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  1. Cro666

    How should I invest my money?

    I am seeing a lot of ppl giving advice in how to invest or how to learn to invest etc. But in my eyes its foolish to try and learn how to do this in the times we live in. Even before corona it was nearly impossible to make profit (Unless you had years of experience), Since corona things have...
  2. Cro666

    Astarte, Care For The Earth, And Global Environmental Policy

    Hmm well do i feel like a fool now for calling her Astaroth whenever i was talking with her, It did feel somewhat strange to use that name but i always shrugged it off as me being influenced by some curse or anything of the sort. Dont even know why i used this name because i find that...
  3. Cro666

    The Great Reset

    Hmm Whats wrong? Is this not intresting enough or was this already shared?
  4. Cro666

    The Great Reset

    I Just stumbled upon something quite intresting to say the least.... https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1G0X000006OLciUAG?tab=publications The jews are openly sharing their plans for the future and how they go about it, They show you how everything connects with each other and what...
  5. Cro666

    Rock and Roll Thread

    My love for rock started with AC/DC, My father brought home a dvd of one of their shows back when i was about 10 years old and i was instantly hooked. The cover seemed like a cheap porno cover to me but ehh what do you want with a half naked angus young on the cover :lol: Not sure which show...
  6. Cro666

    Rock and Roll Thread

    I bloody love this stuff, Rock's number 1 for me :!: Lost my music library because i got hacked some time ago but when i find some goldies myself i wil share them here.
  7. Cro666

    Music thread

    I found this about a year ago and was instantly sold, Even now i still love it. I can really hear satanic massages in these beauties but i doubt its meant to be. :lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtorYolc-Cc Queensryche - Take Hold of the Flame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcSB2GOyRmA...
  8. Cro666


    Other members have stated that i should visite a tcm doctor but i could not find anything when i tried to look it up. But this time i did get search results...... Looks like they are closed down cuz of corona, So im gona see if i can get into contact with them some other way. Thanks again
  9. Cro666

    FBI tweets about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion!

    Well Well page doesn't exist what a shock! Its a miracle that it was on there in the first place.
  10. Cro666


    Hello again, I hope ppl will see this for i could use some help. Its been some time since i have been drinking appel cider vinegar and been trying to flush out my gallblatter and liver. Altough the attacks of the gallstones are not that frequent anymore, It still is happening from time to time...
  11. Cro666

    COVID-19, EU, WJC, Conspiracy theories: The link to antisemitism.

    The wisdom of the jews is on such a high lvl that i cant even understand how this will benefit them. To me it seems like they are promoting their own demise, but what do i know im just a lowly, moronic goy. :lol:
  12. Cro666

    Its about a pendant I have

    There is no reason to not talk to your guardian demon(ess), Ofcourse they are busy but they always have time for us. Its even recommended to make contact with your guardian Demon(ess) every now and then, Even if you dont have anything to talk about. So if you have questions like this that are...
  13. Cro666


    I dont think its the gallblatter thats acting up in your case. The pain is around the stomach erea (So above the navel), The pain starts when a gallstone tries to exit or move trough the gallblatter and gets stuck. This is whats causing the pain and not only does the area around the stomach hurt...
  14. Cro666


    Thank you for the answer hps apreciate it. I did have a unhealthy diet for sure so this was already something i was working on, For one i did not eat veggies on a daily basis and when i did eat veggies i got some out of a can. Just yesterday i was thinking about getting some vegetables as...
  15. Cro666


    Thats the one, Wasn't sure how it was called in english. But is that enough to get rid of the stones? :o If so that would be amazing.
  16. Cro666


    For a little while i have had problems with bad stomach ache's i made a post about it before but noone could tell me what it might have been, These ache's became extreemly painfull after some time. A little while ago i had one of those attacks of extreem pain, Luckely i called my father right...
  17. Cro666


    I too have had problems for months with this, I can relate to what you are experiencing. And honestly i can not give you any answers you seek because you will have to find your own way in SS. The gods did not make themselves known when i wanted answers because even if they show up i would still...
  18. Cro666

    Parliament condemns all forms of racism, hate and violence and calls for action

    Im actualy not opposed to this, Why? Because there is only a small group of people that will listen to these dimwits. They are essentialy helping us to expose the jews and their agenda, Even a idiot can see how the ''top players'' are trying to create a slave utopia with everything thats going...
  19. Cro666

    Ice Cube facing backlash after sharing tweets considered "anti-semitic"

    Award-winning journalism? Those idiots really have their heads up their asses :lol:
  20. Cro666

    For the druggies

    Wow your wisdom and like Connection with father is even greater than the hp's man, You know man, You should be a high priest man cuz this is so awesome man. Hp hc is so wrong saying drugs is bad and stuff, You should like totaly take his place man. Everyone should use drugs because you know...
  21. Cro666

    Economic collapse

    They are creating this economic collapse themselves so i doubt that they fear it. That said it could be that there are some worries that the people will rise up against them like what happend in germany after world war 1, This time there is no retry for them like last time. Right now a lot of...
  22. Cro666

    Cold Exposure

    Looks like im gona take a cold shower every now and then from now on.
  23. Cro666

    Jensen - Dutch Joe Rogan (but better)

    No offence taken, Even if you were out to attack me for some reason.... You do you. In the end we are all ss brothers and sisters so all is good. Maybe reread what i said about him, I never said he is awake i even said that he is oblivious to some factors including the jews. And for the people...
  24. Cro666

    What The MSM Isn’t Giving World Wide Attention To

    I really needed this! Even tough i knew that this was the case, It still gets demotivating to see the same storie's over and over again.
  25. Cro666

    Bad stomach ache's

    Thank you for this brother :D This should be very helpfull to me
  26. Cro666

    Bad stomach ache's

    Im sorry i did not know that you reacted to the post, I rarely have head ache's nowadays i used to have it often tough. Sometimes i do get somewhat of a headache when im working on my third eye, But as far as i know its not weird to feel some presure on your forehead while working on that...
  27. Cro666

    The Difference Between Black Lives and White Lives in Jewish World

    Blacks are the usefull idiots, While white's are the ignorant idiots. Ofcourse the jews are going to rile up the usefull idiots to do their bidding, It wouldnt work with the ignorant idiots cuz they are just going to sit there complaining to themselves.
  28. Cro666

    Jensen - Dutch Joe Rogan (but better)

    Thats fine, Honestly i only know rogan by name. I never watched him nor am i planning to, Somehow i was under the impression he was alt. right? Guess i was wrong. Anyways no he does not condone drug use or anything of the sort, About the jews..... Well he does not lick their asses but he is...
  29. Cro666

    Jensen - Dutch Joe Rogan (but better)

    I was unsure if i should talk about Jensen or not, But the way he has been talking lately, Is so positive towards waking people up that i can't help but talk about him. Jensen is a dutch alt. right media outlet (He used to be on tv, A miracle i know but he has been taken down obviously), He...
  30. Cro666

    what better rune or square to be able to move to another place and live alone and be independent?

    You a psychiatrist? Haha i can't even imagine that, Altough the way you have been talkin lately i can see it. Thank you for the offer brother :D Really apreciate it. Is it fine if i mail you some other time? Not sure when tough. I dont hate you btw, When we had that... Discussion, I was...
  31. Cro666

    what better rune or square to be able to move to another place and live alone and be independent?

    Yeah black could really backfire on you, Ghost in the machine made a really good post about it. I really recommend reading it. https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=41041 I stil dont even have a clue about my natal chart, Might be handy to do a reading sometime. I know lydia is great...
  32. Cro666

    Bad stomach ache's

    Funny that you should say that because Astaroth told me the same thing when i asked her for help. When i asked Astaroth for help i was a little bit panicky even tough i tried to stay calm it can be kinda hard to do that, But she told me to just relax, take a deep breath and hold it in for a...
  33. Cro666

    Bad stomach ache's

    About 3 years ago i frequently (about 3x a week) had bad stomach ache's, One thing that used to help somewhat was lay down on a hard surface for 2 hours or so and it would go away. I have gone to the doctor multiple times with this problem but they never were able to help me. This problem did go...
  34. Cro666

    what better rune or square to be able to move to another place and live alone and be independent?

    Things are looking quite good for me in this moment in time, It could always be better im working on it. Im getting all the help i need from the gods and from my surroundings, Lately im also way more aware of my surroundings and the happenings in the world, Maybe its because of the new way of...
  35. Cro666

    Don, I found you another GF

    Over here we have a saying: ''Op een ouwe fiets moet je het leren'', Meaning: you have to learn it on an old bicycle. So go for it Don. :lol:
  36. Cro666

    "Conveniently" placed bricks for protesters.

    I especialy like the title that the daily mail put under the video.
  37. Cro666

    what better rune or square to be able to move to another place and live alone and be independent?

    You are such a bad goyim not wanting to work 24/7, Have you forgotten about the 6 trillion jews you have killed? Dont be lazy just work and all be forgiven. -- I too am done and tired of this whole system but i think that every SS would agree with that.
  38. Cro666

    Are the jews trying to bring a race war now or what?

    I have heard that as well but i fail to understand how this has anything to do with what happend.
  39. Cro666

    Deadliest Riots in American History

    Im 50/50 about the antifa is a terrorist organization, Ofc they are terrorists but the scary part of it is that the state told us that they are terrorists. When are you a terrorists when this comes to pass (if its not already passed), Are you a terrorist when you protest? They can easily say...
  40. Cro666

    This is your brain on religion... (laugh material)

    Not sure what i just read... Is that a 5 year old trying to act like an ''adult''? Kids these days with their twisted/jewish rolmodels.
  41. Cro666

    Jews trying to create a civilwar?

    Today i have been watching some video's of whats happening in america right now, It is so painfully obvious that media is trying to inspire people to fight against the goverment. Even in the comment section there are so many people / Jews trying to spread as much hate as possible...
  42. Cro666

    RTR Offensive Co-Ordinator - New Era For Spiritual Warfare [Apps Updated]

    Hmm you have cut back on FRTR's? Im quite happy to hear that you are taking better care of yourself. I also read that recently you had a visit from father Satan and he has shown you another way of living or something like that? No offense but are you not soly running on hate anymore?
  43. Cro666

    My Satanic art

    This really is awesome :D I especialy like how his hairs flow in the wind, Really nice touch. Question tough, Do you draw with a computer program or with hand?
  44. Cro666

    Moving stars?

    Ofcourse i haven't forgotten about those things :lol:, And i did think about it but satalites and planes dont emit that much light the lights im talking about were 10x as bright then a plane or satelite. Firelanterns.... Well i have seen firelanterns before And i can say with certainty that...
  45. Cro666

    RTR Offensive Co-Ordinator - New Era For Spiritual Warfare [Apps Updated]

    I know that this is already having an effect on me :lol: around 1 pm (i think the first wave ever) i really had an stong urge to do the FRTR. And now that i have read this article and know about the war room, Im really pumped to do more FRTR's today then usualy!
  46. Cro666

    Moving stars?

    One of the first toughts i had was satalites but i live in an urban area, I can only see a hand full of stars when i look up to the sky. Noone i know has ever seen a satelite up in the sky before, I think i have seen em but the light intensity of satelites is quite low. The lights that i have...
  47. Cro666

    Moving stars?

    Thank you for your worries brother/sister :D But dont worry about me getting paranoid about this subject, It was pure coincidence that i have been seeing these things. I dont go and try to see if i can spot anything up in the sky :lol:, Its just when im walking the dog or when i look out of...
  48. Cro666

    Are the jews trying to bring a race war now or what?

    Either that or they are going to use this as an excuse to shove some more bllsht down our throats, Like forced surveilance or micro chipping. I doubt this will happen anytime soon but its always nice to have multiple bargaining chips right?
  49. Cro666

    Moving stars?

    Lately i have seen bright stars just move around in the sky, I have seen this happen 3 times in the past 2 weeks while i have never seen this sort of thing ever before. First time there were about 10 very bright stars moving across the sky, They were all flying in the same line, Same speed...
  50. Cro666

    Shael, why are you a girl now?

    Jeez guys just get rent a room and get it over with. This lovers quarrel is getting out of hand. You guys are way more advanced than me, So i am sure that you know that this arguing is some childish and irrational behaviour. So maybe just take a step back and observere your own behaviours.
  51. Cro666

    1 in 3 Americans Show Signs of Clinical Anxiety or Depression, 1 in 4 Have Gone Hungry during Pandemic

    Meanwhile in the Netherlands, Politicians and the media are worried that every person that went outside to the beach etc got corona. Lately the weather has been great in the netherlands and since we did not go into a full lockdown (we went into a lockdown but without the forced housearrest) we...
  52. Cro666

    Mainstream Mistrust: 20% of English Blame Jews, Moslems and/or Bill Gates, Nearly 1/2 Blame China

    Thank you for sharing all of these posts lately :D Very insightfull!
  53. Cro666

    Shael, why are you a girl now?

    Ofcourse everyone is scared of traps, Emagine being in a bar and a really good looking woman comes up to you. You both hit it off real good and later that evening you're having some alone time with her. sounds great right? Until you find out there is this masive dong between her legs, And she's...
  54. Cro666

    True Ancient Egyptian music?

    There is this sumerian song i found not long ago, I quite like it altough im not sure if this really comes from that time period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUcTsFe1PVs
  55. Cro666

    Shael, why are you a girl now?

    Is japan influencing this forum as well now? Welp there's no avoiding is it :lol: I always wanted to know how faminine the guys were here.... Didn't think it would be this bad :o
  56. Cro666

    "New Study Confirming Hitler's Death Debunks Conspiracy Theories"

    If i remember correctly HP Hoodedcobra said that hitler and some other highranking germans of that time, Were saved by father Satan right before the end. HP Hoodcobra talked about it in a sermon but i dont remember wich sermon it was. About the remains of hitler.... Those remains were not of...
  57. Cro666

    Restarting working problem?

    Is it really laziness that you are fighting right now? I think that you are/were just overburdening yourself and forcing yourself to go past your limits. In my experience it does not matter how often you meditate as long as you try and put effort into advancing, For me it took a year and a...
  58. Cro666

    Why does this path seems tougher for others?

    Many people seem to think that karma has a big role in this.... Well then i want to know wtf i did to deserve a lifetime of emphtyness, loneliness... Always being beaten up and yelled at while i was the nicest person you could find, So tell me what does karma have to do with that? I sure as hell...
  59. Cro666

    UFO Sightings, 2020, "Prophecies", Quarantine and Co-Vid

    A little while ago i did see some ufo's myself believe it or not. (just about a week ago) I live in the city so its hard to see stars in the night, i could only see 2 or 3 bright stars that was it. I noticed when i went and looked out of the window, That there was an object as bright as the...
  60. Cro666

    pc being hacked

    Thank you all for the help, I really appreciate it and i am going to consider getting linux or ubunta. I tried it all out and my pc and laptop seem clear, I didnt have anything weird in the mean time so hopefully it stays like that. There is just one thing still.... Hackers are constantly...
  61. Cro666

    pc being hacked

    I am not sure how to get an image url to show, But i did check on my laptop under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (Your user profile) was nothing besides the default, But under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (The...
  62. Cro666

    pc being hacked

    For a little while i've had problems with passwords being hacked, Hackers trying to hack into my acounts on multiple platforms. i changed the passwords of the things that were important. My laptop started doing weird things like taking 5 minutes to start up (normaly it takes 10 or so seconds) so...
  63. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    Haha that escalated quickly, Now i know that i should never turn up a song from vengaboys whenever im gona visit england :lol:
  64. Cro666

    How did you discover the joyofsatan page?

    Since i was a kid i was always the black sheep, Mainly because i have stutterd for all of my life and i was really shy. Since a young age i've tuned out everything, Even my own toughts and feelings, Up to a point where i nearly forgot how to speak. I was litteraly an empty shell for nearly my...
  65. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    Sounds fun, Count me in! Altough i would prefer a orgy with woman involved
  66. Cro666


    There's one thing that will help a lot (at least it does so for me), Its something that seems easy but can be quite hard to do. Dont think about the things you have to do, When you do think about something just obliterate that tought, Maybe wait a little bit and just do it later without...
  67. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    I only drank beer once and i was sick for a week :cry: , It was the first time i drank alcohol (i was about 16 years old) and i went quite overboard with it so never again. Nowa days i drink stuff like amaretto, ouzo, stroh rum, etc. only rarely tough a couple of times a year tops. So when and...
  68. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    I must say it feels weird to get this kinda advice from you because you said yourself that you basicly run on anger most of the time, But that doesn't mean i will take the advice less serious. About that little ''fight'' of ours, I wont hold a grudge over a petty ''fight''. I have little...
  69. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    The thing is i have been protecting myself and cleaning myself a lot, Void meditation as well i am doing regularly (every time i feel like its usefull so multiple times a day). I can say with confidence that this should not be a problem and that its unlikely that this is an enemy attack. I live...
  70. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    For anyone that have replied and is reading this, I want to tell you that i did read every post and i agree with almost all things that have been said here. I'm not the social type so i dont answer often to people so sorry if it feels like i am ignoring you but thats not the case at all. I too...
  71. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    Let me clarify one thing, The post i made to help was probably unecesary and i came in way harsher then intended like i've said in the post before this one. After your response i did not reread what i had said before and completely misunderstood you, I retaliated to this in a way i should not...
  72. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    Just wanted to add that the post i placed was not in any way to harm you or anything, I came in quite a bit harder than i intended. And i reacted way harsher then a normaly would, Dont care what you make of this but you remind me of someone else and i just had to say what i did. You are not...
  73. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    You're a funny guy you know that? Good thing you dont decide who your brothers/sisters are, The gods decide that, Father Satan decides that, Not you. After that first speech of yours it looked like you were on the verge of a mental breakdown, So i put in the time and effort to tell you that it...
  74. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    I knew i would waste my breath on you but what ever, You are still a fellow SS. Anyway i prefer being the ''loser'', Im not going to become a mental wreck and trow half my humanity away just so i can feel better about myself and stroke my ego. About that ''being berated for doing RTR's'' of...
  75. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    I have one question for you : What are you? If i am correct you are a human / spiritual satanist and not an reptilian / xian or am wrong? Now tell me this, Why are you acting like a xian that constantly has to give their energy/bioelectricity/chi away, Without ever wondering if what they are...
  76. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    I understand that we are in a war and that this day is a good day for workings, But i am not going to spend the whole day doing workings, maybe this will work out for you but i wont be able to do such a thing. I will most likely do some workings sure but i will enjoy that day as a celebration...
  77. Cro666

    Beltane Eve

    I just want to remind all of my brothers and sisters that beltane (B'yal-t'n) is around the corner. :D For those who don't know what baltane is here is a link to the jos page: https://www.satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Beltane.html Beltane is a satanic celebration of...
  78. Cro666

    Looking to Permanently Give Up Porn

    I'm glad that this helped you brother! :D What i said here implies to a lot of things not just porno. I have noticed that there are quite a few ppl that have problems meditating, (I to have had a lot of problems with it myself) What i said above can help with meditating as well. Usualy people...
  79. Cro666

    Looking to Permanently Give Up Porn

    Most people nowadays have trouble quitting porn, I to am someone who had a lot of trouble quitting as well, But i havent looked it up in over 2 weeks without any trouble at all, It kinda went automaticly without me noticing. One thing everyone tries is just forcefully resist the urge to watch...
  80. Cro666

    Relentless spiritual abuse?

    Thank you both for your answers, I am always amazed at how there are always people here to help you with what ever problems you are facing, I really apreciate it so thank you once again. Its ironic to me that you guys tell me that i should work more on the basics, Especialy because i always...
  81. Cro666

    Relentless spiritual abuse?

    Hello brothers and sisters, I have had quite some trouble meditating and focusing on spiritual Satanism/personal growth. Some of you might remember me because i was active half a year ago but since then things went downhill, I did manage to do the base meditations every single day, Even tough...
  82. Cro666

    Proper location of chakras?

    I agree with you that the pictures shown dont fully align with the true positions of the chakra's, and that this is something that can be quite confusing especialy with new ppl (i know you are not new). But in the end it does not matter if the positions are somewhat different to the pictures...
  83. Cro666

    Contacting my GD

    First off thank you for your answer i really appreciate it, Its a bit harsh but i cant disagree with you there. About the situation with the gods i know that are not all loving and caring for anyone, I am well aware that they are not like that ''all loving and all caring'' jewsus.... But this...
  84. Cro666

    Contacting my GD

    Ever since i came to be a SS i never really tried to get into contact with my gaurdian demoness, There have been 2 or 3 times when i tried to contact her trough either visualization or with an oujia board but i never really gotten any answers. The thing is i dont know what to say to her and...
  85. Cro666

    I Met a Good Jew Once...

    Well i met a good jew once, she is a colleague the first time i worked with her she treated me like a fcking slave. She ignored me when i came in and when i was on a short break she almost screamed at me because i was away for to long (barely even 5 min), ofc i ignored her and did my own thing...
  86. Cro666

    Proper location of chakras?

    https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/OpeningChakras.html Here are all the chakras that you need to know about. But how can you do aura cleaning and a lot of other meditations when you dont know where your chakras are in your own body? Anyway just look at the pictures...
  87. Cro666

    Question about Adolf Hitler

    When i was watching that movie i tought that is was a really good movie, i even posted about it on this forum :? . Later after letting it sink in and some more research i came to a conclusion that a lot of facts/information in this movie is either altered or are straight up lies. That said...
  88. Cro666

    News from Holland..

    Not so long ago i came across a couple of videos about national socialism, There was this one vid that showed the philosophy of hitler. Here he tells the people what his views are on politics, school etc.... https://www.bitchute.com/video/iw0KkK2VQJyT/ I found this one very intresting, Hitler...
  89. Cro666

    1940 national Socialist movies

    I have browsed the site quite a bit and...... im speechless, People can freely upload videos on there without being censored. If you are looking for some research material this is a good place for it. Also if you guys are looking for good search engine (Try to avoid google at all cost)...
  90. Cro666

    When you do too much jewish Kaballah...

    imagine that you are drugged and stones out of your mind, You listen to this music and you think ohh yeah thats the shit. Later when you have soberd up you think wth is this trash. She sings like she is stoned out of her mind its hard to hear what she's even saying, Besides being stoned it...
  91. Cro666

    1940 national Socialist movies

    I just stumbled on a gem here, I found a site that shows original National Socialist movies. https://www.bitchute.com/video/LfbAvrEgoWIG/ There is no download option but you can download the vids with jdownloader I do not know how long these vids will be on this site or how long this site...
  92. Cro666

    News from Holland..

    I agree on the abolishing/reforming of the parties but even if this does happen it wont work, If we stay as a democratic land things like this will happen over and over again. The wrong ppl will get powerfull positions and they will build themselves in so they wont be easy to get rid off, It has...
  93. Cro666

    When you do too much jewish Kaballah...

    just when i tought music couldnt get worse :o
  94. Cro666

    News from Holland..

    First of i am from the Netherlands as well, So it is only natural that i know whats going in the Netherlands. I dont watch the news myself either i only watch it when i am visiting someone and they have it on. About the funding on IS warriors that only counts for the IS warriors that came from...
  95. Cro666

    Help from an Enemy Entity

    cmon why is this guy allowed back again... all he wants to do is spread doubt and missinformation around here. This is the same guy that had multiple high ranking gods fall in love with him because he was such a potent satanist, he even had his kundalini raised at the age of 17. just seeing how...
  96. Cro666

    News from Holland..

    ohh the list of things that are happening is to long :lol: in my opinion the matters in the netherlands are quite bad maybe worse than in most western countries. but the thing with dutch ppl is they dont care what happens to them, half of them parties, does drugs and drinks 24/7 and the other...
  97. Cro666

    Meme warfare

    Not made by me but pretty damn good
  98. Cro666

    Transparent tooth

    Alright i have been using the toothpast for about a week and a half now and i must say it does appear to be helping. I brush my teeth 2 - 3 times a day and 1 - 2 times a day after brushing i lightly brush again and let the toothpaste in my mouth for 5 to 10 minutes. It seems that the spot is...
  99. Cro666

    Why no one helps me

    Dont worry about it sister, If i can help you in any way just ask me :D
  100. Cro666

    Excellent video exposing the main stream media

    Well if jews dont like something they will retalliate as hard as they can even if its over something bllsht as this, He is lucky he didnt get a 10 million fine for it. :?
  101. Cro666

    politicians getting dehydrated?

    When politicians are showing some signs of having an extreemly unhealty body they often say it is because i did not drink enough, I am just a little bit dehydrated. Just take a look at these vids, note how all of them are jews, Angela Merkel, Shaking while the national anthem is playing...
  102. Cro666

    Why no one helps me

    Stop beating yourself up like that... It is clear that you are overburdened and its clear that you are not able to handle it at the moment. You say: I have a hundred problems to solve and if i dont fix everything i am lazy. Or why is it always my fault why do i get the blame for everything why...
  103. Cro666

    A rhyme/story to father Satan

    I wrote a rhyme for father Satan, Its the first time i made a rhyme at all so its probably not the best rhyme ever :lol: I really struggle to write stories and such and since english is not my first language its a real struggle for me, so forgive me if it doesnt make sense or if its poorly...
  104. Cro666

    Why no one helps me

    when i just joined i accidentally created a tougthform that haunted the stair for some reason, every time when i went up or down the stairs i would see a big black mass standing there looking at me. i learned that its best to completely ignore it and it will go away, well it didnt it only got...
  105. Cro666

    Huawei to build 5G network in Russia

    I just learned about 5g and the dangers of 5g and i did a little bit of research into it and i found out that they are not only building 5g networks in russia but also in the netherlands and germany they want it up and running in 2020 so its just around the corner. i also read that want to build...
  106. Cro666

    What should I do in this situation?

    Sound like that the problem is that you dont have anything else on your mind to distract you from it. besides doing meditations to raise your energies and get control over yourself it might be a good thing to find something else to do. one thing that might work very well is go out and let...
  107. Cro666

    [News]Youtube shutting down...

    hmm i always tought that they already banned stuff like that because it was already almost impossible to find anything related to holocaust denial or hoax's. in other words it doesnt matter this changes nothing they are just trying to justify their actions.
  108. Cro666

    Satan, love, sex in dream

    1/10 not dramatic enough third encounter with a highranking demon and its the worst story yet you didnt sacrifice enough virgins either, would not recommend.
  109. Cro666

    Transparent tooth

    I will but it can take some time tough because it takes up to 2 weeks before its deliverd, after that i will try it out for 2 or so weeks before i will report back on it. I rarely talk or type in english so it takes quite some time to think about how i want to say something, sometimes i dont...
  110. Cro666

    Transparent tooth

    alright i will try that thank you. worst part about this is that they dont sell theodent in my country so i had to buy it from ebay... its 32 bucks for one tube :cry: i tried to buy it trough the official website and they wanted 30 bucks just to send it my way plus the initial cost..... well i...
  111. Cro666

    Transparent tooth

    i took a look at the post and the post mentions that baking powder and theodent toothpast does whiten your teeth, but i dont think that it will repair tooth enamel. the seetrough part is seetrough because the tooth enamel has been damaged...
  112. Cro666

    Transparent tooth

    im was a bit unclear about srry but no it didnt happen after one time pressing to hard. i used to press the tooth brush hard against my teeth all the time it was the way i brushed my teeth... i put so much force on it that the bristles bent even when i got a new brush after a couple of times...
  113. Cro666

    Awkward dream...

    I dont entirely agree with this, for one dreams can reflect your past lives and or your fears among many other things. we can learn from dreams even when you think its not something you can learn from. In this case it could be a mix between past memories, fears, imigination. one thing here...
  114. Cro666


    Et all the way, cant even make out what the other 2 are supposed to be :?
  115. Cro666

    Curious (I am new)

    this one doesnt know how to stop :lol: i tought that you already had your kundalini ascended and that you were in relations with some of the high ranking gods. now you say that you are new.... make your mind up will you. if you are legit and not the guy i am sure you are than read the jos...
  116. Cro666

    Transparent tooth

    A while ago when i brushed my teeth i pushed the brush to hard against my teeth, because of this a part of one of my front teeth has become somewhat transparent. It doesnt bother me that much but its not a nice sight to see for other ppl looking at me, and because of this i wont smile to...
  117. Cro666

    Dutch right wing parties at jew protest

    A couple of days ago there was a protest done by the jews in Den haag (Netherlands). they protested because there is to much hate and violence against jews, apperently they cant put on their keppel (some jewish hat) anymore. Its clear they are out protesting for other reason but whatever if they...
  118. Cro666

    Is there a meditation to switch off emotions?

    I havent been in contact with my emotions for over 10 years maybe even 15 years, i am now mid 20s so it was most of my life. since about half a year to a year i learned how to reconnect to my feelings. i posted a reply on another post about it here is what i said...
  119. Cro666

    Azazel is Holy

    Aww now we will never now if he gets sexual with Beezlebub or father Satan himself. Maybe he will tell us more about what the gods are, for one i did not know that Azazel was holy at all or that one guy can have even the gods fall in love with him. he even raised his kundalini at the age of...
  120. Cro666

    Strange problem I need help with..

    there is one thing that i know off that might help. You said that when you stretch your arms and inhale deeply you get a tintling/burning sensation.... the thing that happens when you stretch your arms above you is that you partly close off your throat, when you move your chin down toward your...
  121. Cro666

    Unable to feel emotions

    There is one thing i hear way to often here and that is meditate on it. there are enough other solutions that may be even better for certain problems. ofcourse meditation will help but dont ignore everything else like your own body because you think ahh well meditation will solve all problems...
  122. Cro666

    Unable to feel emotions

    I have had the same problem for over 10 years, but since about a year i learned how to get back in touch with them. So i had therapy for this but it was a therapy where you were doing physical exercises, it was just me and a instructor doing things like basketbal, some form of wrestling, ball...
  123. Cro666

    Giving back to the Clergy

    Before i came here i was in the worst position of my life. The hp's have showed me a different road to walk, a way to get out of the downward spirall that went into nothingness. A road not only to happiness/selfawereness/betterment of myself, the world, and family but also to the gods, for this...
  124. Cro666

    I'm not able to meditate daily.

    For who are you doing the meditation? for yourself or for the people around you... I know you are quite a bit younger than me and that you are still living with your parents but dont let them or anyone else decide every step of your life. barely anyone even knows that i am doing meditaions and...
  125. Cro666

    I'm not able to meditate daily.

    man i have the same problem that its really hard to keep doing the meditations. ive been doing the void meditation/aura cleaning/aura of protection twice a day for over a month now but im strugling to keep doing them. in the beginning i was opening my chacras (only the 1st and 2nd are left) and...
  126. Cro666

    Total noob in need of help

    Looks like we are the only ones getting a good laugh out of this ^^. When i first read his post it made my day, it's so obvious this guy doesnt know anything about sS and doesnt mean anything he says. When i just read his second post ff, he's even more blatant than before but still there are...
  127. Cro666

    Rabbi Shimeon's Poem

    Thank you for your wise words Rabbi shimeon may there be 10 times as many jews on this planet in 20 years from now. Now rest in peace with your almighty god.
  128. Cro666

    Total noob in need of help

    I know that everyone deserves to be answerd even if it looks like the person is trolling but this.... You obiously dont even know some basic things and you claim to be a satanist? If you are serious go to the ss website do some reading and find your answers there, next time you ask for anything...
  129. Cro666

    Heil Hitler: The Man Who Shook The World

    It is only obvious to those who are willing to think for themselves, quite hard to find people like that in a lot of places in the eu.
  130. Cro666

    Jew Woman Goes Nuts on the Bus, Threatens to Ritually Murder Goyim at the Synagogue by crucifixion

    Are there any other vids like this? if so can someone share em? I tried to look em up on the web but looks like i dont know the way... didnt find anything
  131. Cro666

    Jew Woman Goes Nuts on the Bus, Threatens to Ritually Murder Goyim at the Synagogue by crucifixion

    No wonder i cant watch that vid in my country :lol: If only more of them would act like idiotic crazy beasts, more people would open their eyes and see what those almighty jews actually are. So i couldnt watch the vid in my country and my vpn wasnt working anymore but there is another way to...
  132. Cro666

    Notre Dame Burning In Paris

    Honestly i dont really care that the notre dame has burned down, It is a real shame that something our ancestors build has been so corrupted, but almost everything of our past has been corrupted. What do most ppl know of their past anyway? history has been serverly changed in some countries they...
  133. Cro666

    Lucid dreaming

    as a kid i had the same problem i had the weirdest dreams where i died or got kidnapped and all sorts of weird things. sometimes when something happend i actualy felt the pain troughout the day. at points where i knew i was dreaming and wanted to get out i couldnt it felt like sleep paralysis at...
  134. Cro666

    Political sitiation in Europe Thread

    I didnt want to go into to much detail about this stuff but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Its just been recently that ive started to get intrest in politics again and what im seeing there ff. its like a room full of little children that can only say what they are ''programmed'' to say...
  135. Cro666

    Political sitiation in Europe Thread

    The politicians/president have been draining the economy in the netherlands. there has been a crisis that in the eu for the longest time and the dutch ppl suffert from it greatly (A lot of ppl couldnt even buy food or clothes anymore there were a lot of these foodbanks where ppl could get old...
  136. Cro666

    Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told

    I have seen some inaccuracies/lies and some things that are doubtfull, my knowledge on the second world war is limited so it is always nice that someone with more knowledge about this will attend me on the fact that the thing i said or shared is inaccurate or false. You tell everyone to always...
  137. Cro666

    Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told

    A couple of days i stumbled across a documentary called: Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told. It is a 6 hour documentary that shows the story of Adolf Hitler and what actualy happend around the time when the second world war was raging on, it doesn't show the big lies that is fed to every...
  138. Cro666

    The Wicker Man [1973 Classic]

    thank you for this beauty :) Are there any movies that are like this movie? pagan - satanic.... i have been looking for em but most movies were not satanic or pagan in the slightest.
  139. Cro666

    Hatha Yoga

    I have done some yoga for a while now not as much i should have done it lets say weekly instead of daily. but the workings i did did help me get more flexible. The way i did it was not a 100% relaxed i did put a little but presure on my body to get a little further than i was 100% comfortable...
  140. Cro666

    Feeling of spiritual cleaning and growth

    This is really relatable to what happend to me. When i first came to SS I was at worst point in my life. in the beginning i was pretty hyped about becoming spiritual and doing all the things that i read about on the joyofSatan site. after a week or so i got lets say a big hit in my face of...
  141. Cro666

    What Today Needs!

    i am having some troubles making a fake acc. so i know how to create a fake email and to have access to fake phone numbers but i can't use the phone numbers for some reason because google says that those phone numbers cant be used..... so i want to make a account but i cant make it work. can...
  142. Cro666

    Memorable Experiences With/From the Gods

    yeah i thougth that i misread that part :? im very thankfull that she did that for me ^^ this is one of the few notable experiences i've had in the year that i have dedicated myself to satan but thats my own fault i barely did any meditations or yoga. today was the first time i actualy tried to...
  143. Cro666

    Memorable Experiences With/From the Gods

    there are 2 experiences i had that are memorable. first one was when i just joined ss (within a month of joining). i read about a meditation to bring yourself to orgasm while thinking about your guardian damon(ess) to either show that you want a sexual 'relationship' or to empower/give power...
  144. Cro666

    EU Backstabs the Internet Once More [Article 11 & 13]

    hmm i live in the eu and i havent heard anything in the news about the changes that have been made regarding artical 11 and 13. in some countries they mask it as a meme ban and in mine they dont even adress the fact that freedom of speech has been severly screwed over. when the time comes that...
  145. Cro666

    28/March/2019: Message from Azazel

    I actualy feel bad that i have not been of any use to the rtr's and such. its been a year since i have come to satan, i came to satan when i was at the worst point in my life (extreem depression - burnout). only recently i started learning about things i have been lied to for all of my life...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan