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  1. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5314: help

    I don't see why the Gods would be upset with you. If you are sick, focus on your recovery. God Rituals don't help you get better if you are busy recovering from a disease, they just expend energy you need.
  2. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5318: My legs are numb when I'm sitting in the Lotus pose.

    See the instructions for how to find the right sitting position for you here About Trance — An Alternate Approach
  3. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5321: How should I make decisions?

    I think you just desire the feeling of being wanted like you wanted him, not that you want him specifically. If you don't sever those feelings you will just torment yourself. Even worse, those feelings may blind you to the true nature of your future partners as you project the image you had of...
  4. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Demon Rituals

    Any time will do. Just follow the instructions, everything is there.
  5. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5301: 4 Príncipes Coronados [4 Coronation(?) Princes]

    There is no mistake, they don't have to be the same.
  6. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5311: Was my friend a powerful occultist in past lives? Should I introduce them to Spirituality?

    It could also be natural born talent. Either way, if they are showing interest, they would be very powerful with so many planets in the 8th house.
  7. Power of Justice [JG]

    Developing Yet Controlling Your Imagination and Mind to Further Your Advancement

    That's the best way I've found to learn something in-depth. Every one of my articles started out as a document where I imagined I was teaching something to a class of students, even when I had 0 knowledge of the subject. That way, you very quickly see just how much you truly know about something...
  8. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Demon Rituals

    Anything other than vibrating the runes and doing the affirmations is optional and up to the individual. Do as you please if you think it helps you set an atmosphere.
  9. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Demon Rituals

    Just follow the instructions on the page. You can bathe beforehand out of respect.
  10. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5295: How possible is it to change a physical life through magic?

    Magic is only supplemental to life, it aids your actions on the physical plane of reality. You can drastically change anything with magic, but physical action is a must to make the changes manifest. You will still need to look for opportunities and capitalize on them, not just raise some energy...
  11. Power of Justice [JG]

    A few questions

    It's not dangerous, you are swearing loyalty, and that should you ever betray your oath, you will suffer for it. Some people choose to kneel out of respect.
  12. Power of Justice [JG]

    Advice for yoga meditation

    Be patient, this comes in time. Also, don't *try* and force yourself to feel or to experience something, you must relax and it will come.
  13. Power of Justice [JG]

    Chanting Raum to obtain his strengthens

    It is you who doesn't understand. Instead of answering questions with random bro advice, I suggest you study the JoS first.
  14. Power of Justice [JG]

    Chanting Raum to obtain his strengthens

    You need an affirmation.
  15. Power of Justice [JG]

    Chanting Raum to obtain his strengthens

    RAUM is a solar mantra, so expect to gain qualities that pertain to the Sun, you can find them on Azazel's Astrology. Solar numbers like 111 work best.
  16. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to visualize for energy breathing into chakras?

    Breathe energy into the chakra with the inhale, imagine the chakra getting brighter with the exhale. You don't need to worry where the energy is coming from, or surround yourself with it, etc. There is energy all around you at all times.
  17. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5269: !need help.! Mars improving working

    Mars is strong in Aries and Capricorn. If you want to improve Mars specifically, you need to focus on where Mars itself is, not the Moon.
  18. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5257: Two months

    Don't ever believe the prognosis made by doctors for your life expectancy, this is just an estimation based on your symptoms and medical statistics of other people with the same condition. Please see this article About Disease And Healing
  19. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Disease And Healing

    I don't know. Bone is living tissue, so it should be possible.
  20. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5204: Methods of vibrating words of power

    There is more power in that, it's up to the individual person to decide how they want to perform their rituals. The instructions for the rituals state to vibrate the runes in a short form, probably because most people find it difficult to spend an hour on a ritual like that and/or can't handle...
  21. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Disease And Healing

    Our bodies are in a constant state of death and renewal. Every day, trillions of our cells undergo division to replace old and damaged cells, all without any conscious effort or awareness on our behalf. In order to sustain life and health, our cells communicate with each other by exchanging...
  22. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5204: Methods of vibrating words of power

    You don't need to extend every letter as much as you can on a full breath. The MP3's are just to demonstrate each individual sound, the actual vibration is much shorter. Just saying the word doesn't work, you need to vibrate it. If you want to get technical, the rituals are intended to take...
  23. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5222: Pillars of life

  24. Power of Justice [JG]

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    You don't need to vibrate the runes the way that HPS Maxine does it in the recordings. The recordings are just to demonstrate each individual sound, the actual vibration is much shorter. Each set of 30 runes in a ritual should take you about 2 to 3 minutes to vibrate.
  25. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5131: I don't know what it is and why... Please answer. I need a quick answer.

    Tell your parents/legal guardian! Get properly examined, don't wait for an answer online, especially on a forum for Satanists. We aren't medical professionals. By the time anonymous questions get posted it could be a day or more after submission. Don't wait, this is your life!
  26. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5147: Epilepsy and Advancement

    I would say proceed with caution. I think most of the meditations on the JoS are perfectly safe for people who are prone to seizures and here's why: The definition of a seizure is "a sudden, uncontrolled burst of electrical activity in the brain." So what HPS Maxine states is absolutely true...
  27. Power of Justice [JG]

    Help: Link for New Members

    Korpi has a megathread for this here: https://ancient-forums.com/threads/a-beginners-guide-split-post.95097/
  28. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5114: help

    If I asked you right now to recall the face of your mother, you can do it instantly and in perfect detail. Have you ever asked yourself why or even wondered how you can accomplish this? Do you painstakingly try to draw each and every facial feature, or do you just relax and let your mind sort it...
  29. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5109: Grateful and pray

    Gratitude is not an action, like a prayer, it's a state of being. Do you feel grateful or not. It's binary. Feelings like gratitude are used in attraction magic because if you feel grateful it implies that you already have what you want. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.
  30. Power of Justice [JG]

    help please

    The fact that you recognize your past actions as wrong is all the proof you need to see that you're not that person anymore. You can never change the past, kicking yourself over what you did or didn't do doesn't help. If you can't live with the weight of your actions then seek to make amends...
  31. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to make a pact with a demon?

    So how's that for a trade? I'll buy you a cheeseburger, and you'll make me a millionaire. How hard is it to spend literally 5 minutes reading the JoS website, which I have linked here multiple times for you? Everything is answered there.
  32. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to make a pact with a demon?

    You would end your life based on an answer on an online forum? I don't know how else to say this, you're trying to sell ice to an eskimo, there is literally nothing you can give a God, aside from your service here on Earth. If you're just here to get rich quick, that's not going to happen, so...
  33. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5082: karma

    It's possible.
  34. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to make a pact with a demon?

    Study the Joy of Satan website and you will see.
  35. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to make a pact with a demon?

    You have literally nothing to give to a God. That is not what we do here. In the Joy of Satan we improve and advance ourselves instead of relying on powers outside of ourselves. Do you want fame, money, power? You can have anything if you study and apply yourself.
  36. Power of Justice [JG]

    How Dedicated Are You?

    I think your situation is exactly what I describe in the article; you simply stopped doing them because you didn't "see" results. And you honestly cannot expect to see results if you "just" do them, but in reality, you are half-assing it because you don't think anything will change. So, what's...
  37. Power of Justice [JG]

    Mercury 2080 , Still okay to do?

    Mercury is in Cancer now, the next best date to start its square is on July 31
  38. Power of Justice [JG]

    JoS Websites Editorial Check Thread

    Thank you! Thank you for these, they will all be corrected except for "The Joy of Satan Ministries is Calling You - The Joy of Satan Ministries are Calling You". The "Joy of Satan Ministries" is a singular entity, not multiple.
  39. Power of Justice [JG]

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    To everyone who translated the rituals already, both rituals have received some minor changes, please update your translations from the attached files. Thank you.
  40. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5029: Sexual Energy of Kundalini and my sexual life

    Sexual trauma and the like (shame, insecurities related to that, etc.) is stored in the sacral chakra. You must perform freeing workings to free yourself from that before the serpent can ascend. Anything the serpent touches is amplified, that goes for the bad too. Though you needn't worry about...
  41. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5026: Very urgent question. My life may be on the line.

    You're not going to die, tell your parents ASAP. If for whatever reason you are unable to urinate, your bladder could burst. It's a simple fix, before medical professionals figure out what's going on, they'll put a catheter in you and that will solve it. This is not worth hiding from your...
  42. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5014: I’m bout to just go back to my old ways

    The edgy "world is dark so I'm gonna be dark too" mentality won't make you any happier than you already are. People cannot see the world as it is; they can only see the world as they are, i.e., through their own screen of beliefs. So if a person is cruel and hateful because the world is unfair...
  43. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5017: Quantum entanglement

    Perform the detaching working found on the JoS website.
  44. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Human Perception Of Time

    I literally cannot explain it any better.
  45. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4998: The duty of a man is to get cucked astrally

    I didn't say money, I said lifestyle. Being the kind of man for your woman that she never wants to look at another man.
  46. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4998: The duty of a man is to get cucked astrally

    Women get a "free ride" because they are the prize. Biologically, every man wants the best woman for them, so it's supply and demand. The perceived value of women is higher than that of most men when they are between the ages of 18 to 40, after which it is surpassed by the value of men. The...
  47. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5009: After freeing the soul?

    When doing a freeing working, the chakra associated with the area of life the working is geared towards will get dirty, so make sure to clean it. For example, self-esteem is ruled by the solar chakra. How long it takes is completely unique to everyone, only you can tell when you're clean...
  48. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #5004: How do runes/vibrations work?

    You are very confused, please study the basics on the JoS website, starting with Magick 1001. There are no runes in the Sun square, it's called a mantra.
  49. Power of Justice [JG]

    First Official JOS Marriage

  50. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4998: The duty of a man is to get cucked astrally

    Being a man is not easy, mainly because most men inherently have absolutely nothing to offer. There is a reason why high value men get the attention of most women. As a man you literally start at 0, and you can't change that or be mad at it because it goes for all men. But you can also see that...
  51. Power of Justice [JG]

    666 Meditation Mp3 link?

    I don't think there ever was a recording of that. The instructions are crystal clear though, it's exactly as described.
  52. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4978: Kafa üstü his [His over the head]

    I answered it quickly because this exact situation is describe on the page for the crown chakra: "This chakra, contrary to popular teachings contains the third granthi, which is often the most difficult for the serpent to break through. When this chakra is blocked, one often experiences...
  53. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4978: Kafa üstü his [His over the head]

    Please study the JoS website, all of your question are answered there. You don't need to feel pleasure to have open chakras. Quoting form HPS Maxine: Warning signs of chakra blockage: 1. Extreme heat during meditation in any area of the chakras. This indicates blockage. 2. Pain in the above.
  54. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Human Perception Of Time

    Human life isn’t short; people just make it seem that way. Realistically, it takes a person until the age of 25 for them to figure out what they want to do with their life, and they have until they are about 80 years old to get it done. This is a tremendous amount of time, yet for most people...
  55. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4978: Kafa üstü his [His over the head]

    This is described on the JoS website. Likely, your crown chakra is blocked and the energy is going around it, instead of through it.
  56. Power of Justice [JG]

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    For any future parents out there, there are books on parenting. If you don't think your parents raised you right, you can always study and become the parent you wish you had for your own children. Don't just assume that you'll never be like your parents because everyone says that, and everyone...
  57. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4973: Is it better if I do a general health working than to do 4-5 separate ones? Will it work?

    40 reps of Wunjo is very little for addressing one thing, let alone many at once. Dates for doing a Sun Square are coming up, do a material square for health (targeting physical ailments). This is not something that will be solved quickly, you must realize that just like you didn't wake up sick...
  58. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4969: Torture game

    Study the JoS website, just by reading this I can tell you have no idea what you're doing. You are more likely to hurt yourself than anyone else with black magic if you just slap together random concepts like that.
  59. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4972: Birth chart

    Nothing, guard it better next time.
  60. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    It can be used for both depending on your needs. Are you seeing results? Like, there's no way anyone can answer that. You are the judge of your own workings.
  61. Power of Justice [JG]

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    What the High Priest meant by that statement is that there is no "fastest" path, nor can this be rushed.
  62. Power of Justice [JG]

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    For anyone who has already translated the Ritual for Balaam, there were a few changes made to it that alter the meaning of some sentences. Please see the attached document and implement them into your translations. Thank you!
  63. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    Look, it's not just about the squares, but any magickal working targeting your chart, or a specific aspect of your chart. Squares are done for spiritual and material purposes. If a bad transit affected your life materially, like health, job, relationships, etc., you do material workings.
  64. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4935: Donations

    Please keep sending proof after every donation, it is extremely time inefficient for the HP to track down people individually by address.
  65. Power of Justice [JG]

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    The Ritual has already been started by others, therefore VoC doesn't apply as it's an ongoing working.
  66. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    I was talking about natal chart placements, not planetary transits. Squares can be used to offset negative transits but also to improve certain aspects of life depending on the planetary rulership.
  67. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    It applies to all squares/workings. I think it's too much, I would do separate workings for health and the willpower stuff. Generally, anytime you mix different categories or areas of life it spreads the energies too thin. Just think how much energy healing takes, if you are doing a Sun square...
  68. Power of Justice [JG]

    My dad was a Church of England priest

    People make decisions and have to live with them. If you knew how hard it is to change yourself you'd know it's next to impossible to change someone else. In other words, no matter how much you want to help someone, the other person must want to help themselves, otherwise it doesn't work. Live...
  69. Power of Justice [JG]

    Please, can you help me evaluate this new advancement program of mine? Please...

    More is not always better, actually in spirituality it is very rarely the case. You will see this as you get more sensitive, but you don't need crazy high numbers of repetitions, you just need to be present and really feel them when you do them. I suspect you just vibrate the mantras too...
  70. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    As I said, you have to be extremely careful what you ask for. If your Mars is in a weak sign or badly aspected, to affirm that the energies of that planet are improved will only strengthen what is already there, i.e., the negative manifestations will only get worse. How I would do it is, target...
  71. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    Bear in mind, with magic, you literally get what you ask for. I don't know if this is the case for you but, if your Mars is poorly placed and your affirmation is "general improvement of my Martian energies.", this will only amplify the negative manifestations of Mars, not fix them. Just...
  72. Power of Justice [JG]

    Please, can you help me evaluate this new advancement program of mine? Please...

    Yoga is something to enjoy, don't rush it, don't even keep count, just move on from one asana to the next when you can't go any deeper or it feels right to do so. Breathe slow and deep. It really sucks the first month or two if you are really inflexible, but after that it is very pleasurable...
  73. Power of Justice [JG]

    Please, can you help me evaluate this new advancement program of mine? Please...

    Everything takes you 40 minutes to complete? How is that possible? A short hatha yoga session is like 20 minutes at least. I'm not sure if you do this or not, it's not very clear to me from what you wrote, you don't have to do everything in "separate parts" or just for the sake of adhering to...
  74. Power of Justice [JG]

    The Cost Of Winning

    War is the father of all things. The only way to get what you want in life is to fight for it, and to win at anything demands that you pay more than anyone else. To get the job that you want, you must outperform all other candidates; to have the girl that you want, you must be better than all...
  75. Power of Justice [JG]

    How do I break up... ?

    Then say that. Have a conversation and explain your reasons for why you don't think you're a good match.
  76. Power of Justice [JG]

    Base chakra meditation?

    For recurring health issues or just bad health in general, is strongly suggest that you study your chart and look for debilitated planets, especially the Sun. Planets aspected by Neptune or Saturn can indicate health problems associated with the body parts ruled by those planets.
  77. Power of Justice [JG]

    Base chakra meditation?

    Just because an injury/body part is in proximity to a chakra doesn't necessarily mean it is ruled by it. The Sun rules the spine, i.e., the solar chakra. I wouldn't try to fix this just by focusing on the chakra though. Sun squares and freeing workings if you are prone to injuries due to...
  78. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4858: which chakra rules teeth

    The base chakra is ruled by Saturn which rules the bones and teeth. I am not sure if the teeth can be fixed with work on the base chakra though. See a dentist ASAP, tooth (bone) pain is some of the worst there is. The problem has already manifested, by the time you get a working ready and wait...
  79. Power of Justice [JG]

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    The influence of Saturn is extremely necessary in this age, as without a force to move people into action, most wouldn't do a thing to better themselves. People let things build up until the pain is unbearable before taking action. Pain is a teacher; is the pain of staying the same greater than...
  80. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4854: My polyamorous boyfriend

    The thing about the 5 wives is not literal, it's an allegory for the 5 elements.
  81. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Interacting With The Gods

    We're not even on the same page here. I'm talking about astral communication, not a physical manifestation. Look again at the example of water I gave, the limit is always the human. You can only perceive something that is around your level of vibration/consciousness, which means that for a God...
  82. Power of Justice [JG]

    ChronosXP alternative

    This website is brilliant, I found it much easier to use and I think it's more accurate as well. https://planetaryhours.net/
  83. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Interacting With The Gods

    It's not a limitation, but rather a personal choice. As individual beings, I suppose they can choose to do whatever they want, but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. As I explained in the article, one's level of vibration is directly tied to understanding and spiritual...
  84. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Interacting With The Gods

    There is a lot that goes into interacting with the astral that is rarely written about. One of the most overlooked things is the importance of the pineal gland. Right away, I want to dispel one of the biggest myths concerning it, namely that one’s pineal gland is somehow inactive or...
  85. Power of Justice [JG]

    Why some houses are empty?

    There's not enough planets to fit all the houses, there's always going to be empty houses in a chart simply due to that. But every planet has a natural house ruler, which means you can still derive information for a house even if it's "empty."
  86. Power of Justice [JG]

    I plan on using Jupiter square to expand my consciousness.

    The Moon placement doesn't matter for planetary squares unless its the Moon square. Only the placement of the planet matters, and Jupiter is currently in its weak sign of Gemini. It will stay there for another year. Good news is, after a year it will be in a strong sign—Cancer—and you can spam...
  87. Power of Justice [JG]

    Can you continue a spell even with the flu?

    You can continue your spell, nothing detrimental will happen.
  88. Power of Justice [JG]

    anything from the astral

    Even if it was possible, it is unlikely. Not even the priesthood has spoken of such things happening to them.
  89. Power of Justice [JG]

    anything from the astral

    You can't think of a gold bar and materialize it out of thin air, but you can still get the same gold bar (manifest it) with a magick working; the working will guide you and show you what you have to do to get it.
  90. Power of Justice [JG]

    anything from the astral

    The physical and astral aren't really "separate." The statement "as above, so below" shows us that. It is the foundation of magick as well. Magick builds an astral construct of your desired goal before it is manifested physically.
  91. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4795: Saturn and exercising

    Your problem is not the anger, it's the physical problems that manifest from your Saturn in the 6th house. This has held you back all your life, that's why you're angry. You need to do freeing workings to obliterate your Saturn and remove its negative influence in your life. Please read this...
  92. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4796: Cabalistic square of jupiter

    Jupiter retrograde is not inherently a bad thing. The affirmation depends on what you want to correct, since you didn't specify anything wrong, there's no way for us to say what it is.
  93. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4801: I want Belial back

    Can you please give more context?
  94. Power of Justice [JG]

    Any Advice about Doctors

    Don't take chances with your health. Anything life threatening is not to be played with. Even with "minor" things, don't wait. Seek more professional opinions until you are satisfied.
  95. Power of Justice [JG]

    Aura Cleaning taking "too long"?

    Exactly, that's how it's done. Yes, that is a result of extreme sensitivity and advancement on her part. Be patient, you are doing all the right things.
  96. Power of Justice [JG]

    Does any meditation automatically open your third eye or does it have to be the specific third eye meditation?

    Specific meditations give specific results. You don't focus on your leg if you want to work your arm. Also, work on your pineal gland as well, read my reply here
  97. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4771: what happens after u activate ur pineal gland

    This is important to know: everyone has an "active" and "functional" pineal gland. The pineal gland's primary function is to produce melatonin, which helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. If your pineal gland "didn't work," you literally could not function as a human being. That is only one of...
  98. Power of Justice [JG]

    Aura Cleaning taking "too long"?

    Cleaning is difficult if you don't raise enough energy, such as with a good cleaning/solar mantra. Make sure you also visualize your aura brightening with each vibration/exhale. For your second question, what do you expect to feel?
  99. Power of Justice [JG]

    I need help. I would like to change my daily routine

    Don't even think of doing warfare if you haven't completed the 40 day program. I have no idea how you do all that in a day, the rituals alone look like they take over 4 or 5 hours. If you try to do everything you will end up doing nothing. If you do one ritual a day, that's where your energies...
  100. Power of Justice [JG]

    Need help opening clairvoyant points

    The "e" is pronounced same as "I" for IOEA. The "s" is not hissed, it is a normal "s", vibrated at the back of the front teeth, like the word "street".
  101. Power of Justice [JG]

    Control of Kundalini Body Sway

    I haven't had such drastic experiences but it sounds like the energy is looking for an outlet. I used to get these unconscious body sways [they were very slight] and doing Kundalini Yoga got rid of them. Make sure you don't have any energy blockages as well, it is always a good idea to do a...
  102. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4738: About Cleansing

    We can't "look" at your soul and tell you how much you need to clean. Aura cleaning and protection are lifelong endeavors, you don't just do them for a few years and move on to something else. If you stop cleaning your aura, negativity will start building up on you again. Don't worry about how...
  103. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4741: About the heart chakra and kundalini yoga

    Repeat the chakra opening. For Kundalini Yoga, in the beginning it's fine to take it slow and learn the movements, but proper practice demands rapid movements, i.e. going as fast as you can while maintaining good form. Also don't start at 108 reps if you've never done it before. Cut down on...
  104. Power of Justice [JG]

    What chakra is ruled by Venus?

    By HPHC: "In the chest [heart] you have two places of interest. One is the Heart [the literal heart] and that is ruled by Venus. Therefore working on the Venus there, causes no problem. In front of the heart, you have the Thymus gland, which is ruled by Mercury, yet this is still a part of the...
  105. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4731: How to cultivate faith

    If you have faith that means you have certainty that something will happen. You are so confident in the outcome that you just know it's going to happen. Most people are not like that and confuse it with hope. Hope is a beggar. You pray that something will work out because you lack faith. But...
  106. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4723: White soul trapped in a mixed body

    It is possible that you had a past life where you lived in a European country, that does not mean that you were of another race. There's been black people in France and England for centuries, for example. You can always attract the most suitable partner for yourself, but please don't affirm...
  107. Power of Justice [JG]

    Is it possible to absorb millions of white gold energy at once?

    How exactly do you quantify how much energy you are absorbing at any given time?
  108. Power of Justice [JG]

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    Why would the distinction exist in the first place if you weren't supposed to do it? Why work for my meal when I can steal the meal of someone else who has done the work already? That's the question you're asking. If you fail to understand this, there's not much anyone can tell you at this...
  109. Power of Justice [JG]

    Questions on Venus square

    As I understand it, the version of the mantra has no bearing on how advanced you are. More like it's just to save time. The full mantra can take 20-30 seconds to vibrate, the shortened one much less. This matters if you are doing one of the longer squares, where you could be vibrating the mantra...
  110. Power of Justice [JG]

    Questions on Venus square

    It is only a square due to the sacred numerology. Just like any magick working, many other factors contribute to how strong the square is. You will have the most power if you perform it during its respective planetary hour, yet you can do it at any time. More concentration, perfect...
  111. Power of Justice [JG]

    Questions on Venus square

    Planetary squares are no different to any other kind of magick in terms of the basic idea. You vibrate a mantra to raise energy. What makes them powerful is the geometry they are based on, unlike a normal working, a planetary square demands a certain amount of repetitions every day, and you...
  112. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4688: About astral vision.

    This is not astral vision, this is memory. Seeing different colors is a good sign though.
  113. Power of Justice [JG]

    About hitting with the fist

    You must come up with affirmations for your workings yourself. The reason for this is, the same sentence can mean 2 completely different things to two people. What matters is your understanding of what the words mean. That's what programs the energy. It doesn't have to be complicated, it just...
  114. Power of Justice [JG]

    About hitting with the fist

    I would go with a spiritual square, not a material one. Character traits such as bravery and courage are immaterial, internal qualities.
  115. Power of Justice [JG]

    Въпроси и Отговори за Начинаещи

    Рангът на Боговете не трябва да бъде основният ви фокус. Ако се интересувате от даден Бог, просто се обърнете към тях искрено и установете връзка.
  116. Power of Justice [JG]

    Satanizum.оrg – Редакции и Поправки

    Здравейте. Това е най-буквалният и най-подходящият превод. Напълно правилен е.
  117. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4631: Time

    Time is an extremely complex subject and a simple answer can't really suffice here. You could say that there is only an "eternal now", past and future are just constructs we create to explain the chronology of events. But it is my understanding that time IS relative. Since we live in a physical...
  118. Power of Justice [JG]

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    To everyone who translated the rituals already, there were a few corrections done to them which change the meaning of some words, please examine the new rituals or DM me for the changelogs.
  119. Power of Justice [JG]

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    There is no thoughtform, your desires are not an entity separate from you.
  120. Power of Justice [JG]

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    I didn't say not to desire or that it's a bad thing to try to fulfil desires. To live is to desire. I wanted to walk people through the process from the most basic urges, to understand why they even want to do magick in the first place and how to frame what they want to achieve maximum results.
  121. Power of Justice [JG]

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    In this article, I want to share what I believe to be true based on my personal research and experience with magick over the years and hopefully leave you with something to think about. This article deals with a variety of advanced concepts and is quite lengthy. If you choose to read on, please...
  122. Power of Justice [JG]

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Happy Satanic New Year everyone!
  123. Power of Justice [JG]

    Mars 323

    You can find the pronunciation for all planetary mantras by HPS Maxine on this youtube channel: (This is specifically the Mars mantra)
  124. Power of Justice [JG]

    About Trance — An Alternate Approach [MEDITATION]

    The position in which you meditate doesn't matter much, ideally it is one that allows you to relax completely. In theory you could meditate standing or even walking [in a trance] if you could find a place where no car is gonna hit you, or walk off a cliff. By the way, you don't have to sit...
  125. Power of Justice [JG]

    More doubt

    This is that phi3 character, there's no use in wasting time on them, or any other 5 word question that is asked disrespectfully and without regard for the time of others.
  126. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4542: Low self esteem

    Self-esteem is an internal quality, I would do a spiritual Sun Square for it. You can also use solar runes or mantras for the same purpose. Invoking fire will go a long way as well.
  127. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4547: The pulse quickens from the trance...

    That is super weird, it sounds like an anxiety attack. How can you even enter a trance like that? This is speculation on my part but it could be subconscious trauma from a past life experience. Many people have "irrational fears" without an apparent reason, but it's usually something you've...
  128. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4513: Meditation

    If people had to wait around the clock every day for the right planetary hour to meditate on their chakras nobody would ever meditate. When doing the full chakra meditation, one of the chakras you are working on will always benefit from the planetary hour during which you are meditating. It is...
  129. Power of Justice [JG]

    Has anyone done this to Salvage a Jupiter square?

    That is not how squares work, you can't do that.
  130. Power of Justice [JG]

    Alcohol and spiritual development

    Please read this sermon by High Priest Hooded Cobra: How To Defeat Alcoholism And Drug Abuse
  131. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4476: square inquiry

    No. You didn't vibrate the full mantra, nor did you make an affirmation, don't worry about it.
  132. Power of Justice [JG]

    A few important questions.

    Trance is a skill, practice and you will get better at it.
  133. Power of Justice [JG]

    A few important questions.

    As I said, everything you're looking for can either be found on the forums or on the JoS website with a quick search. An effective money working can be found at the end of this page: https://satanisgod.org/Freeing_the_Soul_2.html For weight loss: https://satanisgod.org/Weight_Loss.html
  134. Power of Justice [JG]

    A few important questions.

    First, I wouldn't suggest you do planetary squares if you haven't even completed the 40 day program as they require your chakras to be properly open. Focus on cleaning your chakras and the basics like the foundation meditation and energy meditation. Follow the program to the letter for now...
  135. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4418: Is fucking a Jewish girl normal?(for money)

    That sounds like the master plan of a 12 year old. No matter the reason, it is race mixing.
  136. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4423: Should you do morning meditation after sunrise?

    This is only a concern for meditations that are timed astrologically like working on a chakra of the day (Crown chakra on Thursdays for example) or magickal workings like the Squares, otherwise it doesn't matter.
  137. Power of Justice [JG]

    I feel like crap all the time and I don't know why

    You won't feel better by staying in bed. If it is safe for you to do so, you must force yourself to get out. Stagnation will cause disease in your body. Also, you seem to be neglecting your mental health. Crying without a reason is not normal. The truth is, you know why; you've just buried the...
  138. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4409: Depresija [depression]

    That is next to impossible to answer just like that. Please provide more detail, what happened, how long have you been feeling this way, etc.
  139. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4382: object

    Start a Sun Square on Sunday tomorrow or Sunday next week for self-esteem. You can use any affirmation or add onto this one: "I love myself! My self-esteem is increasing exponentially in a positive way for me, now and permanently." - Affirm 10 times. Your body is your greatest possession, it...
  140. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4371: Cell phone buying advice

    They are all equally vulnerable in terms of security if that is your only concern.
  141. Power of Justice [JG]

    About yoga

    Here is the basic Hatha Yoga program for Satanists As for your question, I don't personally do this, but I know it's preferred that you warm up before doing yoga, especially if its early in the morning when the body is stiff.
  142. Power of Justice [JG]

    Small Question - AOP vs Cleaning

    This is such a beautiful way of explaining it!
  143. Power of Justice [JG]

    About yoga

    I think he means only Hatha Yoga, without Kundalini Yoga. I would say there's no problem, but again, why would you exclude it from your routine? If your spine is healthy and you have no physical hindrances, you can only benefit from it.
  144. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4350: stuttering

    In addition to HPS Lydia's reply, recording yourself and analyzing the recordings will go a long way. Most people cannot speak clearly even though they speak every day of their lives. The reason is they never take the time to analyze themselves. You just have to get over the awkward part in the...
  145. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4336: Thyroid problem

    If the source of these problems is the thyroid gland, then working on strengthening your throat chakra will help. The throat rules the thyroid. All disease is a lowering of frequency in the body, so it makes sense that if you raise the frequency of your throat chakra, all organs ruled by it will...
  146. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to lose weight?

    https://satanisgod.org/Weight_Loss.html https://satanisgod.org/ThreeSteps.html
  147. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4332: numberof repetitions munka

    It's fine to have a few repetitions extra or less every now and then, just not constantly. A square will be ruined though.
  148. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4322: please don't judge, I already do

    You are an emotional addict, at least your body is. You put yourself in these situations for the same reason that people stay in abusive relationships or terrible jobs. It's because you use these to reaffirm who you are. If you observe yourself you will notice you are experiencing an emotional...
  149. Power of Justice [JG]

    How to lose weight?

    There are magickal workings on the JoS available for this. Also, eat less calories than your body consumes daily. It is a physical impossibility to not lose weight if you eat less than your body consumes.
  150. Power of Justice [JG]

    The Science Behind Kundalini Yoga

    Yes, the illustration is very exaggerated, the movement is very little. This as a subject in itself is very obscure and not well documented online at all, it's hard to find a proper scientific paper on it.
  151. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4299: I need to get better...

    The only thing you will suffer after your physical body dies is your regrets. Please study the Joy of Satan website
  152. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4262: Question about the health and promotion of blind people.

    Conditions like scoliosis require physical action to heal, not just spiritual. The body is a very finely tuned machine, if anything is off even slightly, different muscles move in to compensate. Spinal misalignments are the worst, as there are a lot of muscles in the back that try to compensate...
  153. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4263: enemy entity or figment of the mind?

    Tell them to double their protections. All SS, especially newly dedicated ones are under protection by the Gods, no harm can come to them. I suspect this is purely psychological, as you didn't mention what the actual attack consisted of.
  154. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4261: URGENT PLEASE

    If you mean other people will do energy work on you, STAY AWAY! You have no idea the kind of damage these fools can do, especially if you don't know/understand what they're doing. What happened to you is awful and you should seek justice. Report the crime and gather any and all evidence you...
  155. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4259: I began to become a god during the moon without a course. Will I never be a god now?

    You're fine, your dedication is valid. If your excessive sleep was caused due to depression over your "realization", that's ok, if not and this continues, see a doctor immediately.
  156. Power of Justice [JG]

    Fire element mantra?

    I don't know if any mantra is "best" for anything, but I've certainly seen amazing results with it.
  157. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4242: Cats

    Most animals you see are not native to Earth, they were gifted to humanity by the Gods.
  158. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4245: Confused, if I want I can reverse vibrate a rune for black magic? Please I need help reply from high ranking SS

    This level of black magick only requires you to clean your aura and chakras. The runes are safe in this way. There are certain mantras that HPS Maxine spoke about; they ae so powerful, the only way to clean them off is to vibrate the opposite mantra. These are not made public, so you don't have...
  159. Power of Justice [JG]


    The more you put in, the more you get out. If you're just mindlessly vibrating a mantra, it doesn't matter what the mantra is; the effect will be severely weakened. Attention is the name of the game. If you empty your mind of all thoughts and just focus on vibrating the mantra, you will feel the...
  160. Power of Justice [JG]

    Fire element mantra?

    HELIOS is the strongest word for the Sun, you can use that. The H is almost silent, like an exhale.
  161. Power of Justice [JG]

    Inquiry on remote viewing attempt/trance state

    That sounds interesting, could you please explain in detail exactly what you did? I've experienced the static and kaleidoscope effect as well but I was working on my pineal gland, not practicing trance.
  162. Power of Justice [JG]

    I am noob in astrology 🤣😭

    You can generate your chart at https://jos-astro.com/ Just go to "Natal Chart" and fill in your information.
  163. Power of Justice [JG]

    I am noob in astrology 🤣😭

    Look at what sign is on the cusp of your ascendant. This person for example has a Cancer ascendant. .
  164. Power of Justice [JG]

    Questions regarding information on the JoS Website about the Planetary Squares, Chakras & Pisces Venus Squares

    Just posting this here for OP: By HPHC: "In the chest [heart] you have two places of interest. One is the Heart [the literal heart] and that is ruled by Venus. Therefore working on the Venus there, causes no problem. In front of the heart, you have the Thymus gland, which is ruled by Mercury...
  165. Power of Justice [JG]

    Questions regarding information on the JoS Website about the Planetary Squares, Chakras & Pisces Venus Squares

    Venus rules the heart chakra and Mercury rules the throat, that information is outdated and will be corrected soon on the JoS
  166. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4180: URGENT, PLESE HELP

    Don't let them bully you out of your money. If you live in a civilized country where the law is upheld regardless of the offender's religion, just notify the police that you're being harassed. Don't be a victim.
  167. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4174: Location of the shoulder chakras

    A diagram will never encompass every body type. The shoulder chakras are in the shoulders.
  168. Power of Justice [JG]

    Children and Stress

    Are you sure it's a problem with kids specifically or behavior associated with them? Perhaps you desire stability, peace and quiet, and when that is disrupted (no matter by whom) you can't stand it.
  169. Power of Justice [JG]

    Planetary hours and workings

    I would say the moon phase is by far the number 1 factor to consider for this type of working. All the dates for freeing the soul can be found on the JoS calendar.
  170. Power of Justice [JG]

    Planetary hours and workings

    I think you are slightly confused. It's not about the specific hour; it's about what planet is most active during that hour. For example, when Mars or Saturn are most active in their respective hours, it's a good time to do warfare and curses. Look up the traits that each planet represents on...
  171. Power of Justice [JG]

    Help me please

    That's not what we do here, please read the Joy of Satan website in full.
  172. Power of Justice [JG]

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    I remember my first 28 day Witches Sabbath cleaning cycle and how much my perception of so many things changed. Each chakra has a mind of its own, so to speak; that's where we get our survival instincts, "gut feeling", "6th sense", etc. When the chakras are closed, and especially when they are...
  173. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4146: About donating money and sending a personal message to HPHC

    XMR has some of the lowest fees of any cryptocurrency. You can send your proof of donation to [email protected] You can reach the High Priest at [email protected] Just one thing, if it takes you months to send an email, you will never achieve anything meaningful in life...
  174. Power of Justice [JG]

    Can I just remove some peoples from my life or just make their life miserable somehow with the help of blackmagik or anything?

    Your best course of action here is to detach from them. You must understand that by constantly focusing on how bad they make you feel and by constantly feeding them your attention, you are only growing a stronger bond to these people. That's just how energy works. You must be conscious of your...
  175. Power of Justice [JG]


    I would add to HPS Lydia's reply to focus on working with fire more than anything. Everything you describe can be explained with having low fire element in your soul. The more fire you have in your soul, the more confident, outgoing, and extroverted you become. Caring what other people think of...
  176. Power of Justice [JG]

    Good on ya

    Happy to see you here! Please do not reveal personal information such as pictures of yourself (if that is you in your PFP) as it is dangerous.
  177. Power of Justice [JG]

    How much time for trance training each day?

    If you're constantly thinking about how much time has passed you will never enter a trance. This question literally has no answer, everyone is different.
  178. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #4085: Imagining the "point" in chakra alignment

    That's what you're supposed to do, the soul is not 2 dimensional.
  179. Power of Justice [JG]

    Best way for to do RTR cleansing for a Beginner.

    I think it's a bit soon for you to be doing the RTR. Why did you do the beginner 40 day program 3 times in a row? Once is enough if you completed it without skipping days. And I really don't understand what you mean by "done with Full Meditation i used 4days for every chakra." I would suggest...
  180. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question regarding Gym Magic.

    Can you be more specific? Do you want to build muscle, correct postural problems, have an aesthetic physique, what are you after?
  181. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #3977: How do I know? If a demon is present in my bedroom?

    Why do you keep asking anonymous questions only to reply to them with your actual account? This is not an attack, I'm genuinely confused. Any time you submit a question to the ask-Satan service, someone has to read it and manually submit it. The volume of questions you submit is a massive time...
  182. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #3929: I'm holding back from hitting myself.

    What is the logic behind this? That you'll somehow become smarter through self-harm? All you have in this world is yourself, everything else is fleeting and temporary. You are the one thing you must care for the most. So build yourself up. The faculty of intelligence can be improved through the...
  183. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #3941: square mantras volume

    As long as the pronunciation is clear, yes.
  184. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #3947: Hierarchy of Demons

    Angel is a generic term of any entity that transfers a message. "Angel" in Ancient Greek means messenger.
  185. Power of Justice [JG]

    Can a person of color be high priest or guardian here?

    There is nothing wrong with ambition or striving for status. This can be a powerful force that propels one to develop themselves very seriously. But you don't need a title to do that. Everyone who wears the title served their community just as well without it. Don't fall for the fallacy that...
  186. Power of Justice [JG]

    Can a person of color be high priest or guardian here?

    It is exactly as Henu said. The Guardians come from all backgrounds and walks of life, there have been clergy members of color as well. Don't ever think that has ever had any weight when someone is considered for the position.
  187. Power of Justice [JG]

    A Note About Psychiatric Drugs

    Most illnesses are psychosomatic in origin (From Greek; psyche meaning “mind” and soma meaning “body”). Our minds are so powerful, we can literally make ourselves sick by thought alone. It takes only a moment to bring up a traumatic memory, to feel the emotions associated with it, etc. The body...
  188. Power of Justice [JG]

    Suffering, the greatest teacher?

    I had a conversation with the High Priest just a few days ago on this very topic. He said exactly this: a person can only take so much before they break. Chronic suffering is not something to be cherished in any way. Seeking out suffering to make yourself stronger or to "force growth" from...
  189. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #3864: Why am I born to worst parents

    HPS Lydia has written on this topic several times: Your best course of action is to detach from them completely.
  190. Power of Justice [JG]

    Question #3857: Struggling with Base Chakra visualisation

    The silver coin is only given for reference to the size of the chakra, do not worry about that if you have never seen or held one before. Simply imagine a "vortex" or "tornado" of red energy at your perineum. The chakras are in the shape of a pyramid, but when they spin really fast it is...
  191. Power of Justice [JG]

    Bill Gates Wants to 'Cover the Sun' to Help Counter Global Warming

    Commander of the StG 77 (77th Dive Bomber Wing) Major Clemens Graf von Schönborn-Wiesentheid
  192. Power of Justice [JG]

    How do you train telepathy?

    Telepathy is the ability to communicate with another using your mind, i.e. in a non-physical way. Hearing the chakras is a different ability—clairaudience.
  193. Power of Justice [JG]

    Astrology is Nonsense

    Astrology isn't black and white. Even if there are multiple aspects to support a character trait, for example, it may not apply to the person. Astrology requires an incredible amount of intuition.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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