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  1. Windstrider666

    The Recycle Bin Of Life & Excuses

    There were many times in my life where I spent wasted hours in running away, in escaping the inner voice that calls for action. For a long time, even though I knew it was there, I wanted to run away from it. Cowardice born from weakness, and weakness born from inaction. It was a vicious downward...
  2. Windstrider666

    Actually Reprogramming Learned Behaviors.

    There are many important teachings in the Joy of Satan main site that give solutions to many solutions including one for your situation. Many ideas and theories in current mainstream psychology focus too much on symptoms and hindsight over root causes and finding permanent solutions. The JoS...
  3. Windstrider666

    Question #4998: The duty of a man is to get cucked astrally

    It only feels contradictory because the idea of "someone being worthless" is locked in as a permanent status rather than a changeable one. Someones value is something that goes up as well as something that can go down. One is worthless because "they provide nothing of value". Someone has worth...
  4. Windstrider666

    Question #4998: The duty of a man is to get cucked astrally

    Upon reading the original post, there were essentially 2 questions that was being asked. First: What am I suppose to do with myself? and Second: How do I get women to want me? Before going into answering these the first thing anyone should do when seeking answers is to let go of preconceived...
  5. Windstrider666

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    Thank you, I hope that friend of yours would have a more positive outlook when it comes to advancing as each person is individual and therefore both the methods and time needed will differ. Yet the path and goal is still the same regardless. In regards to "fairness", what does it mean to be...
  6. Windstrider666

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    The path of Spiritual Satanism is a difficult path for everyone but it is also the path "anyone" can choose to walk. This is especially the case for us as we are the creation of our Heavenly Father, Satan. Even if one finds themselves disabled physically, emotionally, or mentally they can still...
  7. Windstrider666

    Question #4964: Why can't the Gods physically come to earth?

    The Gods have perfected their physical body to achieve true immortality. Their level isnt simple to understand. Even if a nuke where to explode near them they wouldnt be harmed at all. The Gods arent coming physically because the need for it isnt there right now. Even if they all showed up what...
  8. Windstrider666

    Idealism VS Objectivity in Satanism?

    An ideal world is where everything goes as planned perfectly. How is an ideal world built? Through hard work, dedication, and time. The world we envision isn't something that will appear in a few years or even in a few decades. This is because the physical world is the slowest and most dense...
  9. Windstrider666

    A Conversation with ChatGPT: Fate, Power, and Ascension

    I often enjoy having intellectual conversations that cover a wide array of subjects and fields with a purpose of expanding my own knowledge base and critical thinking skills. Very recently, I had finally decided to employ ChatGPT-4 as a multi-use tool to greatly accelerate my own study pursuits...
  10. Windstrider666

    Is this the right attitude for trance

    I also have had difficulty entering trance at will. Generally speaking I am very prone to daydreaming and sitting back and imagining scenarios and scenes come very easy to me. Yet I never had that feeling of everything being distant. The same went when it came to doing activities like...
  11. Windstrider666

    Dividing, Categorizing and Relating

    This is why the methods that are being popularized in the context of learning and studying are Mind Maps, Active Recall and other similar methods. The key to learning is one needs to recognize that it is an active process. Learning is different from simply memorizing facts and knowledge...
  12. Windstrider666

    Is the Universe Determinsitc?

    Non-Determinism in Quantum Mechanics: Non-determinism in the context of quantum mechanics refers to the fundamental unpredictability and randomness associated with the behavior of particles at the quantum level. It challenges the classical idea of determinism, where the future state of a system...
  13. Windstrider666

    First spiritual progress update/testimonial in 10+ years

    One thing that's been proven to me time and time again and makes me aware of the mistakes I've made is that the foundation is what allows one to build higher. Similar to trying to build a tower, without a strong and sturdy base a single gust of wind can knock it down in an instant. It isn't just...
  14. Windstrider666

    How to train willpower?

    Exercise in general is actually a very effective way of improving willpower. When one exercises they exert effort and energy into the activity. Let's use push ups as an example. If one that never exercised before suddenly starts doing push ups its very difficult. One might only be able to barely...
  15. Windstrider666

    the concept of "Art" in my humble opinion

    There are a few things I want to correct in regards to what you said about the value of art. This is because due to a lot of misconstrued feelings and misunderstandings within the Artistic Community which are then spread outward. These are the Painters, Animators, Photographers, etc. Creating...
  16. Windstrider666

    Astral Color Dimensions Question

    Is it possible to connect to the internet and sort through the information within psychically as well or would it be of too extreme of a difficulty/ potentially dangerous?
  17. Windstrider666

    Highs And Lows In Life

    It's very easy to delude oneself into a false sense of invulnerability because of this path. Going from ignorance to then learning and absorbing the information given by the Gods through the JoS is like the distance from heaven to earth. Learning the capabilities and miracles one can perform and...
  18. Windstrider666

    Question #1189: Masturbating to the gods

    Relieving one's sexual drive through masturbation is sometimes necessary. What's important is where one's thoughts and energies are directed while doing so. The Gods are perfect beings with deep understanding beyond our meager comprehension. One simply needs to be respectful and clean of soul...
  19. Windstrider666

    What is Faith? - True Faith in Spiritual Satanism

    Just wanted to add on to this. Faith is belief and belief is rooted in reality and truth for it to be authentic. The truth of the enemy programs is that their "faith" stems from destruction of truth and indoctrination since childhood on their doctrines and dogma. This builds when one is too...
  20. Windstrider666

    entertainment addictions?

    More often than not, those degenerate you speak of had never reached their status of fame and fortune through legitimate and honorable means. Many have been exposed of committing crimes of varying degrees both morally and legally. It's the only way those people would be able to get ahead from...
  21. Windstrider666

    entertainment addictions?

    You point the obvious and the hate is understandable but ignore the fact that its simply a tool. All tools are neutral and only those that use or abuse them are at fault. The current state of humans are very low and has been that way for centuries. Therefore anything these people do, just...
  22. Windstrider666

    entertainment addictions?

    This part is the only thing I greatly disagree with. I'm not sure if I am understanding your viewpoint correctly or not but from what I've seen you are of the stance that "Entertainment is a non essential work". Entertainment can take the form of literature, music, movies, and more recently...
  23. Windstrider666

    Question #778: The unstable subconscious

    There is a reason why void meditation is emphasized over and over. Control of ones thoughts is an acquired skill that requires constant practice in order to achieve proficiency. To be able to silence ones thoughts at will and keep a clear and serene mind is an advanced skill that takes years of...
  24. Windstrider666

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    Work and Career are things that have nearly infinite possibilities and fields it could pertain to. I do agree with the main focus of the post which is that all lines of work have worth and value to it. Regardless of what anyone thinks most if not all work has some sort of necessity to it...
  25. Windstrider666

    The Beginning Of The Joy of Satan & Demystifying Jews [PART 1]

    Is the reason behind their blasphemy against the Gods including the false claims that "Satan will steal you soul" and "Deals with the Devil" because they themselves had aligned themselves with the Enemy factions and are simply projecting this onto our own Gods? I had wondered how they came up...
  26. Windstrider666

    Machine consciousness

    When a Mommy and a Daddy get together at night and love each other very much 9 months later a baby is born. Jokes aside we as living creatures are already capable of creating souls. Same as any other creature. Through the process of creating life that happens within a mothers womb. An AI cannot...
  27. Windstrider666

    Do You Believe?

    Blind belief only exists when one is in a state of ignorance. When rises above ignorance and chooses to believe with all their heart and soul in their faith and cause then loyalty and dedication is born. If one chooses to not believe even if the truth is right in front of you and remain...
  28. Windstrider666

    Red pill, incels and Blackpill, misogyny

    The entire context of what Hitler said in a summarized form is: Spiritual and Intellectual foundation must back efforts to exterminate a doctrine for it to succeed. I.E what we do here in the JoS. Our foundation is based on the values and ethics Satan and the rest of our Gods stand for. For...
  29. Windstrider666

    Mantras & Words Of Power: How To Do Them Properly

    Adding on to this, spiritual power is the most important when it comes to how quickly ones desires manifest while affirmations direct how it manifests. I remember reading a sermon from HP Maxine about how someone kept affirming their intent that they would win their competition. That person had...
  30. Windstrider666

    Mantras & Words Of Power: How To Do Them Properly

    Mantras are the words of power. Its the words we vibrate to generate a certain type of energy. The runes are also a type of mantra as its words of power. For the planetary squares, the mantras you can use are on the same page the information for the squares are on in the JOS main site.
  31. Windstrider666

    How Do I find my passion?

    Life is meant to be lived. Not because of passion but simply because it's how it is. Passion is a type of energy. It usually is an attracting force towards a specific action, or goal, or career. I suggest taking a look at Azazel's astrology page on the JOS. Its within the witchcraft section...
  32. Windstrider666

    A spiritual discipline front when people ask what I'm doing?

    Call yourself a taoist. or if you really wanna avoid using spiritual or religeous explanations just say you are doing mental training exercises when you meditate.
  33. Windstrider666

    AI art

    It's just another tool. As always whenever there is a technologocal breakthrough there will be backlash due to fear of unknown or change. I've seen a lot of fear mongering or misunderstandings in the art community over AI art. The same happened with the appearance of digital tools like...
  34. Windstrider666

    I would like to talk about the Eastern races (Asians)

    Asians, just like the other 2 main races has their own subraace that developed their own cultures and features based on their region. They are still part of the asian racial main group. Whethere it be chinese, japanese, korean, thai or filipino etc. As for the filipinos a fellow brother wrote a...
  35. Windstrider666

    What are your thoughts on the "original" Eastern systems?

    The information on the JoS, specifically on the JoyofSatan website is a collection of information that has been thoroughly researched, refined, and verified to be 100% or nearly so accurate and authentic in regards to Satan, the Daemons, and spiritual practice as a whole. It was written in a way...
  36. Windstrider666

    Netflix series "The Dragon Prince"

    So a person I know had recommended to me the show "The Dragon Prince" that is on Netflix that is apparently extremely popular. It was also created by the same writers as Avatar the Last Airbender. After watching it I can confidently proclaim it is a pile of hot garbage that is completely filled...
  37. Windstrider666

    Why can't the enemy wipe us out physically/soully

    Because we have Satan protecting and guiding us. Throughout the ages the jews and their ilk had at times toppled our greatest societies and rose to power but no matter how many times it happened us Spiritual Satanist rose to the occassion. It happened during the rennassaince, it happened during...
  38. Windstrider666

    "The Gods Said That" As Done By Jews

    This is the wrong way to think about it. It's never "gentile souls with jewish blood". Never has and never will. If one has any jewish DNA in them its makes them a jew period. A jew is a jew and always will be a jew. Half jew, quarter jew, doesnt matter. One little thing to think about. It's...
  39. Windstrider666

    Page For Newbies Needed

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbbcjfha6hvemf0/Satanic_FAQs.pdf?dl=1 - Satanic FAQs by Johnson_Akemi
  40. Windstrider666

    Why do people use anime avatars here?

    It's become a stupid meme that people that use anime avatars/ pfp are subhuman or any other degenerate insult one can think of. This sort of thing is up to personal taste. One can choose to put flowers, an animal, or whatever else but put an anime avatar and people flip their shit. In actuality...
  41. Windstrider666

    War For Our Civilization - Ritual Schedule - 15th January To 30th January [IMPORTANT]

    @hphoodedcobra In regards towards physical warfare and bloodshed, how much will become neccessary for the Satanic future that we wish for? I understand how our collective spiritual effort has affected this world and that things will change in the direction that we and Satan desire. That's why I...
  42. Windstrider666

    ENDING THE VEIL - First Ritual Schedule - 11 to 22 December 2020

    A question. After finishing the ritual i felt a strong silence. Almost similar to void meditation. As if all the noise in the world was gone was the feeling i got. Is this normal?
  43. Windstrider666

    opening the 3rd eye at void moon

    Generally speaking you should never start a working on a void course of moon. If you already started a working then doing the vibrations on a void moon doesn't matter. The third eye is an extension of the 6th chakra and has its own purpose, specifically it allows one to gain and grow awareness...
  44. Windstrider666

    Unborn babies and souls

    https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17103&p=65152&hilit=reincarnation#p65295 Also there is NOT a fixed amount of souls. A soul needs to be created in the first place in order to go through reincarnation.
  45. Windstrider666

    “New Age” Elementary School Issue

    The thing is, the soul needs to be worked on. Just as the body needs oxygen the soul needs energy. The reason why many adults who were psychic when they are children lose it as they get older is because they aren't working on those senses. They become dormant or atrophy. If you are SS and have...
  46. Windstrider666

    On Astrology Ethics

    I had always thought that by knowing fate one would then be able to take the steps to avoid dangerous or otherwise potentially harmful events from taking place or mitigating the damage. Especially for SS, one could protect themselves more thoroughly than the average person. Wouldn't knowing in...
  47. Windstrider666

    Clearing Up Past Disinfo

    In many of his more recent posts Mageson was greatly advocating the "strength and importance" of the Heart chakra while stating it is through the heart chakra that one advances towards godhood or something like that. On the JoS page it states that this was never the case as the heart chakra is a...
  48. Windstrider666

    Ego, reincarnation and other doubts

    Think of a fish in a river. The fish is your soul and the river is your life path. No matter where you go or when you reincarnate you are always you. The soul holds the essence of you and it manifests into the lower dimensions. The physical body and your mental self and ego are the manifestation...
  49. Windstrider666

    The word “Right Now” in Affirmations

    Affirmations means to affirm which is state something as fact. When you affirm you are guiding and directing the energy that is raised. Thought is also a form of energy and affirming something generates its own energy albeit depending on ones advancement level the amount will differ. The nature...
  50. Windstrider666

    The word “Right Now” in Affirmations

    Energy takes the path of least resistance. Thats why affirmations must be specific. Lets use the example of a money working. One raises the energy and then affirms "i am making large amounts of money". This programs the energy to work towards having you make tons of money. Now the issue is that...
  51. Windstrider666

    Emotional "resilience" you say?

    Void meditation is meant to create stronger focus and awareness of oneself and surrounding. Emotional resilience is built on consciousness and focus. If one is in a crisis situation the common man would immediately lose the ability to reason and would panic. An SS must be strong mentally where...
  52. Windstrider666

    Higher Self - does it exists, and it what manner?

    The "higher self" is literally just a glorified term for the enlightened mind/ spiritually advanced self. Someone who advances and cleans the soul of dross/ negative karma/blockages that accumulated over time will have a clearer and stronger soul. This leads to a much wiser and healthier person...
  53. Windstrider666

    Interest in violence

    Of course, what you say is true as well. One needs to actually know what is one's nature before they can go about embracing and developing it. Spiritual pollution can both morph one's desires into something completely different or combine it with other parts of your nature to create something...
  54. Windstrider666

    Interest in violence

    Destruction and creation go hand in hand. One cannot have one without the other. If in one's nature one is more inclined towards wanting to destroy things then such is fine but must be channeled appropriately. For example, towards those that choose to harm you or your love ones, one can channel...
  55. Windstrider666

    Who is the demoted HP?

    Is there any information on whether High Priest Lucius Oria is still around? From what I know he would be the only Asian HP and provided a few sermons on satanic elements/ spiritual information hidden in oriental knowledge.
  56. Windstrider666

    In Regards To Traitors/Infiltrators and Other Types Of People

    Would this be considered another manifestation/win from the F-RTR? Even more purging of enemy shills/infiltrators/traitors from within our ranks is always good as it allows a cleaner, healthier, and stronger force under Satan's banner!
  57. Windstrider666

    Feeling depressed on days off?

    There are multitudes of reasons for feeling negativity. It could range from poor diet and lack of exercise, low energy levels, planetary transits, past life/current life karma, curses/bindings, etc. Keeping oneself occupied would make one less aware of their issues but it doesn't make them go...
  58. Windstrider666

    Time moves so slow/Human Instinct?

    If we truly look at the grand scheme of things/big picture, there is quite literally an eternity ahead of us. Its not as if every action we take, every meal we eat, the poop in your toilet is meant to be something that changes the world. And if we look at things more deeply its not up to us to...
  59. Windstrider666

    Petition to Shut Down Pornhub for horrific crimes

    Most negative and detrimental things will slowly lose its use and disappear over time once the jews are removed and a spiritual based community is built. Things like drugs and porn misuse are heavily promoted and it's why theres a huge problem for it. Outlawing porn wont stop it from being used...
  60. Windstrider666

    HP Mageson's Posts Missing... Anyone have them saved?

    If they are being updated/ edited then i think it would be better to wait for whatever new information is going to come with it since there's probably a good reason that they were taken down rather than a new sermon simply being released. Especially since if I remember correctly all of those...
  61. Windstrider666

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule - July 21st / August 5th

    The amount of power behind an action does not change whether or not something is already effective at doing its job. The ritual works as intended with either 10 or 40 vibrations. The amount of power behind it changes with the amount of vibrations but it doesn't mean that the ritual doesn't...
  62. Windstrider666

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule - July 21st / August 5th

    Unlike the Whites and the Blacks the Asians haven't been hit as hard and still remain racially cohesive as a whole. One can see much focus on white vs black and the degeneration that has happen to their respective racial communities but one cannot say the same for the Asian groups as they still...
  63. Windstrider666

    About binding/ cursing/ killing / black magick to satanist

    A person (not a jew) that performed the dedication ritual on the JOS website is from that point on a Spiritual Satanists (SS). SS may not under any circumstances curse one another as Satan wants those under him to work together in unity and cursing one another is simply doing his enemies jobs...
  64. Windstrider666

    What's your take on atomic energy?

    Nuclear and atomic energy are the same thing and we already have nuclear power plants. I think it is an interesting avenue we can take in regards to energy technology but if we are going for free energy that doesnt rely on fossil fuel or can cause possible harmful radiation then I think going...
  65. Windstrider666

    Adjustment Day: Nonwhites Now MAJORITY in 16-And-Under Demographic according to Census

    @shadowtheraven Robots dont have free will cuz they are robots that do only exactly as they are programmed. Literally. If anything isnt defined within their programming they cannot act it out or will receive an error. @fancy Normally I don't bother replying/reading your posts because it...
  66. Windstrider666


    All these pick up artist books are psychology books or whatever you wanna call it are full of bs and rely on the most surface of details and go no deeper into any aspect of ones soul. True psychology is spiritual as its soul science. Now that I got that out of the way here's the main points I...
  67. Windstrider666

    Are Christians enemies of Satan?

    Xianity is the jewish torah created for the gentile. Those that worship the false jewish egregore are part of their matrix. They are ignorant, foolish, and deceived. Our true enemies are the Jews and those that align themselves with the jews. The xians, the muslims, the race traitors, etc etc...
  68. Windstrider666

    Adjustment Day: Nonwhites Now MAJORITY in 16-And-Under Demographic according to Census

    People with free will are not susceptible to brain washing. To have free will is to be outside the control of others. Jack is right in this sense in that people aren't born with free will. One is still under the influence of karma via planetary placements, karma inherited from ones parents, and...
  69. Windstrider666


    In regards to your anxiety and panic attacks along with any other mental ailments really vibrate AUM into yourself. You can focus on your heart chakra. Melt yourself into the vibration as you don't need to keep count or anything. The point is to have no other thoughts and completely relax and...
  70. Windstrider666

    Head chakra blockage clearing

    ohhhhhhhh, my mistake. Also with nama sivaya it should also work on the third eye as well since it also connects to the crown. If sowilo also doesnt work then you could use that mantra instead.
  71. Windstrider666

    Head chakra blockage clearing

    The mantra for the 3rd eye is thoth or thaum, or isis or inanna. The third eye is ruled by the moon and therefore a moon mantra should be used for it.
  72. Windstrider666

    How come nothing happened when I open my 3rd eye?

    If a blind man opens his eyes is he still blind? The opening the chakras meditations do exactly that, they activate the chakras. What follows must be daily and consistent work on cleaning and empowering the chakras after you open them. These vital parts of the soul have been atrophied and...
  73. Windstrider666

    Coronavirus is Officially a jewish Hoax ...

    That's a terrible comparison. The Jewish holohoax is a hoax because it doesnt exist. There wasn't any systematic genocide of the jewish people done by Hitler and the Third Reich as thats what the holocaust was about. It wasnt random jews dying. It was a complete program to genocide the jews via...
  74. Windstrider666

    Short planetary square mantras

    Also to add, effective means it works and will do what you want. If u do the square properly, regardless of using the short version or the longer version of the mantra, the working is doing its job just the same. Power adds to how quickly and easily the working will manifest. The squares...
  75. Windstrider666

    Arguments on homosexuality and the third Sex.

    https://web.archive.org/web/20161021025029/http://gbltthulesociety666.angelfire.com/merkaba/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161021025125/http://gbltthulesociety666.angelfire.com/merkaba2/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161021025148/http://gbltthulesociety666.angelfire.com/merkaba3/ The links...
  76. Windstrider666

    regarding fights on the forum

    HP Cobra wrote a whole guide on how to be offended that you could find right in the JOS library. Take a look at that if you wanna know how to deal with arguments and disagreements here instead of ignoring it.
  77. Windstrider666

    Are omens real?

    No. I mean exactly as I said. Omens are your intuition trying to tell you something. Whether you notice them or not or whether its accurate or not depends on how developed you are. Its not about superstition its about the laws of reality.
  78. Windstrider666

    RTR Offensive Co-Ordinator - New Era For Spiritual Warfare [Apps Updated]

    Its terrible what you have to go through. The Philippines is a very dangerous place in the Asian area and is deeply indoctrinated with the enemy programs. Be very careful with your faith and keeping it hidden from those around you and never ever trust anyone there regardless of what they may say...
  79. Windstrider666

    Are omens real?

    Omens are kinda real but not the whole "the thunder in the distance is the sign of the apocalypse" kinda omens. Its more when your intuition picks up on certain energies that then translate into a sort of premonition for your subconscious to try and inform you about. This can be further...
  80. Windstrider666

    Why water people can actually be very strong

    Thats taking it to the extreme. Emotions are necessary and is also a driving force in people. One can be logical and act as a machine but its the emotion that binds people and a community together. The negative aspect of emotion is as you said, easily manipulated through their reactions but this...
  81. Windstrider666

    Question on Spiritual Ascension of others?

    It's really simple. Those that advance spiritually will evolve while those that don't will fade away. If all the people that dont want to advance remain as they are they will eventually fade into nothingness as the soul requires to be worked on or risk dissipation and all that will be left are...
  82. Windstrider666

    The Kabbalah The 22 Names

    Vibrating something in reverse is an act of destroying said something. Its something inherit and not limited to their magic system alone.
  83. Windstrider666

    Freeing yourself from negative astrological placements ?

    https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=92 Lydia's Obliterating Saturn working was designed to remove the negative aspects of Saturn from the soul. I don't see why you couldn't use it for negative aspects from other planets. There's also a sun square which burns away dross and...
  84. Windstrider666

    Mixing races

    ah apologies, i assumed that you were nitpicking at my response from the way it was written. Indeed you are right though. There are only reasons that one shouldn't race mix after all.
  85. Windstrider666

    Why/how Satan chooses his people

    Satan chooses whomever he wants. He sees us directly for who we are and knows us inside and out even more than we do for he created us and is beyond capable of anything we can currently perceive or understand. Certainly there are people out there who are very intelligent, very successful, very...
  86. Windstrider666

    Question about psychic powers

    Im quoting this only to add on top. The doubt could also be lingering subconscious programming towards psychic abilities or spirituality in general. Over ones lifetime in the current age we are constantly bombarded with how any sort of psychic ability is a hoax, and if one was a strong atheist...
  87. Windstrider666

    R.T.R. Side affects

    At times I would feel super energized, and extremely content. Other times I would feel tired. It depends on when I do them and how much energy I put into it. The times I feel tired are usually when I overshoot what I'm capable of and just power through to the end. But as long as I don't do that...
  88. Windstrider666

    Mixing races

    . Race is genetics. It isn't just skin color/ hair color/ eye color, etc as that's only surface level. One can take a DNA test and that alone proves how deep race goes. Nationality/location of residence =/= race. Whether its an Italian or a Greek or a Hungarian person, if they are of the white...
  89. Windstrider666

    Mixing races

    I guess we'll just ignore that fact that I said that they shouldn't do it because its destructive? I said its possible because that was their question. Whether or not they can do the act which obviously they can just like how one can be a complete idiot and destroy themselves. I added on top...
  90. Windstrider666

    Mixing races

    Possible? yes Deplorable and abhorred regardless of it being homosexual or heterosexual? Absolutely. Race mixing at a fundamental level is self destruction of ones race and oneself. It isn't condemned because we say so, its condemned because its destructive and only harmful to everyone...
  91. Windstrider666

    "Democracy", Civilization, And Our Gods, Life in Ancient Egypt

    Through Spiritual advancement and elevated consciousness. Other than removing the Jews of course as they are the biggest obstacle over any sort of advancement in general. Just look at the Gods and their society. They are free from any sort of the plagues that ail our society because they are...
  92. Windstrider666

    Christian girl

    So, you saw this person on instagram. Did you ever see them in real life? Do you know what kind of character they have? Considering you never "liked anyone" do you even know yourself and what kind of person is right for you? Relationships for pleasure are just that, meant for momentary...
  93. Windstrider666


    if u performed an AoP everyday and then decide to walk into oncoming traffic would you still get hit by a car? Everything depends on your level of spiritual power and advancement and the nature of things in question. Simply performing the ritual/working is not enough as there needs to be power...
  94. Windstrider666

    Keep In Mind: We Are During War!

    A heart that trusts in Satan will always have the strength to carve a better future. Not only for themselves but for the world around them.
  95. Windstrider666

    Shael, why are you a girl now?

    Honestly it very much grosses me out that such a character would be used as a pfp here. A little background on the character and series its part of: 1. Its from a Light Novel series called "No Game No Life". The author, Thiago Furukawa Lucas, that goes by the pen name Yuu Kamiya writes the...
  96. Windstrider666

    Necronomicon meditations

    If its neutral then there is no problem on performing the working. It wont be as powerful as when doing it in its exalted time but it still works regardless.
  97. Windstrider666

    Necronomicon meditations

    I dont quite understand what you're asking. You are doing a moon square to empower your third eye and also using the necronomicon meditation on your third eye, then afterwards using the necronomicon meditation for the throat chakra. So the question is can you use it on your heart chakra? Well...
  98. Windstrider666

    Why does this path seems tougher for others?

    Karma isnt about being a good slave, taking abuse, never taking revenge, or avoid hurting others. Karma is energy imprints based on actions and circumstance put into your soul over time/lifetimes. For example, one being shot dead from behind can develop a lingering fear of something dangerous...
  99. Windstrider666

    Why does this path seems tougher for others?

    It isnt simply just "being on this path" that makes the path tough. Everyone here live in various different situations and circumstance. Past life karma/ current life karma/ planetary placements in ones natal chart/ etc all play a part in making things both easier and difficult regardless of...
  100. Windstrider666

    Don’t be Discouraged instead do the Final RTR

    This part is slightly wrong. The final RTR dissolves the energy matrix on ourselves and on our world by destroying the Hebrew letters which in turn destroys anything created through it. This is why doing the Final RTR is not only destroying the enemy in their entirety but also cleanses our own...
  101. Windstrider666

    Question about making a girl break up with her bf

    https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=20459 This topic had some decent info on how to go about doing this.
  102. Windstrider666

    Twin Souls

    Rereading my own post I noticed I misrepresented what I wanted to say. I will restate it while answering your question. The "belief" that one is the sex that they are not is where the mistakes start. Someone who in reality is not something, while believing that they are and acting on it is...
  103. Windstrider666

    Twin Souls

    Third Sex transgenderism has nothing to do and is not equivalent to the mental insanity of the modern LGBT+++++ community, which is based on Jewish programming, seems to be a point that I think some people are missing. The idea that the modern mentally ill people represents what is meant to be a...
  104. Windstrider666

    Movies, games, series

    Another Japanese Manga/Anime series that has very interesting concepts is Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃). Although the common translation of the title is called "Demon Slayer" when looking at the actual Kanji it would be Oni Annihilation Blade. Oni in japanese mythology had several changes over the...
  105. Windstrider666

    is smoking herbs with a pipe safe and/or healthy?

    I'm not entirely positive that smoking it directly like as you would with a cigarette would have any beneficial effects. I haven't researched that sort of thing. The reason why tobacco is bad is due to the myriad of negative effects on the body. Same as marijuana and other drugs. It isn't simply...
  106. Windstrider666

    Answers: "Are The Gods Responsible?"

    Yes they are a legitimate threat "now". Current tense. In the present. But there was once a time when they weren't. There was a time when we and the Gods lived side by side. But the enemy decided to attack and now there's war. If they can they will enslave us and use us as resource for...
  107. Windstrider666

    Answers: "Are The Gods Responsible?"

    Except we aren't ruthless and warmongering. What you suggest is akin to genocide of any and all "potential" threats. They key here is potential. The more we advance and evolve the more options we get. At this point in time with our limited understanding and knowledge of the ancient people we...
  108. Windstrider666

    An effective meditation program for people who are serious about advancment

    Any "real" effective meditation program will follow the 8 folded path as it works on all parts of the soul on all levels. Any serious practitioner that follow this path should understand how important it is to include and combine these 8 parts...
  109. Windstrider666

    What’s the point of existing and evolving forever?

    Depending on someones level of consciousness the way one perceives ideas, notions, and the things in front of them will change. At a low level one cannot comprehend certain ideas and beliefs. The thought of existing forever to someone that always suffers and is unable to get out of said...
  110. Windstrider666

    Why was the swastika in the NS German flag in a circle?

    Japan was known as the "Land of the Rising Sun" which is also a meaning behind their flag. Its simple in design but complex in its symbolism. As for noticeable, I would think other flags are more conspicuous such as the U.S flag. If anything, the uniqueness is what makes it so eye catching and a...
  111. Windstrider666


    Forgiveness for what? https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=17765 https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23689&p=102124#p102124 https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23691
  112. Windstrider666

    Help me with my Sexual Orientation please

    If you want to and enjoy sex with a girl then you like girls. If you want guys then you are into guys. If you do both then you like both. Everything else is personal preference. Just cuz you like a certain sex doesnt mean you will like and have intercourse with "just anyone" of that sex. No...
  113. Windstrider666

    all over again?

    Any meditation is better than nothing. The understanding that not having any spiritual practice is the same as intentionally wasting away into oblivion should be motivation enough to keep you going. Lack of privacy is no excuse. No matter where you are, at this point in time, our mind is still...
  114. Windstrider666

    My take on developing your astral senses - a short post

    A question: How does one tell the difference between actually experiencing the astral with their senses vs imagining that they are in the early stages. Falling into "disney land" syndrome seems to be a common occurrence for those who are just beginning and developing their astral senses.
  115. Windstrider666

    sex with different races.

    If you already understand it then the answer is already apparent.
  116. Windstrider666

    What happened to the artwork thread of the gods and goddesses of Hell?

    They dont. The kundalini is of Satan. He gave it to us.
  117. Windstrider666

    sex with different races.

    Race mixing can be fixed for future generations by establishing proper eugenics. To the actual race mixed person, you are what you are. Becoming a god doesn't change your race. If you are race mixed no meditation or spiritual practice will "reverse" it as there is nothing to reverse in the first...
  118. Windstrider666

    Love And Light Bottle Them Emotions Up Tight

    We know for fact that the meditations on the JoS are 100% tested and true to work. That doesn't mean though that there isn't other meditations out there that work. We don't have "all" the knowledge but we aren't suppose to be spoon-fed everything. The Gods direct us, the other members research...
  119. Windstrider666

    How long ????

    There is no "set" time on how long it takes to rise the serpent. That being said, this isnt something that can be done in two years without prior preperations in one's past life or through direct and consistent assistance from the Gods. Even then its not: Starts meditating -> two years later ->...
  120. Windstrider666

    How long ????

    "Opening" the chakra and psychic centers takes a few days when you follow the JoS meditations for opening the chakras. If its just opening them and getting them started it is very quick and easy. Empowering though thats different. Empowering the chakras is something you do daily for eternity.
  121. Windstrider666

    How does one talk to Satan?

    https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15868&p=61728&hilit=communicating#p61728 https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=22572&p=95845#p95845 Focus on Satan's sigil and energy. Get used to it. Also advance and you will naturally become more adept at spiritual communication.
  122. Windstrider666

    Regarding meditations

    https://web.archive.org/web/20160619225351/http://dawn666blacksun.angelfire.com/Joy_of_Satan_Ministries_Meditation_Program_40_day.pdf The above is the 40 day spiritual training program https://web.archive.org/web/20150506100929/http://spiritualwarfare666.webs.com/Hells_Army_Manual.htm The...
  123. Windstrider666

    How good is capitalism?

  124. Windstrider666

    On Satan and the non whites again

    A jew is always going to be a jew regardless of percentage. Think of them like a parasitical virus that invades a host (race). They intermarry with the host to produce offspring but the Jewish virus overwrites whatever the host original have thus making their offspring jewish. They cannot...
  125. Windstrider666

    The Jew No Longer Fear The Samurai?

    The Jews have always been attacking Japan for as long as any other country albeit it taking more time to corrupt. Just from the Japanese entertainment media such as anime there have been signs of harmful ideologies being pushes such as race mixing, laziness, passiveness, social withdrawal, etc...
  126. Windstrider666

    Reincarnate in black body

    Mmm I see. I didn't know about this. I will look into this myself but if you or anyone else do find it kindly link it for me if you can. If this was a thing then that's how it is.
  127. Windstrider666

    Reincarnate in black body

    Where is all this talk about "being put into a body that is of a different race as punishment from the gods" coming from? Does it stem from the story about how Anton Lavey was a Gentile in a jewish body? This was an exception upon exceptional case based on very strict conditons. You cannot...
  128. Windstrider666

    Satan, God, Nature, Masculinity

    Strength can take on many forms and isn't limited to just "one" way. Strength in mind, strength in heart, strength in body can all take different shapes since everyone is different. Also, Satan is our creator but that doesnt make him "god" as he is above "god" as "god" is merely a type of energy...
  129. Windstrider666

    Every SS should read this.

    I wonder if I should just say it bluntly. The weak will submit to the strong. WE are strong because we have the means and knowledge at our disposal. If we didn't then we too would be bounded by fate which so happens to control our lives. We meditate and perform workings to offset a negative and...
  130. Windstrider666

    How to counteract materialistic tendencies?

    Do you have any affirmations I can use for reference when it comes to using Uraz to break past laziness. I have a few in mind but I am having trouble deciding how to word it.
  131. Windstrider666

    FINAL RTR 21 July 2018

    Yes it is viable to do so mentally but it is not the most effective and if someone has time then that person should go for the most effective option. Doing mental vibrations only work on the realms that it affects while doing it out loud (vibrating physically) works on **all** realms. Either way...
  132. Windstrider666

    A simple guide for new members.

    The dedication ritual is also a sort of "baptism by fire" kind of deal. Only the strong and willful would push past the lies and enemy programming and perform the dedocation ritual. It's "by choice" in the sense that one doesnt need to dedicate to Satan. One could just do this or that...
  133. Windstrider666

    Spiritual Abilities/Siddhis

    The ability to do these things are innate within us. In other words we can "potentially" do these things from the moment we are born. But just as muscles atrophy so can spiritual ability. Daily spiritual practice helps not only grow but sustain the soul. The stronger the soul the easier...
  134. Windstrider666

    Tips for Telekenisis

    The first step of telekinesis is using your aura to move an object. This take a strong aura and lots of energy. This also takes time. Just like body building takes time. One does not simply bench press 300lbs right away. You start with low intensity and make your way up. The JOS page for...
  135. Windstrider666

    What is a "higher self"?

    The "higher self" is just a fancy way of saying the enlightened mind. The heightened consciousness that comes with spiritual elevation. When one cleanses the self of karma and hangups and opens up the psychic centers one reaches higher levels of being. The true self emerges. The you at the soul...
  136. Windstrider666

    Gender Sexuality

    We live in a world where up is down and the earth is flat and that men are women and women are dinosaurs. Act as you who you are without trying to seek outside approval for those that do not conform to the preconceived notions of what a person is will be judged harshly. If you are a manly woman...
  137. Windstrider666


    "Manly" or rather masculine in nature is the male energy. Attacking, assertive, dominant, logic, the physical. The traits that male energy would define would be considered manly. The same goes for feminine energy and what it defines: Empathy, emotions, the spiritual, would be considered feminine...
  138. Windstrider666

    How can I curse the person who ran over my family's dog?

    Whether it was on purpose or an accident doesnt matter. It would still be considered a hit and run. Replace dog with person and this would be a lot worse. (Taking into account you say you didnt see the post about the gun) I mentioned the RTR because you mentioned it. The correct choice would be...
  139. Windstrider666

    How can I curse the person who ran over my family's dog?

    Thats a poor viewpoint IMO. This is this and that is that. Justice is necessary when someone is wronged. That's why taking revenge is necessary. What you just said basically amounts to the same moral BS that xians and other "turn the other cheek" brainwashing that is spouted by the enemy. "Oy...
  140. Windstrider666

    Is there a meditation to switch off emotions?

    So somehow your thought process lead you to decide that emotions are the problem and not the mental disorder? That's an odd way of thinking about it. And by odd i mean completely retarded. Emotions are necessary as its energy and energy is power. The stronger the emotion the more energy there...
  141. Windstrider666

    I'm not able to meditate daily.

  142. Windstrider666


    The Final RTR does a fine job at manipulating reality and is the ULTIMATE RTR. IDK where you got the idea that it does a poor job at it or that its weak. The Final RTR destroys the Jews at the Soul level. Destroying Hebrew Alphabet = Destroying the Torah = Destroying the Jews at the soul level...
  143. Windstrider666

    Gaming...awkward depression...

    We are warriors of Satan not slaves. We arent't robots designed to do only 1 thing alone either. I think you need to relax bro. Fight when you fight, relax when you relax. RTR, Meditations, yoga should be done in a happy state of minded, it shouldn't be stressing. Do an RTR with a smile. Feel...
  144. Windstrider666


  145. Windstrider666

    A question on Spiritual Death and Meaning in Life

    I think I understand what the issue is. It seems I may have misunderstood the entirety of what you have been trying to say but do please enlighten me if what im about to reply with is too another misunderstanding. From my point of view it seems the reason why you wish to find some sort of...
  146. Windstrider666

    A question on Spiritual Death and Meaning in Life

    The thing is, no one is "replaceable" in the sense that no one will be an exact replica of who you are and what you are. There will be people that can fulfill the same "role" but ultimately how the role is performed will be different whether vastly or minutely No, in fact atheist dont believe...
  147. Windstrider666

    Answers To Everything

    Everyone's motivation in a way is more or less selfish. We want a free world. We want a world where we can advance without interruption. We want a world that is just. We want a world where people aren't goyim. We want friends and families that aren't brainwashed by enemy programs. We want a life...
  148. Windstrider666

    Answers To Everything

    Aldrick, sometimes I think you can be a bit much but regarding this I agree with you. I can see that some people just can't feel secure about themselves without someone standing by their side regardless of what kind of person they are. Its why we end up with race mixed couples (along with the...
  149. Windstrider666


    We only reincarnate into our own racial lines. Which means yes, we are "forced" to reincarnate on Earth so to speak.
  150. Windstrider666

    A question on Spiritual Death and Meaning in Life

    The meaning of existence is existence itself is very true. If one exists then one can do things that they were made for. We all have talents, thought processes, ideals, and desires unique to ourselves. Other people may share the similar wishes to your own and you may have similar wishes that...
  151. Windstrider666

    Question regarding keeping mouth shut/commandments of Satan

    It's not wrong to discuss certain topics such as meditations and other things. The point of keeping silent or secretive is more for your own self protection. The world isn't a safe place and the people in it aren't always trustworthy. You could assume that your friends and family are people you...
  152. Windstrider666

    MerKaBa and negativity

    Calm down and slow down. Skipping steps and heading into the more powerful meditations without proper preparations will break you. Just as @luis and many others before have said, you need complete control of your mind or at the very least the ability to at will shutdown thoughts and void. For...
  153. Windstrider666

    Literally, there is no reason for suffering and money matters any longer

    The whole driving with your eyes closed analogy irks me as if its suppose to represent the Gods moving blindly which contradicts with the "high enough enlightenment" you described. A better one would be having two cars driving side by side normally. Then suddenly the car next to you decides to...
  154. Windstrider666

    Introduction + Questions

    If you truly wish to be a spiritual satanist completely then I suggest doing the dedication ritual if you havent already. https://www.satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/SATANIC.html Dedicating to Satan makes you one of his own and allows you to fall under his protections from...
  155. Windstrider666

    About the mekaba meditation

    If one's nerves aren't working and you cut yourself do you still bleed? One can feel the highest spiritual elevation by taking shrooms and other drugs but does that make them a spiritual master? Reality still goes on even whether one feels something or not. The meditations make an impact...
  156. Windstrider666

    What does Satan think about suicide?

    The only "sin" in Satanism is stupidity/ignorance as it is the root cause of all problems. When one is unknowing and stupid, their actions will have consequences that said person will not be able to predict or even comprehend. In regards to suicide it is a very stupid action to take. Killing...
  157. Windstrider666

    The Universe

    Interestingly enough in math there is no "next number" in the truest sense. Using your example, what comes after 9? 10? no, but what about 9.1? But then what about 9.01? And it keeps going. This is also infinity in that no matter how much smaller you go it wont end. Infinity is never ending and...
  158. Windstrider666

    Study method

    Invoking the energies of Mannaz (maybe Kenaz too but I never used this rune) before studying can help as Mannaz is the rune of intellect and memory: the left side of the brain.
  159. Windstrider666

    Weaknesses of Whites and Asians?

    Rather than simply discussing weaknesses I would much rather discuss the inherit qualities that define the races. I don't mean which race is better at what either. I mean what qualities does a race have that is part of their underlying foundation and makes up what they are. Defining traits so to...
  160. Windstrider666

    Meditation for cooling?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll try them out! @VoiceofEnki I had never imagined to use the rune ISA for this purpose. The runes are more versatile than I had thought them to be.
  161. Windstrider666

    Meditation for cooling?

    I want to know different ways to cool down in hot weather. I read of the different meditations to produce heat during the cold weather but the only meditation I know for cooling down is using the water element. Is there any other methods I could use?
  162. Windstrider666

    About sexes

    One thing I do want to add is that certainly if a woman is being attacked in real life, in this forum and anywhere else it is only natural that they would choose to protect and defend themselves from the offender. This point isn't wrong. The way they go about it will vary depending on the...
  163. Windstrider666

    a question that bothered me for years

    I forgot to add: The Gods aren't rampaging cosmic warlords and the future isn't set in stone. They don't go around destroying any species/ race on a whim or just because they are a little dangerous. There was always the chance they wouldn't attack us and could have at the very least been...
  164. Windstrider666

    a question that bothered me for years

    They didnt "lose a war". They lost a battle. Our gods are powerful not omnipotent. There is strength in numbers especially for the more advanced and evolved creatures out there. Our Gods were outnumbered and had to retreat and thus lost the battle here. Advanced warfare is also not short and...
  165. Windstrider666

    is having a significant other for everyone?

    In what way? This isn't the xian godform that will smite you and send you to eternal damnation just because you touched you wee wee after seeing a pretty lady. Sexuality is power. The Gods are beautiful and wonderful people. To be attracted to them is only natural for us. There is no need to...
  166. Windstrider666

    When to Start Magnum Opus

    The Magnum Opus is the Ultimate Work and requires direct guidance from the Gods to go through. Its like at the very end of the spiritual path as a Mortal i think.
  167. Windstrider666

    Social life

    As long as you avoid dangerous and harmful people and social activities then there isnt really much problems that can happen in your social life. If you search and attract positive people then your social life will be positive. If all you do is mope and whine about how bad the goyims are and how...
  168. Windstrider666

    Time management or just laziness

    It could be a personal preference. Cleanliness and health related things aside. For me between the feeling i get when my bed is made vs when my bed is a mess, there is definitely a discernible difference. I like when my bed is made and it feels good when its neat and tidy. My day feels like it...
  169. Windstrider666

    Movies, games, series

    This is a panel from the manga Golden Kamuy (CH. 70 Page.12) which is set a little after the end of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). I found it interesting that the author specifically mentions that the Communist Party led by Lennin is Jewish.
  170. Windstrider666

    To how you praying?.

    Satan is Satan. The Gods lend themselves to the different religions and are called by different names depending on which mythology you are reading. Also a God could be represented by multiple gods. For example Satan is both Loki and Odin. Even Satan is a name that we call him by because it was...
  171. Windstrider666

    Time travel is possible?

    Time, much like space, is a concept that isn't tangible. We are able to measure it but we cannot manipulate it. This is because there is no physical form to it. Time exists as a unit of measurement based on the movement of objects relative to another. Hence why all of our units of measuring time...
  172. Windstrider666

    The Universe Getting Bigger/Moving Apart

    The big bang is an impossibility as its a theory about an explosion "creating" the universe from a singularity point. The planets, galaxies, and solar systems within the universe can be created and destroyed but the Universe in of itself cannot for it always existed. The Universe is eternal and...
  173. Windstrider666

    Valentines Day Message

    Fat incels and losers don't actually love themselves though. They hide behind their ideology of "its the womans fault that i cant get laid" to remain either purposefully or unconsciously ignorant of the fact that they are losers. These are people that make all sort of excuses because they don't...
  174. Windstrider666


    You might also be going through bad transits. Check your astrology chart. Then all that's left is time. If you keep doing what is necessary of you to push through the situation, then only time is left. Whether its 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years eventually this period of misfortune will pass...
  175. Windstrider666

    Help for falling into a Trance?

    My point wasn't to say that your method was wrong. Focusing on a mental black hole that suck away thoughts is certainly a valid way of void meditation. The act of void meditation is single point focus. If you focus on the black hole you wrote of and put all of your focus on it then that too is a...
  176. Windstrider666


    Keep up with your spiritual practice. Even during the hard times always perform your AoP and Aura cleaning along with Final RTR. As for the entity, I don't know if you have already but try doing a detachment working to remove any links from said entity from your soul. Banishing ritual, removing...
  177. Windstrider666

    Help for falling into a Trance?

    Void meditation isn't about repressing thought. Repressing thoughts only cause conflicts that make the mind even more unstable and harder to control. Void meditation is about removing unwanted extra thoughts through complete single point focus. By keeping focus on stillness and void, other...
  178. Windstrider666

    FINAL RTR 21 July 2018

    Follow the schedule. Final RTR everyday. The HP's will let everyone know when to do the other RTR's as it will be during times when it is necessary or when its a date that is ideal. Do a personal working for wealth and prosperity if thats what you want for yourself. The RTR's work best when...
  179. Windstrider666

    DAGAZ Rune

    This is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. You have been on the forums often lately answering questions and whatnot. I also assume you have been doing research in your spare time for yourself and for answering the questions on the forums. Perhaps its a sign to use either for the...
  180. Windstrider666

    Death magick

    Death magic requires a lot of focus and concentration. It also takes knowledge and understanding of your own ability to pull off. If you are too spiritually weak then it will take a long time to do. You must also never take the energy you are using for a death spell into yourself. Cleaning your...
  181. Windstrider666


    This isnt actually the case. This is taken directly from HP HoodedCobra666's sermon "The Afterlife and Reincarnation: From this excerpt we can infer that a person still has a soul while inside the womb. From here we learn that a soul has entered even when a baby is a fetus.
  182. Windstrider666

    Question about transgender.

    http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Physics_of_the_Soul.html Simple reading of the JoS site tells us that the soul does not have matter....... right.....
  183. Windstrider666

    Question about transgender.

    This was a post that HP Mageson666 made somewhere but I dont exactly know where. From what I understood, someone thats third sex, beyond simply being non-hetero, has their own metaphysics. Considering third sex is neither male nor female but their own sex (hence third sex) there are many things...
  184. Windstrider666

    What will be the fate of the jews if we get our way and win?

    Everyone with their weird torture or humiliation fetish seems to be replying to this. Jokes aside, the greatest punishment one can give would be complete obliteration of existence. Complete and total spiritual annihilation of the racial jew. That is the only fitting punishment for centuries...
  185. Windstrider666

    Guardian Demon Question

    I am pretty sure all the goetic gods are the Aryan race. The goetic gods are directly under Satan and also have roles in managing their kingdom. Since Satan demands the races to remain seperate in building their own nations it would only be natural the Satan follows that same rule. Disregarding...
  186. Windstrider666

    Question about transgender.

    The soul is neither male nor female and yet when one is born or reincarnated they are either male or female.... The soul is the same sex as the body as the body is manifested soul in the physical plane. You do not manifest a physical body of a sex different from what your soul is. You say you...
  187. Windstrider666

    Question about transgender.

    This is highly inaccurate and must be corrected. It has been stated time and time again that any one will always reincarnate as the same sex no matter what. The soul is the template, the blueprint, the design in which one exists. It carries over lifetimes of karma, energy, experiences within...
  188. Windstrider666

    Question about transgender.

    This isn't correct. The soul is not genderless but binary. The soul has both male and female parts to it psychically. Gender is a term for the psyche and not the physical body as the term for the physical body is sex. Also the souls does define both gender and sex of the a person. The soul...
  189. Windstrider666


    For Biokinesis you have to work on it everyday until what you get what you wanted. EVERY DAY. Big changes take a long time. Small changes also take time. You cannot stop the working until the changes happen.
  190. Windstrider666

    Do I belong in the SS? What is JOS official stance on asexuals?

    Towards you stance on sex: The amount of sexual activity one wants is based on the person and everyone is different. Some people want more sex and some people want sex. The issue I see here is the extreme view you have towards sex to the point where you want to remove your own sexual organs...
  191. Windstrider666

    Help with severe depression and anxiety

    I don't know how helpful my advice will be towards you but I will do my best. When it comes to spiritual workings lydia has plenty of freeing the soul workers that she has written about on the forums. It could also be a diet thing. Having a strong nutritious diet can help. A healthy body...
  192. Windstrider666

    Unwanted thoughts

    I believe you had written that you suffer from schizophrenia. I'm not knowledgeable on mental illnesses and how it affects the spirit but it is possible for it to be healed like most things given enough time. On the 6th of February when the moon is in Pisces is the closest date for a good time...
  193. Windstrider666

    Unwanted thoughts

    When it comes to enemy programs like xianity, pisslam, new age, buddhism etc etc. The reason why they are believable is because it has partial truths seeped into a mountain full of lies. It proclaims statements that subconsciously we believe right because it was based of ancient teachings and...
  194. Windstrider666

    Unwanted thoughts

    I had a friend that told me about this before. It was something along the lines of if someone says something you automatically think about the thing that was said. In my personal experience its a load of BS. This was before I was SS and did any sort of void meditation but at the time when we...
  195. Windstrider666

    Should I stop working on my third eye and start working on my 6th chakra?

    Always work on your chakras. Chakra work is a daily thing. Its to keep empowering them and to keep them in balance. If you want to work on the next chakra then add it to your daily meditations but keep working on the previous chakras.
  196. Windstrider666

    Physical self-defense

    If you are in a situation where someone is being physically violent towards then you defend yourself. Keep a strong aura of protection to minimize these sorts of encounters from happening. Work out your body and keep yourself physically fit and healthy. Teach yourself basic self defense moves...
  197. Windstrider666

    Full SS Calendar for 2019

    I have an issue for UTC-5-DST Canada-USA pdf file. I cant print it. When i check the security settings for the file it is set to "not allow" for printing.
  198. Windstrider666

    Question 3 and 4

    For number 1: Put your hands in front of you in a shape of a ball without your fingers touching. Focus energy in a shape of a ball within. After a short while, there you go, an energy ball. If you're open enough you will be able to feel it. If your astral senses are open enough you will be able...
  199. Windstrider666


    Ever met a stoner druggie type? They know how much weed, crack, etc damages their mind and body but do it anyway. Then there are the types that constantly wastes themselves away in some fantasy world, like video games and whatnot for absurd amounts of time for no reason other than "life sux...
  200. Windstrider666

    Important 2019

    I dont think that's what he meant at all. In order for society to move forward towards a money less system the motivations behind working are going to need to change from what it is now. Most people if not all people right now work to make money in order to provide for themselves and family...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan