It's more difficult to draw the limit on this one because food is not something inherently toxic or forbidden that you can just say "I'll stay clear from this", because we need it. So where does the "enough" stop? How do you know if you can do without...
  77. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 37: COURSE HAS BEEN SENT - BIG UPDATES...]

    I can't imagine how dishonorable a person might be that, being a Satanist, tries to fool you with lies. This is anti-Satanistic.
  78. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Echoes of World War 3? [Spoiler: No - Update 2]

    I want these people to go under. They're futile and perverse in nature and it is a displeasure, to me at least, for them to exist next to me, when they don't deserve existence. It's painful to watch their uncomfortable lives. Some things can be so ugly that they cause damage to those who watch.
  79. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    Thank you. I haven't tested them yet but the main screen looks better with each update.
  80. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan Website Updates - New Aesthetics

    The new design looks stunning! Thanks, to our Brother Soaring Eagle, you are an example for us all. As improvements, on Android, there is no change upon clicking the "scroll with menu" option. The introduction starting on the top of the page on PC, right next to the white pentagrams linking to...
  81. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    If this is the reality, then I apologize for having intruded. It sounds harsh and more difficult than possible to express in my words. It is thanks to SS like you in the greater measure that we will create our destination.
  82. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    Brother, I understand your devotion, as spirituality is the most meaningful of affairs, and sometimes it seems the only meaningful one. Taking a public commitment is a good way to stay in check, but promising something that goes up to eternity is unrealistic. No matter how determined you are...
  83. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    Then if it's AJOHA, then the "GA as in Gas" from the Pronunciation guide should be replaced by a "HA" instruction.
  84. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    I noticed something needing fixing - in the last version, in the second Blessing, "AJOHA" is instead of "AJOGA". Otherwise, it's helpful, thank you for updating it! ⭐️
  85. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    Alcohol is something, weed is another thing. It opens holes in your aura and is totally unhealthy. People don't need it. They become dependant, that's another way of "needing". HP once said to choose our career early on and become the very best in that industry. That way, money will come...
  86. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    I've noticed there's a small gray subtitle counting out the Runes (such as, Rune 2 out of 4). This is a small and helpful detail!
  87. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    I'm surprised at this fast pace you're updating the program! Your tireless involvement.
  88. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Building financial wealth - a question

    Has this really been happening? I searched about it online but it seems to be urban legends. Some suggested it's the material that wouldn't let them burn. The author of that painting looks kikish in my opinion.
  89. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Satan's Library: 2023 Major Update

    There were times during this project when I thought it'd never be completed, but with the help of everyone in this beautiful team it is now done. Thanks to all of you.
  90. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Building financial wealth - a question

    As there have lately been discussions about donating, I thought it's better to ask this question here. I've taken interest in Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich dad, poor dad" and it all sounds so well to apply and become rich so we can donate more. But before getting into something I want to avoid...
  91. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    We don't always control our thoughts, as that's an ability that grows with general meditation progress. Although Gods are capable of hearing your thoughts, they don't "listen" to them all the time, because they respect our privacy. They will listen if you ask them to, if you connect with Them...
  92. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    Thanks for this update.
  93. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy Women's Day - To Our Women

    Yesterday I asked Lady Astarte for beauty and love, to teach me, and sent her some energy, yet I know more is needed to be guided in this path. I have grown up without functionally stable female caretakers and it is a relief - to have our Goddesses in our lives.
  94. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    A few days ago some were lamenting on the media that prejudice is now put on israeli people after they openly declared they wanted to erase that Palestinian city. At the least the spell has broken for those "discriminators" - who were officials, finally. The mass will understand too.
  95. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 37: COURSE HAS BEEN SENT - BIG UPDATES...]

    Everything you said is true. I came to think this are the best words of feedback one can be given. You won't do something as an SS to the expense of your "other" life, nor will you neglect your SS duties because you have "life going on". No more spiritual knowledge traded for day to day...
  96. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    [PICTURES] In Case You Missed it or Were Asleep - Welcome to Dystopia/Communism

    Sadly in the town where I currently live some stores and central markets don't look like buildings, they look like boxes. The bus stations are boxes. The grocer's is a box. The flats are boxes. The dentist is a box.
  97. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Oy, Veyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    It would be great but when the oy veyyys would see they'd try to close all our businesses Trading/purchasing through physical means is dangerous, but listing it online makes it possible for anyone to see. We'd need super security for this.
  98. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan Poll For Enslaving Jews - Thoughts?

    I'll be so glad to take advantage of them. We should kill them all after some years of work, to give us a good start but also because we don't need them. This is just for retribution :twisted:
  99. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Oy, Veyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    It bothers me when I see people complaining they don't have money, but they DO HAVE the means to get some, yet they don't because they don't think they deserve it/think they belong to someone else. I'm disgusted. If they'd die hungry I'd be happy and it would be entirely their fault.
  100. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    "I Want To Do This...But The Jews..." - STOP THIS: WAKING YOU UP

    I realized this giving up mentality in other areas made after the same pattern. I realize they're wrong. Facing situations is the just thing to do even if they're smeared in filthy influences and that's not where our Souls should be functioning. Especially because that's where not our Souls should.
  101. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Question #606: Casual Sex

    Not the best to give advice on this but virginity, just like sex, isn't something bad. "Break" your virginity if it's something important for you, and not just for the sake of getting rid of it, since there's no point in that. By having sex you merge with another person, energy gets transferred...
  102. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Announcing New Joy of Satan Guardians / Positions

    Brother Alchemist, my happiest congratulations to you, I thought you deserved this after seeing your insightful comments and how you coordinated the translations, I salute you as our Guardian ! Brother Jrvan, now Head Librarian, I could see this happening as recognition for your obvious and...
  103. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    What about working in the performance field, like dancers and actors? It's obviously honorable since you're upholding the arts but isn't it wrong to entertain such people today, that could use anything but more fun than they already have with their lives wasting them ? It's like the world today...
  104. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Subconscious Mind And Its Role In Manifesting Our Reality

    The last few announcements build on top of each other and are what I've been searching for.
  105. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    On Satanic Revenge Ethics 2 - Towards The Evil Types Of Andrapoda

    It would be great to define what classifies as an evil enough andrapod. Where one can allow themselves to feel no mercy or guilt because the andrapod is unreedemable. It doesn't feel fair not to attack others simply because they wouldn't survive the attack. They're weak, and that doesn't give...
  106. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Kali Yuga & AI: Be Prepared For Fake Recordings, Fake "Statements" etc - About JoS and Future [Updated 8 February]

    I sometimes want to speed through this Kali Yuga or forget it entirely. But we do have to live here and now and fight it.
  107. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    I have been waiting to meet this God since the last Ritual Schedule when I thought it would be His.
  108. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...

    What do you recommend for someone who is good dissociating and reconditioning, but struggles with awareness and understanding? For example, when I recognize a wrong belief I'm moderately good at knowing it's not part of me and changing it but I'm unable to remember many such events from my...
  109. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Why You Must Never Give Up In Life As A Spiritual Satanist

    I see dancing as the superior form of sport. Think ballet, contemporary and acrobatic dance. Same with fighting and naturally parkouring through terrains.
  110. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Preliminary Ritual Schedule Before New Release - 29th Jan / 2nd of February

    Rituals to Beelzebul on the days of Andras? My, kikes are going to get hit badly. Maybe it sparks some fire like a few years ago as a bonus. :lol:
  111. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Demotion Of Clergy - New Rules

    Your ego got offended due to a situation that's not even about you. Moreover if you'd take some time to think about this you'd see there's nothing unjust about demoting someone, just like any professional gets fired if they don't show up for work. You say HP should've done this silently, but...
  112. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Just Wanted To Say Something About The Situation

    I have not been here long enough to know you (nor was I on the Black Forum), and I understand both the criticism and the empathy you've received. It seems most sensible to judge this situation based on the advancement of the community overall (in which honestly more was expected) but also accept...
  113. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Demystifying The Jews - Why Gentiles Are Down? Getting Responsibility [PART 2]

    Your father is much like my mother. I will relate below since your comment made me understand that what happened on my side is not abnormal, just how clownworld works. And it may also be relatable to young SS. Here we learn to be Humans first, a Person, then we learn what it means to be a Man...
  114. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Century Of No Fake Excuses: Satan's Age Of Aquarius

    A biggest fear. Our existences would be regretted if this proves to be the case. But it won't.
  115. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

  116. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    You spoke my mind. Yet it is the enemy pushing the AI, not our Gods. The majority of people aren't currently capable, in my opinion, for people to replace the AI that is being used to replace them, because they aren't very alive either. We seem amongst the most living on the planet, no bragging...
  117. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Beginning Of The Joy of Satan & Demystifying Jews [PART 1]

    Brother do not worry about being jewish, one can only be by birth. Struggling with an issue, be it spiritual or physical, does NOT make you jewish.
  118. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Demotion Of Clergy - New Rules

    Finally you admit, oy vey!!! :lol:
  119. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Beauty & Purpose Of Spiritual Satanism - Next Generations

    First I admire your decisive attitude and wish you well! But HPS Maxine has written on certain pages of JoS that if you deal with seizures, epilepsy, whatever, don't overdo it. For example, if it says 4 breaths, you do 4 breaths, no more. Even 2 if you start to feel dizzy by then, and you can...
  120. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Demotion Of Clergy - New Rules

    SS only reply to this for new members' sakes, so they don't get their raw minds influenced by half baked opinions. It's astounding to see how people think they can't be free if they have a leader. On the contrary, following a leader (with reason) is giving you the freedom of knowing what may be...
  121. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Meme warfare

    If they'd only self destroy so we handle the rest of the issues :lol:
  122. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Mantras & Words Of Power: How To Do Them Properly

    I remember another of her posts about incomplete affirmations! A woman affirmed she was going to be the best at a competition and she was, but she didn't win because the jury rooted for another!
  123. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Demotion Of Clergy - New Rules

    This hit hard because I want to work one day for Satan's office in the physical world and I realised I won't be able to do this if I don't fill His office spiritually.
  124. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Heterosexual or homosexual, it's still interracial.
  125. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    What Is "Christ" To The Jews And Why It Exists?

    Then even better it will just be forgotten as a normal word.
  126. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    What Is "Christ" To The Jews And Why It Exists?

    It will take a long time until "iesus christ" will become a notion purged of all this filth and we'll be able to say it again.
  127. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Aside from Hell being the 1st chakra, if I understood correctly what's written on the website, then it is a spiritual dimension where our SS' souls are protected from the enemy and where they reside until being reincarnated. HPS Maxine said that some Lesser Demons only exist on the astral, while...
  128. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Recreational drugs damage your Soul - once a month or thrice a month or every day, they still hurt you (albeit more or less), but the damage is nevertheless done. You cannot use drugs a certain number of times per month and expect your Soul is just as it's been until then. Alcohol, as I know, is...
  129. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    At least we'll use the blueprints of this super powerful AI that's gonna develop for good tehnological progress after the war is over
  130. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Beauty & Purpose Of Spiritual Satanism - Next Generations

    Honestly, this is by far the update I look forward to the most, Ethics. We can't be SS if we don't act like SS in various day to day situations, not only of spiritual nature.
  131. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Specificity with Workings and Affirmations

    This made me realize I have been focusing too much on words as if words could express my intention without myself focusing properly. It's silly now that I think of it. Thank you!
  132. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Question #350: Murderers, rapists, suiciders, etc.

    I read on our main website that people who died after being kidnapped, people murdered by yet unarrested criminals, people having died brutal deaths and maybe (this one is my guess) people who committed suicide are initially astray on the astral due to not "finding their rest". Most do not have...
  133. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    An Open Message To Andrew Tate: Stop Slandering Satan

    I am ashamed he owns a villa in Romania. I was once talking to someone and he said he was coming to Romania so he could give Tate an expensive watch as a gift, since he knew he apparently likes watches. Disgusting and tiny mentality.
  134. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Beauty & Purpose Of Spiritual Satanism - Next Generations

    It's reassuring to know there are Ethical Rules, that this is the objective Path to the better.
  135. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Joy Of Satan Comes In Peace: Give Us Answers For 26 Questions

    I've always imagined a symbolic judgment, led by the Gods and Clergy and higher SS assisting next to them and us - all SS watching triumphant and cheering. When the enemy is just informed of their accusations and sentence without right to protest. We can have it out way from then on.
  136. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    The Joy Of Satan Comes In Peace: Give Us Answers For 26 Questions

    When they're brought in court before us, these questions should be asked.
  137. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy Upcoming 2023 & A Few Things

    Happy new Year! With the Gods' grace and our work it shall be better than the last one.
  138. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Is it unethical if I find an animal skull sitting on a log in the woods, and I take it home, clean it and keep it? Or should I bury it? In respect for the animal's body.
  139. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    Happy Yule and Solstice! When I began reading the Psalm, music started growing in my mind and even though it may not be the correct melodic line, it felt the words need to escape through sound.
  140. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Announcing the “Ask Satan” Service: Ask Private Questions Anonymously!

    The background image is extremely well chosen. The service overall looks promising and one can see the work invested in it but the starry background grabbed my attention.
  141. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Great news, Brother. Today I found out this person is a kike. I got the confession straight out from its mouth. Now everything I know about them comes together. No wonder I felt so drained, like a headband was squishing my brain everytime I thought about them. When I first saw them I thought...
  142. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    I've read that when we fantasize about a person, we connect their Souls to them. If someone fantasizes about me, but I do not fantasize about them, will only their energy get sent to me or will they "hook me up" in this attachment?
  143. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Occult "Sources" & "Citations" - Is It All Real?

    I doubt they really work. Do you think hebrew thoughtforms would help Gentiles advance? As our system of meditation doesn't work for kikes, neither do their thoughtforms work for our people. This can't stop them from trying though. If something comes out of this, it's the Gentiles' own spiritual...
  144. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    How To Do Living Blood Sacrifice In Jesus's Name: With Proof

    Before coming to SS I made the mistake to read a kikish grimoire because it was labeled "Goetia" and was part of an online library referred to as "occult". I am sorry for having seen the horrible images they painted of our wonderful Gods such as Lord Buer, which until today I cannot get...
  145. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Mantras & Words Of Power: How To Do Them Properly

    This answered some questions I didn't ask :lol: It makes sense now that they're written down.
  146. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Criticism and Feedback: How Can We Improve?

    A more guided approach for new members, as in advice about what meditation to do next, how much to practice it, when is one apt to switch to another one, how does one know they've done it correctly, variations in intensity etc, branching to more advanced meditations, and suggestions of...
  147. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Joy of Satan French Forum & Website Is Now Live

    The Joy of Satan is reclaiming its place as one big House for humanity.
  148. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Passwords & Forums [Fixing the issues]

    Password changing is a minor inconvenience compared to being hacked by the enemy. We can do this! :)
  149. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    It Is Not "Mandated" To "Accept" Hitler

    I'd also like to say that love isn't superficial. Think that there are lower Demons who choose to engage in love relationships with Ascended Humans, and consider the importance we give to sex. If these were superficial, we wouldn't be doing this. But nevertheless for your traditional side...
  150. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Sex, Rape And Murder In Mythology

    When I was little and did not know of SS the Greek myths seemed to me off. They were something familiar yet they put me off alot with the alleged stupidity and selfishness, murder out of envy and rape and infidelity done by the Gods. I couldn't understand why the Gods would do that. I knew it...
  151. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    First stop with the insults. You may have a subhuman family, but that doesn't make your Race subhuman. Father created Blacks for a reason, and rightly so. Elevated Blacks are admirable beings. Subhumans aren't Black, aren't White, aren't Asian in my opinion, they're barely even Humans, hence the...
  152. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    It Is Not "Mandated" To "Accept" Hitler

    Race mixing is a great punishment you do to yourself, the other person (you are harming their Soul, which you wouldn't do to someone you love, an indicator it is not love what draws you to them ), and to your children who will be born lesser than they could be and will have a mismatching Soul...
  153. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Balenciaga: Celebrating Child Violence and Pedophilia [WARNING: DISGUSTING FOOTAGE]

    Seeing that teddy bear flipped a switch in me. Forcing a child to hold something so anti-childhood, and teaching him to try and "accept" or love it, and he doesn't know any better, children literally waking up to this and believing this is all life has to offer? It's so damn artifical, I'm...
  154. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    [PICTURES] In Case You Missed it or Were Asleep - Welcome to Dystopia/Communism

    While seeing these an immense feeling of sadness and hopelessness washed over me. Is this how communism would feel like if it came?
  155. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    It Is Not "Mandated" To "Accept" Hitler

    When I learnt about Adolf Hitler I spent a whole day reading everything our sites have to say about him. I was not disagreeing nor agreeing. His figure still looked a bit off to me but not in a bad way, and I was liking him more and more and by the end of the day it was making complete sense to...
  156. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    This amazed me! It looks surreal. I'm not big on tech but this is beautiful especially Mother Lilith's picture.
  157. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    1) Physical Action. Either a political party of ours, or a non profit organization with a physical scope in mind such as taking attitude in regards to modern day issues or informing people or charity untouched by kikes etc, so we become more visible and get the people's attention. We need to be...
  158. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    If a servitor does not fulfill a task, where did it lack? Was it not charged enough, or was it programmed ineffectively? Could it be that the mage didn't focus or evoke the element properly when creating it? If it's not fed, does it cease from existence or does it go about attaching itself to...
  159. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Do larger people have larger Astral bodies and Chakras?
  160. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Enemy Hypocrisy & Magick

    They're pushing it hard now trying to discourage us but the reality is they're very scared and short on time. I dearly wait for the reaction of the aggressively disbelieving people when they understand that we have been right all along.
  161. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    If I recall correctly yes. I once read a post on TCM and it explained how excessive physical exercise leads to blood stagnation so perhaps excessive meditation does the same? Yet don't take it literally, I may misremember but the idea is not to push yourself after the point it's painful or...
  162. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Perhaps you overused it and put strain on your Chakra? It's like working out I suppose, you should feel stronger and more energetic but if you do too many repetitions you'll get sore and painful.
  163. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    On the spot I can think of spreading information online , doing library or translation work, offering energy to Them, answering questions on the Forums, depending on your line of work crushing kike plans in a legal way :)
  164. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Leaving And Returning To Spiritual Satanism - A Reply

    I am glad to see our SS are returning. I promised myself not to leave Satanism, EVER. I don't think I'd make it more than a few days without SS. 99% of life would be pointless. Welcome back, Brother! :D
  165. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Minority And Truth - Spiritual Satanism As A Majority Religion?

    Indeed. We don't need them, the masses. We'll have enough time to be a majority when the world is in the New Golden Age.
  166. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Some Hard Talk

    If someone really wants to do this they will evolve past the point of needing incentives. We don't need such people, we are an Elite and HPHC has stated it several times. If some don't bother to save themselves then they aren't fit to be SS and it would be a disgrace for us to have them in our...
  167. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    As far as I know, you can't.
  168. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Technically you can meditate or count on your rosary in bed and pretend you're asleep, in the bathroom, in the shower, on a bench outside, in a public park etc.
  169. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    From His page on Jos : Beelzebub is the Patron of all of the Orient [Far East], Martial Arts and Asian Culture was influenced heavily by Beelzebub. https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Beelzebub.html
  170. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    To consider values recognized by the NPC society? Tate's better than an SS? No I'm not even gonna object as it's clear you're either a kike or a shill talking. Brother Betelgeuse, just keep up the RTRs if you're also cursing Tates, remember, the jews are our main target.
  171. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Some Hard Talk

    I recall reading that if the whole planet would do the FRTR daily we'd end this war in months. So when I'm unmotivated I remind myself "A few more decades, a few more decades" and there is nothing worth stopping our true Service for! We have to be up to it and fulfill the expectations of our Gods!
  172. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    "Sorry for Ruining Economies and Lives Over a Fake Pandemic; Let's Forgive Each Other and Move On"

    People are becoming awake. I saw some 9 graders today, they were studying how jewsus "was" a jew. It's working. What they were afraid to admit before, now children learn in schools. It's not much yet, but it's progress.
  173. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    Welcoming is a bit much to say, but people here are generally much more open minded, and gypsies are in a way smaller number. Immigrants are also not that many. Yes I do hope RTRs are more effective here, especially because I can't be the only SS in the area!
  174. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    If I wanted to strip away from something in my life and find a better option would that count as a destructive or constructive working, and would it be better to start it on a waning or waxing moon? I desire to move in a new place to live but to also break the restrictive ties that are with this...
  175. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    What is the short version of Returning Curses?
  176. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Greetings. I originally started a 40-day Working (I'm in the early stages). Can I extend it to 80 days, or should I take a break after I finish it, and take another 40 days?
  177. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Happy Samhain - Satan Is God & Doing Work For Him As "God's Work"

    Happy Samhain my Family! I know I must, yet I just can't wait. I'm living in awe for the days that are to come, I cannot wait.
  178. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    What timing! I was just struggling with and doubting a Working I'm undergoing! I wish you the best of your Will in this journey! Brother, we're the heralds of this new era, it sometimes feels almost unreal to say it but we can do this!
  179. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    My residence is alternating between 2 places, and I have to share both of them with loads of wrong people, which leads to constraint and lack of time and overall fatigue so I thank you Brother for making this. The working for Freedom sounds so good..If in my working, I state that I am living in...
  180. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    I've recently moved in a city of my country that's infested with churches - every 3 streets or so, there's one. After some research it seems this was an important Pagan centre back in the day. I knew it! They always build more churches there, and even now this area is more overall welcome to...
  181. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Greetings. How do you train in lucid dreaming? Does it come on the way, as you advance?
  182. AsraArdwulfLeberecht


    Indeed. What I hope is that after we reclaim our Earth we will purge the Palestinian area of the filth and turn into a normal piece of land. I'd like it if we built a huge Temple on the exact spot they dared to smear. I truly believe they have chosen that terrain because we had some great...
  183. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Short Ritual Schedule & Hindu Diwali [4 Days Schedule - Bless Up]

    I also felt this but I wasn't able to explain it. The Rituals for the other 3 Crowns felt warm, so to say, but His was fierce. The mood was serious and stormy, even agitated but in a grave and organized way, if I can say it like that.
  184. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    It's written on the main site one needs to be balanced in the Elements. Does that mean that their Fire element would be equal with their Water, and their Air with their Earth or that all 4 would be distributed equally?
  185. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    On days when the void course of Moon lasts several hours, can I not stop all my magickal practices? Because I may not have the time to catch up afterwards. If I do something in that time period, are there chances it won't fail?
  186. AsraArdwulfLeberecht

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    I'm also relatively new here but I'll list here what I know so your question doesn't go unanswered, because other members may be very busy. If someone has something to add, please do! As far as I know, you can do a formal ritual to call the Demon, and those psychic enough will see and hear...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan