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  1. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

  2. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    Sounds good.
  3. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    Self-defense is a human right in my opinion but what goes beyond that measure is killing and or destroying those who committed crimes to your loved ones. Revenge is probably the best word for it..you would call it justice...similar ideologies of revenge killing is expressed else where and...
  4. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    Is that flat out no rehabilitation or are we limiting it to certain crimes?
  5. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    I think justice can be served in a more sufficient way rather than an emotional response.
  6. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    Sounds more like an eye for an eye rather than justice.
  7. Pumpkin671

    To All SS Members

  8. Pumpkin671

    My Conversation with an AI Chatbot

    I can totally see that!
  9. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    Well my money already does that (supporting those who have hurt others by means of indirect monetary support) and I would also be paying for their death in any case. Hard to say how I would feel when actually in that position of a certain family member going through such a thing...justice would...
  10. Pumpkin671

    To All SS Members

    Premiere Pro is good and Resolve is good but better (great for professional use). EDIUS is one that I am more familiar with and is your all around editor.
  11. Pumpkin671

    Why Race Mixing Is Bad: The Evidence

    Thanks for sharing. I have noticed mixed children tend to struggle with their identity quite a bit.
  12. Pumpkin671

    To All SS Members

    Very nice! :D Now put some musics under and it would be perfect!
  13. Pumpkin671

    death penalty?

    I am against it but my mind could be changed.
  14. Pumpkin671

    I have made a huge mistake....

    Oh yikes dude..don't do that to yourself. Best to keep out of that shit hole.
  15. Pumpkin671

    I will not write for a long time

    Good luck!
  16. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    Talk about redpilling. If only the government was that competent
  17. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    Correct my if I am wrong but isn't Bowser trying to court Peach in the video games? I can't remember which one but I knew he had a thing for her.
  18. Pumpkin671

    My Conversation with an AI Chatbot

    I would also assume the data is kept and recorded for advertisement use. I know some say that it is best to keep personal info away from ChatGBT.
  19. Pumpkin671

    My Conversation with an AI Chatbot

    You took a deep dive into this! I see more and more of some version of ChatGBT being placed and it is really interesting to get its take on us. Strange how it breaks off like that, something with its programing. Thanks for sharing it.
  20. Pumpkin671

    Follow Your Heart

    This is what I needed to hear.
  21. Pumpkin671

    Happy Birthday To Adolf Hitler

  22. Pumpkin671

    The Gestapo

    If memory serves me right, I believe Göring was originally in charge until Himmler came along and the department shifted under him (April 1934). It would end up in Reinhard Heydrichs hands until his death in 1942. Heinrich Müller headed the office in its early days. As for the creation, Göring...
  23. Pumpkin671

    Health risk of drinking coke and other sodas.

    I love my fruit juice and water.
  24. Pumpkin671

    I declare I am truly Lucifer

    Congratulations.... :roll:
  25. Pumpkin671

    Question #745: Drinking Alcohol

    One to two drinks a week offers a low risk health wise, anything beyond risks problems with long term continued use.
  26. Pumpkin671

    The "Revolt"/"Insurrection" In Canada?

    From the CBC: "Federal government met the threshold to invoke Emergencies act" The report calls out the policing failure and Ontario's inaction (surprise surprise) during an unsafe and chaotic protest. Watching some of the coverage, Trudeau seems to know exactly what he was doing and knew the...
  27. Pumpkin671

    UFO near Alaska shot down 🛸

    Probably a balloon similar to that of the one before.
  28. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    I understand :) It was a good game.
  29. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    I personally enjoyed Quake 4 and Quake Wars, didn't see anything revealing to my eye.
  30. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    The original quote was good, regardless of who wrote it.
  31. Pumpkin671

    Jews offer foreskin facials at beauty salons

    Such a strange people.
  32. Pumpkin671

    Is Incubi/Succubi mix racing?

    No. It is not.
  33. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    They released that shit like 4 times. Milked it dry.
  34. Pumpkin671

    doing the dedication ritual tonight!!!

