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  1. Dorion

    lakshmi mantra for money

    I've heard of some people using NAMAH instead of SWAHA at the end of the Lakshmi Mantra, as NAMAH is supposedly more related to the purely material wealth. Can anyone share some experience with that?
  2. Dorion

    Meme warfare

    Okay, I know. What's his name though?
  3. Dorion

    How to improve voice/vocal cords?

    In addition to the spiritual methods, vocal cords can be trained as any other part of the body. My work often requires explaining technical things to other people who are often old and don't hear very well and over the years I managed to make my voice deeper and louder simply by training on...
  4. Dorion

    Route: Astral Senses

    Just a few hours before you wrote this, I've done a ritual for Lady Astarte with the intention of getting some more guidance on perfecting my astral senses. Coincidence or not, thanks for this post.
  5. Dorion

    Material Sharing Thread

    No idea who made this and I found it in a very odd place, but I love it.
  6. Dorion

    Collection of my exposing the Jews materials.

    The worst of Holocaust delusions edition:
  7. Dorion

    Personality types: Know yourself, Strenghts & Dangers

    MBTI is rather controversial among modern psychologists, but I always enjoyed this topic. Even though I do act rather differently than a typical INTJ, most of my thought processes fit this type very well. I imagine we have a disproportionate amount of INTJs and INTPs here.
  8. Dorion

    Collection of my exposing the Jews materials.

    Alright, I wasn't aware that I can just upload a video straight to the forums. That's a great feature. A very important material of a Jew admitting that the footage of the so called Auschwitz liberation is fabricated and the NPCs surrounding her don't even react.
  9. Dorion

    I am idiot, Has anyone upgraded their intelligence?

    While there are many spiritual ways to attempt that, I can also recommend learning how to program. Just pick a language, find a course you like and give it a try. Sadly I don't have time for that anymore, but I remember that even grasping basic concepts and doing programming exercises made me...
  10. Dorion

    About Interacting With The Gods

    I wasn't aware of the pineal gland having a direct connection with the eyes and especially their perception of light. This makes perfect sense though, I recall that one of the pineal gland meditations shared on the forums was advised to be done in the dark. Ever since then, I've been trying to...
  11. Dorion

    Collection of my exposing the Jews materials.

    Some more. If anyone could recommend a decent site where I can upload short videos anonymously, then I would be able to post some short video materials as well.
  12. Dorion

    Collection of my exposing the Jews materials.

    A few more, I'll put them into a spoiler for easier scrolling.
  13. Dorion

    Collection of my exposing the Jews materials.

    I've been spreading awareness about the nature and intentions of the Jews for a longer while. Over the years I found out that it's much easier to reach out an average NPC with calmly presented facts, without outright slurs and holocaust facts right off the bat. Here I will post several (Since...
  14. Dorion

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Please reach out to me.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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