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  1. NetemPtah

    There is no one that I love the most in the universe than You, Satan. My only Father. The only...

    There is no one that I love the most in the universe than You, Satan. My only Father. The only one who never abandoned me I love you, Satan. With my entire soul.
  2. NetemPtah

    @Rocca As humans we participate in laws that cannot make us "overcome" time in the physical...

    @Rocca As humans we participate in laws that cannot make us "overcome" time in the physical sense. And this is not what even one will ever look for. However, "surpassing the times" in the human case could turn out to be a reference to the Magnum Opus. Spirituality is precisely what in the name...
  3. NetemPtah

    The support of the Gods is a silent hand. Who does not stop working on those who we conceive...

    The support of the Gods is a silent hand. Who does not stop working on those who we conceive errors and fallen. The loyalty of the Gods is the most sublime definition of love.
  4. NetemPtah

    Mastery over Your Time, is freedom. Freedom is death of futile things. Sometimes pain...

    Mastery over Your Time, is freedom. Freedom is death of futile things. Sometimes pain, boredom, confusion. But Truth.
  5. NetemPtah

    feeling deadlocked

    This could be due to a deep purification process taking place in your soul. What can help in this period is to intensify purification, and protect yourself. Even purification alone, when performed with mantras or for prolonged sessions, can significantly amplify your bioelectricity. Which leads...
  6. NetemPtah

    Question #5045: Justice

    Purify yourself, protect yourself, Returning curses 1 and 2.
  7. NetemPtah

    How to remove/reduce indecisiveness?

    The problem, from what I understand, is not "indecision", but your personal charisma in certain context. Maybe it was others who accused you of being an indecisive person, a judgment you will have heard so often that it is an attribute you give yourself. What I would do is work on social...
  8. NetemPtah

    Chakra frequencies and tuning forks.

    Mantras are used for the same reason, they work on the same principle (vibration), and are the most effective and versatile way as they can be used in any circumstance and condition. What you are talking about requires considerable mastery and calculation, as well as spiritual knowledge, and in...
  9. NetemPtah

    How to remove/reduce indecisiveness?

    This is a trait of your character and being, in which I see nothing wrong. You may have developed a more analytical way of reasoning and thinking, which is actually a quality that pays off over time. It is an excellent quality, which allows you to observe every area and quickly gather...
  10. NetemPtah

    [Trad] 💙 Lista di lavori magici 💙

    Incredibile. Grazie per aver messo insieme ciascuno dei lavori spirituali, e averli tradotti.
  11. NetemPtah

    Question #5009: After freeing the soul?

    Remember that each spiritual situation is different. Often we do not find the answers to our experience in that of others. On your first point, in fact, it depends on your karmic situation, when we work on particular aspects spiritually, dynamics are unleashed which sometimes, based on our...
  12. NetemPtah

    Question #5010: Financial misfortune? Wtf is this?

    Pluto in 2nd house is not bad. This planetary aspect leads to developing intensity in the direction of achieving money, rather. Clearly you should see if it forms aspects with other planets, and the sign in which Pluto is located, plus any particular degrees and fixed stars. But this position...
  13. NetemPtah

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    Everything you do is truly admirable. Material progress takes time. You are a resilient person and will continue to be. Focus on your well-being, particularly on a spiritual level, and if necessary turn away additional sources of thought and situations in which you have to give your energy...
  14. NetemPtah

    Money Spell

    I sent the previous reply by mistake. In any case, there I gave you the link to the audio of the mantra, which must be vibrated. It's not audible in the audio, but you should vibrate the K from the back of your throat, the audio of which you should find among the MP3s of the runes. Apparently...
  15. NetemPtah

    Money Spell

    Of Lakshmiyei mantra Audio
  16. NetemPtah

    Sun and acne/discolorations

    Sun exposure, in the case of skin with acne, can lead to the appearance of spots. What actually causes acne to worsen is not the sun, but any sea water (if the water is impure and not clear), and above all sunscreen. What you should do is look for a high protection sunscreen, suitable for oily...
  17. NetemPtah

    lakshmi mantra for money

    Interesting. Good luck for your next working!
  18. NetemPtah

    Where do you know Gods have physical body?

    As much as power is "measurable", awareness and knowledge are so measurable; the measurability criterion of these parameters is the resulting freedom. Knowing the truth doesn't happen by luck, it comes from the power of spiritual awareness and spiritual knowing, which is a measurable and...
  19. NetemPtah

    lakshmi mantra for money

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to ask you how you vibrate "LAKSHMIYEI", do you use the Egyptian K vibrated in the back of the throat?
  20. NetemPtah

    Question #4929: For a moment I felt as if I was in another country.

    In a way or another, yes. You may have known these languages (even if in their archaic forms) in past lives. This doesn't mean you were incarnated in a different race than your "current one". Your race and gender are Spiritual qualities of your Soul.
  21. NetemPtah

    Raw Justice is a natural force, inevitable, as it can be traced back to the laws of existence...

    Raw Justice is a natural force, inevitable, as it can be traced back to the laws of existence and energy. Ethical Justice, on the other hand, is something that we establish, having chosen to redeem growth over misery, which is the divine Ethics of Humanity. Knowledge of the laws of existence...
  22. NetemPtah

    Question #4961: Why do i feel my soul like this?

    You would certainly benefit from performing the Returning curses 1&2 daily. By strengthening your aura of protection, you will mitigate the effects of whatever harsh transits you are facing at the moment. In addiction to the basic meditation, begin a daily working with Algiz. It is impossible...
  23. NetemPtah

    Question #4963: When your natal planets conjunct another persons Moon nodes exactly

    The Moon nodes refer to fated events. Probably you have a spiritual bond with this person from past lives. Is your natal Mars your ruler? Is this person's ruler conjunct to any of your planets? Observe other aspects between your planets, it may give you clues about the kind of bond you may...
  24. NetemPtah

    How to improve voice/vocal cords?

    Use venusian Runes (workings of 40 days cycles) or perform Venus squares, affirming your desired result. Runes Specificity with Workings and Affirmations - Blitzkreig [JG] Always look to the astrological conditions when you begin a working. I also advise you to work on your diction, which will...
  25. NetemPtah

    Question #4951: Matrimony

    The birth chart can indicate the moment in which you will get involved in a significant romantic story. I'm not sure you can see the exact timing of your wedding in advance unless it's a crucial event that involves multiple areas of your life, not just the emotional one. If you intend to detect...
  26. NetemPtah

    Question #4929: For a moment I felt as if I was in another country.

    It may also be that in addition to having lived in China in the past, your soul has a destiny connected with ancient Chinese culture, or China as a country. You have to ask yourself if you have had other inspirations connected to China and its culture, in this case it is likely that you have a...
  27. NetemPtah

    Question #4918: do Children and Teenagers own themselves or are they "slaves of parents and other authority figures"

    Children are, before being sons and daughters, human beings with peculiarities and characteristic qualities. It is unfortunately true that minors are not always protected by the law, but believing in legislative justice would be an error of naivety. We certainly wouldn't still be fighting if...
  28. NetemPtah

    How to find time to meditate

    After a certain amount of time dedicated to meditation covering the initial level has been started, one cannot go back in any way. One can reduce periodically, but it will all be in a perpetual uphill climb.
  29. NetemPtah

    Please, can you help me evaluate this new advancement program of mine? Please...

    Power is built on the intensity of your meditation, not on advanced meditations performed in a short time. Purification of the aura and chakras and protection. I would continue with Ur the way you are going, if that's something you feel you need. Meditation on the void, and Hatha yoga session...
  30. NetemPtah

    This is a feeling I have often felt. Satan would respond by reassuring me one way or another...

    This is a feeling I have often felt. Satan would respond by reassuring me one way or another, especially in deadlocks where I might have made the wrong decision. His response is also a quick change of mood or thought, when unpredictable considering your character and way of doing things. But the...
  31. NetemPtah


    The heart of the cause of a possible psychic attack is not the number you saw. Purify yourself, ask Satan for support - even those who are not yet dedicated but beginning to walk the satanic path, can and should do so - and in the meantime build a strong aura of protection, performing the basic...
  32. NetemPtah

    Question #4893: Punishment is Abuse?

    Thanks for tagging me and reminding me of the topic addressed by HP Hoodedcobra666. I totally agree, but even the very act of learning through the hard ways (even through our human relationships) is a manifestation of what we have sown, and what we are reaping. This refers to the ethics I was...
  33. NetemPtah

    Question #4889: True Penance

    Penance is worthless. Your spiritual progress, the purification of your karma, the vindication of your conscience will be the true redemption.
  34. NetemPtah

    When I dedicated myself, different events led me to see that I was destined for Satan...

    When I dedicated myself, different events led me to see that I was destined for Satan. Difficulties are part of existence. Overcoming pain is the first sign of Satan's presence and protection. Where a heart is still too fragile to overcome a difficulty, Satan extends his hand of help, making...
  35. NetemPtah

    Question #4884: Ritual to speed up paperwork

    At any moment, the most effective thinking is long-term thinking. Delays and inconsistencies in working life, when chronic, are frustrating and can cause problems if the work is not paid for the lifestyle and/or additional necessary expenses, such as various debts, college for children, or...
  36. NetemPtah

    Question #4893: Punishment is Abuse?

    In my opinion punishment should not happen between human beings. Since I was a child I have always believed that a correct parent has other means to educate, such as reward, which is a much more valid reason for behaving in an ethical manner. All that a parent should transmit is ethics, and...
  37. NetemPtah

    Question #4891: I am afraid that I may not turn out to be a full Satanist in the eyes of Gods

    Of course. The fact that you meditate makes you a Spiritual Satanist, a human being above the ordinary. At the beginning it may happen that you don't have the strength to continue with further meditations. It is a totally normal thing, and the desire to perform more targeted meditations comes...
  38. NetemPtah

    Question #4878: Feeling disgusted and dirty after watching porn

    Purify your sacral chakra with SURYA or RAUM, affirming that it is totally purified. You can also perform a freeing the soul work, to free yourself from all kinds of negative energies and bindings related to your sexuality.
  39. NetemPtah

    Question #4877: Can my Root Chakra be blocked?

    Purify it with RAUM ×7, affirming that your first chakra is totally purified in all ways. Visualize your chakra shining like a powerful sun, and feel the mantra in it while vibrating it. Repeat, if you feel the need. How long have you had these types of symptoms? At what point does it get...
  40. NetemPtah

    Question #4874: What is this sharp pain/pressure I feel between the back of my neck and head during meditation? Is it Kundalini? What should I do abou

    Try to ask yourself in meditation what color this pressure refers to, this could help you understand its energetic nature. It could be a sign that the 5th chakra is stimulated, or that it is blocked. If it is a pain, it is certainly an indication of an incorrect functioning of the chakra or a...
  41. NetemPtah

    Question #4875: Square's question

    A certain amount of energy was raised and programmed, which definitely had an impact on the situation for which it was directed. But the energy, as it is not supported by the energy preserved in the reproduction of the specific pattern of the magic square, will unfortunately have minimal impact...
  42. NetemPtah

    Thanks to Satan I understood nature, evading common judgment which ultimately is not shared by...

    Thanks to Satan I understood nature, evading common judgment which ultimately is not shared by anyone, since it is false. Satan built me by restoring my strength through knowledge. This is not just the experience of an emotional being, but the experience of a soul starting to breathe, discern...
  43. NetemPtah

    Question #4871: love hurts so much

    Freeing the Soul When we feel a particular affinity it is because it really exists, and has its roots in an energetic bond, which puts us in a situation of a natural empathy towards him/her, that makes you naturally bond with this person. This bond can be towards a person, or be established due...
  44. NetemPtah

    Question: What is karma really?

    Even what results from our behaviors and thoughts results from an energetic matrix to which they refer, which can have links with karmic issues. Of course I would not consider the act in itself of thought, stubbornness and behavior, the energetic intervention at the origin, although it may be a...
  45. NetemPtah

    Question: What is karma really?

    It is good to add fundamental information such as yours. Thank you.
  46. NetemPtah

    Question: What is karma really?

    "Negative karma" is just a term we use as reference to the various spiritual impurities that hinder in some way the good and positive manifestation of our nature and the advancement in the material and spiritual matters. Negative karma accumulates in the absence of purification and protection...
  47. NetemPtah

    Question #4814: Is this an attack?

    You shouldn't feel guilty about your sexual desire, even if it's so unique. There is nothing in your behaviour that the Gods must forgive; the Gods are not moralists. Divine ethics has the sole purpose of individual and common spiritual progress. I don't see any episode of enemy attack in your...
  48. NetemPtah

    Question #4811: I think it's impossible

    Thinking about him during sexual orgasm, and in general, having the desire to see him. It is enough to focus on its appearance. The encounter will be inevitable if your concentration continues frequently enough over time. The same applies to long distances, but especially in the situation...
  49. NetemPtah

    Reminders and Solutions Regarding Workings

    This is a type of knowledge that I really needed to digest in a more logical sense. It is what I have always applied mentally to every spiritual work, but I was unconscious of the logic behind it. This was an enlightening read that comes at an ideal time. Thank you.
  50. NetemPtah

    Question #4809: Why is negativity more powerful than positivity?

    As @Akay responded, the act of creation and establishment is closely linked to intensity. When we choose to exit a situation, more dynamics come into play, the transformation process is complex, and requires a high degree of intensity, destruction and creation. That you have to endure is...
  51. NetemPtah

    Question #3917: Inhaling energies.

    Lots of void meditation, you need to strenghten your mind. Try void meditation before breathing in energy. Alternatively, visualize yourself bathed in solar energy, feel the energy, intensify it, say a proper affirmation*, feel the aura of protection and repeat at least ×9. Persevere purifying...
  52. NetemPtah

    Question #4802: What can I do to get rid of shyness

    The only solution to it, is spiritual. Clean and empower your chakra. "Not caring" is neither sufficient nor effective, as shyness has its reasons, which must be addressed. As you advance you will perform spiritual works aimed at achieving the social presence you desire, planetary squares and...
  53. NetemPtah

    Why is there no more love between humans?

    The love is there, as is his desire. The desire for love is inherent in human nature, it is a law of its existence. Unfortunately, the channels of love, the conceptions of its expression, the needs that derive from it are now all corrupt concepts. Which adds to individual karma, as souls are no...
  54. NetemPtah

    Question #4787: Pregnancy

    Certainly purification, but above all protection. A lot of protection, much more than expected. Be very consistent with your purification, and don't let a day go by without doing it. During this period it is best not to focus on power meditations, or too intense yoga. Any practice, stop it...
  55. NetemPtah

    Question #4789: I don't know what to do

    Sometimes this happens while waiting for a turning point in your existence, moments of stalemate cannot last forever. And often these moments come precisely to allow your reflection on your existence and repressed feelings. That's a sign. Meditate constantly, as this period allows you the time...
  56. NetemPtah

    Question #4784: Problems with Anger

    As others replied, anger is a very harmful emotion for your health, and holding it is not an adequate way to manage it as one should act on its sources (which can also be spiritual), if the sources of this anger are not managed the issue can get out of hand and become problematic. It can cause...
  57. NetemPtah

    Question #4712: Ideas/more money spells

    The concept of "working" is very complex to deal with, but the act of "working" is a different thing from money. If you must choose, choose always based on the possibility of spiritual development, you are a Spiritual Satanist. From what I read it seems you need to perform spiritual work of...
  58. NetemPtah

    Question #4765: The height of my soul.

    The astral body has the same shape, and therefore height, as your physical body, so it may be a simbolic phenomenon, or be linked to the memory of a habit. Satan will guide you understand the meaning of it, by asking you will build the necessary bridge so that you can receive the message.
  59. NetemPtah

    Question #4764: Chakra opening

    You can also work only on the lower chakras, if you prefer. I advise you to absolutely find the time to meditate deeply. Spiritual progress is made of determination to set goals and achieve them, even if small. Determination is everything, even if progress is made in small steps. I would...
  60. NetemPtah

    Compare your thoughts, the measure of yourself.

    Compare your thoughts, the measure of yourself.
  61. NetemPtah

    Question #4743: How do we know the Gods aren't lying to us?

    Experience. Intuition. Intuition is the principle of knowledge.To be confirmed as refined knowledge, intuition needs experience, this may take some time. Begin by purifying your soul, for you to experience.
  62. NetemPtah

    Question #4733: Is Satan against tabbo sex

    Every experience has its reason, utility is a concept that derives from an ideal in the name of which useful or less useful acts are named. Sometimes experience must also just be a flow of the meanings of our existence, and this is useful for life, as life is full of it. This can be indulgence...
  63. NetemPtah

    Question #4736: Masturbation vs sex which feels good

    For both genders sex is a much better experience than masturbation, if the partner with whom one has sex is skilled in making the other feel good, in his/her unique way of enjoying sexuality. Sex is a general art, but the psychology behind it can be very personal. In general, as far as the...
  64. NetemPtah

    Question #4730: Existence

    As you are able of desiring something, you want to live. Meditate and purify your soul.
  65. NetemPtah

    On doubting your workings/spells

    This was interesting for people who need it. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  66. NetemPtah

    Question #4732: How a Jew looks like

    You sense the jew, in different ways based on your level of spiritual advancement.
  67. NetemPtah

    Question #4733: Is Satan against tabbo sex

    Satan wants you to be free. My advice is, always have something to offer to the people who give themselves to you, whether it is a mutual sublimation of acts. If your aim is use, you are erring and making a mistake through ignorance. If it's pleasure, then you have to behave accordingly. You...
  68. NetemPtah

    Question #4674: "The Energy" or "I am":

    By affirming “I am” you are evoking the energy in your very being, and it has direct impact on you; there is no distinction between letting the energy act by itself, or working "with one's own energies (the ones you refer to as "reserves") the energy you are able to evoke, the quality of it...
  69. NetemPtah

    I find your note extremely interesting. Thank you for sharing it.

    I find your note extremely interesting. Thank you for sharing it.
  70. NetemPtah

    It is a lyrical Italian, with the use of some archaic forms. It is not exactly the current language.

    It is a lyrical Italian, with the use of some archaic forms. It is not exactly the current language.
  71. NetemPtah

    Question #4615: aura cleansing making sleepy

    No one said that it would be Jahveh who leads to Satan.
  72. NetemPtah

    Persevering in the purification process of the soul.

    Persevering in the purification process of the soul.
  73. NetemPtah

    What meditations/rituals should a new SS do?

    In particular void meditation, the most complex of all. Mastery over one's mind is mastery over the variables of existence.
  74. NetemPtah

    De ‘l verbo unico è significato, d’a venir l’atti; poetico è de l’atti spirtali. The only...

    De ‘l verbo unico è significato, d’a venir l’atti; poetico è de l’atti spirtali. The only meaning of the verb is the acts to come; poetic is the spiritual acts.
  75. NetemPtah

    Question #4615: aura cleansing making sleepy

    I converted at the peak of my belief in Jesus. If she is destined to convert at this moment, she will convert soon. Furthermore, I have often noticed conversion to Satanism happening at critical moments in a person. Memory does not arise from nothing, but is a process of transformation that...
  76. NetemPtah

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    This is something an SS needs to be aware of. Thank you.
  77. NetemPtah

    Question #4611: base chakra visualisation

    Visualize it, as you do with other chakras, until you feel it. This may take weeks. Vibrate in the chakra mantras, as RAUM and SURYA, to purify it. We are all individual, try and find what makes sense to you, and you feel is working better.
  78. NetemPtah

    Question #4614: Why is that the evil people like the Israelites claim their "god" is Lucifer??

    To slander Satan's name. They cause problems on purpose, just to give you the solution of communism and Jahveh, making you afraid about the name of Truth.
  79. NetemPtah

    Question #4615: aura cleansing making sleepy

    At the beginning of the path you always encounter this and other types of obstacles to meditation. It may simply be due to a change in his bio-electricity, it may be due to an acute sensitivity to energy.i It is a normal situation, it would be good for her to continue practicing meditation...
  80. NetemPtah

    Question #4610: upcoming venus square

    Effortless beauty, real beauty, has nothing to do with bone structure, it is an aura that accompanies the presence, actions and nature. Bone structure doesn't change, the perception of someone's beauty does. The two energies will not interact with each other unless you program them in the same...
  81. NetemPtah

    Question #4605: does mars square can be used for physical health? like healing damaged organs/metabolism/gut health

    Your affirmation is coherent with the qualities of Mars energy, so you are directing the energy correctly. To heal damaged organs use the energy of Sun. Use solar vibrations and visualize the light, feeling it in your soul, feeling it as a little sun, on the organ.
  82. NetemPtah

    Nightmares: enough is enough!

    Keep purifying yourself. You can perform a specific spiritual work programming the energy towards the aim of controling your situation. Ask Satan to help you, in your meditations.
  83. NetemPtah

    Tema natale

    Questo sta alle concezioni che tu stesso hai maturato nel corso della tua vita, al proposito di cosa minare e in che modo, e anche alla tua comprensione del tema natale che stai osservando. Il tema natale può indicare delle aree della vita di questa persona già minate, e quindi su cui si...
  84. NetemPtah

    Nightmares: enough is enough!

    I have known this type of situation. it is the result of the purification process of the soul, in my opinion it is an excellent indication that you are adequately carrying out your spiritual work. By performing spiritual works aimed at purifying the soul from curses, constraints and obstacles...
  85. NetemPtah

    Strano sogno ed effetti ripresa

    Il tuo sogno dovrebbe essere motivo di rassicurazione per te. Stai meditando in maniera efficace. Il tuo inconscio reagisce. Come già intuiresti, è del tutto normale, e dovresti continuare a meditare anche se in futuro la tua sensibilità dovesse attenuarsi. La tua sensibilità all'energia è...
  86. NetemPtah

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    This is very interesting. Ignorant acceptance of various responsibilities and cares leads to the establishing and maintenance of a fragile temperament. This exercise is really interesting, applied in dealing with memories in a more calm mental and consequently emotional state. The state of...
  87. NetemPtah


    About using Mantras How to clean your Aura + Mp3 Raum/Surya To start meditating: 40 DAY MEDITATION PROGRAM FOR BEGINNERS [PDF]
  88. NetemPtah


    Your condition of suffering compared to your natural gender is revered to the characteristics of the gender with which you identify. There are qualities of the Venusian, feminine energetic nature, and it is completely natural, normal and healthy that a man can orient himself towards these...
  89. NetemPtah


    A mistake cannot make you attract everyone's hatred, if you demonstrate that you have real interest in other people's feelings and are willing to admit a misunderstanding and your responsibility. This is how life goes, in the relationships and exchanges between humans and in the with the Gods...
  90. NetemPtah


    È affascinante scoprire quanto l'amore sia una delle aree fondamentali per molti esseri umani. Eppure una fra le aree più complicate da comprendere da entrambe le parti, di quello che viene chiamato amore. Ti auguro di trovare la partner ideale per te.
  91. NetemPtah

    Has anyone done this to Salvage a Jupiter square?

    I read it here on the forum somewhere that you can continue to perform a set number of repetitions daily, for a set number of days. It is not exactly the equivalent of a Jupiter square, as the square is based on a certain geometric pattern and builds the energy of Jupiter as a consequence of...
  92. NetemPtah

    Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

    I know someone, a "Satanist", who, in addition to studying from fake sources, the only meditation he performed was to enter the astral plane and deal with fictitious entities. He had a great job and business opportunity in Dubai, with all expenses paid. After months, he told me that he had left...
  93. NetemPtah

    Question #1687: Spiritual Healing others as a job?

    This is absolutely ethical. What I would encourage you to think about is how long this thing might last. Making one's knowledge and spiritual qualities a job is not at all easy to maintain, from an energetical and spiritual point of view. I would recommend you to perform meditation for the...
  94. NetemPtah

    Question #4480: Help with Womens freedom

    It is not all in your head. There are reasons behind your feelings, and those reasons need to be addressed. These reasons are experiences and memories accumulated during this and previous lives. Meditate, purify yourself, free your soul from whatever may be hindering your self expression as a...
  95. NetemPtah

    Faith In The Gods - No Matter What

    These words move my soul. My awakening took place years ago, just after I was a little girl, I'm sure it was a planned event for exactly that moment. Every moment of strength has brought me here, to know the path to freedom, and to feel it. And to feel the Gods. I know what it feels like to be...
  96. NetemPtah

    Question #4451: Saturn transit 6th house examples

    I am not an expert in astrology, the following comes from my experience studying about astrology. I personally don't see Saturn as an educational energy. But it forces you into discipline and structure, into “maturity.” Even through situations of shortage. It could cause problems in the...
  97. NetemPtah

    Question #4449: Saturn in Pisces transit (Malefic) Diluted like Mars?

    Mars being in the sign of Pisces will not result as a "diluted" energy, but as a particular energy, surely different from others placements of the planet. It certainly won't be an energy as disruptive as that of Mars in Aries, but the nature of the planet is still channeled within the...
  98. NetemPtah

    Question #4450: Is Maxine doing the Magnum Opus

  99. NetemPtah

    There is a truth even beyond the word of the most sublime of living beings on earth; the...

    There is a truth even beyond the word of the most sublime of living beings on earth; the universal order. Human beings have the right to choose to participate in this order, by Satan's desire.
  100. NetemPtah

    Question #4379: Excess Intelligence

    Individuals like you tend to suffer silently in the world. You observe your mundane being, and you don't recognize yourself in the mass. Through meditation you will achieve your redemption. Be brave.
  101. NetemPtah

    Question #4416: Do you have proof that I'm the best in the world?

    What exclusivity? You're the best, yes, when capable of materializing this reality. This is an eventual result of personal power. You have to meditate and improve your soul's powers in order to achieve power over these eventualities. You have to study about spirituality to understand its...
  102. NetemPtah

    Question #4391: I need an answer today, before nightfall

    Healing a physical ailment is a very advanced action, it requires power and at least a basic experience of energy. Furthermore, physical disorder, especially if chronic, is an indicator of a spiritual blockage connected to one of your chakras. Specificity with Workings and Affirmations -...
  103. NetemPtah

    Question #4393: Using jupiter to fix my saturn?

    How To Obliterate Your Saturn - by HPS Lydia If you cannot access the link, search for the Thread.
  104. NetemPtah

    Question #4401: Void moon question

    The crystal is still a crystal, and preserves its qualities. Make sure it's exactly the type of crystal you intended to buy. Things bought during a void of course Moon may not meet your expectations, or be defective in some way, or you may have overpaid for them. The energy of the void of...
  105. NetemPtah

    Question #4402: the gods

    They always do. Their means are not the human ones. At first these are to heal you, from your own wounds. Nothing on Earth compares to their presence, and care.
  106. NetemPtah

    Question #4396: Forbidden words?

    Is there a reason why you should continue to use these mundane, vulgar, expressions?
  107. NetemPtah

    Material is the extension of spiritual.

    Material is the extension of spiritual.
  108. NetemPtah

    Write Down Your Problems

    Truly intellectually gifted people deserve to understand the spiritual reasons for their economic situation, and improve themselves in this area of life. Money must not be the origin of irrational feelings, nor a myth, for a Spiritual Satanist, who should instead dedicate time and energy to...
  109. NetemPtah

    Question #4355: Seeking advice

    Failure is part of the journey. We need to take strength and learn from failures. Study, bring awareness of the energetic principles of what you are trying to improve or achieve, learn the principles of programming energy according to its criteria, and apply the vehicle of energy (vibrations...
  110. NetemPtah

    Question #4358: Lillith ex-wife of Adam??

    As for this particular “information” about Lilith, it is a nod to the biblical narrative. Clearly the biblical narrative is a lie aimed at slandering the original being of humanity and its roots. The enemy condemns the aspect of the original ethics regarding the figure of Lilith, slandering...
  111. NetemPtah

    Question #4359: Can I do the azazel ritual twice a day?

    Yes. Deepen your cleaning the soul work.
  112. NetemPtah

    Question #4293: Astarte Ritual and Feeling Away (a little long, pardon me)

    "About Freeing the soul workings - Hp. Hoodedcobra666": "Munka Working To Remove Negative Karma" Be Patient... If you cannot access the link, search the title.
  113. NetemPtah

    Question #4293: Astarte Ritual and Feeling Away (a little long, pardon me)

    I had very intense experiences with Astarte. It's because of Her that I am a Satanist. The Gods will never ever abandon you. When you feel embarrassed and guilty of your mistakes, the Gods are the first to ask you to get off your knees. Meditate, clean and open your soul. Perform Yoga...
  114. NetemPtah

    A Beginner's Guide (Split Post)

    This is truly very meticulous and relevant work. Thank you.
  115. NetemPtah

    Boring Workings, Feeling Obliged

    I have found the practice of void meditation to be fundamental in freeing one's mind; exactly as you state, boredom results from a lack of focus. Boredom, in my experience, is a signal that the mind is not properly trained; when one performs a working, feels the energy and direct it through...
  116. NetemPtah

    About workings

    Exactly as Ramses replied, everyone of us has different ambitions and values, and we desire according to our nature; but alongside the material pursuit, you should also think about the spiritual one. There's surely something you feel the need to realise for yourself. Look at your natal chart...
  117. NetemPtah

    Question #3661: Can I do both at the same time?: Freeing Venus in the 11th House & Venus Square for Beautification?

    From what I can read, you need to focus on cleansing and freeing the soul. I'd advise you to not perform planetary squares yet, as it seems you don't know enough about how the energy works. Returning Curses Part 1 and 2 Words of Power - Freeing the Soul These meditations are very effective...
  118. NetemPtah

    Mi serve aiuto per un manifesto

    Incollo un testo preparato personalmente. Ulteriori suggerimenti su eventuali modifiche, sono graditi e necessari per preparare una versione quanto più efficace possibile. Sarò lieta di rivedere questa prima versione, valutando nuove idee e diversi punti di vista. "La punizione contro il...
  119. NetemPtah

    i love him, but i don’t love him sexually. help?

    I find it difficult for a woman to truly love a man who doesn't satisfy her sexually; women are extremely erotic beings, much more than this society corrupted by Christian morality suggests. Love is established in an environment of natural and mutual pleasure. If he doesn't know how to turn...
  120. NetemPtah

    Question #4202: Has progress stopped?

    Practice foundation meditation to feel energy, in order to perform the opening the chakras meditations, I advise you to focus on each of the upper chakras (7th, 6th, third eye) for 2-3 week; in addiction to the basic steps explained in the JOS, after you purify your aura breath in each chakra...
  121. NetemPtah


    It's the same, but just stating the affirmation it's not enough, you should be working with energy, feeling it. On Affirmations Aura of Protection
  122. NetemPtah

    This is a way of working with the mind and the energy; by erecting a series of rules-beliefs...

    This is a way of working with the mind and the energy; by erecting a series of rules-beliefs about money in the unconscious, applying them practically, one perceives the arrival of money, and one attracts it (if one has enough spiritual power). Yet I find the exclusively spiritual method the...
  123. NetemPtah

    Question #4178: Which Religion are we, as Satanist...

    By studying the JOS properly, you will naturally become aware that all Abrahamic religions follow all the original pagan cults, and present traits of pagan ritualism/knowledge, totally stolen in order to make the rubbish they contain credible in such a way as to involve the psyche in the circle...
  124. NetemPtah

    Road to Undeniable Wealth

    I find myself very much in agreement with the ideas expressed by @ApolloAbove [JG] on the notions concerning the soul, as well as on the qualities concerning individual charisma. The value that we "give" to the market, the "exchange" I find in my analyzes to be a fictitious entity, as it is...
  125. NetemPtah

    Returning Planets

    The True nord is 6th house, in the sign of Aries; 6th house has Aries on the cusp.
  126. NetemPtah

    Returning Planets

    Greeting everyone. I was observing a lunar return. There is a returning Saturn conjunct to natal Uranus, 4th house, in Pisces. The same returning Saturn is opposing natal Moon, 10th house. Returning True node conjunct to natal True node, 6th house. what's your opinion on this transits? I...
  127. NetemPtah

    Question #4156: I need advice, I don't know what to do

    Satanism sows in your being the most authentic ways of your soul. Everything that is beyond your intent does not concern you; even ethics, the social action most consistent with satanic ethics, which is originally sown in your soul, concerns only your intent and your soul, and its logical and...
  128. NetemPtah

    Question #4151: Transiting Pluto aspecting natal Uranus

    You should observe the aspects the current transiting Pluto eventually makes with other planets in your astrological chart. Pluto will begin to exert its energy on your Uranus when it forms a conjunction, therefore starting from 2041-2042 (Pluto will enter Pisces in 2044), also depending on...
  129. NetemPtah

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    What involves improving one's physical presence expresses one's level of self respect. The body is a sanctuary, one must take proper care of one's presence. Beauty is a natural law; always accompanies pleasure. Furthermore, I have experienced physical exercise as having an interesting role...
  130. NetemPtah

    Clarification and guidance on some problems and doubts

    Greetings. I will not tell you that yours is a normal situation as I find the concept of normality to be "belittling" and ineffective in many cases; yet there is nothing unnatural in what you are experiencing, nor does this denote a "inner weakness", nothing is ever sufficient to identify a...
  131. NetemPtah

    Spiritual Satanism | Meditation Path Roadmap / Skill Tree

    [extracts from some personal notes] Very spiritual development is individual. Each human being, at his first contacts with the memory of the gods, must deal with his own individual spiritual situation, and revealing oneself, recovering memory, is a complex process; the gods, and nature...
  132. NetemPtah

    Ethics And Ignorance

    Spiritual power is the only origin of freedom; the freedom to be according to our nature human nature can only manifest itself in its most natural direction, that of the Gods. Ethics is the way of the Gods.
  133. NetemPtah

    Moon square

    do it, make sure you purify properly; a purified aura will emphasize your energetic perception, and the power of any other meditations/spiritual commitment I advice you to perform the following meditations daily: Returning Curses 1 and 2 spiritual filth is the main issue to be addressed
  134. NetemPtah

    How much time for trance training each day?

    some links: https://www.joyofsatan.org/Trance.html https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/about-trance-%E2%80%94-an-alternate-approach-meditation.93644/ it is not the time you spend, it depends on time of practice and on your mind's skills; it can be 10 minutes for a strong mind, or an...
  135. NetemPtah

    How much time for trance training each day?

    I found that for its success it is essential to have a "penetrating" mind and therefore a capacity for concentration rather high, definitely a not common peculiarity. Training your mind to concentrate it's not an obvious skill, and one has to train it. Initial practice can be frustrating...
  136. NetemPtah

    I think I made several mistakes, is it reversible? I pushed myself past my limits and I think I accidentally snapped myself out of a light trance.

    Don't skip any day of your meditations. Sooner or later everyone experiences how negative, and sometimes dangerous it can be. You are aware now of the work you need to do on your sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is very powerful, you should work on it. Better to clean your chakras and aura...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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