    Sounds great, have fun.
  35. Pumpkin671

    Fun Fact

    That's crazy, wow. Thanks for confirming it.
  36. Pumpkin671

    Fun Fact

    Oh god.
  37. Pumpkin671

    No scholarship for white male

    These quota systems are shit. If only whites want to take the program then great and if others want to take sure. In the end it is all about the money and getting grants from the feds. Feds keep pushing equality quotas but does that really help those who take those programs? How about people who...
  38. Pumpkin671

    To Young Men In The Forum

    This one! It hits the marks. Thank HP.
  39. Pumpkin671

    Hello, how's the community doing ?

    Things are fine here, seem to be running into trolls more but what else is new.
  40. Pumpkin671

    Donald Trump creates his own Social Media Platform

    Not of fan of the guy, he showed he was pretty much the same as others before. He just said things people didn't like, which fits perfectly with what his social media platform is.
  41. Pumpkin671

    What happens if I listen to this

    You could go into a trace with that.
  42. Pumpkin671

    Would watching porn of another race also count as race mixing?

    In theory, healthy porn could exist, but I wasn't able to find any. One hell of a theory tho.
  43. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    Typical of the jews. Anything or anyone they don't like they'll drag it's name through the mud and destroy it's reputation by any means. A lot of people accuse 343 Industries of being incompetent with regards to the handling of the series but in my opinion they're just doing exactly what...
  44. Pumpkin671

    Movies, games, series

    Yeah once they came in it kinda killed for me, was a big fan for years tho. Enjoyed them.
  45. Pumpkin671

    Question #220: White Race

    Like he will listen. :?
  46. Pumpkin671

    Question #220: White Race

    White gentiles are here to stay, we are not going anywhere anytime soon.
  47. Pumpkin671

    I'm Leaving for Good; My New Year's Resolution..

    Didn't bother reading after the first few lines. Just dumb..whatever.
  48. Pumpkin671

    Question #256: Nazi

    No, you don't. Nothing is forced on you unlike other religions. Just read what JOS has and just take it in.
  49. Pumpkin671

    Question #227: Why support Homosexuality?

    It is not like straight people preform anal sex :roll: , and hey by the way are these not the same arguments a christian would make?
  50. Pumpkin671

    Live chat?

    I almost like the wait and response times, lets me think and carefully put together an answer.
  51. Pumpkin671

    More High Priests?

    Everyone seems to want some form of recognition for little work while others do more. If you have to ask then you probably don't deserve it, it is more than just a title.
  52. Pumpkin671

    Im leaving this forum and a confession

    Ok. You do you.
  53. Pumpkin671

    How could we help men with suicidal thoughts?

    Get help by means of talking to someone (preferably a therapist) Find an activity that involves body movement and is stimulating (boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, running etc). Build resilience by focusing on the now and not the weeks and months ahead. See improvements day by day. Understand that...
  54. Pumpkin671

    Im leaving this forum and a confession

    Oh ok...so you have two personalities that are expressed in two different profiles? Hay man good luck with going elsewhere.
  55. Pumpkin671

    Greetings 👋🏻

  56. Pumpkin671

    This guy just DESTROYED xtianity

    He is doing some interesting things on Twitter, hard to say if he is Jewish (not sure if that matters in this particular case) but we can take the entertainment where we can get it.
  57. Pumpkin671

    Passwords & Forums [Fixing the issues]

    Thanks for the update. Keep a record of your passwords so you can make it easy for yourself.
  58. Pumpkin671

    Tips for activism in Tiktok?

    I would not use TikTok, FBI warns about China’s access to data on the site.
  59. Pumpkin671

    Occult Symbols in Teletubbies?

    Hitting it right on the head!
  60. Pumpkin671

    Why I joined spiritual Satanism

    What did I just read, seem backwards as hell.
  61. Pumpkin671

    Questions regarding my prayers, comiting my soul to Lord Satan

    It is probably time for the saw to be brought out, don't worry we only need a drop.
  62. Pumpkin671

    Occult Symbols in Teletubbies?

    Such a strange show, never understood it.
  63. Pumpkin671

    If gun violence is real, then why does Iceland has guns and no violence?

    Well Iceland is an island so can be easier to ban firearms if they so choose. The U.S. is in no position to do this because it shares borders with Mexico and Canada. People can smuggle guns in the U.S. if they like (not a good idea tho). There are also so many guns in the U.S. that it is almost...
  64. Pumpkin671

    Forced to change my Forums Password again, anyone else?

    I did awhile ago, had no issues.
  65. Pumpkin671

    Help Me Be Released from Psychiatric Hospital

    Oh boy! Seems far-fetched
  66. Pumpkin671

    Guidelines for Online Warfare on Twitter

    Ah that makes a lot more sense as to why people are so upset. About time that shit gets cleaned up.
  67. Pumpkin671

    Yule Season - Satan's Feast - A Message For The Yule Time

    Thank you my friend for writing this. Happy Yule to everyone.
  68. Pumpkin671

    Guidelines for Online Warfare on Twitter

    Thanks for the tips. I have noticed an uptick in dissemination on Twitter not sure what the end result will be considering new ownership.
  69. Pumpkin671

    Tricked you all

    Wouldn't surprise me.
  70. Pumpkin671

    Wonderful Technology

    I agree.
  71. Pumpkin671

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    Don't have much to add since there is so much thrown in here and plenty of great ideas. I cracked a smile while reading some. I'll be here for the support since JOS has given me the support over the years.
  72. Pumpkin671

    What is the real problem with Interracial marriage?

    Just try to date someone of your own race and don't think about the "good sex" with another race. If you are straight it makes it imperative to date and marry within your race. I am tired of seeing all these mixed people make the claim "well my mother is English and my dad is Mexican and I am so...
  73. Pumpkin671

    Incubi question

    Rethink that please. It is a pretty serious commitment there and unlikely to get approved anyway.
  74. Pumpkin671

    Help Me Be Released from Psychiatric Hospital

    Sounds like a shit situation. Suffer through it and you will overcome, it will likely get worse before it gets better.
  75. Pumpkin671

    Wonderful Technology

    One can be made but one can also become one. I think it depends on the environment one is raised in and how young that person is when they have a skill or an interest in some topic that decades from then will lead them to be a genius in their field of study. More than likely people become one...
  76. Pumpkin671

    Tricked you all

    Some people have nothing better to do. What a waste.
  77. Pumpkin671

    Question about Politics

    Personally I believe you do or at least should consider it. As National Socialism is an extension of Satanism in a political form.
  78. Pumpkin671

    Wonderful Technology

    AirPods would be a good solution in this case. But I think something like noise cancellation (other than AirPods) would be helpful in many cases, like what you speak of.
  79. Pumpkin671

    Wonderful Technology

    Don't AirPods do this?
  80. Pumpkin671

    It Is Not "Mandated" To "Accept" Hitler

    I find the posts here interesting as I never seemed to have that problem of accepting Hitler. But I appreciate the clarification.
  81. Pumpkin671

    How do you end up here and about expansion the JOS

    I remember reading about Himmler and the Wewelsburg castle. I always thought there was more to it, some additional piece that was missing. So I dug more and I somehow came to JOS. I also don’t recommend this perceived vandalism that you intend on doing. It will suck for the person who has to...
  82. Pumpkin671

    What was your worldview before committing to Satan?

    I was a teenager struggling and trying to make it by. My world view was interesting but I didn’t think much of the world at that point, I had disliked Christianity and was not a fan of the whole Jesus thing. I had looked up to the Third Reich for inspiration and I some ran into the JOS. I...
  83. Pumpkin671

    Does time exist?

    I do believe time is seen differently and felt differently for the gods. I do like your thoughts on it.
  84. Pumpkin671

    New account!

    Good to know.
  85. Pumpkin671

    Is going to the psychologist bad?

    Get help, find one that is not a jew and you will be fine, get some medication because the situation might call for it and talk about your problems with a professional. It is better in the long run.
  86. Pumpkin671

    Does time exist?

    Yes yes and yes.
  87. Pumpkin671

    Does time exist?

    In the greater aspect of the Universe time doesn’t matter in the end, once the last black hole evaporates, time will be meaningless. To us, time matters and exists, we are born we live and we eventually die.
  88. Pumpkin671

    Trying to move. Anyone need a roommate?

    Yikes. Halloween came in right on time.
  89. Pumpkin671

    A quick question:

    Things will be ok and will eventually get better over the course of a few years. In the meantime take a look at this JOS site I found for you, the answers will be there, some of which might be familiar to you. Keep away from hopeless individuals, work hard, drink little and most importantly...
  90. Pumpkin671

    Advice for frequently feeling extremely lonely as an SS.

    To be left alone is to be alone, silence is the best treatment. It is a lonely road, I must admit, but one that can be rewarding. Stay resilient.
  91. Pumpkin671

    Do you think Elon Musk will let us post on Twitter now?

    The only thing that actually changes is Twitter being taken off the stock market. :| The firings was part of the plan and expected.
  92. Pumpkin671

    Questions about white candle for dedication ritual

    I believe any is fine but naturally red or black is a nice touch. Valid of course.
  93. Pumpkin671

    [J/NEWS] Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister

    Useless Conservative party, can't agree on much and are just infighting. What a waste.
  94. Pumpkin671

    Karate is illegal in Québec

    Useless province and country.
  95. Pumpkin671

    What are you doing for halloween this year?

    Research, watch a movie, meditate. I personally enjoy Halloween better than most holidays.
  96. Pumpkin671


    No I do not think so. The chances are so slim it is like you are not even playing even when you buy a ticket.
  97. Pumpkin671


    Are you here for Sarah Conner? :lol: Welcome back.
  98. Pumpkin671

    How many people on here are in a coven?

    Probably not many when it comes to a physical location and if there are any then it is likely invite only. This forum is the closest you will probably ever get.
  99. Pumpkin671

    Paypal: 2500$ Fine To All Who Spread "Disinformation" - RITUALS VICTORY - Why Crypto Donations

    I have seen this! I have personally decided to get off PayPal. Way too dangerous if you keep money in PayPal.
  100. Pumpkin671

    Giving up on video games and social media

    Yeah it is pretty fun, gets the blood pressure going. I definitely wouldn't play it on the older systems, as you probably know the newer systems are much smoother.
  101. Pumpkin671

    The Will In Spiritual Satanism

    That is so true. Thank you.
  102. Pumpkin671

    Giving up on video games and social media

    Find something to fill that time, join a club or hone in on a skill. I don’t find it necessary to give up on video games or social media unless you are actually addicted to such. Personally I engage in both, I have less time for video games tho since I am focused on a certain skill set that buys...
  103. Pumpkin671

    Homosexuality & Theistic Satanism

    Nothing wrong with loving another man. Gay people shouldn’t be treated like a lesser because of certain documents or research that was done that may say otherwise.
  104. Pumpkin671

    What do you want?

  105. Pumpkin671

    What do you want?

    Sounds like a good life! :)
  106. Pumpkin671

    Is it safe to get a vaccine against covid ?

    Optional when they first came out. After a while they were required company wide to even be hired for new hirees then they made it required for all employees regardless. One person I know was let go because she didn't want to take the shot, sad to see that happen.
  107. Pumpkin671

    What does this dream mean?

    I understand that. :)
  108. Pumpkin671

    What does this dream mean?

    Some dreams do carry meaning brother. This could be spiritual given the strength of the dreams.
  109. Pumpkin671


    Ok. I wish you the best. Do come back when the time is right.
  110. Pumpkin671

    if i suicide can i still go to hell

    If you are dedicated then yes, however you will likely be reincarnated into a new life that will continue similar issues that you have now. I don't recommend suicide for issues that can be fixed, other than torture, I don't see it as a suitable option.
  111. Pumpkin671

    7 Satan's Sons

    Interesting thoughts and questions. I believed them to be allegories, as for how true they are I am not certain.
  112. Pumpkin671

    do i need humans physically?

    If you are the smartest person in the room, find another one. Do not stoop down to their level of degeneracy as a way to "fit in". Keep to yourself and become who you are, expand your knowledge and those friends will event come out to listen and share. A small group of friends is fine as size...
  113. Pumpkin671

    Is it safe to get a vaccine against covid ?

    It is not for everyone and shouldn't be advertised as so. I have also seen cases where people have complications that are similar to what you mention above.
  114. Pumpkin671

    How Does A Demon Teach You?

    Thank you for the great insight.
  115. Pumpkin671

    Is it safe to get a vaccine against covid ?

    Personally, I have gotten the shots (Moderna 3X) and have had no issues but that is not the same case for all. I would recommend talking to a doctor before getting the shots if you are able to (insurance or not). Others on here have had problems with them so they may be able to shed some light...
  116. Pumpkin671

    Amazing girl

    Sounds like it is going well! Be yourself but also try to impress her. Good luck.
  117. Pumpkin671

    About Dedication Ritual

  118. Pumpkin671

    Reverse Soul Dedication

    Reversal is not needed (unless you really do desire that), take a break for a time to reflect and circle back when thoughts change.
  119. Pumpkin671

    Queen Elizabeth is a druid priestess

    I believe they do.
  120. Pumpkin671

    Queen Elizabeth is a druid priestess

    Historic moment. The British will only be free when the guts of priests are used to hang the Kings and queens of old.
  121. Pumpkin671

    "queen" liz has died; "king" charles the 3rd is new monarch

    That is right on point. Let’s see how he does with his fat fingers.
  122. Pumpkin671

    My Christian Best Friend

    Move on and find others with similar views on Life. I wouldn't even try to, "convert my best friend". Converting is a Christian way of spreading their lies. Your friend must find a way to Satanism on their own terms. The truth is not for the faint hearted.
  123. Pumpkin671

    Vacation will be used to attack Trump

    Tim Pool is an idiot and he perpetually deceives his listeners. Recommended that you not listen to that one. Trump also encouraged people to get Vaxxed and was booed for it since the Trump wing is now mostly anti vax :roll:
  124. Pumpkin671

    Someone claiming to be Serbon contacted me

    Not at all opposed to it.
  125. Pumpkin671

    Someone claiming to be Serbon contacted me

    I personally still trust and like Serbon. Not that anyone here cares.
  126. Pumpkin671

    Someone claiming to be Serbon contacted me

    So you are on Discord?
  127. Pumpkin671

    Is sodomy natural?

    I was wondering why he was gone.
  128. Pumpkin671

    How do I deal with loneliness and bad dating scene?

    Find a hobbit you enjoy and stick to it, friends will come naturally out of the common interest. I sincerely appreciate that you are honest with others in finding what you need and you will sure find that person you desire. Live just a little and be somewhat more open, there is no harm in trying.
  129. Pumpkin671

    Is sodomy natural?

    Yes it is natural, do what you like with a consenting adult. Love yourself and your sexuality for who you are. Your sexuality is a part of you…remember that.
  130. Pumpkin671

    Reason I haven’t been online

    Be careful out there.
  131. Pumpkin671

    What is the point of smoking?

    I was answering your question about weather or not I smoked and I said that I tried it a few time but it never became a habit.
  132. Pumpkin671

    Moving On

    They find what they need and decide to move on.
  133. Pumpkin671

    What is the point of smoking?

    I tried it a few times but it never stuck.
  134. Pumpkin671

    I want to commit my soul to Satan but...

    Have a backup plan, maintain your privacy and read and reread the site. Make sure you know the procedure.
  135. Pumpkin671

    ADHD debate

    That sounds right to me, kids who I have seen that have it…clearly do.
  136. Pumpkin671

    Alex Jones gets fucked by his lawyer

    Can’t defend stupid, should feel bad for the lawyer trying to defend him.
  137. Pumpkin671

    What is the point of smoking?

    My mother does as well.
  138. Pumpkin671

    What is the point of smoking?

    Some people just enjoy it.
  139. Pumpkin671

    HIV Conspiracy

    Good question. Probably AIDS.
  140. Pumpkin671

    Moon landing

    No, they are real, it happened.
  141. Pumpkin671

    Let go of suffering

    1000% agree. It is some shit dating life.
  142. Pumpkin671

    What does 'antisemitic' really mean?

    I am not sure there is a deeper meaning.
  143. Pumpkin671

    Are there homosexual demons too?

    Yes there are.
  144. Pumpkin671

    Let go of suffering

    I didn’t know he came back??
  145. Pumpkin671

    Explanation for race mixing?

    Check out, “The Race Card Project” read a few of the cards of people who are mixed or white. They will pretty much detail how hard it is to find an identity and meaning in the world today. Some disregard race because they are so mixed it doesn’t matter and some find it to be a tough subject to...
  146. Pumpkin671

    What about banning and prosecuting smoking?

    I am willing to bet that few will. Make the alternative cheaper to get them off.
  147. Pumpkin671

    What about banning and prosecuting smoking?

    It really comes down to personal preference at this point, but I understand your point there.
  148. Pumpkin671

    What about banning and prosecuting smoking?

    Like a 30% tax on it.
  149. Pumpkin671

    Boris Johnson Resigns, Abe Shinzo Assassinated.

    Interesting developments for sure. Very rare for a shooting to happen in Japan, especially an assassination. The UK though is fairly boring when it comes to their Number 10, it seems of late that every PM since 2016 has resigned, conservatives need to get a grip on their leadership.
  150. Pumpkin671

    Nietzsche on Jews?

    That is interesting, didn’t know he was very pro semitic.
  151. Pumpkin671

    Are Martial arts any good?

    It should be used for self defense only. Some of these arts come with a culture to learn from and development of character along the journey to black belt, something Sensei of those arts will likely want to see that overall change before one reaches the level of Shodan.
  152. Pumpkin671

    I am back

  153. Pumpkin671

    Are Martial arts any good?

    Yes there are many that are good and definitely worth while, most arts have something of value to learn from. However with your objectives in mind, I won’t direct you anywhere. Absolutely no need for the destruction of others for you to put yourself atop in physical prowess.
  154. Pumpkin671

    Thinking of making the dedication ritual...

    How about just cautious rather then the other.
  155. Pumpkin671

    Thinking of making the dedication ritual...

    Wouldn’t be surprised honestly.
  156. Pumpkin671

    race mixing

    Makes sense, understood.
  157. Pumpkin671

    dedication ritual?

  158. Pumpkin671

    77 years ago today Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler died

    What I know is that Himmler told his UK captives that the West will eventual face the USSR in some sort of Cold War and would need the Germans help. He knew Germany had held them off for so long and his UK captives didn't believe him. How right he was. I will say that Martin Allen questions...
  159. Pumpkin671


  160. Pumpkin671

    US - Abortion Law Overturned

    Thank you for the clarification on when the soul enters.
  161. Pumpkin671


    Good! :D
  162. Pumpkin671

    dedication ritual?

    I second that. What is this? Why post those quotes?
  163. Pumpkin671

    The discord group

    I understand your point.
  164. Pumpkin671

    When Hitler gets mentioned at school?

    It won't go well that is for sure.
  165. Pumpkin671

    dedication ritual?

    I did as well but the room would need to be aired out so the room would not smell like smoke, that could take hours and would need some candle with a strong scent to overcome the smoke smell, opening windows would be good. This person would also need to find a way to rid the leftovers and ensure...
  166. Pumpkin671

    Schooling dogs

    No, they didn’t.
  167. Pumpkin671

    The discord group

    There might be an opportunity here but not fully sure what to make of it yet.
  168. Pumpkin671

    US - Abortion Law Overturned

    I believe it is 4 months that the soul enters. I believe most are trying to ban abortion after 12 weeks but that will obviously vary on states.
  169. Pumpkin671

    I am very much in love ( unfortunately)

    It seems like an unfortunate situation to be in. I would recommend to reevaluate your love for her and look into other options for potential lovers. There are others out there waiting to approached.
  170. Pumpkin671

    Post disaproved?

    They might not like what they see or the answers that are given.
  171. Pumpkin671


    Do tell how it is.
  172. Pumpkin671

    Post disaproved?

    All that unnecessary worry for a disapproved post. :roll:
  173. Pumpkin671

    People's Experiences with Satanism

    It would be wise.
  174. Pumpkin671

    I'm not longer participating in this forum

    It is a trend.
  175. Pumpkin671

    Girl wants to go Canada, but I'm going UK, another marriage proposal rejection :((

    The difference is that there is sexual consent between two adults, a 40 year old and a 20 year old, both parties agree to it and find something of value and interest in the relationship. Compared to sexual predators who go after kids (17 and younger) because they are kids and have no power to...
  176. Pumpkin671

    Girl wants to go Canada, but I'm going UK, another marriage proposal rejection :((

    Someone will come along when you least suspect it. As for going to Canada, I don’t recommend it, UK is really not much better but still an improvement. I assume you live or at least want to live in UK.
  177. Pumpkin671

    Is this jos facebook group????

    Wonder who created the Twitter one.
  178. Pumpkin671


    Good luck brother.
  179. Pumpkin671

    Almost running out of options.

    If it is possible to fake a covid-19 vaccine card or paper, then I would recommend you do so.
  180. Pumpkin671

    Nuremberg and DNA - questions.

    No matter what the percentage is, they are jewish. I would also say that there is not that many of them around, and besides work, I rarely run into them.
  181. Pumpkin671

    race mixing

    That could be tricky though.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan