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  1. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How can Satan win a war if he doesn't even appear to those who devote themselves to him?

    You will find that reality is much larger and expansive than you think or even imagine at the moment, to fully appreciate and receive this, you need to gradually open up your mind to the Truth regarding reality and the world we find ourselves in. This is a gradual process, open minded ness is...
  2. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How can Satan win a war if he doesn't even appear to those who devote themselves to him?

    As you are new to this, I would say, I can understand where you are coming from. To someone uninitiated, they read xianity and they see them claim "God said so, so it's true". And that same uninitiated or new person reads the JoS and sees written somewhere "Satan showed this to me or helped me...
  3. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Complaint against members who manage messages and threads

    Look, I saw what you posted again and reviewed the site as you posted. In one second, any SS will see and agree with me that the website you posted is complete blasphemy against Satan, and it is utter nonsense, as I suspected, and as the other moderator agreed on. The site in question is in...
  4. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Complaint against members who manage messages and threads

    I did not personally see the message you posted, however, consider these forum rules: 1. We know Satan and his Demons are real beings. If you are LaVeyan, or feel otherwise, do not push your beliefs here. 3. Blasphemy against Satan and/or his Demons will not be tolerated! 5. Do not try to...
  5. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #5306: is coffee good for you?

    High Priestess Maxine truly knew how to live. She lives life to the fullest, and really understood it in it's entirety. Most people know nothing on how to live, concerned with so many things that do not matter, yet forgetting and being oblivious to things that really matter. HPS Maxine...
  6. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Are tattoos harmful to my health and My soul?

    That doesn't matter. The question asked was it tattoo's are harmful/unhealthy or not, and the answer is, no, they are not unhealthy or harmful, so go ahead and get tattoo's if you want. Anything beyond that is opinion. It's fine not to like tattoo's, and it's fine to like them, either way it...
  7. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

    Did you watch the video? After the shots get fired, everyone behind him starts to scramble and try to take cover. You hear people screaming, some screaming in pain and horror, and 1 person got fatally shot, while another got very badly injured after getting shot as well. The shooter was taken...
  8. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

    Crazy how it looks that much like him.
  9. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

    Disgusting. As for this being staged, it certainly wasn't staged by Trump himself or his party. A person at the rally got killed, and another seriously injured. This assassination attempt looked too sloppy to be planned by the globalists directly, same as the attacker, he doesn't look the...
  10. Voice of Enki [JG]


    I made an oversimplified, hasty response, to avoid confusion I deleted it.
  11. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #5257: Two months

    If you have strength left, try to do Valefor's Ritual as HPS Lydia suggested. Keep the Gods close in your heart and mind, imagine Their sigils inside yourself, make a strong connection to Them. If you can't call upon Them anymore with your voice, then call upon Them with your mind and heart...
  12. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    Your beliefs and your mind rule over these. If you believe something harmless will destroy you, it will be the end of you. If you don't make a big deal about something because you know it is harmless, nothing will happen. If you connect orgasm to self loathing, it will destroy you. If you...
  13. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    To me, it sounds like a problem that you haven't acknowledged, is how you seem not to accept this part of yourself, even hate this part of yourself and you feel guilty over it, which causes you to develop harmful habits as a form of punishment for these things you hate about yourself...
  14. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Organising Translations: Present & Future

    What exactly do you have difficulties with? Give some examples and explanations that can be worked with.
  15. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Amanita Muscaria

    These kinds of things, drugs, mushrooms, whatever kinds of substances with mind altering effects, are simply not to be promoted, not even in a lukewarm manner on the forum here. There is no need for anyone to take them, there is no benefit to any of these things, it has no purpose in...
  16. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Father Satan's lab

    Your husband is not experienced enough to be doing any reading on people. This here is complete nonsense. He is in an early state of opening up his soul and higher senses, at which point the soul and especially the mind are not at all mature and developed enough to properly use these senses...
  17. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Amanita Muscaria

    This here is enough of an example why you should not do drugs. Don't encourage anyone to take strange substances, or experimental substances.
  18. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    High Priestess Lydia writes one sermon dispelling lies told about childbirth and explaining the virtues of parenthood, "OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN! THE SATANISTS ARE ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER TO HAVE FAMILIES, THIS IS ANNUDAH SHOAH!" For someone who "respectfully disagrees", you are very...
  19. Voice of Enki [JG]

    An angel killing me in my dream

    One thing to remember is that these things cannot really harm you, the worst that will happen is you have poor sleep and will be tired because of that. So, no serious harm can happen to you through this. Normally what this does is tire people out, and these thoughtforms or energies try to...
  20. Voice of Enki [JG]

    For Our People: The Joy of Satan

    We cannot be bribed, nor can we be threatened. Regardless of what opposition we would face, the Joy of Satan remains supported and upheld by us, by our power and our hands, always, from our desire to uphold the teachings of Our Gods, Their Wisdoms and Their Truth's forever, to keep Them fresh...
  21. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Missing topic

    I recall that JG The Alchemist, the JoS Head of Translations, had mentioned to you that you could privately contact him about any issues you have had with Hungarian SS members, but it seemed that you never came back to him on that. It is fine to have personal responsibilities limiting your...
  22. Voice of Enki [JG]

    is Alice Weidel a jew?

    How would mark zuc look like if he was a woman? Yeah, like this creature 🤢
  23. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    What High Priestess Maxine had written for the Joy of Satan was more general, for a more general audience, just to inform anyone studying on what exists and what can exist, it is different from an in depth personal account by someone. Explaining more than what High Priestess Maxine wrote on the...
  24. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    It is the opposite. People get more confused, because they read what someone experienced through this, and they see something that sounds similar to what they experienced once. Now they think they are risen as well and activated their kundalini, and they will use your posts and experiences to...
  25. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    These experiences are not really important or very useful at all to relay on the general forum, because what happens is people who cannot experience these things themselves due to being new to this, will end up living vicariously through the experiences of others and experiencing this in their...
  26. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Diet Program.

    I'll be honest, most of what you say here is nothing more than a myth. Dietary fiber is very overrated in its importance, I know people who barely have any fiber in their diet who are perfectly healthy, even myself I do not have a very fiber rich diet anymore (I used to, but I changed that)...
  27. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Is post-mortem certain?

    No worries at all, I understand fine now what you wrote. All of this is very good news, with Spiritual Satanism you are absolutely able to fix these problems. I have seen people with many problems completely turn their life around with Spiritual Satanism in just a few years. The plan you...
  28. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Is post-mortem certain?

    You should see all of these points as separate goals in your life. You can succeed on all of these things, but trying to do everything at once is unlikely to work. Consider that you at the moment struggle with all of these things, how much better would you already be if you succeed on only...
  29. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Is post-mortem certain?

    Looking at your situation, I would suggest a first step to regain control over your mind, through consistent and daily void meditation. Medication like those makes it difficult or impossible to perform any higher meditations, however, simple basic things can still be done. If you also have...
  30. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Is post-mortem certain?

    Before you do a drastic irreversible mistake, please take note that you can talk about your problems here, and we can help you with things. Not to mention, the Gods can also help you if you are in a desperate situation and don't know what to do anymore, but are still open to receive help and...
  31. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Aura of Protections

    Even back in 2017, you already posted like a High Priestess. I am very glad you decided to take up the mantle and became officially ordained HPS Lydia!
  32. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4851: Motivation

    Words or speech is how we convey our intent towards the world. Speech has meaning and is defined, therefore, the words being defined carry intention in them, and this intention is understood. When speech and intention do not align, the power of both is weakened. Same as if you do not know the...
  33. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4851: Motivation

    Positive is charging or empowering, while negative is depleting or emptying. In a positive way, means in an empowering way, the charging of what you are directing attention towards. Since we are dealing with energies here, the word "positive" has great effects here, since our minds know positive...
  34. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Shorter affirmations can work fine, however in this case I strongly recommend using a longer one...

    Shorter affirmations can work fine, however in this case I strongly recommend using a longer one as I had written here. I write this here, because there is significant power in creating what can be considered a "verse", where each sentence opens up the next. Spoken while in a light trance...
  35. Voice of Enki [JG]

    The first working I will post, is for anyone who seeks a love relationship, but who does not...

    The first working I will post, is for anyone who seeks a love relationship, but who does not have a specific person in mind whom they would wish to invoke attraction in. Love workings can be separated into two rough categories, either a targeted working, or a general working. A targeted...
  36. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I will periodically be writing and sharing workings here on my profile, whenever I feel inspired...

    I will periodically be writing and sharing workings here on my profile, whenever I feel inspired to think of something. What I will write are specific workings which I would recommend for certain issues or problems, based on what I feel inspired to write about in the moment, or if perhaps I...
  37. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4845: magic for my skin

    This is not exactly true. Drinking water does not help to break down fat at all, it has no effect if you drink more or less water on the body fat in your body. The primary cause of acne in hormonal, or endocrine related. Something in your endocrine system is out of whack, causing excessive...
  38. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About love / relationships

    Lastly, I am not your personal answer bot. I answer how I should answer, and specifically I encourage self study in any SS, because if all you can do is ask questions and have people spoon feed you everything, you will not get anywhere as a Spiritual Satanist. So, I try to encourage you...
  39. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About love / relationships

    Looking at this now, you really shouldn't be doing any workings at all, and you need to focus first on studying the Joy of Satan. How to do workings is explained on our website, for example. Had you read the page, or searched the website, you would know the answer here, and had you understood...
  40. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How did you handle your first Saturn return? I'm going through it now

    Saturn starts influencing the chart even when it is in 10 degrees orbit to your natal Saturn. Stronger effects will be felt around 5 Degrees, but you will begin to notice Saturn's influence from 10 degrees orbit.
  41. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About love / relationships

    Read this article from the JoS website: https://satanisgod.org/AUM.html Since you still have such basic questions, you need to study the Joy of Satan more. You can just put the word AUM into the JoS website search and this article is the first one that shows. Try to be more diligent with your...
  42. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How did you handle your first Saturn return? I'm going through it now

    Your Saturn return happens when the progressing Saturn gets within orb of your Natal Saturn. The effects become stronger as it gets closer to your Natal Saturn, and are at their peak when it is exact with your Natal Saturn. The time this takes depends on how the current Saturn is progressing...
  43. Voice of Enki [JG]

    When was Joy of Satan officially born?

    I can't control where or what you post, and I'm not the first person to say something along these lines, so sure :)
  44. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About love / relationships

    I believe affirmations themselves can hold great power, when the intent behind them is very strong. The affirmation here is long, but it flows from one sentence to the next, the idea being that each sentence opens up the next within the mind of the person, allowing the mind to fully realize the...
  45. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4823: Third Eye Buzzing

    You may have given up on spiritually advancing, but your Soul has not, it screams out to you, practically begging you to stop being a fool and waste this opportunity to replenish yourself and live a better life, since your soul does not want to dissipate in the future. Your neglect of your soul...
  46. Voice of Enki [JG]

    When was Joy of Satan officially born?

    I'm not sure about this, since it was way before my time with the JoS. I would have to ask HPHC about this to know for sure.
  47. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Jewish business

    Jews are always paying attention to any gentiles that find ways to succeed in life, and always want to steal everything from successful gentiles, it is literally one of their core modus operandi. This is why you see jews always trying to completely surround any Gentile billionaire or...
  48. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Jewish business

    This is a sure fire way to get screwed over. Jews see a gentile doing well in life, they approach them with business offers and ideas, and in the end usurp all your success and profits and business, the age old tactic which they always try with any gentile running a business. Don't be fooled...
  49. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Germany Was Going To Win WW2 With Ease

    All these buffoons, for their hubris, likely will never reincarnate again. Playing with human lives because of ego is one of the most hated acts in the eyes of our Gods. These traitorous bufoons who had no clue about the new era of warfare from WW2 caused endless amounts of deaths due to being...
  50. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Meditation Question

    Personally I believe binaural music to be complete nonsense. I have tried it a few times just to test anything, but it doesn't do anything and certainly doesn't have a therapeutic effect as it advertised. If anything it just buzzes the brain, or could cause headaches because the sounds are...
  51. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Drawing energy question

    Here is a little trick to help with this, which is quite easy to do when you have a grasp on feeling and directing energy. The normal state of an active and empowered aura is one which radiates outwards, at the same time it is open to external energies to attach, there is a two way interaction...
  52. Voice of Enki [JG]

    When was Joy of Satan officially born?

    Please refer to Her as High Priestess Maxine Dietrich. She is and always will be the First JoS High Priestess, that title remains with Her forever.
  53. Voice of Enki [JG]

    When was Joy of Satan officially born?

    The Joy of Satan is the revival and continuation of the lost Spiritual sects under the Gods, there have been many like us, from the recent Thule society and SS in NS Germany, to the Free Masons, the Greek Philosophers, the Founding Fathers of America, the Egyptian Brotherhood of the Snake, the...
  54. Voice of Enki [JG]

    When was Joy of Satan officially born?

    It was officially born when High Priestess Maxine first began her work on the website in 1998, as far as I remember. It may have been earlier. You could say it was officially born when High Priestess Maxine first made contact with Satan and dedicated to Him, which she did before she started...
  55. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Filing Formal Complaints To The Joy of Satan

    It matters a lot whether you are a jew, because Satan never accepts jews, as jews are incapable of stepping onto the Rising Path to reach towards the Divine through the infinite evolutionary potential in the souls of gentile folk. They do not have this potential within them, because of the...
  56. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About The Name "Satan" & The General Public

    Spiritual Satanism is never for the faint of heart. For people to join and receive the sweet fruits of the Divine, they must conform to Satan, never the other way around. I know the True God of the All in All. Satan is His name, now and for eternity, the unchanging and ever True Divine. Even...
  57. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About love / relationships

    You don't need to immediately jump into a relationship with a girl, you can just talk to them first for a while, maybe meet up a few times and see how things are. You cannot know much about a person just from knowing they just broke up. These girls who just broke up, they are available again...
  58. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Forum Badges: Explained

    The Badge system is very well done. Congratulations to all JoS members who have given their time and effort over the years and have now received these badges! I'm extremely glad and proud we have so many likeminded people here who have put in their work out of their own desire and will to see...
  59. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Gods' rituals, healing, Shared Global Consciousness.

    We all agree that our community here is like a family, however that doesn't mean High Priest HoodedCobra is everyone's cousin or bro and everyone here is familiar with him on the first name basis. Even in private conversations/emails with High Priest HoodedCobra, I refer to him by his Title as a...
  60. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About love / relationships

    You should ask yourself, why is it a problem if a girl has already had a relationship before they met you? Does it matter if they broke up with someone and they are looking for a different partner? Sure, if these girls have issues either because of their past relationships, or because they are...
  61. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Can astral projections change the past?

    Reading a little bit about this mirrors experiment, I think I understand what really happens there, and it isn't anything very special or significant. Basically, being surrounded by mirrors while the light is shone in the chamber from the top would create a very trippy experience for anyone...
  62. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Filing Formal Complaints To The Joy of Satan

    We are a group for the higher minded, the mature and respectable people on the Earth. We understand that not everyone who joins here would have these qualities in the proper measure to begin with, and we are very kind and tolerant in that regard when we see a person who tries to improve...
  63. Voice of Enki [JG]

    JoS Rituals Website - Old VS New

    In the past I still regularly used the old website, because I preferred the old format and got used to that, but with all the improvements and updates made to the new JoS rituals site, I haven't used the old rituals site since the new year. I agree with JG ApolloAbove that the old JoS rituals...
  64. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Complaining about sewage makes sense when there is sewage. Instead you see the grass across the street was trimmed and some flowers were planted for free by the mayor to spruce up the neighborhood, and you condemn him that he dared to plant some flowers and trim the grass for free, equating...
  65. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4802: What can I do to get rid of shyness

    It often really is as simple as taking baby steps to slowly crawl out of your turtle shell. Often shyness, besides other psychological causes behind it, is simply because the person has very little experience talking with others in general, and they fear the unknown regarding this, the mind is...
  66. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    High Priestess Maxine used art which was available to her at the time, to dispel the false xian idea that Satan looks like a red skinned horned monster. The images that others had drawn were great for that purpose, but did come with some limitations, such as low resolution uploads and not all...
  67. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    I'll be honest, the old image is simply not appropriate for Satan, as HPHC said, the depiction is based on the imagination of the artist drawing Satan as a person rejected by heaven, based on xian ideas about Satan. That expression has nothing to do with Satan and is absolutely unfitting for...
  68. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    This is needed yes, in fact if you could help with this I think HP HoodedCobra and JG ApolloAbove would be pleased. They'll see my reply here, but I'll let them know. You should make a sample image of your work, and can make a thread, or send it by email, etc. Some of the graphics have been...
  69. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    I can understand why some people might not like it, not only because it is different, but because the style is different, etc, something new does need time to adjust to, and there is fair critique to give on the loss of detail in the background of the image. However, despite some details...
  70. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About Andras

    There is no better or worse Guardian Demon to have as an SS. You are given the GD which is most fitting to you, and all of them are equally competent at protecting you from harm by negative entities, because all of them are Divine beings who have no trouble handling these lesser entities.
  71. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Relationships with demons and earthly partners.

    So the main thing to remember regarding Incubi and Succubi, is that this kind of thing is really reserved for the most advanced people. As someone who has had some level of experiences myself with this, first, it is much easier to have and maintain a relationship with an earthly partner...
  72. Voice of Enki [JG]


    I am very glad to hear you overcame these induced fears, great to hear this. You have made an important step today, overcoming these false limitations and enemy induced fears. Now, remember this experience, and if at any point in the future you have any negative experience related to Demons...
  73. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Conversations with snakes

    Yeah and you are Satan in a different reality while your father is Satan's grand father in another reality. In all seriousness, I am not here to argue with you. The Joy of Satan explains what these are very well, and we know these to be as I have told you.
  74. Voice of Enki [JG]


    Demons do not cause any negative phenomenon on SS, nor for people who aren't yet dedicated. In the latter case, at worst They will be dismissive or not really give you much attention. They will not cause any negative phenomenon, unless the individual is blatantly attacking them or blaspheming...
  75. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Welcome JG Karnonnos, I'm very glad you have joined us! Be blessed Brother, for having you is a blessing for the JoS and our community.
  76. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Conversations with snakes

    These things are very common delusions that form in the minds of new SS. People think they are drinking tea with Azazel every day, and that Satan wipes their ass in the bathroom like their dad when they were a baby... Also of course you were Rameses II in your past life, and also Napoleon, and...
  77. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How is Satanism older than christianity

    This is very simple really. The jewish hoax of xianity started no more than 2000 years ago, while the ancient Pagan religions have existed for thousands of years prior. Take Sumer as an example, the Ancient Pagan Empire from more than 6000 years ago. Predating xianity by way more than 4000...
  78. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Aura colors

    I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle. The color of the Aura is dependent on the energies that are dominant within a person, and a Spiritual Satanic practitioner can influence this and literally program this as they like through these meditations on specific wavelengths (colors)...
  79. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Shiva and Kali

    I mean to say that it is pointless to try and place any numerical value of "age" onto a being that is not only eternal but also existing eternally. For the Gods, time is not like how we perceive it, you cannot put it into such terms or words because they are on a different dimension in regards...
  80. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Shiva and Kali

    Satan is not merely a material being who has lived for some arbitrary amount of time. HP HoodedCobra explained this best in the post Henu linked. Everyone should read that. Thinking of Satan as only a being who lives some whatever amount of years only limits your perception of Him, His true...
  81. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How many of you still eat WHITE REFINED SUGAR?

    It is mostly because rock salt, especially himalayan rock salt is the least polluted kind of salt available. Even the best quality sea salt is at risk of being polluted by micro plastics, because the oceans, especially shores, are very polluted by plastics these days. Himalayan rock salt...
  82. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Great to see such a response. To anyone hesitant, if you have time, sign up for it and give it a try. This will also help you get out of your shell and act, take it as an opportunity to activate and give back to Satan, donating your time and effort. If ever you are not sure what you can do...
  83. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Excellent. Now we will bring the dawn after this 2000 years twilight, with the Gods above, as the glass which magnifies Their light into the world. People deserve to know Them. It is our duty to give the masses the choice to Know Them. Good luck everyone! Our blessed efforts of today will...
  84. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Thank you High Priest for this awe inspiring message! With you at the helm High Priest HoodedCobra, Together with our family of spirit, we will raise the Joy of Satan to the position she ought to have. By our hand, the world will be Godless no longer. Everyone will have the chance, the choice...
  85. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    Happy Beltane to all fellow Spiritual Satanic Brothers and Sisters! Hail Baalzevulon! Be blessed for the Satanic new year everyone!
  86. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Knowing this, who dares to not worship? — quret al yezid

    It is written like this: Knowing this, who dares deny? Knowing this, who dares fail to worship? Knowing this, who dares worship the false gods of the Koran and bible? It is written more as a wake up call to readers, rather than a threat. He says this after establishing himself to the reader as...
  87. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Knowing this, who dares to not worship? — quret al yezid

    What is worship to Satan is very different compared to the godless false faiths of the koran or bible. To meditate and partake in Satan's mysteries and knowledge, to have Him in your heart as He holds His knowledge within His heart, and to follow His teachings and dictates to your best ability...
  88. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4479: In need of resources

    I will tell you with 100% certainty that he is not a jew. Not every berg is a jew, neither is every person with different beliefs a jew. Whether he is a Scientologist or not, I have not looked into this and will look into this, however even so the information in his video's is very legitimate...
  89. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4479: In need of resources

    I vouch for Dr Eric Berg as well. From all the health/doctor's channels on youtube that I have seen, Dr Eric Berg is the most right. He knows what he talks about, and he has the integrity to admit when he was wrong and correct himself when he has discovered new knowledge. He is not too different...
  90. Voice of Enki [JG]

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    He was an Earthly human. A God with Earthly origin. For his skin color, it is closer to olive or tan. It is a wrong interpretation that he is black or very dark.
  91. Voice of Enki [JG]

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    These are very normal questions and interests to have, things to satiate the insatiable human curiosity. As you spend more time with Spiritual Satanism, you will look at these kinds of questions differently with time, and you realize these aren't really that useful or important to know. Often...
  92. Voice of Enki [JG]

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    As I said before. All the named Gods with darker complexion in their description have different origins from the Black race on Earth. About Asmodeus, you can read here: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/lunar-eclipse-rtr-ritual-shattering-enemy-defenses.57248/page-5#post-256265 He...
  93. Voice of Enki [JG]

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    I do not know the answer to most of these questions unfortunately. I can say with certainty however that the original African Pagan Gods that their tribes believed in, those who did not do strange sacrifices or other strange rituals which some tribes did do but most didn't, are the same as Our...
  94. Voice of Enki [JG]

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    This is false. Vapula and other darker skinned Gods have no racial connection to the Black people on Earth, they have different origins entirely. Vapula is not from the Earth either, she is from a different origin, as are all the Gods who happen to have darker complexion in their description on...
  95. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    This is masterful and most excellent. When people think of holy words, this is what it is like. It is no exaggeration to say that. These are the kind of words worth keeping most close to heart and remember for the ages. How great the world will be when people carry these words in their...
  96. Voice of Enki [JG]


    The source of all things, or the All in All, is beyond Duality. All Duality is encompassed within this, as itself it is the source of Duality but also the transcendent of everything. I myself do not have an antipode, neither do our people as people. What makes you think Satan would have an...
  97. Voice of Enki [JG]

    new member

    Greetings, welcome to the Joy of Satan Ancient Forums. There's a lot to get started. First, I'd suggest you begin by reading our websites, starting with the Joy of Satan website: https://www.satanisgod.org/ <This is our portal with links to all our websites and links Here is the link to the...
  98. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Clarification and guidance on some problems and doubts

    These doubts and feelings you experience, are the inner weakness within yourself beating you down, you yourself are the worst enemy to your own progress. To advance spiritually, is to defeat the weakness of the inner self, and to build strength where it is lacking, it is to face the challenge...
  99. Voice of Enki [JG]


    Duality applies to two parts which together make a whole, or can be two sides of one whole. Existent and Non existent. Yin and Yang. Life and Death. Seen and Unseen, to name a few. Note here as well, opposites do not automatically represent a Duality, only if the opposites represent a singular...
  100. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #4141: I'm not a Vampire but...

    You made a typo here. We are law-abiding I mention this in case it causes confusion.
  101. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Crowned princes of hell

    And that is exactly where they are. This has been gone over a lot recently. Refer here to my earlier answer on this, and about "enemy Nordics" in general: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/about-the-power-of-us-and-the-enemy-visiting-gazing-into-other-worlds.59582/page-2#post-264072...
  102. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Mediterraneans aren’t white

    Because the state of people in some places literally is this low, where people truly believe such thinking is normal, we do need to be capable of rectifying such idiocy, and not merely ban it on the spot in order to bury it. A refutation and appeal to Truth and logic needed. If we cannot even...
  103. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Mediterraneans aren’t white

    For someone who claims to be a man, you sure bark like a little dog, up the wrong tree as well. Go taut your big masculine dick to the jews and spit in their faces how masculine you are, rather than try and make enemies of the only people who give a damn about your race and people in this...
  104. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Mediterraneans aren’t white

    Aryan is not so much a genetic thing, it never was. Neither the National Socialists, who were the first to really classify the genetic differences between different groups of people, nor others really propagated this thing, as that is not how the word Aryan correlates. The Aryan race in history...
  105. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Crowned princes of hell

    These stories are based on misinterpreted spiritual allegories by people who were basically ignorant regarding allegory or anything of spiritual nature trying to interpret the writings of the ancients regarding the Gods. Any so called conflict between them, is allegory, as there never is any...
  106. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Practical martial arts

    I have seen too many of these "demonstrations". This is not going to help you against a person that comes swinging, or seeks to harm you in any way. You won't push people over so easily either if the opponents are doing their best resisting, rather than opening themselves up to the technique...
  107. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Practical martial arts

    Regarding wrestling vs other forms of standup martial arts, I will say this much: Pit any Muay Thai fighter with a decade of experience against any professional wrestler with a decade of experience in BJJ, Judo and Grappling, and 9/10 times at minimum the wrestler will be one sidedly destroyed...
  108. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Practical martial arts

    For majority of cases, Muay Thai absolutely makes you one of the strongest stand up fighters you can be, especially if you also follow the conditioning training that professionals do train. You become hard as steel (Almost), unbreakable. It is a complete martial art with techniques designed to...
  109. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3884: Couldn't Father Satan/The Gods have freed the Demons who were bound themselves?

    https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/common-misconceptions-held-even-by-advanced-members.86982/#post-489627 This reply by HPHC explains everything. Be sure to read the other replies by HPHC on that thread as well.
  110. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Getting to know Lady Astarte a little more.

    Obviously that stolen and corrupted xian bullshit has nothing to do with this. It doesn't exist at all, nothing more than a stolen concept, stolen from the myths of Astarte herself, and then corrupted into an adaptation that suits the enemy agenda. Behind it there is nothing at all, no existence...
  111. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Can a person of color be high priest or guardian here?

    The Gods decide this completely. Affairs are handed to those tested and appointed by them.
  112. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Thoth's Power Ritual: NOW LIVE!!! [Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2024]

    Most beautiful, thank you for dictating the knowledge of Them, restoring this hierarchy of knowledge up the infinite ladder, from which humanity had been cut, but now has access to once more thanks to Their grace, and your efforts, HPHC.
  113. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I Got Severe Side Effect From Antibiotics

    You are correct yes, my apologies. I read more on this just now to understand it better. Be sure to get enough nutrition, especially micro nutrients and other building blocks for your body, with time the body should be able to regenerate the damage caused by the crap you were prescribed. It is...
  114. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I Got Severe Side Effect From Antibiotics

    This is a good list. Cabbage especially is a great option for a vegetable, however it should be noted that nutrition wise, the top 3 options blow the rest out of the water on almost all parameters (Eggs are up there too in terms of overall nutritional value).
  115. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I Got Severe Side Effect From Antibiotics

    I'm not familiar with your health issue, so I unfortunately cannot advice you much. For spiritual methods, around the area of your affected ear of course energy breathing with white golden light, cleaning with the returning curses method, and strengthening the throat chakra will help strengthen...
  116. Voice of Enki [JG]

    New Person

    Instead of having all this information in your signature, you could post them on your personal feed, perhaps leave a link to this if you plan on periodically updating things or adding to it. Your signature does take up too much space, it is a whole post of its own, and it will show up under all...
  117. Voice of Enki [JG]


    It looks so good! Even though it will take some getting used to, the forums are really fast, and a lot more modern which is very welcome! Thank you HPHC and JG ApolloAbove for this excellent work on updating our whole forum completely!
  118. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Keeping A Mouth Shut: A Practical View On The Satanic Adage

    A few years ago, I was walking home one day from an evening walk, there was a group of monkeys like this walking past me. They all looked at me funny, trying to stare me down, I stared back at them because this kind of intimidation tactic ticks me off and I find this behavior pathetic. In that...
  119. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Thank you for this excellent work on the calendars for another year! Every year JG ThomaSsS finds ways to improve on them, it is a tremendous blessing for us all to have these beautiful spiritual calendars available. Thank you to everyone who contributed and to all who helped translate this...
  120. Voice of Enki [JG]

    An Elemental Meditation on the Gods

    It is as Stormblood says, the mantra's are exactly as he explains, watered down versions of the mantra's with actual power. Think for a moment what such a mantra tries to accomplish? First, "ong", where is the power in that? It doesn't activate energy channels or Nadi's, instead it has a...
  121. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I seem to have an absurd amount of fixed stars help needed.

    Under two degrees, it is for example impossible for one planet to be aspected by more than 1 fixed star (Or perhaps two with certain placements in case of a conjunction with on star and an opposition with another, but I'm not sure where that would apply). You can check the JoS astro website...
  122. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I seem to have an absurd amount of fixed stars help needed.

    Even if you look within 3 degrees, you should not have 60+ placements of fixed stars, that is simply not possible. For fixed degrees, they only matter when placements are exact with them. On fixed stars, here is from the JoS astrology section: FIXED STARS: Allow 1 - 2 degrees orb for...
  123. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I seem to have an absurd amount of fixed stars help needed.

    Yes it sounds like you are misreading something here. Fixed stars only count if any planet, either the AC or DC (Maybe also the other two directions, not sure), or one of the points (Point of fortune, vertex, etc) in your chart is within 1 degree of orb of the star in question. The fixed...
  124. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Getting rid of bad neighbour

    Love thy neighbor and love thy enemy yeah? This xian crap has no place here at all. Go preach at your local church if you want to be heard on this alright. A real "magi" curses his enemies, and blesses himself and his loved ones as well as his community of like minded souls.
  125. Voice of Enki [JG]


    There are some things which are necessary to learn, even if one doesn't like them, in order to advance and grow as an SS. f visualization feels like a chore to someone, it doesn't mean one can just skip this because it doesn't feel good. It means one must learn to do this better and in ways that...
  126. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Message to ApolloAbove and HP. Forums and new website suggestions and feedback.

    At the end of the day, it will not be the mob who reads the JoS and uses the forums, as those who join the JoS are to do better and step out of the mob. Therefore, the JoS is build by those who step out of this, and for those who seek to reach higher and escape the mob. The point is that the...
  127. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3499: How much should I love animals

    Since you aren't in the state of mind to expand your perspective and learn here from us, you should summon Lord Anubis and tell him directly your views on dogs and your disdain for them, also your opinion that the symbolism is all that matters, etc. Speak to Him about this. Some things can...
  128. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How much should we love animals?

    You have a very warped view regarding this, I would say, you are even completely out of tune with the muse of life as a whole after reading the way you look at existence around you. The level of bitterness is disheartening. In essence, what are we to the Gods? Relative to them, I am less than...
  129. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3499: How much should I love animals

  130. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Thank you BrightSpace666! And thank you to everyone for the warm messages and overwhelming response here to all the JG's!
  131. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule to all my SS family, be blessed everyone!
  132. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Demon candle colors and elements

    No there are not. Why are you worried about this?
  133. Voice of Enki [JG]

    The new face of Joy of Satan

    Human history as we know it, has many flaws and gaps, due to the vast majority of knowledge being lost through time. Many things have also been invented, and reinvented many times over the ages, by different people, in different countries, sometimes simultaneously. Knowledge has been lost many...
  134. Voice of Enki [JG]

    STOP quoting whole posts.

    Even if the new quotation solution has been implemented very quickly after Afodo posted it, this is still a very good guide to follow. I recommend all forum members to read this, as it is still better to follow these guidelines than to quote whole posts, even with the new system, because...
  135. Voice of Enki [JG]


    Must the Gods spoon feed your life? Or can you live your own life and protect the truth that is given with your own hands? And if not, why again must Satan hold the spear for you, so that you can be weak and feeble and sheltered from all things, if so, how can one ever imagine becoming a God of...
  136. Voice of Enki [JG]


    There's a few things here which may be quite difficult to understand, but which make complete sense when you understand Satan. For one, Satan rules over all reincarnation. Every soul on the Earth, and on many other worlds are completely under his jurisdiction, whether the people who these...
  137. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Are physical laws the same in other galaxies as in ours?

    On Void meditation, what you are essentially doing is, letting all thoughts and distractions pass by your attention, until the mind is entirely quiet, null, void. You focus on the moment, it is a focus or pure focus, not on a thing or a thought, but on the moment itself where everything is...
  138. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Demon candle colors and elements

    This page is probably what you are looking for: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Incense.html On the "Demons: Our Ancient Gods" section, you can find information on candle colors for individual demons: https://joyofsatan.org/DEMONSI.html/index.html Not all Demons...
  139. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Congratulations to my fellow Guardians! Thank you kindly High Priest HoodedCobra for your words, and for your guidance and leadership over the years! I am very honored to stand here alongside you all, and I promise to always uphold my duty as a JG to help build, sustain and elevate the JoS to...
  140. Voice of Enki [JG]

    AMON RA DEMON POWER RITUAL NOW LIVE! - Dec 2 to Dec 6 2023

    Such a powerful Ritual. Thank you HP HoodedCobra! Hail Amon-Ra-Ptah!
  141. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Absorbing Greys Question

    Not everything written in the past, especially old articles not written by HPS Maxine and HP HoodedCobra, are always correct in everything written. Absorbing greys is not possible to do, and if you could do it, you wouldn't want to do it anyway, due to how negative the energies they have are...
  142. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Masculine women and feminine men

    To really explore this subject, a lot needs to be written, I'm only scratching the surface here from what I have seen, and from personal experience. I cannot speak for every man, only for myself, and this may sound strange or odd, however as a man who has always had a disproportionate amount...
  143. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3142: Balancing fire,earth

    You can inhale once, then vibrate SaTaNaMa in one breath. It is best to do it in one breath, so practice this a little until you find a good rhythm to do the vibrations without running out of breath before you finish the full vibration. Ideally, you vibrate it with a single full breath, the...
  144. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Decorating the Yule Tree, Handmade Ornaments

    Thank you for reminding of this wonderful way to make decorations for Yule, HPS Lydia! I remember now making these as well with my mother and my grand mother when I was very little, and we even used to do this in school when I was in the first few years of school. The first time my mother...
  145. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3142: Balancing fire,earth

    Yes, all that is right, however, you should drag the A as much as the consonants. So, SSSSAAAA TTTTAAAA NNNNAAAA MMMMAAAA as an example.
  146. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3142: Balancing fire,earth

    The S in SaTaNaMa is vibrated, but not hissed. That is the difference. The Hissed S, such as when vibrating Satanas, is hissed at the back of the throat, which is a specific technique to hiss the S and draw out more power through the proper vibration. However, for SaTaNaMa the S should not...
  147. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3073: An important question to Lydia[HPS]

    You need to calm down here alright. You got called out for misusing the Ask Satan Service, nothing more nothing less. In the future, just post these very normal and ordinary, not very important questions, that certainly do not need to be asked anonymously, to the regular forum, or just use...
  148. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    He has no common sense, because this is spine himself, or one of his cronies on a sock puppet account, of which he has several, to continue posting nonsense and try to shift the blame on the crimes by spine, as well as to orchestrate some kind of public outcry where the ones crying are literally...
  149. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    spine the traitor has posts approved, even your nonsense is approved here anyway, so you defeat your own bullshit "argument" of nothing gets approved. Besides there is nothing to talk about here, spine is a proven traitor who has committed very serious actions and even more serious planned...
  150. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    That's it? Really, you act towards him like this over essentially nothing? You collectively gang up on a teenager who is doing his best to learn and grow in Spiritual Satanism and who is certainly very dedicated, because he is well, growing? The way you receive a person who is young and new...
  151. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    What is your problem with him? How about you lay everything out here and we can see what is really going on behind all this. I'm rather curious exactly what Yone/Hayabusa has done in your eyes that makes you hate him to the bone and treat him like shit. From the way you act towards him for...
  152. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    Is that how it looks to you? Or is that what you have heard from others? In my eyes noting appears weird about Yone at all, he is just an SS doing his best to grow in life and as an SS, nothing out of the ordinary. As for defending what Unforgiven said, even if in your opinion what...
  153. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Experimental meditation - Probing the deeper parts of the mind

    There is a big difference between vision and imagination. Much of what you describe here are not literal visions of truth, but your imaginations on how you think these things to be based on the traits you recognize from the Gods, or based on anecdotes you have heard or read about them in other...
  154. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Whites are a docile and gentle breed.

    It is worth noting that the jew Reed Duchscher is not MrBeast himself. He is the talent manager of mister beast. MrBeast is a bit borderline. He is undoubtedly influenced by these jews and probably a shabbos goy, but not necessarily a jew himself. HPHC had also said this is a little contentious.
  155. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Improving As A Man

    Inspiration and comparison are different things. Inspiration instills action, it gives one positive outlook and instills the seed of growth towards goals in life after seeing the living example of admirable success in other people. Comparison is idle talk, doesn't lead anywhere, will either...
  156. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #3144: having sex with your aunt is okay?

    Wtf. Poor aunt, imagine being her and being kind to your cousin, while your cousin is imagining how he will get in your pants.
  157. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About global warming

    Green energy also isn't what people are led to believe. For one, the maintenance life of wind turbines and solar panels are very short, they require a huge amount of raw material to produce, none of which is recyclable for the foreseeable future, and all of which are very polluting to the...
  158. Voice of Enki [JG]

    About global warming

    There is a reason why Co2 emissions being said to be the cause of this mythical phenomenon of global warming is questionable at best. currently, Co2 makes up about 0.04% of the atmosphere. Before the industrial revolution 200 years ago, that percentage was roughly 0.03%. This 0.01% does not...
  159. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Sinus pressure

    Try the twin snake meditation from the Joy of Satan. This one here: https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Serpent_Meditation_II.html If this meditation is too difficult, a simplified version can be done to activate the Ida and Pingala, by visualizing the twin...
  160. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Known Site Outages + Ritual Links

    Thank you for working to solve these things so quickly Brother!
  161. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Improving As A Man

    It doesn't matter how big your beard is, how much you can lift, how tall you are or how deep your voice is. What makes you a man is not how you look, but how you act and what you do.
  162. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Improving As A Man

    Thank you for this sermon High Priest. In my own life, you have been the best example to look up to and learn from what it means to be a man and grow into proper manhood, for which I am eternally grateful to learn from you. Excellent sermon.
  163. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Solutions to the youtube bullshittery

    You don't have to purge all cashes, if you have done the install properly, you just need to manually force update the "quick fixes" list. This is something uBO has implemented to make updating it to pass youtube anti-Adblock as easy as possible.
  164. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Solutions to the youtube bullshittery

    For UBlock to work, you need to follow the instructions exactly as they are shown here: https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/17j6ygs/youtube_antiadblock_and_ads_october_29_2023_mega/ Follow them to the letter, don't skip any steps, don't add anything else for content blocking until...
  165. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Solutions to the youtube bullshittery

    Those are great suggestions, however I'd also like to mention UBlock origin works perfectly fine and has stayed ahead of youtube in this "anti-Adblock" campaign of theirs the whole time. For instructions on how exactly to effectively use UBlock Origin, they have a Reddit thread that you'll...
  166. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Sharing some useful books

    Aside from many of these mantra's being suboptimal or extremely diluted, the first thing to do with practically any Sanskrit mantra is replace the faulty ohm or om with AUM to greatly increase the power, which was one of the first things HPS Maxine discovered when researching Sanskrit mantra's...
  167. Voice of Enki [JG]

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations High Priestess Lydia! Personally I have considered you worthy of this role for many years, and looked up to you as a Priestess of Satan for a long time, I am glad you decided to take on the mantle now and be Ordained with what in my eyes you have always stood for and...
  168. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Hawaii re-opens to tourists, neglects its citizens

    Don't worry too much about it, the fact you acknowledged this and apologized for this is very mature and respectable. Don't be too harsh on yourself either, just acknowledge that you misjudged Ol here and try to be aware of this tendency of yours as you continue to post, so you can recognize...
  169. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I'm so fucking Pissed off, depressed, annoyed..

    Agreed. The presence of this person is completely worthless here on our forum. If anything, I believe harboring them is harmful for the overall impression of our Ancient forum. Imagine someone comes here, and the first things he sees are this schizo posting idiot? They will just leave. Not...
  170. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Translators for the SS Calendar!

    This really is quite simple Spine. You have done a few things well and have talents that are appreciated, thus you have found opportunities to put those to work. Noting more or less. Now that you have succeeded on a few things, your ego rises through the roof and you consider yourself...
  171. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Israel-supporters in NYC call for genocide of all Palestinians, "flattened like a parking lot"

    I believe you are taking this too seriously. No innate harm is meant by these members, at least not that I have seen. Again, if you believe so, please report it to the mod team. They always work hard to take note of everything and keep track of this if need be. There certainly isn't any...
  172. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Israel-supporters in NYC call for genocide of all Palestinians, "flattened like a parking lot"

    I understand this is a highly sensitive topic, however, please do not let emotions affect your judgements or mistake the neutral replies by another member as an offense towards you. You had really misunderstood what the other member meant to express with his reply, unfortunately this kind of...
  173. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Meditations after Awakening the Kundalini

    This may not be the answer you want to hear, however it is one you need to hear. When you awaken the Kundalini, you will not have to ask these questions here. You will know what you need to do, and what you shouldn't. Before that, remain consistent, continue empowering your chakra's...
  174. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How to be a satanist?

    There are dozens of articles on this. Many pages on the JoS that talk about this. Even if you aren't spiritually open enough to hear the Gods speak, or see them face to face, (this is normal for anyone who is new to Spiritual Satanism, and can take a number of years in some cases to develop)...
  175. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How should Mudras be used?

    Thank you. To you as well!
  176. Voice of Enki [JG]

    JoS Donors Free Article: A Story About HPS Maxine

    Let me ask you one simple question little man. What do you suppose would have happen if Führer Adolf Hitler send a private letter to all the allies and to stalin's personal mailbox announcing that he will be leaving Germany near the end of the war, openly announcing to his enemies he will be...
  177. Voice of Enki [JG]

    HoodedCobra needs to go on X

    I do want to say, I am not ruling out the possibility of doing online activism and be part of the information warfare on X, spreading truth to an extend, or using it personally to garner a following for say, a business you would run yourself, etc. I only rule out the possibility of an official...
  178. Voice of Enki [JG]

    "jewish heritage is American heritage" - jew biden

    Well, according to the definition in the true sense here. What jew Biden is actually saying is that jewish heritage is American, meaning in the true sense of his words, all the wealth of the jew are to be handed down to America as these are in his words, American heritage :lol: Of course, he...
  179. Voice of Enki [JG]

    If I use moon square for trance is it spiritual or physical

    There is a small trick with meditation. When you do it consistently everyday, you build this up overtime even if the first few days or even weeks you feel next to nothing. A big mistake people make is to stop doing it because they don't feel much, or they stop doing it when the effects become...
  180. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How to be a satanist?

    This reply is not only specifically for you, but as a general reply for anyone else with a similar question. When one is a real Spiritual Satanist, they build a connection to the Gods. The Gods, they look out for their own, if you are even showing an inkling of taking steps to advance, they...
  181. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How should Mudras be used?

    Mudras are best used in conjunction with other techniques of the 8 fold path. Directing energy with your mind does in fact greatly empower the effects of the Mudra. At the same time, the flow generated by the Mudra can be a good point of focus to help you direct the energy where it needs to...
  182. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Issue about some members here that don't help own people.

    No, the best solution is for you to not privately seek to instigate anything with other members, because people are leaving solely to avoid the toxicity and snide you throw around unabated. Therefore, take a page from what I wrote, and implement it in your social behaviors towards fellow SS if...
  183. Voice of Enki [JG]

    HoodedCobra needs to go on X

    Did you mean High Priest HoodedCobra? He's not your man. Also, no matter how free X is right now, I am pretty sure any official JoS account would get banned in a day or two, or as soon as it gains any amount of traction. The fact that holocaust "denial" is not tolerated, means more than...
  184. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Issue about some members here that don't help own people.

    There is no point in making things personal or attacking other members over this, nor is there much point in focusing on such statistics and using these to come to strange and unfounded conclusions. Doing so, is sure to get the opposite reaction out of people. If this is how you act, nobody...
  185. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Are White Folks Human?

    Speak for yourself little man. You've given up being white, by betraying your race like a cuck, now you have lost your racial soul and connection as well. What you see here, might apply to yourself. It doesn't apply to the white population. Guess what, out of all people in America, the...
  186. Voice of Enki [JG]

    I need Help

    Yes you are being deceived by an enemy entity. This is what it is like to be deceived by enemy thoughtforms. They will whisper to you sweet little lies that make you feel good, such as, you are Beelzebul's son, you are very important, and you are talking to Beelzebul now who is talking with...
  187. Voice of Enki [JG]

    JoS Donors Free Article: A Story About HPS Maxine

    Do you know how many people "have died" but haven't? Adolf Hitler was said to have died, with dental records being brought up as proof of his death in a bunker in Germany at the end of the war. Yet, we know the true story goes a lot deeper than that. Alexander the Great's death is completely...
  188. Voice of Enki [JG]

    How many Chinese are there here?

    Your replies got buried inside the quotes, you may want to repost them. When quoting other posts, make sure to type your message under the last /quote bracket, otherwise it will end up inside the quote and be send under another members name.
  189. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Rituals with a partner?

    As JG Lydia said, you both do them at the same time. You need to be in harmony together with your partner, do the vibrations together simultaneously, build the power together. Same for the affirmations, affirm together, let the energy and visualization and all other aspects be harmonious and...
  190. Voice of Enki [JG]

    The Spiritual Equivalent of 6 JAN '20?

    Where did you come to this conclusion? There is no precedent of this. In fact, JoS is literally about taking actions to impact your life for the better, improve your personal situation, achieve success in life through self mastery and by extension, elevate the world around you through your...
  191. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #2734: You are neo-conservatives

    I understand reading comprehension is not the forte of many people today, however it would serve you well to read just a little better before replying to someone with an entirely unrelated comment and making a fool of yourself in the process.
  192. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #2734: You are neo-conservatives

    What you say about homosexuals here is plain wrong. As for the comment regarding anyone here thinking marriage has anything to do as a contract to the government, literally nobody here thinks this way, since we aren't idiots. Wtf do you even come to this conclusion from reading Shadowcat's...
  193. Voice of Enki [JG]

    The Spiritual Equivalent of 6 JAN '20?

    The whole point here is very simple. The jew rabbinical caste recites the Torah and other various spiritual practices to bind the gentiles and nations of the world under their programming. They invent xianity and pisslam to get gentiles to direct energy to that same programming and program in...
  194. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #2727: doubt with verbal abuse

    Yes it can. It returns all the harm your enemies attempted to send to you, or have send to you, right back to them. In simple terms, you are making them hit themselves. It reflects off of you and goes straight back onto them. Which is very effective.
  195. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Request for Musical Talent

    Since you are chosen for this, it means you are able to do this. Ability is not limited to the present moment, it also depends on what you are going to do in the future. Therefore, know that you are able, otherwise you wouldn't have this task Brother. Most importantly, as Brother NakedPluto...
  196. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #2727: doubt with verbal abuse

    Yes I do agree with that, however the person needs to decide what kind of retaliation is worth the time and effort. I have personal experience here with being on the receiving end. I have done a few curses, but not a full working. What really helped us to completely cut these people out of...
  197. Voice of Enki [JG]

    Question #2645: is it possible to completely avoid death with consistent 2 hours of power meditation everyday

    These pieces are given directly by the Gods to people who are at the level to start using them. Which means, they are given to people who have mastered the public knowledge available. Open your soul, raise your kundalini, activate both your spiritual elixers of the male and female, and you...
  198. Voice of Enki [JG]

    A proposal

    Allow me to give some critique, which I hope can be of help to you. I understand the idea, however the work is disharmonious. The colors get out of alignment and crisscross constantly, shifting in disharmonious ways. When depicting things related to the soul, it is best to keep them aligned...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan