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  1. Ramier108666

    The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

    I would say this is very immature of you to respond with this. Ol Argedco Luciftias is giving you solid advice and you’re taking this out of proportion. Please reflect on what he’s saying besides responding reactively.
  2. Ramier108666

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    All Hail to Lady Maat and Lord Dagon!!! May there every gazing and auspicious presence lead us to the Straight Path to the Godhead!!!
  3. Ramier108666

    Awesome!! We’re proud of you brother!!}

    Awesome!! We’re proud of you brother!!}
  4. Ramier108666

    Thanks for all you have done brother, see you when this mess of an enemy is finished. Good luck...

    Thanks for all you have done brother, see you when this mess of an enemy is finished. Good luck with your advancement
  5. Ramier108666

    JOSAfrica/ Blacksforsatan update suggestions

    You don’t need to tell me brother. You defended the truth and that’s what matters. If this person or any other person who comes onto this specific sub forum to cause problems, let it be known it won’t be tolerated.
  6. Ramier108666

    JOSAfrica/ Blacksforsatan update suggestions

    That’s fair. It’s to be of benefit of those who come into the forums that are outsiders to be honest and pass along information like it was given to us by finding the JoS. However it seems blacks that come on her have heavy complexes against the whites. But this individual is suspicious. He...
  7. Ramier108666

    JOSAfrica/ Blacksforsatan update suggestions

    Shannon it’s evident that this individual is very Afro-Centric, it may be very difficult to confront them and explain everything to hoping for an outcome of them accepting it. I’ve met another black a few months back and she was heavily Afro-Centric. It is extremely difficult if they believe the...
  8. Ramier108666

    Baal Enlil in the Yoruba Religion

    I’ll be sure to do that. Thanks brother.
  9. Ramier108666

    Baal Enlil in the Yoruba Religion

    Has anyone heard from Blackdragon recently? Because the JoS Africa will need to be updated. I’m doing research alongside another Black SS to assist with the updating.
  10. Ramier108666

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    This is wonderful news to hear HP. All glory to Lady Maxine Dietrich!!! I have fully resolved myself after hearing this. Onward to the Godhead. Let nothing stop you, not even yourself.
  11. Ramier108666

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    I’m still going to want that fencing duel with Aquarius. I must test his mettle with blade. That will never go away. But it’s an interesting dream.
  12. Ramier108666

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    I’ve noticed this as well. It’s refreshing. This particular topic I felt I needed to read. Been going through a void I guess? Just felt a bit confused and lost in regards to life.
  13. Ramier108666

    New Member

    Welcome dear brother/or sister. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We will do our best to “take care of you.” I hope that you’ll advance to the best of your ability, and we will be there to assist to the degree required. Hail Satan and the Gods
  14. Ramier108666

    Ancient City Kano

    That’s disheartening
  15. Ramier108666

    Astarte's Ethics: Now Live

    I love it HP. Thank you for your painstaking efforts!! May the Gods continue to bless you eternally. 🤗
  16. Ramier108666

    Hail Hitler!!!!

    All Hail the AntiChrist!!!
  17. Ramier108666

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    Fighting will never cease until these disgusting rats and their cohorts are removed from our societies so we can move forward to be a planet once more of true freedom and greatness. We have our respective roles and should aspire to be more depending on each of us. We of the black race all stand...
  18. Ramier108666

    Song Demo

    I liked it. Simplistic yet it has an acute ruggedness that feels very earthly
  19. Ramier108666

    The purity of Zamints and the horrors of mixing

    He’s on the right track, but underlying his rhetoric is his hate of whites. He doesn’t seemed fazed at the idea of mixing the whites out of existence. I noticed that about him. He wants racial purity of blacks, but he’s got underlying issues against whites. It’s a good video as an initial...
  20. Ramier108666

    Videogame for us?

    True. I can agree wholeheartedly at this. Also good job translating for the Gods and for the JoS, it is an honorable thing to do.
  21. Ramier108666

    Videogame for us?

    We aren’t all hermits my dear brother, although we can play video games once in a while. I usually play Skyrim because it’s fun. But I still make time for meditations. All you need is balance and it will become clear to you.
  22. Ramier108666

    Who Will Do It?

    If you cannot understand the practical basis or even the abstract meanings I’d recommend you use runes to facilitate higher intelligence and quality to help yourself. However, if you not inclined to read spiritual topics because you see them as a waste of time, then you don’t have to read them...
  23. Ramier108666

    The problem with black jos

    It’s agreeable that Jews are a part of the problem, but underneath all that as well is the need of blacks degenerate behavior afterwards that such continuation is just adding more oil to a raging fire. This just increases. Blacks need reeducation into their roots, focus on that, without the...
  24. Ramier108666

    Leadership for Blacks

    It’s not just @Mau Mau Warrior and I who can contribute. I said we blacks overall must give. You too can help as well brother. Brick by brick, layer by layer. We stand together or fall together.
  25. Ramier108666

    Blacks and Anger: Deprogramming the Degenerate Mentality

    One will need to use the elements as desired. It’s not an only option just one that can be beneficial. Grounding with the earth is fine and well but other elements will depend on one’s natal chart and elemental predominance in said chart. Which is what I mentioned in the beginning.
  26. Ramier108666

    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    We will fight, and hold the line. Our promised shore awaits us in the end. We will hold the wheel HP HoodedCobra
  27. Ramier108666

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    This is beautiful HPS Lydia. Astarte is a great goddess and wonderful person. This was a breath of fresh air.
  28. Ramier108666

    Creation and Destruction, As the understanding implies are very necessary for advancement. Take...

    Creation and Destruction, As the understanding implies are very necessary for advancement. Take for example one’s life individually speaking. Do you have the means to create the ideal situations and consequences of action and inaction? Yes and no, as it will always depend on many overlapping...
  29. Ramier108666

    Agares Pictures

    This a beautiful
  30. Ramier108666

    Blacks and Anger: Deprogramming the Degenerate Mentality

    Hail Satan to the dear Black SS that have remained to themselves a complete sane evolving human spiritually and materially. I’ve come to notice the anger blacks have due to degeneracy and pent up social/emotional stresses can become so enflamed that anything these days can incite a full tirade...
  31. Ramier108666

    Leadership for Blacks

    It is much appreciated. I as well agree to this. The Black SS will need to lead the Black Race correctly, but each SS mustn’t lose their ability to negligence. If we want this to happen, I hold myself and other black SS accountable without any doubt to their duties and actions for the present...
  32. Ramier108666

    Leadership for Blacks

    True. But there will be those that need to achieve it when certain factors are set. I haven’t seen many blacks on the Forums, although I’m sure there are a decent size. They are rather quiet. I did the same as them, but after sometime I really needed to face a reality, we are falling behind in...
  33. Ramier108666

    Leadership for Blacks

    Greetings to the Gentile Blacks of Lord Satan and Our Esteemed Gods. May we forever be unwavering in our quest to the Godhead. It is essential that we mover with such conviction. I had been thinking about this of late, and for that matter even more that usual than I’d actually like. But...
  34. Ramier108666

    Feeling inferior for being mixed.

    Stylecoin, if I may ask are you of black descent or rather what dominant race prevails with you?
  35. Ramier108666

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    @Hp. Hoodedcobra666 you’ve enlightened us many times dear sir. We see the hardships that come with your title, let alone dealing with your own life and spiritual advancements. In all respects that is highly honorable that you’ve persevered so very long, and serves as an example to all of us...
  36. Ramier108666

    Mediterraneans aren’t white

    I knew you’d like a good laugh brother. Can’t I say I can’t relate. But still business beckons us to our spiritual journey, so off I go.
  37. Ramier108666

    The New Empire - CHAPTER 3 - IMPERIALISM

    I can see your point made of the current situation and of my people neglect for want of knowledge. However there are blacks don’t don’t agree with everything of the Jewish media and programs. Yes it will seem hopeless as that still doesn’t count for the fact that many blacks are so heavily...
  38. Ramier108666

    The New Empire - CHAPTER 3 - IMPERIALISM

    If I may, it’s unlikely. As a black, I would be in charge of my race to keep them pure. And as such, I answer to no other race but my own in terms of governing. Outside of that I follow Satan and the Gods. I would not be inclined to allow whites to govern me and my people just because it sounds...
  39. Ramier108666

    The New Empire - CHAPTER 3 - IMPERIALISM

    The gist I’ve gathered is a coalition force run by whites for the benefit of whites and other races? Is this what I’m surmising correctly?
  40. Ramier108666

    They're not even leaving the robots now

    Lol I’m dying. This is Gold i can’t believe it.
  41. Ramier108666

    A Message To Those Who Give Us Courage: Keep Blossoming!

    Much appreciated HP. Lead us to the threshold as an example of what we can walk towards. Hail Satan and the Gods of Duat
  42. Ramier108666

    About Trance — An Alternate Approach [MEDITATION]

    I’ve tried the darkness scenario for void. It seems to work albeit for a short time.
  43. Ramier108666

    No...i am not on a rampage...

    I’m all respects I didn’t call you a troll. I said your actions were adolescent and borderline troll-like. It don’t know you, nor your circumstances in life, but venting is good, in moderation. Balance is the key ma’am. I am not here to insult you or deride you unnecessarily. I am here to help...
  44. Ramier108666

    Imposter syndrome and writer’s block?

    Taking a step back to see d we here this coming from is good. Also it seems like you may need to ground yourself brother. I’d recommend using earth breathing(safely of course) for this. Also if you are lacking motivation or need determination set in, I would recommend the rune Sowilo. The...
  45. Ramier108666

    No...i am not on a rampage...

    I’m beginning to see a pattern that I find quite adolescent and troll-like. Please discontinue such behavior as it’s rather unsettling and causing disruption. If you are a troll and doing this intentionally, it will be dealt with.
  46. Ramier108666

    No...i am not on a rampage...

    Aquarius take a step back and observe this whole situation. Don’t you thinks it’s odd that you and @Ol argedco luciftias are literally squabbling about something that is to some degree irrelevant to be posted. If he has an issue then it can be made poignant to the moderators. Simply put this...
  47. Ramier108666

    Tips on communicating with gods

    Shiva is Satan, Zeus is Lord Baalzebul brother of Satan. Apollo is Lord Azazel, son of Satan. It really depends on the purpose of your prayer. As such if you don’t hear something if you haven’t worked on your upper chakras(that should be worked on regardless), understand the Gods will...
  48. Ramier108666

    Move Smart.

    I understand where you are coming from, but your understanding is too militant. Granted yes one doesn’t want to socialize so much that one’s loses the sight that one is an SS, but you must remember if you go with this mindset it will be very difficult to navigate in any field whether from a...
  49. Ramier108666


    As @Ol argedco luciftias mentioned that responsibility and wisdom. Remember that wisdom is concurrent to making some mistakes and learning. The other is learning and becoming wise by listening. Application of such wisdom and being responsible is necessary. These are important. People who are...
  50. Ramier108666

    Question #3740: How to heal from a polyamory??

    It mostly depends on one’s natal chart. There can be distinct parts of it that may play a part in if one’s monogamous or polyamorous. I wouldn’t attribute to it just being the Gods that can have that
  51. Ramier108666

    Be Aware

    Well met all Satanic Warriors, I thought about this, and while it is definitely expounded upon, it should be clarified for newcomers nevertheless that may want a direct approach unto this topic. Many of us seasoned veterans if you would like to call us have never frowned upon asking for help...
  52. Ramier108666

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    Sounds like we’ve got our work cutout for us. Time to have some fun and bring in the Age of Satan. All aboard the Satan Express!!!
  53. Ramier108666

    I was wondering about kundalini yoga and immortality

    1. As Brother @Henu the Great mention already Spiritual immortality is the followed with physical immortality. Yes essentially the soul is mortal meaning it can dissipate if no spiritual work i.e power meditation, yoga Kundalini yoga Is done to sustain it. 2. Forwad and back flexing of the...
  54. Ramier108666

    The Science Behind Kundalini Yoga

    This was well informed. Thank you brother. Please continue on with such work
  55. Ramier108666

    Short break

    Take care of yourself @MiniMe3388 and get well and strong. Much love Sister.
  56. Ramier108666

    Fitness from a Satanic Point of View

    Because I’ve. Wi g doing yoga and bodyweight training(more yoga than this) I’ve been told I’m extremely flexible just because I can get close to doing aside split. I’m usually am thinking, “this is supposed to be normal for people” by then I realize the current situation in the US with people...
  57. Ramier108666

    Satanists' protector in death

    I like it a lot.
  58. Ramier108666

    If you have power then use it to the best of your ability. The efforts of our brothers and...

    If you have power then use it to the best of your ability. The efforts of our brothers and sisters in Satan have shown tremendous strength and promise. It is indeed a great thing to be among them and work towards the goal of uplifting humanity.
  59. Ramier108666

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    This is deeply concerning. I can’t wait for these despicable monsters to get what they despicable and downright disgusting.
  60. Ramier108666

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    Aquarius do you do art? Or have an interest in it?
  61. Ramier108666


    Well said HP. and thanks for the reply. I love the forums current version. It’s versatile, yet enjoyable at the same time. Thanks again for JG ApolloAbove for this endeavor. May the Gods smile warmly and gently as you progress brother.
  62. Ramier108666

    Good News: The United States prepares to Sanction and Punish Isreal

    I’m with you on this one. As such ever constant vigilance is needed. Keep aware and never waver.
  63. Ramier108666


    I was freaking out earlier thinking the enemy was attacking the forums. I literally sent an email to JG Blitzkrieg and HP Hooded Cobra trying to find out what was going on.
  64. Ramier108666

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yuletide my dear family. Let our wish’s come true near and far! Hail Satan
  65. Ramier108666

    Spiritual Satanism: The True Religion That Is Pro Humanity

    Life and meaning are essential. Spiritual Satanisms fulfills both at an unprecedented rate. As such everything comes into fruition as one progresses.- Lord Cimeries. I can see the meaning behind this although direct in understanding it makes absolute sense.
  66. Ramier108666

    JoS Wiki : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://joswiki.org/]

    Lol, you forgot me bliss. Been a bit busy since then
  67. Ramier108666

    Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule: Dec 7 to Dec 12

    Can’t wait to get started. This will be interesting as everything continues to unfold.
  68. Ramier108666

    Question #3294: Black magick recommendation to get my non-white neighbors evicted/deported?

    From their standpoint Mercury, they are correct in feeling that way. Yes the Jews are the problem, but blacks and other non white races can be troublesome. Whites do have the right to push back when their back was against the wall. Wouldn’t you do the same? At the base of our nature, that...
  69. Ramier108666

    Question #3006: Shifting

    Well as you want to believe you can shift, which is just a profound as my believing I’m a dinosaur, please do continue. Henu is correct as what I’m really getting at is from a realistic perspective, you are far off in Disneyland that I’m afraid you won’t be coming down from Cloud 9. When you’ve...
  70. Ramier108666

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    All right! Awesome job Lydia!!!!
  71. Ramier108666

    Question #3006: Shifting

    Perhaps we were also talking to you as you are also spouting nonsense. Begone with thy idiocy, realize the truth of what the advanced members here and you’ll see the result for yourself.
  72. Ramier108666

    Request for Musical Talent

    Been a bit busy brother, it might take me some time. I bet for your forbearance in this.
  73. Ramier108666

    Request for Musical Talent

    I’ll join in. Bass Profundo, with some ability to reach a semblance of Tenor range
  74. Ramier108666

    Request for Musical Talent

    I can help if you need me. However I may need to polish up my vocals a bit for this endeavor.
  75. Ramier108666


    You can also try Desert Essence as it’s also fluoride and paraben free.
  76. Ramier108666


    My apologies as well brother Yurei. I misunderstood as well. If my post came a bit too strong, I do apologize.
  77. Ramier108666


    Brother I believe you may be misunderstanding the role we all play. We may find some need to berate, but sometimes as I said in my reply to LightningWings, a smack on the wrist is necessary. Making an example in your case would be akin to just destroying them to ensure no others follow down the...
  78. Ramier108666


    For the most part we will actively engage to ensure any newcomers understand what is right and wrong. A teaching lesson. The other side of this is sometimes a troll comes to waste time a bother is, which we will then determine crushing them or being more or less lenient and ignoring them. It’s...
  79. Ramier108666


    I’m pretty sure we are aware of the troll sister. I believe we are just having a bit of fun per se by berating the troll. It at least is entertaining. Although I completely agree we should divert attention to RTRs or self improvement.
  80. Ramier108666


    Please don’t entertain his ungraceful Schizophrenic Melon Lord Self. We will all burn in his mind, as he believes he is Thanos. :lol:
  81. Ramier108666

    Views on segregation?

    You are unfortunately incorrect Abyssos, you have painstakingly become a nuisance when it came to certain understandings of the JoS ideals and one of them is that we understand you hating another race and believing you are some chosen man to lead your own race when you clearly aren’t putting...
  82. Ramier108666


    No he’s Schizo Melon Lord, son of Satan :lol:
  83. Ramier108666

    Views on segregation?

    As I said by my reply to you, it is limited to the current state of mankind, in the aspect of astral discussion, but it is an option that can be exercised later down the line. Regarding of using technology, yes it would seem the most appropriate, however you make a decent point one do a better...
  84. Ramier108666

    Views on segregation?

    I have an idea that may suit you as well as quell the vastness of this situation. Remember as we become elevated we can progress to using technology to further act as ways to communicate from one area to another. Also don’t forget we can use astral realm to meet one another to share...
  85. Ramier108666

    Bonds Of True Friendship - Joy of Satan

    After reading this, and of course going through Baalzebub Ethics and Virtues explanation, it really shows that we are connected to the Gods, as well as each other. The connection of true family. We establish friendships that do transcend to the next lives( should one not achieve physical...
  86. Ramier108666

    How to Integrate Science into Your Life [GUIDE]

    As I learned, I found mathematics more troublesome growing up. I tried to understand, however it never made any sense. My mother had the same issue. She hates mathematics. However my grandfather excelled at it. I. Ignition have just picked up on her dislike and let it become my part of the...
  87. Ramier108666

    Azazel's Day: Three Days Of Honor

    Alrighty then!!! This is going to be awesome!!! Hail to Lord Azazel!!!
  88. Ramier108666

    How to Integrate Science into Your Life [GUIDE]

    I agree on science as well. I hated Mathematics, yet excelled at Science. Yet these two go hand in hand. Ironic no? I’m still trying to fathom why I hate math.
  89. Ramier108666

    Cleaning chakras

    I second NakedPluto. Going extreme is not usually advised. It will depend wholly on the individual that is doing this and their level of advancement. Better to take your time and slowly increase so it’s not overwhelming
  90. Ramier108666

    About My Gf cheat on me

    Your mindset is juvenile my friend. I’d advise reading the situation carefully besides acting like an immature child who spouts off at the mouth. We of the JoS Forums are aware we aren’t right, but what your are going off on is a childish tantrum. Don’t advise if you are already acting in a...
  91. Ramier108666

    New Email Address

    We never emailed each other Lydia, but my email has been the one in my signature. Hope you are staying well sister. HS
  92. Ramier108666

    Staying strong in Satan the inner war, that I finally won.

    Just saw this. That is understandable in respects to a error of grammatical errors.
  93. Ramier108666

    Staying strong in Satan the inner war, that I finally won.

    Ok, ahem. Going to step and get to this in a respectful manner. You said we don’t believe in Satanic spiritual unity. Put bluntly we do, we just know the other aspects( Lavyens and Theistic Satanism have neither understood the truly feelings nor desires of Satan as they are corrupted from...
  94. Ramier108666

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    A masterful understanding HP. I had been complacent and Lord Khepu let me know it very well. Am I truly advancing or am I depriving myself and wallowing in complacency? I realized I cannot lose despair despite it being there. I must trudge on, you are at the forefront of us HP protecting the JoS...
  95. Ramier108666

    For anyone: Aesop's fables

    This brought tears to my eyes. I remember reading these as a child.
  96. Ramier108666

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Much great thanks to all mentioned and those who work in the shadows as well to help promote the JoS to its all reaching heights!!! May Satan and the Gods bless you 666 times!!
  97. Ramier108666

    Redefining Search: Contribute to An Extra Search Engine For The Joy of Satan

    Interesting @Spine. If you require my assistance I’ll try what I can offer. My email is in my signature
  98. Ramier108666

    Do you have a favorite God?

    Lady Astarte and my teacher Cimeries. I’ve been his student in a past life and so I’ve taken the role of student again in this one.
  99. Ramier108666

    About Haggenti

    My apologies for my outburst brother.
  100. Ramier108666

    About Haggenti

    My app for my outburst brother.
  101. Ramier108666

    About Haggenti

    They are the same person. You can address her as Haagenti or Bastet.
  102. Ramier108666

    About Haggenti

    I see. It still doesn’t take away the fact that the OP didn’t really read the JoS regarding the gods and goddesses. It’s self evident there are different names that the gods have.
  103. Ramier108666

    About Haggenti

    No you are delusional. That’s what I see here. Perhaps a more direct study about the gods and goddesses will help you get rid of such a mindset. Also a good study of the JoS and forums to get a clearer idea about what is reality and falsity.
  104. Ramier108666

    A second apology. Please bear with me.

    Giving him scarlet rot sounds better. Then use comet azur.
  105. Ramier108666

    A second apology. Please bear with me.

    On second thought, as I have looked through the posts. I rescind my former reply. This cretin deserves no mercy. I would bash at him, but he’ll just take up precious time I could be using for meditation and rituals. I could even go ahead and play Elden Ring just for fun.
  106. Ramier108666

    A second apology. Please bear with me.

    I don’t doubt your character Jrvan lol. Quite the contrary. I am not disillusioned by Primal Spirit. I remember his former post. If he truly intends to not attention seek and hopes to rectify himself time will tell. I was bantering around. As I said in that post if he truly has learned good for...
  107. Ramier108666

    A question about a "friend" demon

    Based from what HP HoodedCobra has said, he is referring to the delusional types of people who believe “I am a fried with a high ranking demon or Satan.” This is not appropriate. Yes you can have more of a respectful friendship with some of the gods that can tether between informal and formal...
  108. Ramier108666

    Former failed troll here. I f***ing give up. Please take me back.

    Now now Jrvan, let him be. He’s gotten kicked enough. Besides if he truly has tasted reality as he said, he will make appropriate progress should he truly desire it. I wish him adequate luck in this.
  109. Ramier108666

    Joy of Satan Musical Anthem - Looking For Talent

    I can sing actually. Lyric Bass Singer here
  110. Ramier108666

    Moon Song - A poem

    This is exquisite, truly a poet at the heart. Please do continue with more.
  111. Ramier108666


    Despite our differences, I commend you dear brother. Take care of yourself, hope to see you back on the forums again. Stay strong
  112. Ramier108666

    Poems of my own

    I really appreciate that. Hail Satan
  113. Ramier108666

    Poems of my own

    I thank you. As I said. Sister Tabby inspired me to bring forth the hidden poet I am.
  114. Ramier108666

    Poems of my own

    Thanks for the reply guys. I haven’t written poems in a while so me starting out again had me a bit iffy. But here’s another dedicated to my Teacher Lord Cimeries aka Lord Khepu While thou art a great being, philosophical, Philanthropic, pragmatic, you saved me Not from hiding from life, but...
  115. Ramier108666

    Poems of my own

    I was inspired by Sister Tabby, and I thought I might as well let the poet of my soul out. Poem of the soul As one can hope we seek endless opportunities Blessing after blessing, looking for directive Much as one would try to hold to the endless Things we call Life and Death. Directions...
  116. Ramier108666

    NEEDED: Poems!

    Teacher and Disciple As he steps forward to show the way Indeed it’s been a treacherous road Wrought with the most strongest oppressive force That which I follow, he keeping them at bay He is my teacher, I am student, a disciple One to know the way of the Ancients. Fear is my constant...
  117. Ramier108666

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    I was off this day as I scheduled it at my job. So I can’t complain. I will also do the ritual to Lady Astarte!! All Hail the Divine Mother
  118. Ramier108666

    I don't know what to name this.

    Do not lose hope brother. As Blitzkrieg said gave you some helpful tips, take to it. And don’t despair. If you need to talk give me a heads up. I hope this transit will help you move forward much stronger than before. As Blitz said, work with Saturn not against it.
  119. Ramier108666

    Finding Balance

    Much agreed. It’s like I said about returning to the basics. You may have built the foundation but you want to ensure it’s reinforced by going time from time to focusing with intent then you can focus on those bigger obstacles. Finding balance is the goal, having intent to follow through is...
  120. Ramier108666

    Finding Balance

    Over the years of being an SS, it’s been a very arduous struggle to find time for many things whether it be spiritual warfare/advancement or work to survive, trying to find a lifestyle outside of that can be a bit difficult more than just saying it. For those who struggle we have methods that...
  121. Ramier108666


    It seems your are bitter based on this particular post. You are mad at your own race for being completely irresponsible in how to handle things. Understood. You are angered at the other races that are being completely irrelevant and completely useless in society. Once more understood. And now...
  122. Ramier108666


    Honestly what I’ve read so far and have understood from your perspective you are still in a state of loathing for the current state of the human species. Understood to a certain degree. But still in a sense irrelevant. We know the current existence of things, yet you let self doubt plague your...
  123. Ramier108666

    Have the Gods reached the end of science and innovation

    To have questions is fine. It’s not irrelevant as that may give one a personal idea where they may divert their attention to, meaning they may be inclined to science or what have you and see the work of the Orion Empire as an adequate template to work towards. And yes we know there is no limit.
  124. Ramier108666

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    Hey Shadowcat how many hours do you do daily as a welder?
  125. Ramier108666

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    I respect the hard laborers out there. I used to be be a construction worker then went to being at my current job as an order selector. Hard work? Hell yea. Rewarding check? Always!!! I get paid more than most people and I have the liberty to get OT if I want it!
  126. Ramier108666

    Announcing New Joy of Satan Guardians / Positions

    Great job and congrats to you Alchemist7 and also Head Librarian Jrvan.
  127. Ramier108666

    On Satanic Revenge Ethics - About Anger

    I feel something to this extent has been relayed to me in the past as well. I wanted to get back at a coworker I didn't like that had a big mouth and was a complete prick. I brainstormed doing something to really mess up his car. Then I remembered he had kids that he barely could feed at times...
  128. Ramier108666

    On Satanic Revenge Ethics - About Anger

    You have multiple questions so I’ll try to convey this in a way that may appease your intellect and at the same time give you a broader perspective. You speak of doing recent on someone when you were young. If I would say this hast to be innate ability but at the same time as you have grown...
  129. Ramier108666

    On Satanic Revenge Ethics - About Anger

    Something I learned from Cimeries was that one must also judge the outcome appropriately. If say one wanted to revenge they would need to judge how the outcome may affect not just the victim that the revenge is thrust upon but also the recurring individuals that can possibly be affected in a...
  130. Ramier108666

    What happened to Jack? Is this account really of Jack?

    Hmm. I wondered about Jack not too long ago. Good to see he’s still around.
  131. Ramier108666

    About the physical return of the Gods

    If I remember, Maxine said that we would need help as the earth would be beyond our ability, but the gods with their technology which is way more advanced will help us to offset the oncoming damage. So I’m reading this as physical. Besides all in all, we are still an underdeveloped planet...
  132. Ramier108666

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    Put it this way, with or without Jews pushing it, this would be a means to an end in the long term. We are going to use AI somewhere along the line. We are coming up to Pluto entering Aquarius, so this can be of benefit. Now in this certain stage of our development we have progressed more in...
  133. Ramier108666

    Chart interpretation request to Blackdragon666 [JG]

    That’s just brutal Henu. Lol. Just brutal.
  134. Ramier108666

    Just Wanted To Say Something About The Situation

    If I may brother. She never claimed being so advanced. She did state she was working with Azazel on her advancement in regards to raising her Kundalini. Also something to note, when working on Kundalini there will be inherent issues that get dug up in a way that can make one doubt oneself. Also...
  135. Ramier108666

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    Yeah I’m always curious what really is all there. It could be an extreme benefit for all humanity if revealed.
  136. Ramier108666

    It may sound crazy but I want to be a guardian

    I see. Well that would explain the commotion.
  137. Ramier108666

    It may sound crazy but I want to be a guardian

    Did I miss something here? Or is this another bullshit post that has no meaning? Because if I am to actually believe a newcomer that has come to ascend into a position of power when there is no contribution, then it would seem we have an insane number person go into overdrive. Blitzkrieg...
  138. Ramier108666

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    Regarding time travel would you be referring to the incident of the Manhattan Project?
  139. Ramier108666

    delete account

    Well put brother, I second this. There is time to surrender only when it is necessary, but even then it should be temporary as one should strive to be stronger next time. Weakness can be a catalyst to the right direction if it is used as a force to do better and improve. A lot of us on the...
  140. Ramier108666

    Do You Believe?

    You always have my highest respect HP HoodedCobra. As a warrior through and through you have honor and I value that highly. In that case I also indebted to the you, the Gods, HPS Maxine, HPS Shannon, and many SS who fight alongside me. With that I am always on your side, out of loyalty, honor...
  141. Ramier108666

    Improvement and Stagnation

    I’m writing this post in reflection of @VoiceofEnki’s post Tolerance and Leniency. It occurred to me that to find solutions we use different ways to get that final outcome. However as well all know there is a wrong and right way to go about things. When we improve our speech to a proper...
  142. Ramier108666

    Leniency and Tolerance on the Forums?

    I agree with many facts that were stated VoE. There is a issue that may need to be addressed. I know that we SS argue as that can’t be necessarily avoided but can be toned down to a minimum. However that can be a bit difficult as in the past although being a third party, the said two parties...
  143. Ramier108666

    KHEPRI and the Secrets Behind the Scarab

    Thank you brother for this post. It really is informative and anything about the gods are always appreciated. Please continue with more insights.
  144. Ramier108666

    Alright, look folks... I wanna talk about physical strength and physique...

    You can remain silent as you are being a troll. His feelings on working out are admirable, however he needs to understand that there are fundamentals that require spiritual influence. Primitive? There is nothing wrong with lifting weights, but to place it as the only criteria is nonsensical.
  145. Ramier108666

    Alright, look folks... I wanna talk about physical strength and physique...

    Being large or bulked up with weights are the not all in all criteria here OP. Many of us have outside activities like going to a gym or a park. For instance I take the process that Thoth taught me a long time ago. He said master the body before moving to weights, when that is achieved use...
  146. Ramier108666

    Tricked you all

    I didn’t even know they existed. Guess they mattered very little in importance.
  147. Ramier108666

    Some Hard Talk

    I decided to add my input. While you may agree to HP’s overall understanding I can also see what you are trying to insinuate. Please the masses with a reward kind of system. While this is fine and well, when it comes to spirituality in Satanism it is highly individual. So no, the laziness of the...
  148. Ramier108666

    Some Hard Talk

    I was not expecting this, but it’s good that you brought this up HP HoodedCobra. I’ll take this to heart so I can advance for my people, and help them also in whatever way I can.
  149. Ramier108666

    I wanted to leave, but now I don’t.

    Shut..the..fuck…up. You are absolutely useless, degrading and above all I’m surprised you are still here. You insult after everyone told you back off. You truly are a vial creature with the aptitude of a an amoeba. Actually worse, because it at least knows it’s place in the evolutionary scale...
  150. Ramier108666

    Farewell I’m going to evolve as a spiritual Satanist by myself

    I can also speak to him if necessary.
  151. Ramier108666

    Farewell I’m going to evolve as a spiritual Satanist by myself

    I believe they are gone brother. It is a shame, but this person tried to fine a middle ground when one was not available. I hope they find their way and not take things to sensitive.
  152. Ramier108666

    Farewell I’m going to evolve as a spiritual Satanist by myself

    I believe they are gone brother. It is a shame, but this person tried to fine a middle ground when one was not available. I hope they find their way and not take things to sensitive.
  153. Ramier108666

    Don't Feed The Trolls

    My apologies. I figured he was. It’s just his tact is silly
  154. Ramier108666

    Don't Feed The Trolls

    Fancy, that’s why she said the latter of creating troll slayers was more of the outcome. You are a funny one brother.
  155. Ramier108666

    Women as Navy SEALs?

    Doing well Mercury. How are you doing?
  156. Ramier108666

    Women as Navy SEALs?

    True, I’ve seen enough of his post. This seems like nothing new. Hopefully he will get on board. However, realistically, I don’t see it going to happen.
  157. Ramier108666

    Women as Navy SEALs?

    Aquarius, question to you. If a person doesn’t want to fish, why continue to help them fish? Even with chastisement, it will be up to him to decide. Gear88 make your choice sir. Now one is going to feed you fish. HoodedCobra has helped you like countless others. In a way I just gave Aquarius...
  158. Ramier108666

    Average black IQ

    Watch what you say. You may be allowed so much space to speak a concern, whether it right or wrong. But I for one will never tolerate a idiot white who believes just because of current status and superior traits of his own race, by being insulting over all who are not white. Sorry, but my...
  159. Ramier108666

    Average black IQ

    Watch what you say. You may be allowed so much space to speak a concern, whether it right or wrong. But I for one will never tolerate a idiot white who believes just because of current status and superior traits of his own race, he ha Igbo over all who are not white. Sorry, but my ancestors...
  160. Ramier108666

    [FINISHED] High quality sigils

    What was it specifically? I can help to the best of my ability. I’ve looked good over your replies and don’t see what might be the issue. You can send me a private email below on my signature so I can better assist.
  161. Ramier108666

    The Great Tribulation ,Daniel's Final Cycle Begins from September - Prepare Mentally and Physically

    I appreciate it. It is disappointing to keep going in this manner. If we are to really help humanity we have to stand as one. Disagreeing is one thing, however bickering with no sense involved will help no one. This is one thing the enemy plays with and we fall short quite a bit when it comes to...
  162. Ramier108666

    The Great Tribulation ,Daniel's Final Cycle Begins from September - Prepare Mentally and Physically

    Enough Jrvan. I see this every time in the forums when a ritual schedule comes up. Something stirs the pot( enemy), creates problems and then we have a senseless outcome of intense bickering that evolves to just plain idiocy. We are supposed to come to understanding regardless of our background...
  163. Ramier108666

    The Great Tribulation ,Daniel's Final Cycle Begins from September - Prepare Mentally and Physically

    Ol Argedco Luciftius, why is everyone getting caught up in this? I’m really trying to scratch my head around this and it seems almost futile. Jrvan and Jack are both being foolish in their own right, so let them be. Whatever you or anyone else says will not end their senseless bickering. It will...
  164. Ramier108666


    Perhaps you should try Penchak Silat. It’s pretty good to try.
  165. Ramier108666

    The Truth About Black Intelligence Revealed”

    It’s understandable, but just understand there are going to be those types of people that are troll like, regardless of the gentile race they belong to that will be at different stages of their evolution in spiritual progression. I would focus on your kundalini like Shannon has mentioned. I wish...
  166. Ramier108666

    The Truth About Black Intelligence Revealed”

    Cosmic666, Shannon has replied to you and I hope you can truly comprehend what is being stated. And yes many of us on the frontlines doing things to usher in the New Age are putting our lives on the line. What you’ve just did was admit that you don’t want to. Fair enough, don’t. But don’t expect...
  167. Ramier108666

    The Truth About Black Intelligence Revealed”

    Where does that idea stem from? You can’t believe him to be our creator because he’s white? That would be a inherent hate for the white race that it’s stemming from despite the facts of they themselves putting themselves on the line with many things. Have you put your life on the line for our race?
  168. Ramier108666

    Thinking of making the dedication ritual...

    Yes you are correct in him being Richard Lester. However I wanted to let you know that it is still incorrect to go blasting others who may be just genuine individuals and that your brash vernacular can make any potential non whites turn their backs on an opportunity because of your particular...
  169. Ramier108666

    Mountain Goat - a poem

    For some reason Tabby I read this as a song, using instruments from Ireland. I envisioned a women singing it, and now hearing every lyric sing it made tears come to my eyes. You have a beautiful art at poetry.
  170. Ramier108666

    Thinking of making the dedication ritual...

    Once again you are instigating trouble. You can’t trust anyone who is new to be at least eligible to speak from their perspective so we can point out the flaws so we can help them. You have a lot of rage brother. I’m black but my rage doesn’t blind me to every person who comes on the forum...
  171. Ramier108666

    Thinking of making the dedication ritual...

    I guess I will step in. Hail Satan newcomer, welcome of course. I’m one of the Non-white SS. I’ve read your replies and replies of others. As such I would like to point out a few things. You seem to think Whites are one’s racial betters. Whether they are or not simply is a byproduct of feeling...
  172. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    Good to see you back Shannon. Missed you too! :D :D :D
  173. Ramier108666

    Black traits vs degeneracy

    You just reacted in a negative fashion. In response to Olies post, he is still correct as well as Blitzkrieg. Blacks can be more calm, but that is if they are balanced or reaching that status. Olie was correct as majority of blacks do have that impulsive non calm feeling. You named a small...
  174. Ramier108666

    Black traits vs degeneracy

    Again you contradicted yourself like other times. Also I saw your response to Likman. You would be surprised to know that he speaks in that way, but if you understand it truly in its entirety, some of what he says is not a literal as you have stated. If you would like to know, then I can clear...
  175. Ramier108666

    Black traits vs degeneracy

    Whitecloud why are you bringing me into this conversation? Are you trying to provoke me or something? It’s really a shame if you are. It really wastes one time. Honestly.
  176. Ramier108666

    Make yourself uncomfortable

    I did understand what you were referring to, however yes you are right in that I added something to it. I can grasp the idea from how tabby described it in playing in an already rigged game currently in society. I do find it dishonorable and in all respects subhuman it’s entirety. I understand...
  177. Ramier108666

    Make yourself uncomfortable

    I was referring toS AAA’s post and how his response are in using the rigged ideas to get ahead.
  178. Ramier108666

    Make yourself uncomfortable

    In all respects brother, to go the lengths of humiliation and using devious means are already a subgrade of ignorance. An honest approach as Jrvan said is quite respectful. The Op who made this post is not really giving a more honest approach but using means that current world acts while under...
  179. Ramier108666

    Is Everyone Entitled To All Knowledge?

    What you just posted delineated that you are not a high thinking person in the sense of showing their worth of respect. I will not entertain a person if they can’t even do that basic thing. You don’t respect the Hp, yet you always did. There is no sway of choice here. Either be respectful of r...
  180. Ramier108666

    Can we increase our life expectancy to 200 years or more?

    If one raises the kundalini serpent there can be another chance for longer life expectancy. So with proper diligence as Aquarius said, this life can be one that extends your lifespan. That also can give you more time to work on the Magnum Opus
  181. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    That was when I had contact with them.
  182. Ramier108666

    Is Everyone Entitled To All Knowledge?

    Clearwater I have seen your post so far. Your cases are made in argumentative mindset. That first gives one a lack of respect for what they may want to bring to the table. Secondly the JOS has no mediators, but there are levels of each SS in a way. Kind of like grading in schooling( grade...
  183. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    Last time Blackdragon said he was going through a tough transit, but that’s about it. Shannon has been completely silent. I would assume it’s her working on Kundalini most likely.
  184. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    We gain strength due to our endeavors. You are mistaking evolution with being too rigid and emotionaless. You cannot enforce or even remotely think that being strong means knocking others down and taking blows( figurative). Because their measures aren’t yours, their morals aren’t yours. Their...
  185. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    That could be the case. I don’t want to jump to conclusions. I’m just concerned for their well being and all.
  186. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    I would warn you that you keep this idiotic mindset that not even the Gods acknowledge, you would be thrown off this forums. If you feel the need to belittle others just because your life sucks in current society, then I would suggest go see a therapist. Or.. you can grow and learn to understand...
  187. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    Indeed. I haven’t even seen Blackdragon or any other black SS post in awhile. That is a bit concerning. Shannon has been quiet as well. I do hope they are ok.
  188. Ramier108666

    The hidden meaning of "bitch"

    You have a point Fancy. Don’t forget HPS Shannon who is also a female and a valuable role model for us as well. It is of no consequence that Outlaw Torn is going to troll and won’t stop for that manner. So it’s best if we don’t engage his trolling, because sooner or later he’s going to get...
  189. Ramier108666


    You are incorrect. I took no offense because your accusation or rather your approach to insult when you could do something that would be better suited for deescalation. That is of course your choice and I have no need to waste time if one is just going to continue the idiocy.
  190. Ramier108666


    Meaning the troll is going to troll. This is evident. No I wouldn’t let fools run rampant, this responses he is saying are of trolling mindset. I merely say why waste time with a person who evidently has no meaning or want to stop trolling.
  191. Ramier108666


    It would be best to ignore when a fool opens his mouth. If you listen, who is the fool? You or him?
  192. Ramier108666


    I… appreciate your candor brother, however I actually learned they way of being more responsible and respectful with my approach from you, Blitzkrieg, Blackdragon and HPS Shannon. Anything else was shown to me by the gods and I developed a more clearer mindset. As Khepu constantly would say...
  193. Ramier108666


    Once again the words are taken as holier than thou responses. That is your perception and that is how you view it. That is fine, but that is not the realistic approach I’m coming from. I don’t think that they should be getting along. What I’ve said plenty of times so far, is be tactful of your...
  194. Ramier108666


    I believe you got the wrong idea. I’m not holier than though. 1. This thread at first was the Jew One Wire Phenomenon coming out into the light about his Jewishness and how he deceived us. Hardly for that matter. Many of us were already past the point of caring per se. Only thing wasted was...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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