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  1. Dark Blue Eye

    Announcing New Joy of Satan Guardians / Positions

    Congratiulations! I always saw you as my brother. I am dedicated to Satan before we came to our forum, but you were more brave and work harder for JoS than me. You are my role model. I know you had your own struggles but you were consistent with working for JoS. I don't have much free time right...
  2. Dark Blue Eye


    Thanks, I was so short in time and tired I didn't notice. Atleast now I can translate it
  3. Dark Blue Eye


    I see there is no interactive html version. I could try to do it myseld if I got time
  4. Dark Blue Eye

    The Beauty & Purpose Of Spiritual Satanism - Next Generations

    Positive thinking is so simple, yet so hard to implement
  5. Dark Blue Eye

    Yoga: Center/Heart Chakra

    Well, I cannot wait to see your next post :)
  6. Dark Blue Eye

    Are the Romanians Slavs?

    We are thracians, more specifically we are dacians, but got invaded by romans wich had a big influence on us because roman soldiers got married with dacian womens. Then there was the slavic migration, they didn't stop on our territory, but had an influence on us. Also we got invaded by tatars...
  7. Dark Blue Eye

    Yoga: Center/Heart Chakra

    Hey Lydia! I am still struggling with dancer's pose and sometimes with cow's arms, mostly because of an old injury and because of some weight lifting exercises that focuses on internal rotation. There are any others yoga poses for shoulders but easier? Especially that focuses on external...
  8. Dark Blue Eye

    Why 60 years old Tom Cruise hasn’t aged ?

    Many would say that he looks great because he has a lot of money to spend with doctors, fitness coaches and so on. My grandpa was in a great shape at 60. He always took care of his garden and ate unprocessed food. A proof that someone can look great without millions of dolars
  9. Dark Blue Eye

    Question #243: Why I don't have natural spiritual abilities?

    You work against you. Being jealous on others, sticking in your mind that you can't manifest your workings, making an obsession that you should be powerful based on a natal chart reading, etc. Read your question again and again until you understand that the problem is your mindset
  10. Dark Blue Eye

    runes for learning

    I am using the search function and I can't find any rune called gwain
  11. Dark Blue Eye

    Importance of minor chakras in legs

    Yes, of course. But when it comes to base chakra Saturn enegies are the rulers and the blockages can have a stronger impact. I had a broke leg and I know how it feel, but in the same time I was lucky to see how meditation can manifest in physical world. And when you think of an average person...
  12. Dark Blue Eye

    runes for learning

    If you mean Ingwaz didn't think of that. Masculine energies related to Azazel sounds really good. Thank you! I think I will combine kenaz with ingwaz and sowilo or wunjo
  13. Dark Blue Eye

    runes for learning

    Yes, thank you. I have experience with working still wanna see your opinion
  14. Dark Blue Eye

    runes for learning

    What runes would you use for a working regarding intelligence, better communication and charisma?
  15. Dark Blue Eye

    Importance of minor chakras in legs

    I want to share my experience regarding with some chakras in legs. Base chakra rules over the legs that means is connected to the other minor chakras. Especially with the hips chakras, but what I find interesting is that other minor chakras are felt very strong A time ago I was working to...
  16. Dark Blue Eye

    runes for learning

    You talked many times about this combination. What are the results?
  17. Dark Blue Eye

    Yoga: Important Inversions

    Is not pressed if you have strong shoulders and traps muscle. If you are going to gym put some shoulders exercise in your schedule, if not the simplest way is to search 'push ups for shoulders' and you will see the difference. And of course, there are some exercises for neck muscles
  18. Dark Blue Eye

    Can eating too much stifle the Kundalini?

    The fact that you know means nothing only if you are actually put some effort in losing weight
  19. Dark Blue Eye

    healing physical scars with magic?

    Agree with what NinRick said. Scars are really hard to heal. I did some healings, especially with hatha yoga, on some things that made my doctor say 'I was very lucky' like Darkpagan666, but with scars I nerver succeded
  20. Dark Blue Eye

    COLLEGE is a SCAM?

    No. Education is a beautiful thing. The fact that there a lot of useless college doesn't mean we can say all the colleges are bad. It depends on every person
  21. Dark Blue Eye

    Yoga Posts

    It's your choice. Did you ever go to gym and followed a schedule? If yes, you will understand better what I want to say. There are people wich are doing the full body in a session or splitting and working the superior body or the lower, or even one or two muscles per day. With hatha yoga is the...
  22. Dark Blue Eye

    how to use runes to be more Energetic

    Really nice to see this kind of things here
  23. Dark Blue Eye

    how to use runes to be more Energetic

    If you want energy all the day you need to have a good diet and exercise daily. For a quick boost I use Sowilo, Kenaz and Wunjo with red energy
  24. Dark Blue Eye

    It Is Not "Mandated" To "Accept" Hitler

    I remember when I was really young, around 10 years old, I was arguing with adults about ww2. I didn't liked to hear 'Hitler was really bad, he was crazy'. My points where that we don't know exactly what happened in 1940's, the history could have been written wrong and if the whole nation was...
  25. Dark Blue Eye

    Gods related to bees

    Well, Beelzebul should be. Maybe there is a God who is related mainly to butterflies, but is less known. I think a really feminine Goddess could be
  26. Dark Blue Eye

    Gods related to bees

    I always felt that bees are related to Sun and Saturn energies. If you study them you will find more and more amazing things. A few days ago I pushed a bee who spend the night outside back in the hive. A bee came and checked her, they did a kind of singing, then she cleaned her legs and go to...
  27. Dark Blue Eye

    Gods related to bees

    Thank you!
  28. Dark Blue Eye

    Gods related to bees

    Wich Gods are related to bees? I searched but didn't found anything clear
  29. Dark Blue Eye

    Professional wrestling mini-series

    I saw a lot of obvious jews behaviour in wwe
  30. Dark Blue Eye

    How to stop being needy forever.

    Still there are no reasons that you shouldn't be emotional. You can ad more discipline in your life by creating new goals. Doing this you will fill some time when you should focus only on work
  31. Dark Blue Eye


    Everytime I have no energy and feel lazy I don't eat until I do something useful for me. Hunger is a good motivator. It keeps me down to earth and reminds me to be grateful for everything I have
  32. Dark Blue Eye

    How to stop being needy forever.

    You have no other option then go through the process. Is not about that you need compliments or not. Is about enjoying the life. I can't find any better words I will describe my mentally regarding relationships and hope it will be useful. Of course I want compliments from womens and not only...
  33. Dark Blue Eye

    Eating more food with less calories

    A person who exercise regularly can 'listen' their body. The rest is about simple cooked food, raw vegetables, fruits, discipline, not even consider unhealthy foods, don't eat late and don't eat a lot in the morning, control the hunger and so on. Is actually simple to find the best diet. All it...
  34. Dark Blue Eye

    Void Moon APP on playstore

    We all know what is all about, but we must point out for the new members even is time consuming
  35. Dark Blue Eye

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    But you used that 20 minutes in a such good way. I bet you are really proud right now. I am struggling with time in this moment, but I see it as a oportunity to keep emproving. If I don't meditate when I have 30 minutes how could I fill 6 hours of meditation when I will got the time? Or how...
  36. Dark Blue Eye

    Lucifuge Rofocale

    I though the same when I saw that Lucifuge Rofocale is used in some sermons. Also, I noticed this is this the most cursed variation by the enemy and this is why I use it the most, just to fight against the curse
  37. Dark Blue Eye

    Lucifuge Rofocale

    Today is the last day we celebrate Lucifuge Rofocale this year. If someone needs some advice from him don't miss the change
  38. Dark Blue Eye

    The Will In Spiritual Satanism

    Great as usual. Can't wait to have time to read your book
  39. Dark Blue Eye

    can somebody explain this?

    It is amazing when you think how much knowledge they gained in a era when communications were not so advanced. I think they dreamed to see the days when a tool like the internet could spread so much informations. We have a duty to them
  40. Dark Blue Eye


    My job is done here. You showed again you are just a troll
  41. Dark Blue Eye


    And what did this bring to us? A guy who said he will complete MO in 2024, after he will clear his reptilian genes? Same guy who said 'forget about your bodies, eat ice cream in astral world' I will continue to use we/our/us, not to speak for anyone, just because I like the feeling of...
  42. Dark Blue Eye


    We are not spamming bots
  43. Dark Blue Eye

    You are truly beautiful

    I take care of my hygiene, eating healthy and working out. If someone is pointing out my scars, a black dot or that my body is not in the best shape, I just don't care. Why should I? I already took care of this and there are more important things than having a perfect skin Regarding womens I...
  44. Dark Blue Eye

    Amazing girl

    You can absorb red energy for romance, orange for creativity and energy or blue for self-epxression. Also, you can do an advanced working to attract her, but I suggest you to not do it. Because it would be better to go through the process and learn from it. Generally speaking, I think loving...
  45. Dark Blue Eye

    Deep Cleaning

    Same. Atleast we make place for positive karma. All the vulnerabilities are becoming the strongest qualities
  46. Dark Blue Eye

    Spiritual Satanism - The Quintessence Of Development

    Great to see that you are working on some books. You have a gift at writing, it would have been a shame if you wouldn't :D
  47. Dark Blue Eye

    Warfare-Specific AOP [Updated]

    If anyone needs the assistence of a Demon during this times just ask. Gods are here for us and I am sure they are happy when someone is asking for guidance. Just think how people help others without waiting something in return, but a respectful thank you
  48. Dark Blue Eye

    Deep Cleaning

    You make me feel lazy. I definitely not gonna do it every two days, now I am considering of doing it every month. We have a different aproach. I don't care if it takes me more time or if I am tired because I see it as a really special meditation. I do all the final rituals against enemy...
  49. Dark Blue Eye

    Deep Cleaning

    Deep cleaning can easily become exhausting. First time I did it 6 days in a row. Now I am doing 2-3 days in a row, or even one or two, depends on how I am feeling. My plan is to repet it every 2-3 months Anyway, the fatique worth it a lot. It felt like moving rocks from my shoulders. Every...
  50. Dark Blue Eye


    There are any JOS videos uploaded on this platform? Tristan Tate said they will move there and mostly will bring more people with them. I see it as an opportunity
  51. Dark Blue Eye

    Deep Cleaning

  52. Dark Blue Eye

    Women as Navy SEALs?

    The most optimistic and realistic case is that he would go so down that he would realize he has two options: keep falling down or start working on himself regardless any possible failure. The ironic part is that in the second scenario happines will come fast by working hard, the results will be...
  53. Dark Blue Eye

    about virginity

    Why don't you just challenge yourself to become a men that can find a sexual partner?
  54. Dark Blue Eye

    Runes variations

    When you go to the Futhark Odin page you will see that every rune has a germanic, gothic, nurse, etc, variant
  55. Dark Blue Eye

    Opinion about Depression

    I was shocked how some people I know are using xanax casually, most of them are womens
  56. Dark Blue Eye

    Question about black color Meditation

    Black color is not black magic. The feeling working with this color is really unique
  57. Dark Blue Eye

    Remodel the Forums?

    True. This is working for smaller forums. I am really proud of how the first romanian admins decided to build the forum: https://bucurialuisatan.com/forum/index.php
  58. Dark Blue Eye

    Runes variations

    Of course, just wondering if is related to race and family roots
  59. Dark Blue Eye

    Runes variations

    Is there any power difference in the variations of the runes? And let's say a person is from Germany and even in past lifes he lived in the same area, the germanic variation would be more powerful for him? Once I read on the forum that we shouldn't mix the runes. For example, if someone is...
  60. Dark Blue Eye

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    I was reading this thread and saw your name. Nice to see you are on a good path :D
  61. Dark Blue Eye

    question about life

    Did he read the site?
  62. Dark Blue Eye

    Who was he really?

    This can be known after a good and long period of meditating. At first we all face obstacles. And by 'at first' I mean some months, years or decades, depending on the person, but in my opinion from what I am reading from others an average period is from months to 2-3 years. A period when you...
  63. Dark Blue Eye

    thanks for the support

    If you want to change your life it's enough to live according to the principles of Spiritual Satanism, then the power will come. If you think all the persons around are mean then this is exactly what you will attract towards you. Let me tell a secret, nobody wants to be angry or mean, most...
  64. Dark Blue Eye

    USA Hospital May Be Caught Castrating Children

    We knew this kind of stuffs are happening or will happen, but is still hard to see it. Wars, economical decline, forced climate changes, lockdowns and now castrating children are evidences of their desire for people to become greys
  65. Dark Blue Eye

    Jews showing their true face - palestinian water crisis

    Wow, never heard of that, can you provide a link? The sad part is that people know we have the technologies to avoid this crisis, not to totally control the nature, but to avoid crisis, and people still listen to those who say the climate warming will kill The video from above wanted to show...
  66. Dark Blue Eye

    Jews showing their true face - palestinian water crisis

  67. Dark Blue Eye

    [FINISHED] High quality sigils

    Wonderful work! :)
  68. Dark Blue Eye

    How to overcome trauma ?

    I think this can be described just as a working that needs time. Breaking levels of negative energies that are deep graved in soul. HP Hooded Cobra talked about the important of number 6 and how long can take the process of healing. Can be about days, weeks, months, years, decades and so on...
  69. Dark Blue Eye

    Hemp is not "muh weed"

    All this thing with marijuana is so simple. Why someone will bother even thinking about consume it when it's such a controversial subject. F*ck those possible benefits wich will never be miraculous and other variants like hemp will never worth a thing either
  70. Dark Blue Eye

    Agares info

    Yes, I see the part of helping the others as being natural in a healthy society. The common people are the real engine of the world. The people who are hard workers feed and build this world. I see a normal society a place where we can take care of each other and don't let anybody down. Like the...
  71. Dark Blue Eye

    What is the point of smoking?

    Almost all my friends are smoking, all the time. Even when we just stay togheter and chill. I see no point because they can't have the excuse of releasing stress. Maybe this is a social weapon to avoid looking stupid when they have no joke in pocket. They don't know that the best social skill is...
  72. Dark Blue Eye

    List of exercises for various muscles of the body.

    Don't forget about powerlifting workouts. Those are basic exercises, but are healthy for the back if are done properly And as a general rule, when working with weights is better to stay away from all that kind of equipment wich is designed to keep your back in a certain position. The best for...
  73. Dark Blue Eye

    I request the deletion of my account

    As a SS you will suffer on your path countless times, but the satisfaction of living a positive life is incomparable. Learn to take the bad days and you will find there is nothing so bad that can put you down. The last post from HP Hooded Cobra, "How to be a man" should help you in this way
  74. Dark Blue Eye

    Family throw gender reveal party for eight-year-old trans daughter

    Lol, now I see it. They are on autodistruction mode
  75. Dark Blue Eye

    Jack is Leaving Permanently

    True. I have been in that situation, but I learnt to allow myself being a stupid and annoying person, so I can see my own problems from others perspective
  76. Dark Blue Eye

    This site is or is not Jewish but i feel drawn to it. No need to approve

    They melt if they see a simple, rational and concise text
  77. Dark Blue Eye

    What happened to maxine?

    Some are comments, not answers
  78. Dark Blue Eye

    Question on Emptiness Meditation

    Can you explain more?
  79. Dark Blue Eye

    What happened to maxine?

    Maybe not everyone is checking the forum everyday, week or even months and could miss such discussions and don't use the search function. This questions will not stop. Better ignore it if you don't like than giving such an answer
  80. Dark Blue Eye

    are gipsies related to jews in blood?

    This sounds like the jew part of gypsies. I can't disagree with you on this because we leave in same region and I think that those criminal gypsies are the jew part of them. In the short range of my region I see two types of gypsies: those who have 5 or more kids, live togheter and are parasites...
  81. Dark Blue Eye

    are gipsies related to jews in blood?

    Same as whites in South Africa, or America if we didn't kill the native people; blacks in America, and so on. The thing is that damage had done and we need to fix this, firstly by race awakening. I think people will naturally go in the places of their origins, but we cannot force anything as...
  82. Dark Blue Eye

    are gipsies related to jews in blood?

    I didn't understand what you meant to say in the last sentence HP HoodedCobra has a more recent opinion, wich I will show you The problem is different. All jew-gypsies are bad for obvious reasons, but non jew gypsies are just a mixed race. You can't say they are bad, their ancestors did some...
  83. Dark Blue Eye

    are gipsies related to jews in blood?

    That is because a part of gypsies are mixed with jews. If you would meet a gipsy wich is only a kind of mixed indian, you wouldn't feel that. This subrace of gypsies mixed with jews are the ones who live like parasites. On the other side, the normal part of them usually are just fine
  84. Dark Blue Eye

    Hungary 2022

  85. Dark Blue Eye

    I’m pretty sure I’ve reached a certain level of divinity

    You are not the only one here with this kind of 'power' from childhood, but I don't think anybody else will explain in this way. I think this is an exageration and is more like you heard from others and try to convince others that you are even more powerful. Your powers sounds from cartoons and...
  86. Dark Blue Eye

    BEELZEBUL'S RITUAL: BLESS UP FOR THE SATANIC NEW YEAR! (30th April - 10th of May Ritual Schedule)

    I think will be harsh times for many of us and will have to make sacrifices in order to have time and privacy for the spiritual war. Of course many will not stick with us, but doesn't mean they will not return into advancing later
  87. Dark Blue Eye

    Сan I restart a deep chakra cleaning cycle immediately after I have completed it?

    I think the only issue would be to not drain your soul out of energy. This kind of workings can consume a lot of energy, but it deppends from person to person
  88. Dark Blue Eye

    Money working

    Related to this, if someone does a working for removing negative karma how much impact can have on other family members?
  89. Dark Blue Eye

    Elon Musk Buys Twitter

    He said he will make twitter a better place and will reduce the censorship. So there is a tool for collecting data, but people are more concious what they because on it because they will be banned. As a result there is nobody to put on a black list. Give them more free speech and they can be...
  90. Dark Blue Eye

    If you want me to bite, then put your hand in my mouth

    I had a good laugh :lol:
  91. Dark Blue Eye

    If you want me to bite, then put your hand in my mouth

    In my opinion this kind of discussions are healthy, but in the same time could be so easily avoided by the people who accused FancyMancy for expressing freely by just ignore the way he replied. If you don't like it, just ignore it. It's that simple. He literally has 'fancy' in his name. There...
  92. Dark Blue Eye

    I'm not getting a job, I'm feeling kind of shitty

    Take a look on your natal chart, especially on Neptune and sixth house. You can do a working for getting a job or a special working to fight against negative karma from a planet. And don't take getting a job as something bad because in this way you will never get it. If you want to get hired...
  93. Dark Blue Eye


    Summary of the post: how to troll yourself in a nutshell
  94. Dark Blue Eye


    Spending a lot of time on long topics that majority of members didn't read Asking a lot of questions that majority of new members would ask Giving copy-paste answers from main site to obvious questions, wich helped spreading the info Revealing yourself, so nobody would blame an important...
  95. Dark Blue Eye

    Lover(s)/Partner(s)/Friend(s) AOP + AC Rune Working

    Why you don't use Kenaz? I think is a really powerful rune and can easily attract sexual partners while increasing social skills
  96. Dark Blue Eye

    Deep Cleaning

    Yes, I know. It was a writting mistake
  97. Dark Blue Eye

    Deep Cleaning

    Sunday is full moon and the ss calendar says is a good time for Sabbath, but I want to start a Munka working for negative karma. Is a good time for it, or should I stick on deep cleaning? Kinda same type of workings, but I never seen anybody saying that they will start a Munka working on full moon
  98. Dark Blue Eye


    On long term no, but if you want a boost on short term in my opinion is ok especially if you have a competion or something like that, I would use it. On long term you can achieve the same amount of satisfaction, but in a healthier way
  99. Dark Blue Eye

    To vibrate you need to take air as yogic breathing?

    Yes, breathing exercises are game changers when it comes of vibrating. No need to focus a lot of breathing while vibrating, if you do a breathing exercise (not the ones like fire breathing, those who are designed for relaxation) before a session is enough and you will se the difference Btw...
  100. Dark Blue Eye

    Please delete my account.

    Or is just lack of common sense
  101. Dark Blue Eye

    Ukrainian Witches Conjure Plan To Depose Putin

    Nice to hear that. I always liked spanish people and the way they see the family life. And is cool that you can remember an image from past life. My memories are all about emotions, strong feeling about my work and a rigorous lifestyle. I am attracted a lot by german and northen people's...
  102. Dark Blue Eye

    A Life With Satan

    One day when I meditated a lot on astral hearing especially because I read about cosmic music, I started to heard a strong sound that later I noticed it was a music note. The sound was very long and by the and I heard a total of 4 notes. Now I can say that those notes are similar to a violin's...
  103. Dark Blue Eye

    Ukrainian Witches Conjure Plan To Depose Putin

    I was not talking about me. I saw many SS saying that they don't like their souls because they are race mixed. I think this is a serious issue, digging in hole of negativity and not enjoying their own soul and advancement
  104. Dark Blue Eye

    Will Smith hits Chris Rock

    I don't see it as distraction. I don't follow this kind of news and this general industry, this is just a very popular meme, everytime there is one. Important news can't be covered in this way I think is a mistake by them. This industry is important for them and image is everything. They try to...
  105. Dark Blue Eye

    Ukrainian Witches Conjure Plan To Depose Putin

    Can you explain more about how can someone be damaged by being race mixed? I see the negatives aspect of racial mixing, but how can someone can be called damaged? I see it like if one is born racial mixed will have a struggle to find their place and a good partner, but not in the way is damaged...
  106. Dark Blue Eye

    06/Apr/22 Intelligence Working

    I am currently doing an intelligence working, so I will describe a bit. I am doing 40 reps of Mannaz rising yellow energies. Is a normal number of reps, maybe some will say is small, but I find it very comfortable to do it every day and can focus more on long vibrations and energy rising. The...
  107. Dark Blue Eye

    Ukrainian Witches Conjure Plan To Depose Putin

    Questions are not wrong, you are right, but it sounded like you don't like your soul. I was thinking to this too, because Maxine said Father Satan send all the souls from Hell to Earth, so I am thinking that some reincarnations were forced, but I don't think can be forced in terms of racial mix...
  108. Dark Blue Eye

    Ukrainian Witches Conjure Plan To Depose Putin

    I think is more about wisdom. Those witches uses steroids to build only biceps, we grow naturally and train the whole groups of muscles including the brain Being mixed doesn't led you being less powerful then you should be. You can't compare with another soul, you only can compare the hardwork...
  109. Dark Blue Eye

    Will Smith hits Chris Rock

    I don't know for sure if Will Smith is a jew, but I always had a feeling that he is. That's why I liked when I saw him losing his mind. I can't find any article saying something about him being jew, but there a lot of articles about him loving israel. Those ears and eyes don't look typical for...
  110. Dark Blue Eye

    Read It - Thought-provoking Post

    Yeah social media is trash. Is nothing new, but for majority of people is hard to get out even they know For a SS is a normal thing to get out of social media and living life. We can see the energies around us, even to read others minds is not that hard, so there is no place for manipulation
  111. Dark Blue Eye

    Will Smith hits Chris Rock

    Just a jew losing his mind and his stupid smile
  112. Dark Blue Eye

    Do NOT Overthink it! Just read this...

    Is this really ok to do? For the Gods who gave their names as mantras I understand, I mean their names means something really deep. Yes, every Gods names means something deep, but I don't think is ok to just vibrate one's name. Sounds a bit like vampirism, in my opinion. On the other hand, for...
  113. Dark Blue Eye

    Reminder for new members

    My scheme on this kind of workings will be this: Choose a Munka working for general negative karma wich will be done in the next years, atleast once a year. Same rule for money and health workings Do a working with Munka, Ansuz or a similar rune to clear all the obstacles in a major negative...
  114. Dark Blue Eye

    Meditations for intense physical exercises

    Hehe, I would like to spend 2 hours and a half only for this. But this is about all the time I can spend on a daily cleaning the soul, aop, rituals, a working, already some specific meditations and it remains like 15 minutes to focus on this. I was looking for an ingredient and you gave a recipe...
  115. Dark Blue Eye

    Meditations for intense physical exercises

    I will try the sun/moon breath, thanks Well, I like all the asanas. But I can't choose wich of them to do when my muscles are in pain, to force the stretch on that areas or to try something softer
  116. Dark Blue Eye

    Meditations for intense physical exercises

    I was looking for some short term solutions. On long term I can discover what is best for me, but now I just want some ideas to go on a proper direction If tomorrow you would have a sport competition, but you also have muscle fever and 15 minutes to meditate, what would you do? What colors...
  117. Dark Blue Eye

    Meditations for intense physical exercises

    Thanks to both. I have experience in meditation and workings and know how powerful and deep can go this basic stuffs, but I was looking for some concrete tips and tricks
  118. Dark Blue Eye

    Meditations for intense physical exercises

    '#16. Sowilo is the rune of the Sun and can be used in masculine magick.' Lol. I used so much this rune and didn't noticed the masculine aspect. Thanks for making me read the description again
  119. Dark Blue Eye

    Meditations for intense physical exercises

    Can you give me some ideas of meditations to do after intense physical exercises in order to avoid muscular feber increasing stamina? Especially yoga poses
  120. Dark Blue Eye

    Auruz solved a health problem

    I had this burping problem this days and I solved really easy. The first thing I did is exactly what you said, to push the energy down by spinning my chakra, in the front the energy goes down, in the back energy goes up. Also by the meditation called "circulating energy" But the most effective...
  121. Dark Blue Eye

    Romanian Translation Thread

    Poți să intri pe forumul nostru și să verifici topicul cu traducerea site-ului moartea comunismului?
  122. Dark Blue Eye

    Origins of Lilith?

    Maybe is referring where it had the most influence in Antiquity, this can say a lot about Her. I associate the drive of asian people to martial arts with Beelzebub, the God of War
  123. Dark Blue Eye

    About Finances And New Donations Page For Joy of Satan

    Oh, it meant to be in the page with 20 th and 21 th page rituals
  124. Dark Blue Eye

    About Finances And New Donations Page For Joy of Satan

    Two reasons for enemy to cry, two more are coming
  125. Dark Blue Eye


    On the JoS page there is a link called "Psalm of Astarte", that link is broken
  126. Dark Blue Eye

    HTML Word Processor

    Actually there is a copy as plain text command from an extension. It's funny how useful this things are, before seeing your extension I didn't even knew about their existence and never heard about plain text :lol:
  127. Dark Blue Eye

    Let's Boost The JoS-Tube Together!

    It's a great idea. There is a lot of work behind those videos, like the one in my description. 3+ hours of documentary like that is just amazing. Let's make HPHC work more valuable! I mean I am sure those videos will be viral one day, but since then we need to build a good fondation. Maybe we...
  128. Dark Blue Eye

    HTML Word Processor

    I noticed when trying to do a copy-paste on html file, the text has another font size and the backround is white. With two exceptions, but I can't do it everytime I want it. Can you explain how to do it properly? I think it would be really fast to translate on deepl, adapt the text there and...
  129. Dark Blue Eye

    Satan and Astarte rituals - page format

    Thanks a lot! This tool is really useful :D
  130. Dark Blue Eye

    Satan and Astarte rituals - page format

    Can you help me?
  131. Dark Blue Eye

    Hostile Psychic Attacks - Protect Yourself Spiritually

    Wonderful! You have a gift to put in words things that those who meditate feel. This is gold for newcomers
  132. Dark Blue Eye

    Satan and Astarte rituals - page format

    How can those who want to translate these two rituals into their native language make a page with the same format?
  133. Dark Blue Eye

    Tired and angry when I can't Meditate

    The simple, easiest and faster method is to clean your aura more and maybe focus more on aop in the morning and after that absorb a color and program it in way to make your day better. Every time I feel tired and just can't start meditating I just relax and visualize myself in a white-gold aura...
  134. Dark Blue Eye

    For how long will gas prices stay this high?

    Driving license can be useful even you don't own a car. There are a lot of jobs where a driving license is necessary
  135. Dark Blue Eye

    The epitome of clown world in Romania.

    And when you compare 2 years of investment to a SS existence it's look insignificant. It's still an important choice, but we have the power to change our lifes without a diploma
  136. Dark Blue Eye

    The epitome of clown world in Romania.

    You are in a hard situation, but you are not alone. I think the best advices will come from your colleagues, so keep the touch with them. You said that attendece is mandatory. I heard this all the time. If you don't go what they can do to you? Cut your arm? Always there is another way...
  137. Dark Blue Eye

    About Russia/Ukraine War And Certain Events - 02/22/2022

    Why this is not spammed on news? It's retoric question, but still this should be more popular on internet. This kind of information is deadly for them. Now I can see a clear scenario how they will fall with this war like they falled with covid. Even economical damage will be done our victory...
  138. Dark Blue Eye

    “But What Does Yoga Actually Do?”

    I just direct them to general spiritual growth. When I do a session for a specific chakra I use Satanama mantra and the affirmation 'My [...] chakra is healthy and strong in the most positive and happy way for me'. When I combine asanas for all chakras I use the solar mantra (I like the feeling)...
  139. Dark Blue Eye

    How To Always Stay Positive As a Spiritual Satanist

    You could do the deep cleaning from Lydia alongside this working. It doesn't take a lot of time and even the number of days is really comfortable. First time I did 5 days in a row and now I want to repeat given the actual situation. And in the future you could consider a working with Sowilo...
  140. Dark Blue Eye

    Can It Be Stopped? Is It Their Leaders That Matter?

    I think you should make a post about how to fight against this negative energies, like a guide. I know there are already a lot of posts about this, but another post from you will have a good impact especially during this times
  141. Dark Blue Eye

    Be careful with your kindness. It opens your soul.

    This a general problem to males. We catch feelings and confuse them to sexual attraction. This is a result to many bad ideas that are growing up in our mentality as a society. This can be easily overcome with spiritual advancement. Until this problem will become a rarity, as you said Lydia, take...
  142. Dark Blue Eye

    Signs the current invasion in Ukraine was pre-planned to start WW3

    People didn't forget about Palestina and israel https://youtube.com/shorts/MIrmr2ztvmI?feature=share
  143. Dark Blue Eye

    Putin cancelled from World Economic Forum

    The good news are that people for the first time are directing their hate towards leaders. Putin got all the hate and not necessary all russian people. And the hate also goes to some west leaders because a lot of them are using kind words to hind other things and people are sick of this. This...
  144. Dark Blue Eye

    My sex drive is too high, how do I lower it? Please help

    I would like to have kids one day, but not soon. Anyway, from what see many parents have their first baby in their 30's, even 40's. And the girl will definitelly have blue, green or grey eyes. I am saying grey because in my region majority of blue eyed people actually have grey eyes. Blonde...
  145. Dark Blue Eye

    Base: Yoga, Repressed Anger

    Nice. You could add these so we can have a full set for yoga: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17543&p=65474&hilit=Yoga#p65474 https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=55821&p=246980&hilit=Yoga#p246980...
  146. Dark Blue Eye

    My sex drive is too high, how do I lower it? Please help

    I think your libido is normal. The only think isn't sound 'normal' is the fact you are waiting for a perfect partner. We have the same age and I understand how confuse this can be. I am a male so I am on the side where every one of my friends was pressing me to have how many partners are...
  147. Dark Blue Eye

    Putin threatens "Military Action" against Finland and Sweden if the try to join NATO

    I had a classmate that was a jew. I mean from what I know only his grandmother was a jew. Looking at him it was hard to say if he is or not, but his actions and character speaks lowder than his look. So Putin is mostly a jew
  148. Dark Blue Eye


    I can agree and relate with what you said. Her energy feels so unique. I felt like I am comunicating with a close friend, not with a being that is so far from us. I felt that she is really close and understands us even she is more advanced than I can image Hail Astarte!
  149. Dark Blue Eye

    Do NOT Overthink it! Just read this...

    I used to overthink, but with time I succeded to keep my mind relaxed. It's like skill that can be learned. You just need to remove all negative energies from outside and just focus on material things around you. Practicing a sport is really usefull. When I feel my body exhausted from a positive...
  150. Dark Blue Eye

    About Russia/Ukraine War And Certain Events - 02/22/2022

    I meant to say I live, not leave. Fortunately I see the results of my meditations and workings. Actually the results of my workings are leading me to a safe place for the next months and after that a secure job and maybe to work in other place (even I would like to return in my natal place). The...
  151. Dark Blue Eye

    About Russia/Ukraine War And Certain Events - 02/22/2022

    Fear is a choice. I leave near the border with Ukraine and everyone treat this war like they will not do anything about it. People just don't want to fight for nothing. Many friends of my age said they will not go if we are enrolled and better face the prison than to die for others stupidity
  152. Dark Blue Eye

    About body advancement

    I will leave a link to a video about crossfit, but I think those are advices are basics in any sport https://youtu.be/YAuc-LSS6iQ
  153. Dark Blue Eye

    Astrology on Extraterrestrial Planets and Beyond

    Yes, brother, is time to show them no empathy and they will see that we can master black magick even our hearts are made of golden energy. Hail Hell's Army!
  154. Dark Blue Eye

    Why i havent advanced a day

    Spiritual Satanism is natural and improving your life still counts as advancing. You had a hard life and you did pretty well, so I would say you advanced. Many people lack rational thinking. Just think how you can improve your life and let yourself fail again, suffer again and learn again. Great...
  155. Dark Blue Eye

    Astrology on Extraterrestrial Planets and Beyond

    I always said that enemy's greateast weapon is the fact they are not human. Lack of empathy towards everything that is alive made them have an advantage at one point. But now we are at the point when we all hate them and we don't have any empathy towards them, so their weak nature is revealed
  156. Dark Blue Eye

    Astrology on Extraterrestrial Planets and Beyond

    Oh now that I am thinking to desert it makes senss
  157. Dark Blue Eye

    Astrology on Extraterrestrial Planets and Beyond

    What about their nature?
  158. Dark Blue Eye

    Revealing Contradictions

    Curses from all religions, directly curses from jews, attacks from other entities, curses for those who fought alongside Hitler, own negative karma, maybe not ideal planetary transits on birth due to necessity of people who can fight in this spiritual war, and we still do a great job. Hail...
  159. Dark Blue Eye

    tired brains

    Nobody can give you an exact aswer, so I will assume a lot of things and you will chose wich one you think Lack of experience, is normal in the begining to not feel energies, but with time and work you will feel them Lack of concentration, void meditation and trance can help. I know this topic...
  160. Dark Blue Eye

    For the ones that need it: Solid AOP working

    Nice! My approach regarding aop is that I started a long time ago with the affirmation from Astarte so I will not change this affirmation and I think many others are in the same situation. So my advice is to do an extra aop for atleast 40 days when someone feels overwhelmed. And this is a really...
  161. Dark Blue Eye

    Want to move away far from tech and today's lifestyle.

    Delete social media and stay away from phone/tv/laptop, or generally speaking, analyse what are your distractions and remove them. This will force to look for new ways to spend time. Be careful to focus on better things in future like a hobby
  162. Dark Blue Eye

    Suicide.Trying to find solutions, still.

    That says a lot about you
  163. Dark Blue Eye

    Suicide.Trying to find solutions, still.

    Just to know. This guy is from romanian forum and had some suspicous messages in the past
  164. Dark Blue Eye

    Dinosaurs fake conspiracy

    Not now, but in future will be
  165. Dark Blue Eye

    tired brains

    Both are effective. You can combine them, starting with one and continuing with the other one. Sometimes I felt like energy meditation can help me focus better, sometimes I felt like foundation meditation is just enough
  166. Dark Blue Eye

    tired brains

    And a small detail is to make the difference betwen golden and yellow:
  167. Dark Blue Eye

    The "Revolt"/"Insurrection" In Canada?

    Well, it would be a honour to be calld Hitler :D
  168. Dark Blue Eye

    tired brains

    Personally I used yellow and helped me reading faster and focus for a longer time. But nobody can give you an exact answer. Maybe you can't focus because you are stressing too much and green could help you to relax. Try different colors and pay atention how they feels Overall using colors is a...
  169. Dark Blue Eye

    What Life Is Worth? - The Way To The True Path

    We have very strong and different characters, this means we have different opinions, but on certain things we all can agree and see what is wrong and what is good. When someone put their thoughs on paper it feels like we are more united then it looks What is the meaning on life? Well, this...
  170. Dark Blue Eye

    Back but, idk what to do

    Agree. I think you should start a working to remove this toxic mentality
  171. Dark Blue Eye

    Satan's Poem One - The Hidden Messages

    Nice. I didn't know about this poem, but I am glade because I see this poem as a new way to great The God of The Gods! Hail Satan!
  172. Dark Blue Eye

    Back but, idk what to do

    Glade to see you back. I remember you because you asked something about Agares. You got already good advices about meditations and I will only tell about how to release this mental stress. The fact you are lonely is only temporarily. We have more lifes to live and if this is not perfect it's ok...
  173. Dark Blue Eye

    Satanic Existence - The Path of Satya & Life

    I think this is the answer for many people who are stressing on things that are no worth it. Like those who don't like the fact that energies of the planets have such big influence on us. That energies are part of us as they are governing our chakras and show us who we really are and what we...
  174. Dark Blue Eye

    The United States - Pluto Return & 2/22/2022

    Actually, I would be happy to look in the history of some countries and give you a second opinion
  175. Dark Blue Eye

    The United States - Pluto Return & 2/22/2022

    Thanks for the help! I will consider to look on more dates because this can differ even with more then a century. I think when the regions united says more about the people as a nation and culture and the last revolution is the most revelant for political governance and many more as in people's...
  176. Dark Blue Eye

    The United States - Pluto Return & 2/22/2022

    This could be a bit complicated. What would be more important between first time with the actual name, first union of regions and the last revolution when the regim was changed?
  177. Dark Blue Eye

    The United States - Pluto Return & 2/22/2022

    I see this Pluto return is calculated fo Usa like it has his own natal chart. Please can we give us the instructions how to calculate this for other countries?
  178. Dark Blue Eye

    Mark Zuckerberg loses $29bn overnight as people abandon Facebook

    This could be an effect of shattering their defence? And overall at what stage we are with this ritual?
  179. Dark Blue Eye

    The Obesity Epidemic In The West

    I just read this and I am shocked and not shocked same time. This culture from those grey rats makes me sick :oops:
  180. Dark Blue Eye

    Questions about the souls of animals and plants

    Actuallly there are animals without brain like sea star, sea cucumber, sea lily, sea urchin, sea anemone, sea squirt, sea sponge and coral. Also, marine fishes can regenerate even hard bones. And there is this...
  181. Dark Blue Eye

    Spirit Animals

    In the question I was referring to HP HoodedCobra's example about a bull that can represent tha anger that must be controled. Based on this I thought that bulls can have a stronger base chakra, this is why I asked. I remember when I was a kid we grew up a bull and he was really calm. I was...
  182. Dark Blue Eye

    Questions about the souls of animals and plants

    Poor animals, I hoped they a second change For answer3, I knew that but I thought that every animal has a stronger chakra based on their primal instincts. Thanks for answers! Hopefully in the future we will have more knowledge on this
  183. Dark Blue Eye

    Questions about the souls of animals and plants

    Hail brothers and sisters! I have some questions as title says so here we go: 1. What happened with the souls of animals that are extinct? 2. What happens with souls of animals that are mixed? I saw a mixt between a tiger and leopard. Will remain lonely souls if this hybrid called tigard...
  184. Dark Blue Eye

    SATAN'S DAY RITUAL - 23rd to 29th Of December - Happy Yule Wishes!

    Thanks for the ritual! I feel his power when I pronounce Satan. It is hard to describe the feeling, but the word "pure" is fitting enough
  185. Dark Blue Eye

    Hell And The Afterlife For Advanced Souls

    Furthermore I think this can be seen in negative/positive karma. I feel an extra influence from my family, which sometimes is related to my own birth chart, sometimes is just the energies coming from their own mentality
  186. Dark Blue Eye

    Useful Information On Numbers 6 and 7

    Did anybody do a 6 cycle with Munka, Ansuz or a similar mantra?
  187. Dark Blue Eye

    Humanity Stands A Chance Now - But First, Is Military Dictatorship Incoming? [Re-Read This Now...]

    I was thinking to this too. If they work harder, there would be more curses coming back to them, but we must break down their barrier, wich I think is weaker and weaker and we are close to throw that napalm that HP HoodedCobra said, I think
  188. Dark Blue Eye

    Raise A Little Hell

    You just put a big smile on my face :D
  189. Dark Blue Eye

    A fight with my mother. Kicked out...

    Actually RTR idea is really good because I can do it while they are in the house. You understood my situation very well and said a lot in few words. Thanks brother!
  190. Dark Blue Eye

    A fight with my mother. Kicked out...

    All is good now. It was for sure a transit. The annoying part is that I am the youngest in my family and the most mature, but I can't control if others create stupids conflicts. In generally, due to my advancement I see more differences between me and the others. The sad thing is when I see...
  191. Dark Blue Eye

    A fight with my mother. Kicked out...

    This is all I wanted, not to share my natal chart, just to know where I must look. I didn't pay attention on Uranus and Moon. Thank you!
  192. Dark Blue Eye

    A fight with my mother. Kicked out...

    Glad to see that is all ok, brother. I am going throw something similar, my mother is upset on me with no reason and the best option is to move out. It must be something in planetary transits, can someone take a look and say where is the problem?
  193. Dark Blue Eye

    Being Knocked Out Of Trance

    I remember when I tried trance for the first time I had a headache and stomach pain for some days just because I didn't took Maxine's advice seriously and woke up fast from trance. I was very young and it was more like a play for me, but I learnt my lesson. Even now I feel every small sound...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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