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  1. Crystal Lake

    NEW SITE - Destroying Islam: www.IslamicEvil.com

    Hail HP.Hoodedcobra666!!!
  2. Crystal Lake

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    I forgot this article was written for white people, especially those who live in peace. Just like the High Priestess’s previous article on female fertility. Sorry, our people came to the wrong place. No one is stopping you from dating or getting married or raising children. Our opinions are of...
  3. Crystal Lake

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    We don't care that the title "High Priest" is different from "Priest". We are not native English speakers and we see no difference between the two terms. Do we disrespect High priests by calling them “priests”? Are you saying that our views are "obscene words" just because we raise questions...
  4. Crystal Lake

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    I can understand that we live in different countries and regions, and the problems we need to face are different. Not everyone can enjoy a "good life". Soon there will be a war, and many other disasters. I think you must know this, right? I can't protect myself and my loved ones if I don't have...
  5. Crystal Lake

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    Yes. Find a Christian man or some other type of enemy and have some slave children. Spend most of the rest of your life working, earning a pittance and barely supporting yourself. You will lose most of your privacy and the opportunity to meditate and fight. Your life will become ordinary and...
  6. Crystal Lake

    Falun gong is Jewish plan.

    你可以详细地解释一下你的观点吗?你的每一次回复都只有简短的一句话,很难让人与你交流。 (Would you please explain your point in more detail? Each of your replies is only a short sentence, which makes it difficult for people to communicate with you.)
  7. Crystal Lake

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Using AI to create "art" is ridiculous. It's not art, it's a pretty picture at best.
  8. Crystal Lake

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    The updated image clearly uses AI. In the new image, the characters on the left and right are deformed. A lot of details are gone. All in all, I don't like the new picture very much. It looks very strange.
  9. Crystal Lake

    How to still the mind?

    Relax. Focus on your emotions, feelings, sight, hearing, touch. Feel your body, and your surroundings.
  10. Crystal Lake

    Sides of solar chakra

    I tried astral projection and felt my soul leave my body, then someone came to me and touched both sides of my solar chakra. My consciousness was very clear when I was going through it. Before this experience, when I was opening solar chakra, I felt special sensations on both sides of it as well.
  11. Crystal Lake

    Embarrassing newbie-esque questions about spinning chakras, etc.

    I rotate them clockwise, very fast. I think the rotation is very natural, it doesn't take much attention, just let them start spinning naturally.
  12. Crystal Lake

    Question #4624: Need help figuring out an Experience that i has a few years back

    I had the same experience as you. But I can move my hands and my feet during sleep paralysis. I do meet someone other than myself in that state, but I don't know if it's an "entity" or a figment of my brain. I can touch his skin and hug him. The feeling is the same as reality. At first, I could...
  13. Crystal Lake

    Question #4624: Need help figuring out an Experience that i has a few years back

    The reason you can't move in sleep paralysis is because what you feel in that state is not the physical body. I can control sleep paralysis. I can feel another set of limbs in sleep paralysis, which is definitely different from the physical body. I've talked a lot about sleep paralysis in my...
  14. Crystal Lake

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    I have been active in Chinese translation for almost two years.
  15. Crystal Lake

    Chinese Translation of Mr. HoodedCobra's New Year Message Video

    经过讨论,我修改了这篇翻译中的一些错误并进行了改善。 (After discussion, I have corrected some mistakes in this translation and made improvements.) 撒旦新年快乐:2024 大祭司眼镜蛇 文字记录,4月30日 大家好,这里是撒旦之乐部委的大祭司眼镜蛇。...
  16. Crystal Lake

    Question #4579: Header

    Can't the blue light make you feel Satan's energy? I don't think the color of the Sun represents JoS.
  17. Crystal Lake

    Question #4584: Laziness and Depression

    Don't think of meditation as a daunting task, an annoying assignment. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Meditation is like listening to music, appreciating art, smelling flowers. Relax, feel your heart, and relax your soul as you would your body. No one will be lazy to do something...
  18. Crystal Lake

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    Incredibly, I just tried again to enter a controlled sleep paralysis. I did it, and I heard different music. I hear different melodies, and each one is beautiful, and I can change those melodies. While listening to this music, I knew exactly what I was doing, and my consciousness went into...
  19. Crystal Lake

    Falun Gong and their RHP garbage doctrine & hypocrisy

    Spiritual practitioners who do not conform to Satanic morality? Personally, I think those people don't deserve to live in this world, no matter how much meditation they practice.
  20. Crystal Lake

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    I've always wanted to get to know Baalzebul better, and I've been attracted to him ever since. My father almost never talks to me. Maybe Baalzebul will help me.
  21. Crystal Lake

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    I once heard a song very clearly during a sleep paralysis. At that point, I couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep, and I couldn't tell if the song was real or in my head. It was a psychedelic, magical feeling. In my dreams, I would read a novel and wonder who had written such a good book, only...
  22. Crystal Lake

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    That's just what I need these days. Neptune has had a profound effect on me, and these days I really enjoy using the right side of my brain. I enjoy the pure emotion and intuition, and the experience of half-dreaming and half-waking, which is more enjoyable than thinking with the left brain.
  23. Crystal Lake

    Does Satan want me?

    你没有伤害我。我只是在开集体主义的玩笑,尽管这并不好笑。 “我被抛弃了吗?”这是我五年前的问题。“我是犹太人吗?”这是我六年前的问题。我几年前就解决了这些问题。我现在没有任何心理问题。我只是再次闲聊起这些事情,表达我的感想。 我不喜欢这么严肃的交流,让我感到不知所措。你不用这么礼貌和正式。我给你发邮件了。 You didn't hurt me. I was just joking about collectivism, even if it wasn't funny. "Am I abandoned?" was the problem I had five years ago...
  24. Crystal Lake

    Does Satan want me?

    任何人都清楚你所说的道理,但是情感更细腻的人会懂得我的感受。嗯,你该不会觉得我在跟你争论“众神是否抛弃我们”的愚蠢问题吧?当然了,这里的所有人都知道众神没有抛弃我们的事实。更何况,我从来都没有讨论众神是否抛弃“全人类”的问题,因为这个问题的答案这么明显,根本不需要被讨论。我的问题从来都是众神是否抛弃“我”。我知道赛里斯人很喜欢“集体主义”,但也不必这样。 有时候,我们能强烈地感受到与众神的联系,并从中感受到快乐与温暖。有时候,因为一些原因,我们则感受不到这种联系。几万年的孤独让我们的内心产生了被抛弃的恐惧,我们与众神的联系也被阻断,因此,我想要表达的重点在情感体会上。...
  25. Crystal Lake


    人们的一举一动都是对世界的干涉/改变。你在改变世界的过程中获得力量,再用新获得的力量更进一步地改变世界。 无法改变的人同样也无法坚持,他们基本上就是随波逐流。
  26. Crystal Lake

    Does Satan want me?

    我不知道为什么你用中文回复我,你忘记关闭网页自动翻译了吗?因为在你引用我的回复时,也把我的回复翻译成中文了。 (I don't know why you replied to me in Chinese. Did you forget to turn off the automatic translation of the web page? Because when you quoted my reply, you also translated my reply into Chinese.) 在几万年前,当众神离开这个世界时,“被抛弃”就已经成为一种恐惧。...
  27. Crystal Lake

    I finally heard satan voice in my dream

    Years ago, I was desperate for their care and love. I was afraid that Satan would leave me, abandon me. It was the most painful time of my life, and no one could help me. I didn't ask them for help because all I felt was pain and sadness, I thought I was cut off from them, I didn't feel the love...
  28. Crystal Lake

    My Guardian Daemon?

    A few years ago, I often experienced the same problem you describe. I encountered many unpleasant images and thoughts when I am half asleep. For me, Baalzebul's sigil made me feel an attraction, a feeling of joy. I want to know what exactly is this feeling? Maybe we've already met them in past...
  29. Crystal Lake

    Does Life have to be something meaningful?

    Not everyone's life needs to have meaning. Most people are unworthy of higher values.
  30. Crystal Lake

    I finally heard satan voice in my dream

    For some reason, an image of closeness and friendliness scares me. I'd rather have him be serious and strict with me because it makes me feel safe and calm. It does vary from person to person. I dread to think what would happen if he made a joke on me, I would definitely feel a lot of pressure.
  31. Crystal Lake

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    I just finished translating this ritual. It's tiring. I still have a problem, which is that we don't know how to vibrate these spells accurately. I basically know how to pronounce these spells, but I'm not sure, and I'm afraid I'll mispronounce them.
  32. Crystal Lake

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    I think this service should not only be used by donors, but also be paid for, and users must be tested. I wouldn't use this service because I can find the right person on my own, but I can imagine the situation when this service comes along. Imagine you use this service in a heavily censored...
  33. Crystal Lake

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    I thought it over again, what you are saying is that the enemy has destroyed a lot of families, so we need to form SS families to fix this mistake. I know what it's like to be misunderstood, and it hurts. I apologize if you took my words as an attack.
  34. Crystal Lake

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    Are you using the enemy as a positive example? You give the example of the enemy and then use it to prove your point. Forcing someone to get married and then have a child and then forcing that child to accept your mind sounds horrible.
  35. Crystal Lake

    There is something missing on this forum...

    I don't think valuable spiritual knowledge comes from reading references. In my eyes, reading different books and summarizing their opinions is a very boring thing, which is not called research. Meditation itself is the most meaningful research.
  36. Crystal Lake

    Question #4410: Cant slice my finger.

    1. All you need to do is find a sharp blade and spend half a second. 2. Candles are very common, why not buy a candle? You should at least make an effort to show Satan that you respect him.
  37. Crystal Lake

    Sacfrices: What you do for Satan.

    Dedication is the most important virtue. For me, it's a joy to dedicate my soul to Satan. Think what they think, feel what they feel. When I live and not just live for myself, I feel true joy.
  38. Crystal Lake

    Father Satan

    Relax. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. You need to understand your true feelings and reconcile with yourself.
  39. Crystal Lake

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    I was put on this earth to do these things for the Gods and for the people I love.
  40. Crystal Lake

    The Higher Levels Of Existence: The Importance Of Joy And Hope

    There is no need to be deliberately passionate and loving, nor to seek pleasure or to avoid pain. Just follow your heart and feel your true feelings, this is the feeling of life.
  41. Crystal Lake

    Sunrise & Sunset

    I am very interested in sunrise and sunset. At sunrise, people wake from their sleep; At sunset, people gradually fall asleep. Sunrise and sunset, I think, symbolize a shift in consciousness. I enjoy the moment of active awakening from a lucid dream and the moment of awakening from a deep...
  42. Crystal Lake

    Question #4377: Serious before 30

    I don't deny that there are opportunities for people over 30 to follow this path, but there are too few of them. I guess that most of the members on the forum came here before the age of 30.
  43. Crystal Lake

    Does a man ask the woman out?

    A shy man? If it were me, I wouldn't be interested in shy men. Imagine a man who's afraid to hug you. I'd better leave him.
  44. Crystal Lake

    Question #4369: Meditation conditions

    Put on headphones and listen to music to avoid noise, sit in a corner, and pretend you're sleeping.
  45. Crystal Lake

    Question #4377: Serious before 30

    People in their thirties have long been brainwashed, their minds have been set, and they can't accept new ideas. They preferred to trust the enemy's program and then do the hard work all day to feed their slave families. I don't think thirty year olds take spirituality any more seriously than...
  46. Crystal Lake

    Question #4374: seriously

    Shouldn't you imagine yourself using black magic to kill the woman who ruined your relationship?
  47. Crystal Lake

    Write Down Your Problems

    Even though he wasn't my Guardian Demon, he attracted me. He is my friend's GD, and I hope him can get that ritual he wanted earlier. I also hope that all those who love him and have him as Guardian Demon get his power ritual sooner rather than later. I think this is much more meaningful than...
  48. Crystal Lake

    Write Down Your Problems

    I need Seere's power ritual. (I don't know if this counts as a question, if not, ignore me.)
  49. Crystal Lake

    I'm giving up again and can't get up in time, help me regain the strength to continue training like a superhuman

    You don't have to wake up at the perfect time to start meditating. You can meditate even if you wake up late. When you put a lot of pressure on yourself, you will only find that you are less and less productive. So, you don't need to stress too much.
  50. Crystal Lake

    Question #4316: Should women go to war

    This is too unrealistic. Humans are not rats. Few men and a lot of women, having a lot of children in a short time, how do you raise these children? With so many women and children and so few men, I doubt whether these children will grow up to be normal people. If there is a war, the first...
  51. Crystal Lake

    Stay or leave university - please help!

    You've been in university for four years, and if you quit now, you'll get nothing. You should at least get a degree. If you don't get this degree, then you may not be able to find a job, or find a job that makes you more tired.
  52. Crystal Lake

    Question #4298: How do you break up with someone

    Since you have a deep relationship with him/her, I don't think you should end it suddenly. Because by doing so, he/she may be very emotional and reluctant to break up with you anyway, and may try to get back at you out of anger. The safest way is if you do something that makes him/her feel bad...
  53. Crystal Lake

    Question #4283: Can you not reincarnate if you do not have children?

    Look at it another way, yes. With fewer people having children, there is less chance of reincarnation. So we can say: if there are no newborns in the world, there will be no reincarnation, that is, no reincarnation without children. For individuals, there may well be no such restriction. For...
  54. Crystal Lake

    Question #4269: Can I dedicate my soul to Satan?

    Without dedication, do you want to become ordinary? Do you want to be like those people who do nothing all day and do nothing for themselves? The obvious fact is that dedication exposes you to opportunities for growth that most people don't get in their lifetime, and you become a better person...
  55. Crystal Lake

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    I love growing plants and watching them grow day by day until they bloom. I planted a sunflower on the spring equinox last year, and it blossomed in the summer. Spring is good for planting, maybe I'll plant a flower again.
  56. Crystal Lake

    Forgive or punish?

    Although my opinion may sound silly, I would like to say that I think revenge is a waste of energy. The essence of the question is whether your emotions are worth the amount of energy you expend torturing someone who is no longer useful. In fact, you can restore your mood without expending any...
  57. Crystal Lake

    I remember when I was a child, I also loved myths and Demons. When I was in elementary and...

    I remember when I was a child, I also loved myths and Demons. When I was in elementary and middle school, I would get excited when I saw anime or video games about Satan. Some things are decided before birth, it is our destiny.
  58. Crystal Lake

    You are Satan, or better yet, an extension of Him

    These are simple truths. I don't believe there is any SS here who is really doing nothing and waiting for the Gods to help him. I also don't believe that anyone is really ignorant enough to think that he is not at fault at all and that it is all the enemy's fault. However, I know that there will...
  59. Crystal Lake


    In other words, cleaning may make you cry, but crying doesn't mean you're cleaning.
  60. Crystal Lake


    I don't think crying is cleaning. Many years ago, I was depressed because of the enemy's program, crying every day and in great pain. Until that day, I did the dedication ritual, and the next day, my tears were completely gone. The depression, the sadness, the crying that the enemy had brought...
  61. Crystal Lake

    Question #4234: Christian baptism child

    This world will be Satan's world. Those traitors will be cleaned up by us like garbage. Even if the world is full of enemies, I can not see the enemy as a lover. Personally, I would not be able to form a family with the enemy, much less maintain a relationship with the enemy. If you form a...
  62. Crystal Lake

    Question #4234: Christian baptism child

    There is a thing in this world called divorce. If two people can't get along, leave each other. It's simple. Tell me, how do you meditate and perform rituals with an enemy watching? When living with the enemy, you have no chance to improve yourself at all, or you can only squeeze in a few...
  63. Crystal Lake

    Which language is worth learning?

    Which country's culture interests you most, learn their language, read their books and poems, and feel their beauty. If only efficiency is considered, then a translator is more efficient than any hard work.
  64. Crystal Lake

    NPCs are real, 50-75% of people have no thoughts

    This is real. I saw a video a few years ago that pointed out that a lot of people don't have an inner voice, as evidenced by the number of such people in the comments section of the video. This struck me. There are people out there who don't even have an inner voice.
  65. Crystal Lake

    Violent dreams

    Dreams are influenced by what we do when we are awake. For example, on one day, after I finished Satan's ritual, I dreamed of Satan that night. Apparently, the dream was caused by the ritual of the day. The reason I dream about violence in my dreams is basically because of anger and hatred. I...
  66. Crystal Lake

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    I've done all the rituals on the list. Just now, after completing the rituals on March 15, I completed the rituals on February 29, which I had missed earlier. Now, I can say that I have completed this schedule. I have met all kinds of people in my daily life, most of them disgusting to me, and...
  67. Crystal Lake

    Violent dreams

    I have this kind of dream all the time. Just last night, I dreamt that all sorts of strange things were attacking me, and my family. In this dream, a strange creature tried to kill me, but I was not afraid of it. About violence, I often have dreams about violent themes. I sometimes dream that...
  68. Crystal Lake

    Feeling that meditations are for losers

    Are you saying that the Gods are the biggest losers because they meditate the most? Don't say anything stupid here. Only the laziest and stupidest people enjoy being lazy all the time, and only the most failed losers choose to do nothing and stay in this world while their bodies rot away.
  69. Crystal Lake

    Does Satan want me?

    I have experienced similar problems. There was a time when I was very anxious and scared, and very worried about whether Satan would abandon me. And now, I have freed myself from that irrational emotion. My advice is that you have to forget these thoughts. These horrible thoughts can make you...
  70. Crystal Lake

    Question #4192: Why power meditations though

    The Jews have most of the wealth and power in the world, and they are, as you say, "rich, happy, and never meditating." I know what you're trying to say: "Meditation doesn't work." You clearly have an error of logic. Just because people who don't meditate get rich doesn't mean meditation can't...
  71. Crystal Lake

    Question #4189: Blood donation

    Your blood is more valuable in your body than it is in someone else's body. Why harm your health to save someone you don't even know, especially if they're probably an enemy? I'm not giving my blood to someone I don't know. There is no essential difference between blood and meat. Would you cut...
  72. Crystal Lake

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    Near where I currently live, every morning and evening I can hear the sound of soldiers jogging and shouting slogans over and over again. The enemy's army is exercising every day. It would be humiliating if I couldn't complete these rituals. We are soldiers too, and we must not be inferior to...
  73. Crystal Lake

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    I will complete the rituals from March 1st to March 15th. I hope the Gods will protect me and my loved ones, because I woke up again this morning with a nightmare in which the enemy attacked me and my loved ones, and now I am desperate to seek protection.
  74. Crystal Lake

    How many Chinese are there here?

    你注册至今只发了五个无意义的回复,我不知道你创建这个账号的意义何在。你在年初一注册这个账号,我想你应该很重视这个账号? 我看到过很多新来的中国人,就像你的账号一样。他们注册账号,发几个无意义的回复,然后就离开了,忘记了这个网站。 如果你是一名新成员,你应该认真对待这个网站。如果你是一个渗透者或者看乐子的人,那就趁早离开这里。 (You have only posted five meaningless replies so far, I don't know what the point of you creating this account is. You registered...
  75. Crystal Lake

    Question #4139: About games/tv series etc. ignorant and disrespectful toward the Gods

    This kind of situation is very common in life. Like a rotten apple, there is no need to eat it unless you are very hungry and have no other food. I've been in a similar situation. When I was reading an e-book, I read a few chapters and realized that the author was an idiot, so I immediately...
  76. Crystal Lake

    Using no Shampoo

    My hair is thick and long and difficult to clean without shampoo. If I used eggs to clean my hair, I'd probably need a dozen.
  77. Crystal Lake

    Question #4059: Is it against Spiritual Satanism to hurt insects?

    I'm not sure it's right to kill an insect out of fear, but if you eat the spider after killing it, then I think you should be innocent. Okay, seriously, I'm afraid of insects, too. But I was too scared to even kill an insect. Maybe you can get a cat, or some other animal that eats insects, so...
  78. Crystal Lake

    What is your origin story?

    In my country, it takes luck to find the site, and talent to understand it. We can't use Google search, and every way you can think of to find this website. Some people, even if they find it, are unable to understand it. So, one must have both luck and talent to become a member. Many years ago...
  79. Crystal Lake

    What is your origin story?

    It's all luck.
  80. Crystal Lake

    Satan face palm

    Years ago, I had the same thoughts.
  81. Crystal Lake

    Happy Year of the Dragon (China/Vietnam/Mongolia) & Lord Bifrons in East Asian religion

    In order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary quarrels, my previous reply was not meant to imply that you should replace the word "Dragon", I just mentioned some phenomena on the Chinese Internet.
  82. Crystal Lake

    Happy Year of the Dragon (China/Vietnam/Mongolia) & Lord Bifrons in East Asian religion

    Interestingly, many Chinese media no longer use the word "Dragon" to refer to Chinese dragons. They urged people to start calling it "loong." I think it helps to distinguish the Chinese dragon from the Western dragon. However, it is ridiculous that many Chinese people make up some ridiculous...
  83. Crystal Lake


    I can't live without my phone. I use it to listen to music, take photos, read e-books and so on. When I get lost in another city, I use my phone to check a map or call a driver on my phone app. In my country, almost everyone uses cell phones. People who don't use cell phones can't live here...
  84. Crystal Lake

    Question #3939: Question 2 why do people like murder?

    In my Natal chart, there are about three or four aspects that indicate that I have military talent, athletic talent, etc. But in fact, I don't seem to have those talents. Although I don't have these talents, I think men with these talents are very attractive. Maybe that's one of the reasons I...
  85. Crystal Lake

    Question #3939: Question 2 why do people like murder?

    What about women who like violence? Were they soldiers in a previous life times? I am a woman, but I am interested in movies and games with violent themes. I have many of the same hobbies as men. But I think it's unlikely that I was a soldier in a past life, because women rarely served in the...
  86. Crystal Lake

    Question #3916: I find motherhood offensive

    When I was in middle school, my thoughts about getting married and have children were very similar to yours. I think the point is to become mature and stop being a child. If you are an adult and still feel sick about getting married and have children, in my opinion, I think you need to clean...
  87. Crystal Lake

    Regarding the pain and sufferings of life

    In my personal experience, pain forces people to move forward, while pleasure lures people to stagnation.
  88. Crystal Lake

    Question #3695: Eating goat v eating lamb

    When I was a child, my grandmother raised a dog. I loved the dog very much. But then the dog was poisoned and killed when he was only a few months old. Some of the poisoned dogs are sold in restaurants. Carloads of pets and stray animals are brought into restaurants. Are these people who steal...
  89. Crystal Lake

    Question #3695: Eating goat v eating lamb

    What about cats or dogs? In my country, many pet cats and dogs are stolen and sold to restaurants to be eaten. Is that acceptable? My grandfather had his cat stolen, and he saw the thief take it. The thieves would catch the cats with iron racks, put them in sacks, and transport them to...
  90. Crystal Lake

    About sleep paralysis and lucid dream

    I recently discovered that I was free to move around during "sleep paralysis." (A few years ago, I often experienced sleep paralysis, but each time I struggled to move my limbs and force myself to wake up, it worked for me almost every time.) I've found that in "sleep paralysis," people don't...
  91. Crystal Lake

    Satan in Chinese and Japanese

    “诞”字在中国古代的本义不是“出生”。正如你所说,“诞”字包含着“言”,“诞”的本义与说话相关,它的本义是“说大话”。而“出生”这一意思是后来产生的。 我还发现“圣诞”这个词,比“再诞”听起来更像“撒旦”。 是的,我知道我发了一大堆反对的话。我为我的不礼貌道歉。你们不喜欢我的观点的话,就无视好了,但是别用一些肮脏的词语形容我。 The original meaning of "诞" in ancient China is not "birth". As you said, the word "诞" contains "言", the original meaning of "诞"...
  92. Crystal Lake

    Satan in Chinese and Japanese

    你对“再诞”的偏旁部首的解读是有问题的,在几千年前这两个字的形状与今天完全不同。如下图所示。 再说了,中国人一般不用“再诞”这个词语,我们一般用“复活”或者“重生”。总之我认为你的说法是很牵强的。 此外,古代汉语的发音与现代汉语有很大的不同。你可以在中文网站上搜索相关视频,来了解古代汉语发音。 此外,在中国的不同地区,人们的口音是有很大区别的,甚至可能会出现这样的情况,人们完全无法听得懂彼此的口音。在普通话中“再诞”的发音也许与“撒旦”相似,但是在其他的方言中,这些词语的发音还会相同吗?...
  93. Crystal Lake

    Dreams (Prophecies(?)) of War/Apocalypse/WW3

    I often dream about the end of the world, and these dreams are often very impressive. Once I dreamed that the moon in the sky broke and turned red, that the planets of the solar system were arranged according to a certain pattern, and that the doomsday predictions circulating among people...
  94. Crystal Lake

    China Harasses Filipino Naval Personnel....Again

    Ask white people in America if they like Chinese immigrants, if they like Chinese people living in their country, marrying their women and having generation after generation of mongrels. Ask Japanese, Koreans, Southeast Asians if they like Chinese people living in their country, marrying their...
  95. Crystal Lake

    China Harasses Filipino Naval Personnel....Again

    致路过的人:我只是与他意见不合。我没有背叛任何人(如果我背叛了我的国家和人民,撒旦会惩罚我,其他人无权给我定叛囯罪,诅咒我),我讨厌侮辱,我讨厌诽谤,我讨厌别人传有关我的谣言。因此我在此发誓:我不是广夏描述的那种叛徒,如果我撒谎,我就去死。感谢理解。 (To those reading this: I just disagree with him on some issues, that's all. I have betrayed no one (if I have betrayed my country and people, Satan will punish me and...
  96. Crystal Lake

    China Harasses Filipino Naval Personnel....Again

    You see, I just casually sent a few words of my own ideas, you can send a long text to scold me. This proves that the contradictions between people are incongruous. Different people are like two parallel lines that don't understand each other. Well, this again confirms what I thought: people who...
  97. Crystal Lake

    China Harasses Filipino Naval Personnel....Again

    I'm actually good friends with Stanblank, and I can't tell you much more about him. If you trust him, you have no reason not to trust me. Maybe I can't get you to trust me. It doesn't matter. I don't really care if people believe me. I rarely post on forums because I don't like socializing with...
  98. Crystal Lake

    China Harasses Filipino Naval Personnel....Again

    What do you mean by that? You said that STblank is the only SS in China as far as you know. But I sent you emails before, and you know that I am also a Chinese SS. :oops: Yes, I have argued with you, and you have said unkind things about me on the forum. It really makes me uncomfortable. It...
  99. Crystal Lake

    Forgiveness from the Gods

    For me, if someone insults my name and then does nothing, then I will not forgive him. If you want to earn someone's forgiveness, I suggest you do something meaningful instead of feeling regret. Meditate constantly, do power rituals. If you can apologize seriously and take actions to prove your...
  100. Crystal Lake

    Dreaming about a symbol?

    首先我看不见你发的图片。其次你的句子有问题。你应该问:为啥我梦见了这个符号?(Why did I dream about this sign? )或者:你们怎么看待这个符号?(What do you think of this sign? )而不是:你们为啥梦见这个符号?(why do you dream of this sign)😓 (Firstly, I can't see the pictures you sent, and secondly, You should ask: Why did I dream about this sign? Or what do you...
  101. Crystal Lake

    The feeling of energy meditation?

    为什么不使用论坛的搜索功能?我发过类似的贴子。我有时候在脊椎上感到冰冷的流动感。 (Why not just search for similar topics? I sometimes feel a cold, flowing sensation in my spine.)
  102. Crystal Lake


    By the way, don't post in Chinese on the forum. Because there are very few Chinese members on the forum. If you want to be answered by other members, post in English next time. 另外,请别用中文在论坛发帖。因为很少有赛里斯成员会回复你。如果你想要被其他成员回复,请你用英文。
  103. Crystal Lake


    YOU KNOW WHAT? There are only 2 people in Chinese translation team. And you, sending post like "Can we develop jos in China", while do nothing. LOL. 你知道吗?现在只有2个人在中文翻译团队。而你,在这里发“能在中国发展下去吗”,发完之后啥也不做。真是搞笑。
  104. Crystal Lake

    Question #617: 上帝是否存在 [does god exist]

    The Chinese word 上帝 is often used by Christians to call their yahweh. So I think this one is a christian.
  105. Crystal Lake

    Question #617: 上帝是否存在 [does god exist]

    I really don't understand why these newbies would rather ask their weird questions in Chinese on the forum than send emails to other Chinese SS. Obviously these newbies don't know how to use English, it is difficult for them to post on the forum. These newbies sent posts like "how can we...
  106. Crystal Lake

    What is the one thing that you like the most about satan?

    Every time I think of Satan, I feel happy from the bottom of my heart. There is an unquestion love. I don't need any reason to fight for him. He is always the most important one for me, and this will never change.
  107. Crystal Lake

    How many Chinese are there here?

    I am Chinese too. Please send me emails, I want to contact other SS in China. Here is my email: [email protected]
  108. Crystal Lake

    Andromeda Device(Nazi German technology? )

    I found this thing here, don't know if it's real. The cigar shaped UFO is actually a Third Reich spaceship? https://ufo.fandom.com/wiki/Andromeda_Device
  109. Crystal Lake

    The Four Paths To Spiritual Satanism

    I don't care about distress or power or spiritual. I came here just because of Satan. When I was a teen, I spent all day long thinking about who is my creator and how much I desire to know him. Although I live in a atheistic country and my family are atheists, I am naturally drawn to this path...
  110. Crystal Lake

    Can I use perfume instead of incense when summon Demons?

    I've tried using incense before. When the incense burns, it gives off smoke and makes me feel uncomfortable. Can I use incense that doesn't need to burn or use perfume? I want to summon a demon in a few weeks, because I need some help to reconcile with a ss friend. I have always been bad at...
  111. Crystal Lake

    Does Satan's energy feels like ice?

    Greetings, brothers and sisters, I have an question. I can feel energy flows through my spine and head when I focus on myself. It feels like hot water running through a pipe, when it hits the bottom, it has a tingling sensation spreading through the thighs, when it hits the top of my head, I...
  112. Crystal Lake

    Spiritual Attacks From The Enemy - Defend Yourself With The Satanic Mind!

    It suddenly dawned on me. To me, the most important thing is the connection with Satan. The first few months I was here, I felt happiness and positive energy every time I looked at Satan's sigil and pictures. Later, I suddenly lost this positive feeling and felt bad in my body. Months later, I...
  113. Crystal Lake

    Bipolar disorder... Suggest a working.

    Once, a SS friend of mine said to me: Let's go find those depressed people. They will consider joining Satanism when their backs are against the wall. :D :) For the girl you're talking about, I suggest her perform the dedication ritual. It is a good chance for her to join our cause. The day...
  114. Crystal Lake

    Chinese Translation Thread

    Are you Chinese?
  115. Crystal Lake

    Q. From the perspective of Satanism, is it wrong for a gay/lesbian couple to start a family?

    Why not? Better to have parents than to be in an orphanage or homeless.
  116. Crystal Lake

    Do you worship Satan the way He expects?

    I see a lot of replies on this thread are about love and loyalty and stuffs like that. This is completely stray from the point. Some people equate doubting with disloyalty. That's totally wrong. Doubt is loyalty to truth. Blind faith is disloyalty to truth. Because doubt exposes lies and...
  117. Crystal Lake

    Chinese Translation Thread

    Im interested in you.Im Chinese and i have been a satanist for 5 years.Ive sent you a email to your Protonmail,please reply.
  118. Crystal Lake

    Chinese Injecting Their Kids With Chicken Blood

    Im Chinese. You misunderstand them."injecting chicken blood" means parents try to make their children study hard. its a proverb in chinese. LOL chinese wont inject real chicken blood to their children.
  119. Crystal Lake

    my boyfriend is xian

    Thank you for reminding me of this. i wont let the enemy influence me. I believe that One of the reasons of advancing yourself is to help and protect those who you love. Its not a trouble i think. Im interested in how to control other peoples minds. I can practise this on him as well. He is a...
  120. Crystal Lake

    my boyfriend is xian

    Thank you for reminding me of this. i wont let the enemy influence me. I believe that One of the reasons of advancing yourself is to help and protect those who you love. Its not a trouble i think. Im interested in how to control other peoples minds. I can practise this on him as well. He is a...
  121. Crystal Lake

    my boyfriend is xian

    I found my love is a xian today. Ironically, in my old posts i wrote that I hate every xian and I will never make friends with any xian. Now i found the person i love is a xian. I was trying to tell others not to fall love with xians. Now this annoying trouble has happened on me. So ironic...
  122. Crystal Lake

    i hate communism

    I live in a communism country and I'm at college. Recently I'm asked to write an application to join the communist youth league. I'm asked to write down some disgusting words about how much I "love" the party. I probably will be asked to give a talk before all those disgusting communists as...
  123. Crystal Lake

    How do you kill a psychic vampire?

    Calm down. You shouldn't cry or feel sad for the forums or others comments which are unfriendly to you. Sometimes I felt sad and sighed because the forums and people here are quite different from when I was new to here. When I was new to this forum years ago I was helped when I was desperate...
  124. Crystal Lake

    How do you kill a psychic vampire?

    I don't want to get jos shut down. I'm not a 'fedposter'. You can still believe that I'm lying or I have some bad thoughts. I just want to mention you that don't live in your own delusions. Believe it or not. Ask Satan whether I'm loyal to him or not. If I'm not loyal any more, kill me please...
  125. Crystal Lake

    Black magic and cursing ideas? Please reply!

    I'm not one of the types of people you mentioned. You know nothing about me. I devote my life to Satan. I live for Satan and I'm willing to die for Satan at anytime. You think I'm drawn to Satanism just because it reverse xianity?! Huh. Disgusting. Keep believe in your own delusions. Moral...
  126. Crystal Lake


    There are people who betray their Creator and turn to xianity just because they want some friends. Friends are much more important than Satan's cause, of course. We love socializing with dear xians.:lol: Yeah there is nothing wrong make friends with your enemy. We can pretend to know nothing...
  127. Crystal Lake

    Black magic and cursing ideas? Please reply!

    We shouldn't start fight back after our loved ones are killed. It is stupid. We should kill those who pose threats to our loved ones before they harm them. If you do nothing and let them kill your family and harm you, even if you fight back later, you are a Loser who can't even protect your own...
  128. Crystal Lake


    I always feel bad after talking or walking with some people around me because I always pretend to be ignorant and foolish to chat with them and make so–called friends with them. I have to ignore a lot of people I meet everyday. I can't deal with each one of them and make them 'disappear'...
  129. Crystal Lake

    How can I sign a secret agreement with Satan?

    wow I'm in China too :D hello brother
  130. Crystal Lake


    Why did you need courage to read jos? :lol: Maybe we should change the colors of these websites. I'm not saying that the colors are bad but it looks creepy for newbies. btw I always find Satanism cool and attractive before I know jos. Your dream is not creepy. If they suddenly stand up and...
  131. Crystal Lake


    What they have done can not be ignored. They will pay for what they have done someday.
  132. Crystal Lake


    I never blame people for their ignorance or foolishness. We are all ignorant and foolish comparing with more intelligent beings for example the gods. The important thing is that they are disrespectful to our gods and don't care about improving themselves. An adult needs to be responsible for...
  133. Crystal Lake

    Help! Parents vaccination

    Calm down. You need to overcome your fears no matter what happens. You can help your mother by cleaning her aura or some other things but the most important thing is that she should help herself first. Well even the gods can't help those who don't help themselves. It seems that your mother...
  134. Crystal Lake

    How do you kill a psychic vampire?

    Did you watch the movie Final Destination? There are many funny and mysterious ways of death. Maybe you can find inspirations in these movies. I always want to be a witch and turn those movie plots into reality. :lol: I want to be that spirit *reaper who chases those victims to death since those...
  135. Crystal Lake


    How can you tolerate staying with xians? I can't get along with anyone who curse Satan and worship the enemy. Why you must stay with the enemy and smell the disgusting toxic gas around them? I feel extreme uncomfortable when I get close to them. They hate and curse our beloved gods every day...
  136. Crystal Lake


    I don't think that the miserable brainwashed xians have any spiritual power to curse you. :lol: They can only be cursed by an angry Satanist. Well I use the toilets and see something disgusting everyday as well. Just ignore them and wash them away. :lol: You have to use the toilets and see...
  137. Crystal Lake


    Making friends with xians? Maybe next time we should make friends with reptilians as well. :lol: Why make friends with ur enemy?? Or do u think that xians are not our enemy? Don't u feel disgusting when u see them? I would rather die than making friends with those scums.😃 If you want a ss...
  138. Crystal Lake

    I hate being a women.

    I'm female too and I once thought the same thing. Most things can't be solved by fist fights in 21th century. You don't have to have a stronger body than men to protect yourself. There are many other ways. There are many people who are brainwashed by the enemy discriminate and hate women in...
  139. Crystal Lake

    How do you kill a psychic vampire?

    If I were you, someone annoyed me, stop me from advancing and threatened to kill me I will show them what's a Satan's warrior's anger looks like no matter they are psychic vampires or not. Or I should tolerate the attacks and beg them for peace because Ohhhh the laws made by jews told me I...
  140. Crystal Lake

    How do you kill a psychic vampire?

    If anyone who is not of Satan annoyed you, make them disapper but not use physical methods. It is funny that some others said that you can not kill people because it is illegal. I remember there are many posts about revenge and black magic which are also relevant to kill someone but you didn't...
  141. Crystal Lake

    I need help with guard demons please help me , i'm really obsessed and worried :((

    Why are you so eager to find your GD? I've dedicated for years and still don't know whether I have GD(s) or who he is. It doesn't matter if you don't know who is your GD. I simply don't want to bother demons for my own things. I'm not curious about who he is. :) I also like AC games. :D :D I...
  142. Crystal Lake

    Something curious abouth my dedicate ritual to Satan

    That is fascinating! :D
  143. Crystal Lake

    A Dream about "Ants" in my brain

    Thanks for sharing. I also had dreams about Satan. I dreamt that Father Satan and my GD protected me when there are enemies attacked me. It was beautiful and give me hope. Dreams are always interesting parts of life. :D
  144. Crystal Lake


    If you haven't done the dedication ritual yet, I suggest you to use a black candle(you can buy it on the Internet), because you may feel a little regret for not made a perfect ritual for Father Satan just like me :) (I used a blue one) If you have done the dedication with white candle, that's...
  145. Crystal Lake

    is it possible to create a replicator or make an entire planet or star with magick?

    I don't know if there is any other way to destroy the enemy. :lol: The war is endless.
  146. Crystal Lake

    is it possible to create a replicator or make an entire planet or star with magick?

    I thought there are some kind of planetary weapons that specialized in destroying planet, but it is said that Phaeton was hit by spacecrafts. :lol: If you don't destroy the enemy, there will be more bigger problems. It is possible for the gods to create a planet. But just with magick? Is it...
  147. Crystal Lake

    Best Tips on dealing with idiots.

    Why not? Is it because they love you so you have to love them too? I love Satan but he don't care and hurt me so why I can't do such things on the others? :lol:
  148. Crystal Lake

    is it possible to create a replicator or make an entire planet or star with magick?

    If destroy a planet can benefit us, why not?
  149. Crystal Lake

    Love of Satan.

    I'm not Hitler. I won't be someone like Hitler. I only want to be myself, without being influenced or changed by others. I have my own ideas and personality, why must I change myself into someone I dislike? I don't want to befriend with someone I hate. I will never be honest to those who hate...
  150. Crystal Lake

    Venom's music

    How about slam metal? I love slam and thrash. For black metal I prefer Dark Funeral 'The Arrival of Satan's Empire' :D
  151. Crystal Lake

    is it possible to create a replicator or make an entire planet or star with magick?

    If one is able to create stars and planets, he can also destroy stars and planets easily, whereas even the gods don't have efficient ways to destroy a planet. Planets or stars have billion years old while the gods we know...It is impossible for us.
  152. Crystal Lake

    Love of Satan.

    I don't care about those who are without nor I need their care. I always want them die one by one for their disrespect to our Gods. Mercy or love is not for those who don't deserve it. So I try to be useful for Satan, to not be left alone and die in vain. Sometimes my feelings are out of...
  153. Crystal Lake

    I want a real contract with real Satan

    Even such a fool has so many people's attention. I don't know why. Why you would rather waste your time on this.
  154. Crystal Lake

    Love of Satan.

    I have these feelings too until my throat wre blocked by something. Sad things happened. If I don't deserve to live with Satan forever, let me die for Satan forever then. I ask for nothing but a chance to fight until the day I die, to erase the pain in my heart for so long. Satan the only one I...
  155. Crystal Lake

    question about relationship with Satan.

    What makes you think that Satan don't accept adults? I wonder. Of course you can have a relationship with Satan, no matter how old you are. I am about eighteen. Are you just said I'm too old? 😳 Don't be nervous. I'm sure people can understand you whether you use translators or not.
  156. Crystal Lake

    Galactic Federation. You think is real??

    Many things they told is the same with JoS. And they are detailed, which makes me uneasy. They have websites too. The disgusting GF. I also watched some videos about David Icke and David Wilcock. Are they our enemy?
  157. Crystal Lake

    [REAL OR FAKE?] A National socialist Party recently created in China?

    Details: Who told you that Chinese national bird is gyrfalcon?? China don't have national bird. If you must choose one, It is most likely red-crowned crane or golden pheasant. Few Chinese know what the gyrfalcon is. No one will choose gyrfalon as national bird. If you look the walls more...
  158. Crystal Lake

    [REAL OR FAKE?] A National socialist Party recently created in China?

    The (gaming) laptop: The (gaming) mouse: No thanks! It is easy to know the man in the picture is a gamer.🙃 And he put the Gaming Laptop and The Shinning Mouse on his "office desk". Do you still believe it is real? LOL
  159. Crystal Lake

    [REAL OR FAKE?] A National socialist Party recently created in China?

    LMAO Look at his laptop and that shinning mouse. I guess he just played video games all day long. MAYBE PARADOX GAMES? XD Oh My. I can't stop laughing when I saw his plans about spacecrafts and interstellar empire. Are he a stellaris gamer?! I am SURE. I live in China. I can read these Chinese...
  160. Crystal Lake

    I want to live forever, physically too

    Those who are forced to join the war and pushed by fear don't deserve to be called warriors. True warriors are those who are brave and selfless, fighting for honor and their people behind them. Taking fear as a motivator. How miserable. I once read some files about aliens on the Internet...
  161. Crystal Lake

    Galactic Federation. You think is real??

    In some of the files about this so-called GF I read on the Internet stated that the Empire of Orion consists of reptilians or other alien filth that are hostile to humanity. Interesting thing it is.
  162. Crystal Lake

    Why are Cats holy ?

    Well there is a saying goes that dogs become noble when they have noble masters in the country I live. So do cats I think.
  163. Crystal Lake

    Psyhic attack and seeing enemies when I close my eyes

    Once I had a dream. One of my dreams about enemy attack is that many people were screaming and fleeing while surely I'm not one of them, I stand up and fight bravely. However the enemy cast me something and made me feel love for it. So I hugged him while so many people are killed and dying. So...
  164. Crystal Lake

    Other types of witchcraft

    Where did they learn those? I don't think an average person will grasp such power without advanced beings like aliens help. If they are not from our gods they are from the enemy. If they are using real magicks they must have their protections either. Is it ok for a satanist to learn these...
  165. Crystal Lake

    I want to live forever, physically too

    No surprise. Some geniuses I met even stated that immortality is a curse and death is a gift. Don't listen to them. Are you fearing death? It is not something that a warrior in the battlefield will do. Only those who devote their life selflessly will earn the chance to live on, that is what I...
  166. Crystal Lake

    help me, please.

    Take it easy. I don't think that the gods will be angry with you for such a minor matter. There is nothing wrong for feeling attraction for the white race as long as you don't have any further behaviors. Do void meditations and grasp your mind so you won't have such problems.
  167. Crystal Lake

    Something about my friend

    Thank you for the advice but I'm not gonna flee. If a cozy environment is what I want, why live on and fight in this battlefield? I will watch the day the communism and all who stand up for it die out or the day I die.
  168. Crystal Lake

    Something about my friend

    To make it clear, I live in communism China. None of these ideas is feasible. Activist organizations do not exist in China. Any technology you create will only become another tool or weapon of communism. I am at college and trying to be a teacher in the future. Education is also known as...
  169. Crystal Lake

    Something about my friend

    I don't know what your intention is. If you think that I am some kind of fedposter, I can simply tell you that you are wrong. As for that post, apparently someone like me is not interested in those things.
  170. Crystal Lake

    Something about my friend

    He once worried that if Satan left him, shedding tears and suffered a lot. At first he feels sorrow and hopless for his remaining life, an anbandoned soul which is doomed to dissipated and can never have a second chance to live. Afterwards he only feels the loss of love insead of the desire for...
  171. Crystal Lake

    Question Regarding Grays on the Moon & Reincarnation

    I heard that souls will go to the mood after death. It is said that the moon stores human souls. It is ridiculous that the greys checked on her to make sure she was okay. It sounds like she is a privileged shapeshifted reptile. Who else will be treated like this? She implied that she was guided...
  172. Crystal Lake

    Video games

    If you like the feeling of fighting against aliens in video games I will recommand you Stellaris, Age of Wonders: Planetfall and XCOM2. I think these are all good games. You won't regret for spending spare time on them.:)...
  173. Crystal Lake


    Someone I would like to devote my life and die for him. You know who he is. Sometimes I think Satan wants to see me suffered by the enemy or killed by the enemy. Sometimes I think that he wants to abandon me to the enemy and see how miserable I will be. I know this is horribly incorrect, but I...
  174. Crystal Lake

    Weird dreams

    I took a nap this afternoon and had some strange experiences which I want to share. I woke up somehow but can't move my body while I heard a song played in my mind. The music was so clear, it sounds exactly the same with a real song. I managed to open my eyes and see if my phone played the...
  175. Crystal Lake


    Soldiers only need to obey and carry out orders during wartime, instead of seeking knowledge or asking questions. Studying knowledge will just distract ur attention from fighting the enemy. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to find true answers in this world full of lies and misinformation. I...
  176. Crystal Lake


    Sometimes I doubt that Satanism is not trustworthy and it has hidden intentions. Maybe it is just my delusion. If I didn't mistake your words, you said that Satan told 'different things' to you to keep you stay in Satanism. Whereas, I won't mind if Satan thinks its better for him. What my...
  177. Crystal Lake


    I read a sermon tells that Satan does not accept those who are dishonest with him. I wonder why. There may be people who are dishonest but useful for Satan's cause. Why not making use of them? Why honesty matters? If you are honest in this world, you will surely be betrayed and tortured by those...
  178. Crystal Lake

    Trust in the Gods

    I have a tendency to believe in unsure things, especially bad ones. I always make assumptions and believe that Satan or Gods have left me and want to watch me die miserably. It is weird but I really don't want to believe that there is kindness or goodwill exists in this world. I hesitated...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan