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  1. Enastri

    NEW SITE - Destroying Islam: www.IslamicEvil.com

    Congratulations to everyone who worked on this wonderful project! May more people see the truth with your work and escape this evil. Thank you!
  2. Enastri


    Very beautiful prayer! Hail Mother Lilith!💖
  3. Enastri

    Quick Tips to Beat the Heat

    Very useful information! Thank you.
  4. Enastri

    Developing Yet Controlling Your Imagination and Mind to Further Your Advancement

    Unfortunately you are right. I've had a talent for painting since I was a child. My teacher had suggested that I attend art school to make use of my talent. My parents didn't allow it because they said that painters don't earn much money and become famous after their death. They discouraged me...
  5. Enastri

    How can Satan win a war if he doesn't even appear to those who devote themselves to him?

    I will agree with our brothers. You need to work with yourself through meditations and have patience. Also be observant of the signs.
  6. Enastri

    What Is The Point Of The Dedication Ritual?

    I spent a whole year studying the JOS before doing the dedication ritual, without using its knowledge and meditations. I just wanted to know the truth. Whatever questions I had I would ask Father Satan and he would always send me the answers. He never ignored me even though I had not yet done...
  7. Enastri

    Σατανάς και Πειθαρχία

    Πολύ διευκρινιστικές πληροφορίες. Ευχαριστώ.
  8. Enastri


    Καλησπέρα. Μπορώ να μεταφράσω, εκτός από το πρώτο δεκαήμερο του Σεπτεμβρίου λόγω διακοπών. Μόνο αυτές τις δέκα μέρες δεν θα μπορώ, διότι δεν υπάρχει διαδίκτυο στο μέρος που θα βρίσκομαι.
  9. Enastri

    Alien Races, Reptilians, Greys, Kooky People etc

    There is a positive side to these attacks. "I get to know my enemy and deal with him more effectively."
  10. Enastri

    Race, Nationality, Wars & Peace

    The result of this strange "coincidence" is that you confirm my knowledge, but also add to my knowledge on the subject I am interested in!
  11. Enastri

    Race, Nationality, Wars & Peace

    I was discussing this with my son today. I was explaining to him the reason why I call these wars civil wars. This has happened many times, I discuss a topic and you write about the same topic a few hours or a day later. If it happened once I would call it a "coincidence". Now I don't know what...
  12. Enastri

    Αναφορές στη Χαρά του Σατανά από Ελληνικές Χριστιανικές Ιστοσελίδες

    Αυτοί οι άνθρωποι είναι τόσο καταστραμμένοι εγκεφαλικά και ψυχικά, που δεν πρόκειται να δουν την αλήθεια ποτέ.
  13. Enastri


    Ζούμε σε ένα τεράστιο ψυχιατρικό ίδρυμα.
  14. Enastri

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    Thank you high priest for these rituals. Is the Goddess Maat in the Greek pantheon the Goddess Athena?
  15. Enastri

    First Official JOS Marriage

    Congratulations! I hope you have a beautiful life with love!
  16. Enastri

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    Thank you, High Priest, for this very important sermon. You urge us to reflect on ourselves, to become self-aware and to become more right people.
  17. Enastri

    Ορθόδοξος Σατανισμός

    Μήπως όλους αυτούς (ή και αυτούς), εννοούσε η Αρχιέρεια Μαξίν σε ένα από τα κηρύγματά της " Θα έχουν ένα απότομο ξύπνημα";
  18. Enastri


    All three are beautiful! Each one has its own beauty!
  19. Enastri

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    When I did the High Priestess Maxine ritual I felt a great emotional charge and emotion, which I could not explain. Without High Priestess Maxine, many of us would not have found the path to Father Satan and the Gods. I am grateful to her.
  20. Enastri

    Κέλσος: αληθής λόγος κατά χριστιανών

    Αυτή την ανάγνωση την απόλαυσα! Ευχαριστώ Olympios666 !
  21. Enastri


    Κανένας γονιός που βαφτίζει το παιδί του δεν ακούει, ούτε δίνει σημασία στο τι λέει ο παπάς. Η βάπτιση, όπως και ο γάμος, για τους περισσότερους είναι ένα σόου επίδειξης ( να φορέσουν ωραία ρούχα για να εντυπωσιάσουν, να είναι ωραίες οι μπομπονιέρες, ο στολισμός, τα μαλλιά τους, κ.α.). Δεν...
  22. Enastri

    Very Demonic Artworks

    They are very beautiful pictures with wonderful colors!
  23. Enastri

    Η Γενοκτονία της Ελλάδας απο τον Χριστιανισμό

    Υπάρχουν και μερικοί φανατικοί χριστιανοί (θέλω να πιστεύω ότι είναι οι λιγότεροι), που δεν θα δίσταζαν να σκοτώσουν ανθρώπους σαν εμάς. Έχω δύο άτομα στην εργασία μου, που αν μάθαιναν τι είμαι, θα έστηναν τα ξύλα στον προαύλιο χώρο για την πυρά. Είναι επικίνδυνοι.
  24. Enastri

    Is post-mortem certain?

    The problems and sorrows that make you unhappy have to be dealt with in this life. This will mature you as a person. You should not escape by committing suicide. Whatever sorrows and unhappiness you have in this life, you will take with you in the afterlife. It is useless to commit suicide. Be...
  25. Enastri

    Η Γενοκτονία της Ελλάδας απο τον Χριστιανισμό

    Όσες φορές και να τα διαβάσω όλα αυτά τα εγκλήματα, εξαγριώνομαι όλο και περισσότερο. Όταν τα αναφέρεις στους νεοέλληνες, το μόνο που έχουν να πουν είναι ότι μόνο η ιερά εξέταση των καθολικών διέπραξε τέτοια εγκλήματα. Αρνούνται την πραγματικότητα και σε συζητήσεις που έχω συμμετάσχει (χωρίς...
  26. Enastri

    Passion Is The Key: What Are You Waiting For?

    Thank you for reminding us. Although everyday life is sometimes difficult, we must not neglect our duty to our community and to ourselves.
  27. Enastri


    Ευχαριστώ πολύ.
  28. Enastri


    Θα βρω κάποιο πρόγραμμα και θα είμαι έτοιμη για τις μεταφράσεις. Σε ευχαριστώ.
  29. Enastri


    Καλησπέρα σας. Επιθυμώ να συμμετάσχω στις μεταφράσεις. Εντός των επόμενων ημερών θα εγκαταστήσω το Word στον υπολογιστή μου και μετά από αυτό θα είμαι στην διάθεσή σας. Σας ευχαριστώ που μου δίνετε την ευκαιρία να βοηθήσω.
  30. Enastri

    Reminders and Solutions Regarding Workings

    Thank you for this important information you have given us. You've helped me understand some situations I've faced with jobs I've done in the past.
  31. Enastri

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Father Satan's face is more beautiful in the new image!
  32. Enastri


    Συγχαρητήρια για την δημιουργία του ελληνικού φόρουμ! Ευχαριστώ όλους όσους εργάστηκαν για αυτό!
  33. Enastri


    I have many favorite foods. If I mention them all I will write for hours, so I will mention more generally. I like the Mediterranean diet.
  34. Enastri

    I’m not open spiritually unfortunately but I do have Advanced spiritual knowledge that’s my gift

    It is up to you to decide which way is easiest and most affordable for you.
  35. Enastri

    Hello everyone! I’m new!!

    Welcome to our family. You are very lucky to have a SS family and grow up with the right teaching in your home.
  36. Enastri

    I’m not open spiritually unfortunately but I do have Advanced spiritual knowledge that’s my gift

    Read the information about communicating with the pendulum https://joyofsatan.org/Pendulum.html
  37. Enastri

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Thank you very much for these rituals. I was expecting one of them, but you have given us triple joy!
  38. Enastri

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I want to apply to join, but I can't send a message. If you can contact me.
  39. Enastri

    Do animals have souls?

    I found this information on a website years ago. From this website I found the JOS. I trusted its information because it promotes the JOS. I'm sorry if some articles are incorrect. What you write makes a lot more sense. https://satanismos.wordpress.com/satanismos/
  40. Enastri

    Do animals have souls?

    The high priestess Maxine had mentioned in one of her sermons that a pet, if properly cared for by its owner, evolves its soul and now in its next life passes into the human realm. Coexistence with humans helps in understanding human life and the soul of the pet moves to the next level of soul...
  41. Enastri

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    None of these three fit into the new age of Aquarius and the Gods. Let us each do our best for this sacred cause. Let's get these cancers off the planet. I don't feel sorry for anyone.
  42. Enastri

    Write Down Your Problems

    Hello High Priest. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about a problem I have had for a very long time. My problem is energy. The energy inside me is very intense and I would say very violent at times. I feel this all over the trunk of my body, but more so in the head, sixth chakra...
  43. Enastri

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    Hail our beloved heavenly queen and mother Astarte!
  44. Enastri

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    Thank you for this program and your guidance.
  45. Enastri

    What is your origin story?

    A friend of mine suggested I read it. When I first read it, I felt as if I had written it. Touch my soul.
  46. Enastri

    Staying Focused On The Gods

    Your sermon is very encouraging HP! Thank you!
  47. Enastri

    Question #3977: How do I know? If a demon is present in my bedroom?

    I had a similar experience a while ago. The entity was aggressive towards me. I said to him: "In the name of Satan, I command you to leave" and he left.
  48. Enastri

    Free Donor Article: My Mission & The Great Dragon Of The Joy of Satan

    May the Great Dragon cover the entire planet!
  49. Enastri

    The new forum header is breathtaking

    It is very beautiful!🌌
  50. Enastri

    A Message To Those Who Give Us Courage: Keep Blossoming!

    I am a new member to the forum. I found Jos 7 years ago. I studied it for 1 year and 6 years ago I did the dedication ritual. Since then I have been involved in spiritual warfare and all ritual programs. The reason I wasn't a member of the forum, is that I don't speak the English language, (I...
  51. Enastri

    Question #3702: Iranian race

    It is possible that the name Persia comes from the Greek mythical hero Perseus, who killed Medusa.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan