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  1. Isisd

    1947 Roswell Alien Interview

    Of course, not everything written has to be taken for granted, ever. Leaving these particulars about the billion years and the doll-body aside, I think that the core informations of the text are very interesting to analyze and contain lots of hidden truths. I also think that the whole "Alien...
  2. Isisd

    1947 Roswell Alien Interview

    Greetings! I recently found and read this curious text, based off an apparent alien interview after the Roswell 1947 accident, pdfs or links can be found online...
  3. Isisd

    Unwanted Ghosts

    Good evening brothers and sisters. A friend of mine who lives abroad asked me help for a ghost problem. Unfortunately, this friend is very far away so i can't help him directly, neither i can discern if in that house there really are ghosts or they're just thoughtforms or imagination (but the...
  4. Isisd

    About Blood Donations

    I always thought there is something wrong about blood donations. I can't actually figure out what. At school they usually tell us to donate to help people, they tell us that it is gratificating and helpful. But Thinking that my blood, a print of my soul, is going to circulate into someone else's...
  5. Isisd

    Very strange noises

    Concerning Astral projection, i did very little progress since this summer when i contacted Bathin for help. But I think that even little progress is much when it's done toward a concrete ability like OBE. I never gave up. Now i can say I achieved the concentration needed to go out from my body...
  6. Isisd


    During my practice no demons or spirits has found my wand disrespectful. It's a totally natural tool charged with the energy of the moon and the Gods. It's usage has been attested in lots of gentile magical practices before the arrival of yaweh and it's disciples. Also pentagrams and athames...
  7. Isisd

    Question #3589: Hell

    It's a word derived from the Proto-germanic, old English word "hel", that was a synonym for the other world, or the ethereal world, were the dead would go after the end of their life on this earth. Hellheim in norse mythology was one of the realms of the afterlife. Hel is also a norse goddess...
  8. Isisd


    I used it as a substitute for the athame since it was more difficult for me to get one back in the days. So basically for opening circles, calling forth the elements, directing energy and other ritual purposes. It isn't offensive to the gods at all
  9. Isisd


    I think I already said it in a previous post, I have never used or had an athame. When i started practicing some years ago (i was still a child and a lot unexperienced) I remember looking up in the celtic calendar to see what kind of tree i had affinity with based on my date of birth. I made out...
  10. Isisd

    Question #3581: What to do about my boyfriend and life

    All of these actions and behavior are symptoms of hidden insecurities and unresolved inner problems. Try to talk with him and get him to open himself to you. Try to help him getting out of this state of laziness and to stand up for himself, cheer him up also for little progress if you see some...
  11. Isisd

    question about time

    Ancient pagan civilizations had a very different concept of time compared to ours. Before Greece and Rome the succession of years wasn't really enumered, the difference between past present and future wasn't so scanned, time was an eternal cycle, a seasonal circle, all years were the same. Lunar...
  12. Isisd

    Soros visits Pope Francis

    As we start feeling the influence of the age of Aquarius, Truth begins to reveal itself in plain sight. Recently the son of George Soros, Alexander (who has recently inherited all of his father's good and honest ;) work), visited Pope Francis in the Vatican together with Bill Clinton and other...
  13. Isisd

    An Honest Answer

    Thank you very much for your precious time and help
  14. Isisd

    An Honest Answer

    Let's say that in the past I had sex with multiple persons that are really horrible, old, low vibrational, ugly and potentially jews and i want to begin a working to detach these awful energies from my soul; will I be able to completely banish these energies in a matter of months/years or some...
  15. Isisd

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule and Blessed Be <3
  16. Isisd

    Aiuto negli studi

    Per tutto ciò che riguarda studi ed intelletto il quadrato magico per eccellenza è il mercuriale. La meditazione sul vuoto fatta costantemente (passando da pochi minuti fino ad arrivare a mezz'ora consecutiva o più) può aiutarti a sviluppare una concentrazione laser, fuori dalla norma. Non...
  17. Isisd

    JoS Wiki : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://joswiki.org/]

    Hello and thank you! I recently talked about the JoS to a dedicated brother who doesn't have access to internet. He didn't know about the site and was extremely curious, so I promised him to print some informations, especially from the Satanic Witchcraft section. Do you think it's best to print...
  18. Isisd

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    I will always be grateful for your work :D Ave Satanas
  19. Isisd

    Baal Sigil's Analysis

    I think that the crosses may represent the human soul, and the three triangles on one cross the upper chakras and the triangles of the other cross the lower chakras (the latter is a personal interpretation). I remember reading on the site that the triangles at the extremity of the crosses...
  20. Isisd

    Question #3390: Trouble with my Mother

    Hello :D, I would recommend you these readings: https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Freeing_the_Soul.html https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Detaching.html...
  21. Isisd

    Greetings Friends!

    Welcome :D
  22. Isisd

    Baal Sigil's Analysis

    As Yule approaches I'm fortunately finding more and more time to get closer to our Demons and I'm sending blessings to the Joy of Satan for providing such sacred and beneficial informations, I'm very grateful for this site. I'm recently feeling drawn to Baal and I really wanna know him more...
  23. Isisd

    Some questions

    Hi :) As Invictvs said giving energy to the Gods through our sacrifices is a form of gratitude and respect, it also helps us getting closer to them, simplifying contact. We could also advance alone through our path, but the reaching of certain goals or understandings would be objectively...
  24. Isisd

    (edited)About initation ritual

    Everyone path is unique and different, and extremely Individual. If I was in your shoes I would seek guidance from Satan, asking for a visible sign to understand if my dedication was welcomed or if (for one or another reason) has to be repeated or not done at all
  25. Isisd

    voice of a catholic

    What do you mean by his voice is attacking you exactly?
  26. Isisd

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    Thank you very much for sharing this!!
  27. Isisd

    Filippo è ebreo?

    Affibbiare la colpa di qualsiasi evento negativo accada sul pianeta terra ad una specifica categoria di persone con uno schema mentale binario non ti rende poi molto diverso da un ebreo, o da un cristiano inquisitore o da qualsiasi altro esponente di una religione chiusa ed estremista. Le cose...
  28. Isisd

    Question #3327: increase focus in my studies

    I consider void meditation the best to increase focus exponentially, for both spell workings or study or whatever requires a certain amount of total focus. To improve focus and studies I suggest you the mercury square. I rarely work with runes so idk what to suggest :)
  29. Isisd

    Question #3333: Holiday?

    Hello! Read this: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/HOLIDAYS.html As for the birthdays, they are sacred days too, it's the individual decision if and how to celebrate them.
  30. Isisd

    Other Meditation Question

    Thank you very much for clarifying this! Blessed be
  31. Isisd

    Other Meditation Question

    Hello and thank you for your reply :D I always thought that for this meditation elements should be invoked in the body first and then passed through the Chakras, I also thought that the elements invoked could also remain in the Chakras or expelled based on the choice of the meditator, so for...
  32. Isisd

    Other Meditation Question

    It could indeed be dangerous. It really depends on how advanced you are and what's your experience with the elements, which elements you lack of and which you have in excess etc. (a good exercise for knowing this is to meditate on your soul and write down which characteristics of your...
  33. Isisd

    Where to get an Athame online

    When I was a little child I would look up in the celtic tree calendar of my father to see what kind of wand was the best for me based on my birth Date. I always practiced with a fig tree wand that I consacrated with a little ritual at that time. I'm not planning on replacing the wand but I never...
  34. Isisd

    Question #3309: Turn the other cheek?

    I always like to see conversations as an exchange of energy. If you're in a good mood and you have a good and clean energy and someone with really low energy start cussing at you and talking to you in a bad manner and you reciprocate this, what you do is literally an exchange of energy, she will...
  35. Isisd

    Question #3290: Scoliosis... Perhaps with minor complications... Help me, brothers and sisters!

    I started noticing I had a non advanced type of scoliosis when I was around 14/15. Two different doctors told me that I couldn't have done nothing to "fix" it since my body was already a lot developed at that age (I reached 6ft height at around 15) so they suggested me to adjust my posture and...
  36. Isisd

    Question #3199: tejas

    Yes sanskrit words for the elements can be used and vibrated also to charge and empower the tools of the craft.
  37. Isisd

    Question #3284: Anger Issues

    As a lot of people during our childhood taught us that some emotions are bad and not to be "felt" cause if you do you're a bad guy, a lot of people may bring this kind blockages like yours into their adolescence and adult life. I don't know if this is your case, but I think Ares is the best God...
  38. Isisd

    Question #3282: how to make a person call me

    This is actually more simple than it seems. There are lots of valid methods, I tried this one in the video and it works everytime. https://youtu.be/OpC5TC2rHdg?si=GFOfiRn4Vh1C4HjN p.s you need to have you third eye open, clean and empowered
  39. Isisd

    Question #3226: Alexander the Great

    It isn't a lie. A lot of great conquerors starting from Alexander to Caesar and so on used multiculturalism and "race-mixing" as a way to gain power and stability. This was well diffused mostly in Ancient Rome, that rapidly became a multicultural Empire (and this was one of the many reasons of...
  40. Isisd

    Gods and demons

    In ancient Greek the word Δαίμων (Daimon) represented a divine being. A powerful spirit between Earth and Αιδης (Hell). God and Demon were essentially synonymous words in ancient cultures. In mythology fractions and struggles between the Gods were frequent, but there wasn't such thing as a...
  41. Isisd

    Goddess Eris

    I'm recently feeling a lot drawn to the goddess Eris/Discordia. I also got a lot of signs from her. Do you know if she has a sigil from goeteia or any other names so I could know more? Is she in the list of Demons?
  42. Isisd

    Question #2462: how to make someone your bitch?

    Program their aura to be weak and submissive at your will, purple energy works the best for me. You can also vibrate Thurisaz in this working. Then you can practice the merging consciousness excersise (you can find it either in the JoS site or in initiation to ermetics by Franz bardon) on them...
  43. Isisd

    A question worth asking

    What kind of answer is even that? It's been three years we need to know something out of respect
  44. Isisd

    My Cat - Saddle Thrombosis

    May he rest well in the goddess's arms
  45. Isisd

    Cleaning and unblocking chakras along the spine

    Thank you very much ☀️
  46. Isisd

    Question #2439: can I imagine that I am sitting inside sun when I am doing aura cleaning

    Not at all, in my experience this method is even more powerful for aura cleaning and empowerment. Even better if did under the direct sunlight
  47. Isisd

    Cleaning and unblocking chakras along the spine

    Where can I find this meditation?
  48. Isisd

    In Watchtower meditations

    For me using Thaum and Thoth were the most powerful vibrations for the third eye.
  49. Isisd

    Being a nudist?

    Be proud of your body, it is your temple, it is a gift from the gods!
  50. Isisd

    Hello everyone and help me

    I don't think fear should be the main reason of people turning to Satan. In my opinion you should first read the page about exposing Christianity, Islam and Judaism, then study a all you can about Spiritual Satanism and our Gods and then choose your path moved by critical thinking, sure that...
  51. Isisd

    Mantras / Squares

    Y'all need seriously to chill out. Everyone is free of putting whatever name or picture they want, he's just an actor. Let's not bring chains and impositions even here.
  52. Isisd


    Together with their male counterpart, the incubi, they are lower demons. Some of them were born human and completed the Magnum Opus, others (like the one I had interaction with 1 year ago) are the offspring of two gods.
  53. Isisd

    Struggle with Astral Projection... again

    Thank you! I never red about that specific method. I will definitely try and let you know about my progress
  54. Isisd

    Struggle with Astral Projection... again

    If I'm practicing Astral travel there is a reason. How could you assume I'm a beginner and I didn't even open my chakras if I started satanic meditation when I was literally a child following the instructions on this site? And I didn't even found them boring back in the days.
  55. Isisd

    Consequences of overdoing it with a curse

    I think that maybe by still checking her profile once in a while you're still unconsciously taking up hateful and destructive feelings you once had, thus "charging" the curse in an unconscious way. Maybe you should just forget about it all and continue with your advancement, letting her deal...
  56. Isisd

    Struggle with Astral Projection... again

    Unfortunately, despite my training, I wasn't able to Astral project but I'm not getting tired of trying. I just want to know what the problem is, since I clearly remember I Astral projected before even though it was involuntarily and only for a few seconds. The JoS method doesn't work for me and...
  57. Isisd

    Question #2372: A question

    Of course
  58. Isisd

    About Highpriesthood

    Thank you Korpi for the sermons linked, I found them very inspiring even though I'm not even close at becoming a priest and if I was an active member back in the time were it was a joke to become one, I wouldn't even have accepted or tried to cause I'm aware of myself and of my capabilites. It's...
  59. Isisd

    About Highpriesthood

    What determines one to become high priest, and mostly, who chooses who is worthy of becoming one?
  60. Isisd

    Question #2345: My life is basically over. Why doesn't Satan or my GD help when I seriously need it.

    Satanism is not Christianity or Judaism. You don't flick your fingers and "God" will rush to help you to gain your trust and see you kneel down to him. Sometimes the Gods put us through shit to make us stronger, to test if we are worthy of this path. Cause this path is not for everyone and...
  61. Isisd

    How to discern Astral projection from lucid dreaming?

    Crazy how I didn't think of something like this myself, I will do it with my Tarots. Thanks for the trick, I'll let you know on this topic how it goes
  62. Isisd

    How to discern Astral projection from lucid dreaming?

    As long as I remember I didn't see no one during the projection, only some birds and other animals.
  63. Isisd

    A Meditation to Connect to the Gods

    Thank you so much, I love when someone shares their knowledge. Definitely trying
  64. Isisd

    How to discern Astral projection from lucid dreaming?

    Hello everyone. This morning at 9 I was doing my meditation routine. Around 10, I decided to try Astral projecting. This is been part of my practice for like 2 months now and I think I finally Astral projected today. At first it was like I was remote viewing the place I wanted to visit. It...
  65. Isisd

    Question #2295: can one increase lifespan upto 300 years?

    Genuine question out of curiosity, how is it historically and practically proven? Can you give me your pov?
  66. Isisd

    Revenge on someone

    if it's worth it, black magic spell
  67. Isisd

    Question #2282: Do you generate negative karma from cursing people?

    Karma is an old fairytale just as hell damnation, used to keep black magic at bay (cause it can be a real menace if used properly). If u practice black magic you will inevitably produce negative energy. The thing is that you only have to evocate dark energy (from Latin E-vocare, calling outside)...
  68. Isisd

    Astral Projection problem

    Hello, thank you. You targeted my exact problems. The euphoria that comes when i'm about to project is too big and I feel that it keeps me stuck "inside". My heart starts racing and eventually, if i can project after i calmed myself, my sight is very poor like something is veiling my eyelids...
  69. Isisd

    Astral Projection problem

    Lately I haven't been able to Astral project properly. When i go out of my body my sight is very poor, almost blind. I can't also go very away far from my body feeling something pulling me in it after few minutes of projection. If someone has ever heard of this problem and knows solutions please...
  70. Isisd

    Ars Vercanus and other books

    to anyone who knows the book Ars Vercanus, what do you think about it ? Also do you recommend any valuable books for practicing the Craft?
  71. Isisd

    question about demonic sigils

    thank you all for you answers
  72. Isisd

    question about demonic sigils

    The demonic sigils offered in this website are taken from salomonic books, so do they have their roots in judaic tradition? Or where they used by pagans before? Is there any evidence or proof of the latter hypothesis? Studying greek-roman mythology there isn't any trace of these symbols. Also...
  73. Isisd

    pure curiosity, if anyone has the time and the knowledge to answer me, thanks

    i was able to learn about spiritual satanism through this site, but the people who created this site, where did they gather all the information about this religion from? Where they the first who "formulated" spiritual satanism in the form I learned about on the site? How were they able to...
  74. Isisd

    necronomicon meditations 2023

    Qingu666, what did this person say?
  75. Isisd

    necronomicon meditations 2023

    Is it possible to start and do the necronomicon chakra meditations starting in January 2023? There are specific dates?
  76. Isisd

    My parrot is taking damage from my family

    Why does it screams? Is it's aviary/cage enough big? does it takes at least some hours a day to fly free and explore the house or whatever? If the answer is yes a parrot could still scream because he wants attention and the best solution to a parrot screaming is absolutely IGNORE it showing he...
  77. Isisd

    Souls of the people who commited suicide

    These souls will either die forever going in the light/One/Yaweh or surely will reincarnate bringing their karmic and psychological (psyche means soul in ancient greek) problems with them. That's why we have to solve all of our blockages and problems in this life in order to evolve individually...
  78. Isisd

    Raising energy

    Here https://satanslibrary.org/Rtrs/Raising_Energies.html
  79. Isisd

    question about demons

    Somewhere in the joS site and also in some sermons by Maxine Dietrich on youtube i read that in 2002-03 some witches freed demons and gave them their wings again or something? Can someone explain me this? How did you got them free? Why were they "chained"?
  80. Isisd

    Two different chakra opening meditations?

    There are different kinds of chants. Some are more advanced than others. For example if you use thaum (sanskrit mantra) u will also have to use sanskrit mantras for the others chakras (maum for the crown, haum for the throat, yaum for the heart and so on...). Sanskrit mantras are the more...
  81. Isisd

    Violence against LGBT community

    Being gay, bisexual (or other sexual orientation that is not straight) is one thing. Being part of the LGBT is another. The Lgbt is a nefarious community, promotes communism, degradation of morals, victimism, being weak and all these kind of shit. And Jews, they are PROMOTING the LGBT community...
  82. Isisd

    meditation program question

    i've finished the 6 months meditation program, it says that another program would be updated, build upon the previous one, but i can't find it. Does this program exist?
  83. Isisd

    help with runes

    I did a similiar spell something like three years ago. I used ANSUZ and THURISAZ. I vibrated each rune 108 times. I also remember using purple and black candles and i remember directing energy as purple light in the head of the "victim". The spell worked very well.
  84. Isisd

    this never happened to you?

    After masturbating pressure in the third eye and occasionally astral projecting without wanting it.
  85. Isisd


    thank you very much for your replies
  86. Isisd


    What does the merkaba meditation do? What are it's effects?
  87. Isisd

    Chants-Adoration of Gods

    https://youtu.be/vbpumxvpqRY https://youtu.be/E8swBvA40QQ https://youtu.be/GRXWcFzfgHw https://youtu.be/3qDuh4__LrY So much beauty in these words and melody 🎶
  88. Isisd

    Can someone give me instructions to make a voodoo doll

    You can make them in cloth, clay or whatever. Instructions you can find everywhere on the internet. The important thing is to make them as similar as possible like the person you want to represent. Also while making it you have to "bless" the doll with the name of the person, and then speaking...
  89. Isisd


    they can't harm anyone. In greek/roman mythology shadows are the souls of the dead. Usually when shadows appear to you are ancestors who watch over you or other entities. Being more open spiritually (like empowering spiritual eyes) could help you see their faces.
  90. Isisd

    Chakras shape

    Good evening! I wanna ask, why do you say chakras have the shape of a Pyramid? where did you take that information from? I always see Chakras represented with a circle shape, also the word "chakra" in Sanskrit means wheel.
  91. Isisd

    Is Hating jews being prejudice?

    By definition a prejudice is a preconceived opinion on someone or something not based on facts or experience. Proof of Jews malignity is everywhere (see the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and so on), they've tried and are trying to eliminate us, our culture, our deities...so I think that...
  92. Isisd

    Cynthia Appleton Alien son story

    https://ufoac.com/nordic-aliens-and-a-provincial-housewife.html that's a very interesting story. It doesn't seem like a fairtytale to me... too much details, names, dates. Any opinions about this?
  93. Isisd

    About Napoleon Bonaparte...

    He was for sure. He was very skilled in divination, he could literally read the future through cards or the fly of birds (augure) for battles. But i consider his little trip to Egypt the ultimate proof he was Luciferian and a warlock. He spent an entire night in a Pyramid never wanting to tell...
  94. Isisd

    Jews new atheism thoughtform

    I have this feeling that in the last years jews tried and are costantly trying to create a new atheism thoughtform through social media, music industry etc. Keeping away people from christianity promoting no-religion belief or worse, a false kind of paganism and mysticism. I feel like this is a...
  95. Isisd

    siddhis and advanced magical abilities

    i said the name of the exercise with italian name cause i didn't know in english. It's in the 4th part of the book, the JoS site report it under the name of "merging consciousness"
  96. Isisd

    Cyberattacks Against The Forum: Password Change Necessitated

    Changed the password. After our last RTR they're literally shitting themselves. But they can't cancel us so easily like they did with others, we are Legion motherfuckers.
  97. Isisd

    siddhis and advanced magical abilities

    it's in fact very easy when your aura is stronger that the one of person you want to control. I was very fascinated by the exercises of "fusione mentale" in the Franz Bardon hermetic book (i think that the JoS site also report them). And apparently combining this exercises with aura streghtening...
  98. Isisd

    siddhis and advanced magical abilities

    Hello everyone. I think each and everyone of us gained and discovered his own magical skills and abilities during his own journey and i believe that what we can and can't do in the context of magic or else in life is strongly influenced by our character and predisposition. The meditations i...
  99. Isisd

    fuoco blu

    in meditazione continuano ad apparirmi queste fiamme blu intenso ed ultimamente anche le mie ali (in meditazione) appaiono in fiamme, di colore blu. Andras pochi giorni fa mi ha consigliato di inspirare fuoco blu per 15 volte al posto della luce bianco-oro su cui meditavo solitamente. Qualcuno...
  100. Isisd

    Fate tutte le domande qui! Nuovi membri

    Salve a tutti, ho una domanda. C'è un modo per scendere a visitare l'inferno? Una meditazione o una richiesta specifica? Grazie in anticipo

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan