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  1. Apollo13

    Are You Blessed?

    Thank you High Priest Kobra What you say us realy true and divine. I rem back in 2021 i had a feeling that showed me how far i have come and growed, compared to what i was 4 years earlier e.g foolishness, family issues, ignorance and many else. Even right now as i speak i still continue to...
  2. Apollo13

    How does immortality work?

    No They will reincarnate on a body that is the same caliber as them,for it is natural. Also the gods do posses more than one body if i recall Alsl no one can reincarnate on a dead body its is unnatural.... Its like putting a powerful vehicle engine in a wrecked car
  3. Apollo13

    How to Need Less Sleep

    If i recall Blitzkrieg mentioned about doing a mars square working on increased energy He said there was a time he only slept for 4 hours I best bet is to ask him on that
  4. Apollo13

    Becoming High Priest

    Its a hard task.... H.P Kobra wrote about it Read this https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=2365&p=13925&hilit=Priesthood#p13925
  5. Apollo13

    Hitler and history

    Go and watch a full dwtailed documentary about Europa the Last battle and The Greatest Trith Never Told Though it has some mistakes and disinformation, just watch it with a Satanic eye
  6. Apollo13

    Effects of race mixing

    Not my idea Read the Jos properly
  7. Apollo13

    Video Games and Their Devs

    I understand you But LOOK from my perspective Internet wasn't as profound back in my child days, neighborhood was strict and were heavy xtians There weren't any info to look about our gods and speaking about them was dealt with HEAVY PUNISHMENT Thats where i stumbled upon the GOW games and as i...
  8. Apollo13

    Stepping down

    I believe he was joking by saying "kids" Anyway goodluck Jrvan
  9. Apollo13

    Effects of race mixing

    Not only does it affect the true ancestry and race of the child, it also affects the soul This is why you never see a lion and a tiger mix If they mix, the offsprings tend to become the lesser version of their parents e.g a mule or a liger
  10. Apollo13

    Useless Junk: How to Have a More Spiritual Material Life

    Yes i do know men can be heavy spenders, given on how many rich men like to flex off their properties My point was to be sarcastic
  11. Apollo13

    Useless Junk: How to Have a More Spiritual Material Life

    No need to course any commotion, i just thought it would be funny My sincere apologies
  12. Apollo13

    Question #1670: Can I start magnum opus when I am 24 years old?I'm afraid I'm not sexually mature yet

    When the right time comes, you, yourself will know it Your GD will also guide you
  13. Apollo13

    Question #1644: To HP Hoodedcobra666

    He literally say he is known to all parts of the universe Given the expanding nature of the universe, it is safe to say that he is a powerful being He also says that no god has the right to interfere with his affairs Just take a moment and reflect on that
  14. Apollo13

    Question #1655: It's not funny, I can't absorb energy at all

    Do foundation meditation Do hatha yoga and kundalini yoga Do alternate nose breathing Do them during the day, at night times one usually becomes tired and lazy
  15. Apollo13

    Question #1647: I've been doing kundalini yoga for a week and don't feel anything

    You have only done it for a WEEK H.P Maxine said that it takes up to a month or more to get some results It took me 2 to 3 months to get the effect i wanted Do not speedrun this course, otherwise you will be disappointed Plus do it Rapidly as the others have said
  16. Apollo13

    Question #1664: I've got a boyfriend with her eyes out

    Try to work things out with him Have a talk If he doesn't oblige, am sorry but you have to let him go There are many monogamous males out there, do not stress yourself with this one
  17. Apollo13

    "Terrifying Buddhist monsters" - Slander Against Our Demons

    Communusm is a brother to xtianity and pisslam Buddhism is there nephew My point is they are all related
  18. Apollo13

    Native leader exposes Vatican's ploy to destroy Whites and Natives

    My my.... No race is at peace... We are all targeted
  19. Apollo13

    Woman married AI bot

    Our efforts and time will fix this foolishness
  20. Apollo13

    Thinking of sex

    Learn to balance
  21. Apollo13

    Question #1603: Trying to start over, Will the gods give me another chance?

    When we fall, we need to get right back up The gods do give second chances, but they do not condone stupidities and laziness Take this as a test The want to see if you can succeed despite the impossible odds Hero's arent born, they are made
  22. Apollo13

    Question #1627: The Warrior?

    Do NOT undervalue yourself simply because you are a woman.... I understand ur reasoning But there are great women and goddesses who can do some powerful moves that even men can't I love Marchosias, she was one of my first GD, she has a profound way of fighting/arguing skills that i still...
  23. Apollo13

    Video Games and Their Devs

    Think the way you pleas But remember each on of use was brought in a different place, time and period What i love is not what you love and vice versa Yes it has faults, but this arguments stems into "video game causes violence" H.P Kobra once said that one should not deny him/herself the...
  24. Apollo13

    About time dedication

    You should STOP asking questions and take the first step yourself If you continue being babysitted you will go NO WHERE Each and everyone here has his/her own experience, hence our uniqueness and individualism, comparing it to another is futile I gave you a program..... FOLLOW IT Update me...
  25. Apollo13

    Spirit sex

    Vibrate Vinasa Affirm "you are no more" Burn the spirit with blue fire and imagine it dissipate Clean and protect yourself Also ask ur GD for guidance
  26. Apollo13

    this may sound stupid question but really why!

    It is like trying to grow a flower on a battlefield or adding a jet engine onto an old rusty car We need to fix ourselves first, correct the natural order of life and be better Plus the gods arent our servants, we can do it ourselves
  27. Apollo13

    Question #1593: Void Meditation Time

    It is great, but do not overdo it U will get burnt out, thus being lazy This is also applied to other meditations
  28. Apollo13

    Question #1545: Gentiles' protection

    The are PAWNS thus no protection whatsoever Many people from this religions die in an unnatural way due to alot of curses accumulating in their soul Only the jews benefit from this since they control both xtianity and pisslam and thats why we do the RTRs
  29. Apollo13

    Question #1573: Why the racial tolerance?

    Do NOT compare an apple with an orange Each is special on its own
  30. Apollo13

    Forming an Unofficial JoS Social Media Team

    I am NOT a pessimist I am telling you from what I have observed Be careful
  31. Apollo13

    Seagulls attack jew (Earthly beings attack foreign alien)

    The seaguls are a neo nazi, antisemite beings that want to holocaust all the jews becuz muh Hitler or something Anyway funny post
  32. Apollo13

    slow crossing the bridge

    Beautiful post Shows the beauty of nature Your grandpa was a great man, a man like him can inspire many people to be better, he is better than the obese trans woman who can no longer walk and require a scooter for basic movement Also Father Satan is 1.7 million years, given the meditation we...
  33. Apollo13

    About sigils

    Read all the sigils that relate to your question brother In that way you will learn more than simply people telling you what at to do
  34. Apollo13

    Video Games and Their Devs

    NO The game greatly influenced people to get hooked into the greek mythologies and thus grow interested, myself being one of them (after playing 2 and 3), yes the way they depicted the Gods wasn't great but it got many gamers hooked towards the Gods. I prefer this than not knowing anything at...
  35. Apollo13

    Video Games and Their Devs

    Yes Gaming is good but overdoing it is terrible Now many jews have corrupted the gaming market and corrupted it e.g realising games every year for quick cash grab, mirco transactionz,reaslising a broken game (for sales first) and then fix them later, adding crunch time on the developers and many...
  36. Apollo13

    Forming an Unofficial JoS Social Media Team

    Your ideas are great, but you can be banned or maybe your group wouldn't flourish at all. Plus it may pose as a danger coz you will be attracting enemies to yourself, who can track you down and cause some severe problems Ive seen the Joy of Satan social media groups starting of well only to...
  37. Apollo13

    Just keep up with the meditations!

    Be disciplined An infant doesn't run immediately after birth Remember that
  38. Apollo13

    This is BAD

    Do you see yourself perfect for her Do you surpass her bf/ex Remember the decision is her's to make If she doesn't want to be with you the MOVE ON Their plenty of women everywhere To help on your situation, surpass her ex/bf Plus also magic Best day to start is on Friday during the venus hour
  39. Apollo13

    About my spiritual life

    I remember telling you what to do What is this am reading
  40. Apollo13

    Building Castles in the Air

    This is what I was taking about You haven't understood what I said
  41. Apollo13

    Loved ones unity

    NO Your soul will dissipate, wither and You Will DIE The soul requires the body for survival and vice versa, just like how the mind and heart depend on each other They CANNOT be SEPARATED That is why we reincarnate Also H.P Maxine said that spirit/astral life is boring, so you wouldn't want...
  42. Apollo13

    Question #1521: What color am I?

    You're e and alien or a mutant Stop over thinking
  43. Apollo13


    Then stop being that word you say and start working on yourself Be disciplined Be deviant And remain vigilant This path is not easy yes, but it what makes us strong, it is what makes use different, unique and better from the rest, it is what turn men into Gods Be a better example I was in...
  44. Apollo13

    Building Castles in the Air

    Stop that mentality The Gods regards you the way you are, if you were useless you wouldn't be here Stop this thinking, improve youself, pleas the Gods and fight the enemy If your doing that then you aren't useless Also provide help here in the Satanic Community
  45. Apollo13

    Pain management

    It is usually adviced to perform healing mg meditations while still taking medications as stated by H.P Maxine Dietrich My advice for you is to start healing yourself which can be on Friday or Sunday, then you seek out medical attention at the hospital to aid your pain relief Also do yoga
  46. Apollo13

    Question #1479: Lol I dont beleive god

    Ask him to proof to you he is real Ask in a humble way You wont be disappointed
  47. Apollo13

    Question #751: very detailed question

    It was impossible back then As he was dealing with war and many deaths Now after witnessing your own people getting killed will you focus more about yourself or more about the safety of your own people To add salt into injury, communism was invading, many assassination attempts, alot of...
  48. Apollo13

    Question #1487: High priests

    Long ago.. The JoS had many priest Like i think 8 or 10 Some left due to personal reasons and others due to betrayal Only H.P Kobra and H.P Maxine managed to survive, push and persevere and should be thanked and congratulated for it Their work is not easy Imagine dealing with traitors...
  49. Apollo13

    Question #1496: How Do I change my fate and keep my life under my control

    Fix yourself using 40 days working and satamic squares Fixate on those workings to benefit yourself Meditate... Clean yourself, protect and empower yourself Very soon your chart will change Lastly ask father Satan or your GD for guidance
  50. Apollo13

    Question #1535: Magical Suicide

    This is not something to be toyed with
  51. Apollo13

    Question #1524: This quote

    Stop imagining being superman and try to be superman yourself Stop admiring beautiful women and handsome men and try to make yourself to be like them or even be more Stop fantasizing about being rich and try to earn your richness yourself
  52. Apollo13

    Question #1497: Jewish magic disguised as gentile? Or is it just delirium

    Do not use it Most information are corrupted by the enemy It will either not work or cause you harm Use the JoS meditations and magic practices as they are from the Gods themselves
  53. Apollo13

    Question #1513: maybe it's my intuition or I'm crazy

    That is known as overthinking Now if it happens again, try to narrow all the choices and categorize into positive and negagive... But still this is overthinking and probably your in a hurry My advice is to follow what your mind and heart says (meditation will help your intuition grow) Choose...
  54. Apollo13

    Question #1529: this is a silly question, I think.

    Naaah Instead you can write or think by saying "Thank you father Satan for being with me" Something like that Or you can wait for December 23rd to bake a cake and write "Dedicated to Lord Satan"
  55. Apollo13

    Question #1534: Greying prematurely?

    Caused through astrology patterns and genetics This is truly deep i do not have any experience about it but my advice is to perfom yoga I once read H.P Kobra's post about yoga and He said that older women in their 60's who perform yoga are still youthful and beautiful than most of women in...
  56. Apollo13

    astral temple

    Visualize blue fire Vibrate Vinasa Affirm they are no more Plus your imagination will truly help
  57. Apollo13

    Question #1505: A Few Questions on Racial Mixing

    It will be hard for a mixed person to advance since the soul is mixed and confused The soul needs correction and it is only possible through meditations and the individual's decision Meaning that if the mixed person chooses to be with a particular race, the mixed person must stick with the...
  58. Apollo13

    Question #1519: Tendency to eat a lot, negative karma from Jupiter?

    I do not know about astrology but my advice is to work out There you will benefit and grow instead of being fat Plus eating more coupled together with working out will bring desirable results
  59. Apollo13

    Question #1528: tell people that we are Satanists.

    With time you will know Let her be interested in it, not you pushing the subject to her Plus do not reveal your identity to her first. You can introduce her with meditations first and some Mythologies about the gods, that will get her hooked up But if she shows no interest better to leave it...
  60. Apollo13

    Question #1526: I'm in highschool. this year I finish my studies

    This is just high school drama Once your done you will NEVER see her again But what you can do right now is confront her and tell her to stop it, if she's a bitch leave her and focus on yourself.... Stay away from the rumors and focus on something else, it will eventually subside Plus try to...
  61. Apollo13

    Question #1522: What if we meditated outside the world?

    Have a jet and call me so we can travel the universe Jokes aside, what you are referring is the astral world And NO, you cannot meditate at Space
  62. Apollo13

    Question #1532: How to punish stealer?

    Visualize the stolen object negatively affecting the one who stole it E.g Apply negative energy on the stolen object and imagine the robber being affected by it This is advanced But from what i have read, you need to value your objects, and not to give it out to everyone Your not Jesus Christ...
  63. Apollo13

    Aura of Protection to protect against Negative Planetary/Solar transits!

    Thanks for the info But it's not a must to be thaaaat specific Just by basic programing your aura for protection and empowering it will shield you from all negativity that can try to harm you Example "My aura is shielding me from any and all spiritual drosses and negativty that comes in my...
  64. Apollo13

    Very annoying

    Read this.... https://www.joyofsatan.org/hailtosatansvictory666.angelfire.com/Repeating_Magick.html
  65. Apollo13

    Love Myself

    From experience here🤝 In may case for the trauma, clean yourself.... Yes i know it sounds basic but in truth, this practice is extremely powerful and also has brought me alot of peace in my life and trust you me, ive had the worst experience in my younger days Ask Satan for guidance as He...
  66. Apollo13

    can i define myself as a white

    Maybe you are an alien Your white, stop over thinking
  67. Apollo13

    A lesson from the Gods part 2

    Thank you Sapphiredragon for the info Like a parent teaching the kid the value of growing and maturity. Thats the beauty of JoS, making us better, one has to look at his/her past self to note that. To change us To module us To perfect t us To make us be like the Gods Man is God in making, man...
  68. Apollo13

    Frank Zappa on Evangelicals and Censorship

    I think the xtards are just scared because of tge "end times"... They think the end times is near and thus they have to scream louder to proof it But if you take a good look, nowadays many people dont care what xtianity is nowadays, and in my assumptions, i think they are scared that people are...
  69. Apollo13


    You started meditating 40 days ago but that was on 2020?..... Superior charkas or the main chakras are what to be focused on, after having some enough experience and power, you can focus on the minor chakras which can easily be manifested Plus you need to clean and protect yourself Also do the...
  70. Apollo13

    Meditaciones y acercamientos

    Hola mi amigo satánico En su caso, mi consejo para usted es mirar su sigilo y hablar con él (mientras visualiza su sigilo) si tiene tiempo para hacerlo. Pídele que te ayude en tu camino espiritual para ser mejor y puedas apreciarlo enviándole energía. Buena suerte mi amigo
  71. Apollo13

    About spiritual routine

    Ive seen how you ask many questions about meditations and routine Ill give you some few tips In the morning do AOP then AOC In the midday do some chakra cleaning and EZ chakra spinning In the evening do some yoga or anything spiritual for oersonal gains During at night do AOP and AOC again...
  72. Apollo13

    Jupiter square

    Take your time and go through all the satanic squares, you will learn what you need and perhaps even more Ask your GD for guidance
  73. Apollo13

    About GD

    Yes they will always be with you, as they never abandon their own Simply like how an incubbi or a sucubbi follows one through lifetimes The choice to continue with them id usually yours, but i would suggest to keep strong with your GD
  74. Apollo13

    Useless Junk: How to Have a More Spiritual Material Life

    This information is great Lydia... Thank you Am always amazed on how women facisnate us men, coz if it was us men, trust me the house would have been a great mess, probably destroyed Jokes aside, Thank you for the info, what you have said is true
  75. Apollo13

    About Opening the chakras

    Anytime is ok Both times is even better So its up to you🤌
  76. Apollo13

    Andrew Tate is a criminal muslim

    The reason why H.P Kobra posted him is cause he knows Andrew Tate usually reads his posts and the speaks it loud to the general public Also he solves the issue of male masculinity, feminism, LGBTQ and other bunch of useless stuff that the Govt try to push Yes some of his words are toxic and...
  77. Apollo13

    What do you guys usually do before bed

    Usually cleaning and doing protection Other times i practice other meditations such as trance and breathing meditations You can include yoga
  78. Apollo13

    Soul transfer

    Very interesting I read H.P Maxine's post on her experiences with demons and how some of them possessed her in a positive way.
  79. Apollo13

    Highs And Lows In Life

    Thank you I will work on it
  80. Apollo13

    Highs And Lows In Life

    Thank you It will serve me well
  81. Apollo13

    Highs And Lows In Life

    Thank you for the sermon brother Kobra It was much enlightening I have a question I used to perform many meditations before, At some point i felt it was too much for me and at that point i started to "lazy it out", meaning i started reducing one by one Then i got busy with other things which...
  82. Apollo13

    Apollo's art

    It is really beautiful ❤️ I admire your work This has motivated me to work on Azazel's art
  83. Apollo13

    Question #1426: chakra spinning

    No It is like doing exercises and not stretching afterwards.... What am trying to say is that they do need one another to function properly Like combining aura of cleaning and aura of protection The Ez chakra keep the chakras strong and powerful while the cleaning, cleans all the drosses, so...
  84. Apollo13

    Question #1424: Resurrection, is it possible?

    This is an advanced thing to do This requires a powerful soul, a powerful technology and a powerful operator In short this feats are only possible through the Gods
  85. Apollo13

    Question #1409: Munyaka while Im drunk

    Naaaah It will only mess you up. Fun fact drunkards or drug addicts are easy to manipulate and curse, as this makes ones mind weak and unable to reason and also weakens the soul This is why jews encourage this habits If you want to BE BETTER, do what the other members have told you to do
  86. Apollo13

    Question #1442: Got my partner to do a rtr

    Its like trying to lift weights in the middle of a battlefield..... You get it? Now please be kind and not to causw harm to your partner This is a dangerous ritual and shouldn't be messed with But if am wrong, someone correct me
  87. Apollo13

    Question #1438: How do you know if you are a gentile or a jew?

    Do the final Rtrs for a month Tell me how you feel afterwards
  88. Apollo13

    Question #1447: feelings

    Just a negative energy surrounding you You need to CLEAN and PROTECT yourself As it removes those drosses harming you Stay away from negative people and places And have POSITIVE THOUGHTS my friend
  89. Apollo13

    Question #1444: About dedication ritual

    Yes it did It doesn't need to be perfect but as long as you are WILLING then everything is ok Satan Cates for you
  90. Apollo13

    Question #1449: Ancient civilization:China

    Yes all of the gentile races had an affiliation with Satan and his Gods Except for jews
  91. Apollo13

    Heard my guardian for the first time

    Do you control your thoughts? Just asking
  92. Apollo13

    When you make a thought form what all can they do for you?

    It will depend on your imagination, skills and lastly WILLPOWER So feel free to do as you pleas, as long as you know what you are doing
  93. Apollo13

    Cell phones

    This is funny :D :D No It is ok The world revolves around our technology, Jos itself relies on technology and even the Gods require superior technology to advance and live their lives So it is ok
  94. Apollo13

    Soul ties

    Wise words I have a question Apart from the 40 day meditations, does the satanic square e.g saturn square help one from detaching
  95. Apollo13

    Soul ties

    Yes... Yes it does, thats why we need to clean ourselves twice or thrice each and everyday A powerful aura can even burn the dross without you even notiving, and also apply protection as it repels the drosses back to the sender A key note is to also empower it so it can be stronger, this is...
  96. Apollo13

    About meditation

    Any meditation is ok as long as the user is comfortable. So yes its ok If I were you, I would have mixed in cleaning and protection during daytime and also nightime
  97. Apollo13

    Soul ties

    Yes it will Any kind of sexual pleasure performed is mostly agreed by both partners to do so So yes, even oral itself....not even that,even glancing or staring at someone can form a particular connection
  98. Apollo13

    Sex insde your own race

    Let them do what they pleas, But know that it is unnatural and weird and thats why we, the SS are here to fix that
  99. Apollo13

    Sex insde your own race

    It is ok as long as you DO NOT sleep with the other races It is blasphemy to your own people. E.g a Black and an asian, an indian and a white or a hispanic and an... Vice versa Those combination are weird, just stick with your own people
  100. Apollo13

    Does masturbation affect kundalini

    I haven't understood your question but based on the topic, yes it does in a positive way But dont go off all day jerking off Utilize it wisely
  101. Apollo13

    Joy Of Satan Arts & Music Is Now Live!

    Am sorry..... I dont know how to post it properly.... But ill get back to it
  102. Apollo13

    Satan and Illuminati

    NO He has no Affiliation with the illuminati or any other satanic religions He is with the Joy Of Satan Those cults or "religions" are a jewish invention used to confuse the mainstream into thinking Satan is evil, to cover up all their stupid acts with Satan's name, to blame Satan do something...
  103. Apollo13

    About the dedication Ritual

    It doesn't go like that, its like being half naked and yet u believe you are fully clothed My advice to you is to gake your time and read first, then after you have mastered yourself, do the dedication ritual and make Father and his Gods happy
  104. Apollo13


    You have done a great thing by leaving her alone NEVER ENTERTAIN TOXIC PEOPLE For her, she is brainwashed so let her tend to her own needs, many of this islamist usually live a harder life since they believe in a false and toxic religion, so leave her be, she will suffer her consequences when...
  105. Apollo13


    This is typical for the jewish wet dream The blood sacrifices are done for the Reptilians and greys NOT for Satan and his gods The blood is used as energy by the enemy to gain power, hence you will see many of the jewish holidays sacrifice many innocent animals for their pathetic needs...
  106. Apollo13


    Be careful onto whom you regard as a satanic friend, for it is impossible to figure out if he/she has good or malicious intentions with you As the Gods for guardiance, or you may recruit your friend and take the journey ahead, together
  107. Apollo13


    Goodluck brother Your work was magnificent Take care
  108. Apollo13

    Joy Of Satan Arts & Music Is Now Live!

    Ill be the first to start This is my earlier first drawing to Azazel And it wont be the last Thank you H.P Kobra for this post :) [/URL][/img] Hail Azazel, Hail Lord Satan
  109. Apollo13

    Joy Of Satan Arts & Music Is Now Live!

    Thus is great For more than 20 years we've only being recommending Music which were closely related to Satanism, not all were great but with the direction we are going am fully pumped up I can't wait to pump myself for this Am even having fantasies for our final victory Music after...
  110. Apollo13

    pray before sleep (me new member) greetings to black satanist

    Yes the prayer is perfect as it is but Satan and his Gods want you to be able to perform this fleats yourself What fo i mean when i say this.... I mean that you must not constantly rely on The Gods since they want you to be independent
  111. Apollo13

    Coloring our hair

    It is ok as long as your benefiting yourself
  112. Apollo13

    About spinning the chakras

    Yes like Blitzkrieg said, u open them then u spinn them Also when u are adept in it, u can well empower them and also protect them
  113. Apollo13

    About meditation at night x2

    Nope Do the required meditation Cleaning Protection Void meditation
  114. Apollo13

    Confused but not really confused

    I understand u, i was there, my advice to u is to start the 40 day meditation provided by HP Kobra This js a great start since it will broaden ur mind for many new things and experiences
  115. Apollo13

    Do Gods Punish Us For The Things We Didn't Want?

    It was simply bad luck, u cannot be punished for what u did not intend
  116. Apollo13

    What does Satanism have to do with the Nazis?

    Satanism is the core fundamental of the National Socialist Just like how Christianity or islam mainly influence many political parties today
  117. Apollo13

    The Chosen One: The "Messiah" Concept

    Brother Kobra I have a question, do the Gods reincarnate them in a favourable astrological chart. Meaning that the "chosen one" is birthed with the Gods favour, Ive read it in many mythologies that Some humans were born in specific dates chosen by the Gods... E.g Alexander the great or Hercules...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan